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Imaging cruising onto an Internet link. Contemplate picking up a magazine and studying the cover and as you’re doing this mental images of you dances in your head. But… Now your awareness kicks in, you see yourself being your self but consciously knowing nothing within any of these mediums reflects you.  My thoughts; Whoa…

Somebody who looks like me saw me with at least three who didn’t look like us. That in itself shouldn’t have started a fuss but. Narrow-mindedness is a breeding corridor designed to galvanize ignorance. Time passed “she” being true to her code erupted. Verbal abuse launched with the physical assault demanding like time, but… She/I in two different time-zones therefore that attack had to wait, still. I knew she was… Confused, conflicted as most are about their identity.

The bombardment didn’t cease, within the span of milliseconds 14 text notifications appeared on my cell then silence. I waited. The cryptic barrage of messaging via today’s preferred comm-links always utilized by by those emotionally challenged began again. I read.

Decades back it was a peer of mine also in pursuit of education. She/I while sitting in class locked eyes but immediately deflected from our real intent. Disguising our desires within a mutual extension to get-together later off campus for what we agreed would be a study session. Her domain with Moms and Pops doin’ what they do after working outside the house all day. She leads, I follow as we slip quietly past the two headed to the outdoors patio silhouetted in a mood setting light.

Young and intimately dumb I still knew Nancy walked in a woman’s body. If she had been monitored on a Richter scale for displacement of psychological and emotional continuity 10 wouldn’t have been enough to describe or contain the magnitude of her powers.

We all come from a Tribe. Historical to the traditional the standards of who and what we are hasn’t changed in regards to what we do. Nancy pushed that to “Front and Center” that evening in the confines of her backyard. Yes she exposed The Twins, set ’em out so I would touch as we both felt the passion pushing us to take it to the next step but… Initial orientation compliments of “The Tribe” she belonged to in regard to who she was ‘pose to be kept flashing in the recesses of her mind. She didn’t wanna cross that threshold. Me… I pushed and she submitted but deep in my mind I knew tomorrow would come also. How would we be able to maintain knowin’ we violated He/She whom we came from? Sooooo, without further words we knew not to venture too far from, Our Tribe.

The text mentioned came from someone who reflected the physical features of my Tribe but. We were from different locales existing in a region only connected on a historical trade route servicing all Tribes.

When anything is anticipated failure usually follows. In knowing the standards of your Tribe conformity is just an impression. Since the beginning of time He/She has pushed the boundaries set in place to maintain the power and place of every Tribe.  Those who lead always ventured forth and conquered. Those who followed partook in the “explorations” brought on by inspiration of The Heart as well. With a Twist. Providing they remained conscious of the penalty coming forth if that confidentiality was breached. Tribe, Tribalism, one in the same.

To move something forward and definitely when the “sum” is to be advances you’ve gotta take the best from all sources. Today’s  “YoungStars” refer to themselves as One Nation of Universal Beings and still; Money talks making Bullshit walk. Don’t understand? Allow me.

One Nation ’til the money is made, then… Tribalism trumps. What was still is and the differences based on the color of skin returns with a vengeance. Proof, just look around. Nobody wants anybody who resembles them to be intimate with someone who doesn’t reflect the same bio-pool of visual interpretation either comes from. Proof, She who looks like Me who saw pics of me with three with none resembling either her or me. Nancy who wanted to go and not just for the opportunity to explore while experiencing the passion driving us towards our intended success but… Because she knew nothin’ would ever be the same.

I stop, look and listen to all who step my way. Prejudices are everywhere with everybody denying their existence. Me, “IDGAF”. Man, kind, has a 1st priority which is to satisfy the “Me”. Without this prime directive there will not ever be the “We”. Narrow-minded Folk always wanna say, “It’s not the color but why have you chosen them and not me”.

Real Talk; those who uphold this accord are full of s**t. They talk loud and still haven’t said nothin’. Unity with regard to He/She isn’t about the money it’s about those who make up the relationship and “you” being on the outside wanting in don’t possess the sense or ability to have it like that.

Real Talk; don’t hate, understand the dynamics when you really wanna create. Most don’t give ‘ah F**K about another’s fat azz when the two encounter. Soooo, stop coverin’ your stomach whenever approaching another and just converse. Nor do many care about He/She comin’ their way while professin’ not to wanna be like some other but… Forever reflect the physical images of those they claim not to wanna look or be like. What anybody worth their weight in gold seeks is havin’ somebody who brings it. What is “It”? Truth being Told.

Psssss; “Narrative’? And I own it! Things happen because one group assumes social dominance over another and basically dictate what will be public opinion. The things is I don’t give up intellectual superiority just because others happen to have attained economical success. Hummm, you definitely understand the acronym “IDGAF” now don’t cha.


Tess, a World Class “M.F”

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ichas8440_Graphics_Tess_2013Chronologically?  Thought you’d like to know.  Under thirty.  Social sophistication?  Off the charts.  Hair, eye color, weight?  Enough of the “HPW” (height proportionate to weight) thing.  Even if what Tess brings is all extraordinary proportionate, I’ll never say.  Besides, some of you are gonna profile despite of what I say.  Why not just do what ‘cha do, insert yourself into the storyline because.  Like I said, that’s what many of you do anyway.  Live vicariously, ya know.

Married, and has been for a moment.  Hubby Arnold, aka “Arn” seem to have mutually agreed on.  Well, maybe not so mutual, more like Tess.  She isn’t who or what you’d imagine her being.  The “M.F.” and what it means.  Far from typical,  the initials beginning with “M“, forget what you assume.  No, it doesn’t mean that.  In her case, “M” not indicative of Mother, try Man.  The “F“, like a winning hand in a game of cards, let it be.  Exactly what you thought.  Compounding the two, you have Tess.  Not that she’s remaining exclusive to Arn, in fact, this is why we are dining at one of the better Airport Terminal eateries.  She’s decided to come outta the closet with all this and wants my input.  By those passing, their attempt at locking that eye contact with her.  At least the males, her “Hunting Grounds” is proving to be creatively resourceful.  The locale alone eliminates the ‘ol standardized competition, and.  Those chosen.  The one’s she’s given a second looksy to, “luvin’ it”.  Completely unexpected from my vantage point.

 The dialogue she’s established, the passion she brings, I’m feeling it all.  Rejuvenation of one’s life can always be found in areas others fear to tread.  Tess, much like me, innovated.  She knew, that is, after a moment, the marriage can be typical.  Symbolic with nothing more in substance.  Hubby, said all the right things, did some of the better things “best”, but.  The real soon rose to the top.  He descend into the traditional mode most males and females assume when they’ve dove into waters way too deep for their comfort.  Tess, rather than exit the stage, employed other options.  She probably always knew she’d break out those alternative knowing the high probability of the possibility of being having to deal with fakery in her marriage.  Oh, she made mention that she could have easily exited way before unveiling these options, ‘cept.  Divorce wasn’t an option she’d welcome.  Not that the economically re-assuring life she established with Hubby wouldn’t be sustained by means of a divorce settlement.  Tess just wasn’t traditional in any sense.

Continuing the absorption of her words, I thought about those Kardashian’s.  “Pop K” allegedly a principal Player in the industry of the Hidden Ones, engaged in the cloak and dagger life of pharmaceuticals making their beginning wealth, traditional is source for.  Those types he was and associated with.  Daughters or, one in particular, “Kimmi” got paid by performing in front of a camera in positions far from being PG in  ratings.  Visually contemplating her image, moved me to consider “NeNe“, star of House Wives Of the ATL.  Stripper, possibly Pole Dancer from way back.  Now appearing on everybody’s Who Who’s list.  And…  That’s when it donned on me.  Another time all together.

Women of today, their perceptions, have been fashioned based on thoughts from a whole different place.  Tess, prime example.  When asked about the possibilities of contracting an STD, she had a spin much like the rest of her Gen.  “If they look kinda’ funny, then smell worst,  I’m not even thinking rain check.  I’m running to the nearest exit.”  Good strategy on the initial assessment as it relates immediately to hygiene’s, but.  The tactics, somewhat primitive.  I…  Know this stance to be as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette, then.  Discovering once you’ve got the gun in your hands, up to your skull, its’ not holding one but 3 rounds.  But, you’re out there, your image is on the line.  You can’t break-wide because you don’t wanna be seen as weak, a sucka.  So, you keep playing The Game.  Not even aware that in time, you’ll be claimed by that same Game.  But…  Tess was Tess and for that alone, she had my audience.  I liked the way she articulated.  Revealing movements with the hands.  Added to her whole presentation.  She deserved my interest and got it as she define her place on the line.

Eventually she got around to wanting to know, how I felt about all this.  My feelings, I didn’t have to even think about.  They weren’t ever a part of any presentation.  Not giving an answer but remaining pat, like the participant in the Card Game previously mentioned, she got my thoughts on her questions. However, this didn’t slow her roll, she came with another view pertaining to  her present day lifestyle.  This transition came by way of the introduction of the same FOLK I had previously been thinking about.  How she got into my mind, read my thoughts I do know ’cause I “DO” read minds.  Her follow-up was based on these thoughts of mine being common knowledge.

Beginning with Kim who she classified as a “Ho“, and one managing to be accepted globally.  Of which…  She was right, except for one simple fact excluded.  Most of the “Ho’s” Tess identified with were on the other end of the income spectrum.  Not her economic sphere, making the association not so clear or equal.  Watching Tess, knowing Arn, I knew neither of ’em was on the up-and-coming, soon to be published “Newbies Millionaires Club” list annually provided by Forbes Mag.  Sooooo, I presented something she hadn’t thought about.  “Tess, say the two of us, hit the blocks hard and fast.  Make all the spots, VIP lounges, watching those watch us, wondering to themselves who can we be.  Guzzling High-End Top Shelf intoxicating beverages.  Rush from these spots and ascend into building headed way up to the penthouse suites.  Bent over the railing from secluded balconies.  You and me, watching the other gettin’ busy.  Not once, but as many times as we wanna engage because there’s a line of suitors.   Then…  As quickly as it started it’s over.  We…  Stumble out of the elevator, into the lobby, acting even more of a fool as we disappear into the awaiting limo.  Go home, sleep, wake, freshen up and…  Return to the scene of our…  Are you with me Tess!

Real Talk, and because I’ve been there, by this point we’d both suffer memory lapse.  Having no recall of whatever has been said or engaged in of which.  We should recall…  My point?  Tess got it, but.  Unlike Back-In-The-Day, where the real was respected, she adopted a different reality.  Believing a woman of today could get sloppy drunk, sleep with 12 plus men, take it home, clean up only to be welcomed back into society just like the man can.  A La any of the other Reality TV stars do.  Tess, believing her own hype.

Still, amazed at the mental processing going on deep within her psyche’, I considered the real source of this audacity.  Tess believed that the systems of survival had changed that drastically.  And…  Seeing the B.S. fueling her thoughts, knowing she truly felt she could be as trashy as “man” and still have that public swag when she stepped out.  Hummm, I wouldn’t be the one.  The One to burst the bubble she circulated within.

Prior to the collapse of any society all sorts of things rise to the surface.  It just that if what Tess was doing had of been an option one of mine had considered, mine, wouldn’t have chosen like Tess.  It wasn’t happening.  When one acquires a discipline, supported with a structured lineage proven by time-tested events, it doesn’t matter how contemptuous life becomes.  History, your personal history is your true foundation.  Tradition may no longer apply, at least not in the sense as before, but.  That knowledge pool remains…  And…  Its full.  You slip, fall into the cracks along the road you’ve decided to traverse.  So what!  Get up, shake the dust off and…  Apply the phrase of your Gen known as “Keep it movin’“.  Basically don’t get trapped by The Game.  Flip the script, recognize The Game, tweak it and make it yours.  Hummm.

Tess.  Did she really have Game?   From my Vantage Point, the heritage wasn’t as strong as she made herself believe.  Again, so what, that’s a secondary issue.  There is a thing called consequences of intent and when those intentions have been manifested in a physical sense, you can’t anticipate the fall out.  Think “Collateral Damage”, which is to say, ‘uck what Tess was doing to get back at what Arn hadn’t kept his promise to do.  Also, she had no influence over those she’d encountered and previously played with.  Yes, there will be another time and another place when she re-encounters those “Playmates” of the past, and.  With their corrupt minds.  The, “Simpletons”, will view and realize Tess was about more than they originally recognized.  The Game will morph before her eyes.  Exposing the deviousness of what it truly is.  Blackmail.  The type and depth of which she hadn’t even knew could or would exist.  Rises, and…  Yes, then what Tess?

Tess and those with thoughts such as her’s aren’t built for the phrase, “Chalk It Up To The Game“.  Tess, you who’ve superimposed yourself into the role of a Tess are not “JaHeim”.  The philosophy JaHeim took this phrase from is beyond your field of view.  What, you’ve got history.  DNA supports you are built like this!  Hold up, let’s bring “Oprah” into this, if just for the position of proving a point..  She, told the world she’d descended from Queens.  Only to find out, her blood was of the common lineage.  On national T.V. she was visually crushed.  Hummm.  Maybe, just may be what Tess has decided to live, is…  Common.

Psssss; Tess, not “Ho-ish“, just tired of how she’s handled at home.  And if she was, so what, Hubby slept on what he had which was a woman with a healthy appetite when it came to carnal affairs and development of what she bought into.  As for the word in use for the situation at home, e.g. “handled”.  Small minds, Rinky Dinky thoughts.  My vibe, get over yourself.  Everyone in every relationship is handled.  If the words’ application is too harsh, then.  My subject matter, the content, class of presentation is also…  Outside your perception of understanding.  As previously stated, “profile“.  Study your own profile and you’ll soon realize, it’s not as abstract as you think when you are…  Profiling.

“The Hunt”

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ichas8440_Graphics_Hunt_I    ichas8440_Graphics_Hunt_II copy

    What do U do when the Cats’ away?  Personally, I’ve never ascribed to being the prey so…  I continue along my way!

Super Bowl time.  NBA All Star Weekend.  NASCAR, Formula One Racing.  OSCAR Sunday, AMA, nothin’ organized receives a pass.  Men, their clubs, all appear inclusive but The Real is; Where women are concerned, ignore ’em and…  Let’s get this party started!

Big Willie Time“, what the hell is this?  Many got it twisted as it has nothin’ to do with Will Smith and his annual Summertime Block Buster Big Screen Premier.

A Cat said to me, “Man all I gotta do is keep servin’ her with Big Willie and“.  And what; according to Mother Nature she’s imprinted coding within everybody’s DNA, creating a chronological time-table which won’t be altered.  Even with genetic manipulation, you can’t touch her designs.  In effect, doesn’t matter how one is built, eventually, the sex drive is gonna decrease.  Drop like a bomb with the collateral damage being of such devastation everybody assuming inclusion is gonna feel the burn.

Big Willie, Tee Tee time, as it goes for He.  Punanna, The Kitty if speaking of She.  And the beat goes on.  We, as a species, despite the culture or sub-culture arising from, all think they’ve got it like that.  The collective consensus; “Time ain’t got nothin’ on me“.     Real Talk, that’s exactly why when the Cats’ away, I’ve learned this is the time to enjoy all of the opposite sex that “use’ta” come my way.

The Hunt, what is this?  It’s a dynamic that comes into play because of the failure to see “who’s” right before your eyes.

The Hunt, trending definition; according to CNN, CBS NEWS, Howard Stern, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, and all the others included.  A good clean fun Adult Activity, Outdoorsmen droppin’ 10k plus to hunt naked women, every man’s fantasy comin’ true, biggest story in the world alarming women’s groups, but…  It’s not stoppin’ and these men have no idea who’s flipped the script with their “private reserve” staring in the role of…  The Hunted.

Just broke off a convo with a Learned Elder.  Published to be exact.  The gist; they’ve got a client who can’t get past the fact that their significant other dumped them.  Said this client busted the other peeking through a window of the home they no longer occupy and…  “This is proof, she wants a return to forever”.  As I said to this Learned Elder I’ll say here.  Forever has come and gone, what “he’s” waiting on, and since it’s based on his ability to “serve Big Willie”, her return to their memories was merely a Recon mission.  Recon…  A step to re-load on the facts needed to continue her push into his pocket via judicial proceedings.

Hard stuff to handle?  Don’t trip, most can’t fathom or accept when they are left by the curb, abandoned.  Deserted, and usually for another.  This is one of those “dirty mat facts” of relationships that many aren’t ready to recognize.  I believe it’s a lot like that sex addiction thing.  Because it’s not a definition arrived at by the “Powers That Be”, it’s not a recognized reality.  (See, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders through AMA)

Reality, a good choice of words.  Reality in this sense “is”, where as perceived reality is assumed to be subjective.  Again, to me, “B.S.”.  Reality no matter how it was arrived at or derived to, “is”.

Mis-education is usually the source of much of the confusion encountered in…  This walk within life.  Your life, my life, any life.  Ignorance, refusal to recognize the needs of your better half, just leads to more…  Mis-understanding of what needs to be.  Like, payin’ attention and not seeking attention in those divisional activities such as…  Bowl Games and other self-serving adventures people seems to gravitate to.

Maintain focus on this; Hypersexual Disorder.  Coming soon to a Trend near you.  These are the operative words when speaking about sexually compulsive addiction like those I’ve tied in to push my points.  The Hunt, it has a direct connection when seeking a “Hook-Up” no matter the sex of the one involved.  And, if you miss it, say it isn’t so, well…  Keep on with what ‘cha do.

Everyone wants accolades.  The psychological need to be recognized publicly for those achievements becomes paramount.  Social environments set up every conceivable way to pacify this demand, but.  Not at the expense of…  Right, the one you’ve decided to be with.  And…  Not even Big Willie, Punanna served after the fact will clean up or make up for your mis-step.  Remember, I do this and don’t just speak on it.

Society, those who make it up hide behind everything conceivable.  Society is so ‘Ucked-up it’s amazing we’ve lived this long.  Snatch that and in its place, lets go with this.  We aren’t livin’, just existing.  Like animals, following a herd led by those who don’t have our best interest at heart.  (see any history of man, mankind in rotation in their defined environment along with those environs).

Secret Stuff, AKA;

 Suggestions when you are at one of those events and you get the feeling your other half is partaking in The Hunt.

1.  First accept your part in creating this, maneuver.  Correction, invite your other half into your real world.  Even if they haven’t shown a particular like in sports, offer them the option.   And not just as a tag along.  “Don’t know a ‘thang about the activity”, play nice, bring ’em up to speed.  Then again by taking your significant other to your event only to realize it is populated with a majority opposite sex.  Kick your Game up by thinking outside the box.

2.  Surprised since you’ve “opened up”.  Found out your significant other has a dark side.  Let’s call it, “eclectic social views” and opts for your invite with one of those mischievous looks.  Hubby, Wifey, you never know what will re-ignite the home fires, but…  Keep assuming, leaving ’em out the loop and you will definitely drown out your image in their “field of fantasy”.

3.  Two is enough.  Now is the time for you to incorporate your own skills.  Take what is and build on it.  Don’t ‘cha hate these “How To Guides”.  Maybe that’s why when those of you who focus on the activities mentioned, The Hunt becomes…  Exciting.

Psssss;  Stop cryin’ cause you’ve finally recognized yourself.  Maybe now the change will come minus a mere…  Re-arrange.

Pssssssssss; For those still lost in allusion on The Hunt, especially after I injected other dynamics you didn’t anticipate.  When you think you are enjoying those events I mention, even if your significant other tags along, don’t believe the hype.  Roman Eyes, Russian Fingers, not just a play on words.  Use that higher intellect of yours.  Figure it out cause it’s right before your eyes.  And…  I’m still The Hunter, feel me.

Bang. Bang Bang; Wife Swap, Polyamorous, Alternative Endings…

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ichas8440Graphics_BangBangBang_IV_2012 - Copy       ichas8440Graphics_BangBangBang_II_2012        ichas8440Graphics_BangBangBang_III_2012

Bang.  Bang Bang!  The former being the singular when heard piercing the stratosphere.  Reverberations.  Makes FOLK assume a gun has been shot.  With the three following one another in such rapid succession, signifying a volley, it’s safe to say the third shot was discharged for…  Good measures.  This being the case and…  If so, while keeping everything in context, the initial shot was released to.  Ease the pain because of what was started in the first place.  Oh yeah, that second shot.  Kill shot.  All day and in every way.  Expired as a guarantee.  One gun, three shots fired.  He to She, her at him.  Perfect conclusion of human compatibility when things no longer have that personal luster.

Today they use the term “Bling“.  Expressed to signify a piece of…  Hummm.  Back-In-The-Day I used the term “Je’Els“.  Six of this half ‘ah dozen of that, terminology changes but it all remains the same.  Everybody is seeking ownership.  My thing is, “who’s really ready to accept the ownership of what they’ve created”.  And now this…  The allegedly latest trend in social engagement.  “Wife Swapping, Polyamorous LifeStyles“.

When “Youngsta‘” approached, seeking a brighter horizon which would provide him clarity on this so called new extraordinary method of “keepin’ the home fires burnin’“, he came to me not only irate but visibly confused.  Opening his greeting to me with,  “Say O.G“, and upon hearing this, I knew.  Knew it was time, to “Reach One, Teach One, Be One“.  And since I was already “The One“, raise another one.  Yes, once again, my door was closed but I still heard the knock.  Called upon to teach another one.

Everything I do starts with thought.  ICHAS8440 spawned from the same mindset.  My destination along the road I’d take you on had already been identified.  Personal goal, simple.  To enhance the lives of He ‘an She based on what I know in relation to who I am.  Way down the road, glancin’ back, I’ve pretty much accomplished this while witnessing something else peeking out at me.  He, She.  Family, aka “FAM“, friendship, significant other, cohabitants.  All the words spread by others describing what people do when trying to find the best way to…  Co-exist.  Society and all its people seem to be meaningless while trying to define what is!  What motivates one to engage the other has casually been reduced to nothin’ more than a physical thang.  As it is said, sex sells, and…  By all indicators it’s the driving force of man and its kind.

These blogs I’ve produced, come minus an audio feed a la podcast.  Text is supreme.  My choice medium for clear articulation of my thoughts and the ancient philosophy known as CHALO©.  Some pay attention to the words.  Absorbing them and rising with the knowledge expressively contained.  But…  It’s the inclusion of those base graphics that draw the attention of the masses.  Yes, those stimulating pics.  Injected as a compliment, designed to advance the process of thought.  With a few, my target has been met.  Whereas the many, no development.  Much like the title or subject matter used to bring attention to this piece.

What’s trending today with regard to relationships, wife swapping, etc, etc.  Nothing is new from my perspective.  Just like my understanding of the demographics identified to please the psycho/emotional palate of my intended audience.  As for Polyamorous activities, stay with me, I’ll get to that.  As for Alternative Endings, continue and you’ll recognize the built-in tragedies which flow with Alternative Lifestyles.

As a lead-in let me put this out there.  During a previous moment in my walk of exploration, and only after an attempt was mounted to suck the life outta me, “she”…  In catching her breath with her head laying across my chest, looked over her eyebrows, posed for that moment.  Hoping to move me off my center base with her look of inspiration, and said.  “You are a swinger.”  As smoothly as she made this move, I wasn’t feelin’ her.  Maybe she didn’t fully accept my dismissal of her long ago, of which…  Was something anyone would have acknowledged knowing I wouldn’t exchange words while she, “performed”, but.  Such is the result of one functioning from a position relaying on selective consciousness.  Because of this, I can only conclude.  She was feeding and everything else…  Wasn’t important.  Which is why she kept runnin’ her mouth in her moment of digestion, sayin’.  “You like this sorta’ thing, this lifestyle you’re in.  You think you’re all that.  You ain’t no king, I hope you know this.”

Again, barbarism isn’t me, but.  If she’d of been able to read minds like me she’d of known my thoughts to be.  “You do better focusing on the protein diet you’ve been swallowing like a hungry Momma bear lappin’ up honey rather than attempting to psychoanalyze me cause I really don’t give a fuck.”

People, their ways and persuasions.  When one thing fails, they have a strong tendency to morph into things they haven’t fully considered.  Like this trending Wife Swapping.

A ‘lil mo Intel.  She was married and tried to convince me she had been emotionally abandoned.  Psychologically dismissed by Hubby.  Time spent with “yours truly”, was all based on Hubby driving her into another’s realm.   “Luckily I found you, you’re safe“.  yes, I’m safe and just fell off a banana boat.  Yes, drawn to the “Heater Head” abilities of another, I elected myself so I’m as much to blame as she.  But…  This move, her audacity to try to take me into this dark place she maintained; Please.  Her Alternative Ending would not be anything I’d share in.  Just like the alternatives of whatever another assumes intimacy will be once they step to another.  Seeking some sort of alternative satisfaction.  It won’t turn out as imagined either.  And since I’ve peeled back this layer let me add some more reference Intel.

Another, extremely close to me.  So extreme, reached out and let me know a change was being made to her lifestyles.  She, during one of those moments of reflection decided to move in the direction of polyamorous activities.  A conclusion arrived at because…  As she so eloquently said, “We evolved from this remember“.  I heard her but…  I didn’t recall any of this, and.  Rather than become caught-up in “who knew what we were really doin’ Back-In-The-Day”, I knew it’d be best to recluse myself.  Besides, why engage in a conversation where the other functions from a position regulated by narrow focus.

Poly is Greek in origin and means several.  The latter part of the word “amor” is Latin and means love.  There was no several where I was concerned with any of my previous engagements.  Nor was there love for any others even thinking about gettin’ with any of the women I happened to be with.  Especially from my point of perception.  And…  Before I forget, poly comin’ from the Greeks, a nation arriving at a point of consciousness whose main focus was to keep up all sorts of mystical chasing shit, tell me one thing.  They were all up in perverted stuff. That’s what cultures do once they’ve reach the height of their experimentation into total division and conquering of others.  But…  Back to the topics at point.

My Ex. like others, after the passage of time in this Polyamorous move, ran into a serious situation.  All the so called parties in agreement began to opt out in a violent way.  Beginning with exposing and working with their true beliefs.  Those parts of a contract between He and She that never reveal itself until satisfaction can be reaped by the one it benefits.  Still, she survived the “Bang Bang Bang” episode.  Un Hummm, mad gunfire discharged by those who were ‘pose to be obliging cohorts.  Funny thing was, it didn’t matter the station (s) in life of those involved, none were about to let the other have what was assumingly theirs.  Call me old fashion, tell me I’m antiquated, right about now, I’d say, ‘uck you.

When I was comin’ up I didn’t refer to women as “bitches” unless I was dealin’ with a bitch.  Today, women call themselves, each other; bitches.  What I trip off of when hearing this is.  The defining traits of a bitch are the same today as yesterday, which tells anyone who’s aware, ain’t nothing changed.  Much like the wife swapping and all the alternative lifestyle activities that are considered something new.  In trippin’ down this destructive road my Ex was blessed.  Blessed to miss the demise of her life and based on this pass alone, she’d better recognize what the agenda of the other partner (s) is before she commits to any change in lifestyle, if.  She decides to make it a double entry again.

Words are fine but.  Reach back, way back into your mind and pull up the category where intuition has been shelved.  An innate ability long forgotten as a result of what the “social orientation” from the beginning was really all about.  Do this and you’ll have the source needed to evaluate what your people of choice really are about.  When I was doin’ it like I did, my insight was tight.  Providing me with an ability to spot those who would and could participate in my carnal choices way before they entered my space.  And think, recently our esteemed scientist published a report confirming women can look at a man and determine if he will cheat, all based on gesticulations.  To channel Yoda, “Way ahead of the curb was I”.

 My point, simple.  I knew.  I knew the characteristics and traits of a true-live bitch just as I knew what it would take to partake in wife swapping be you me married or not.

Any alternative anything is usually based on one thing.  A moved decided upon because something isn’t working out in the primary category.  A totally personal choice even when others are consulted prior to the official move.  And no, it’s not an exercise in options.  One is just placating the self when doing anything alternative.  What I trip off of when hearing or witnessing this state is.  You’ll never arrive at a point of being “calmed down” based on a settlement of anything.  Remember…  “Choice”.  An ability to choose is individual not collective, no matter who’s involved.  As for all things intimate, don’t get it twisted.  What the other does or doesn’t commit to, will affect you in the long run more so if you are involved.  Knockin’ Boots with another, a Booty call.  Just words.  Verbal expression employed to define an activity that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.  Much like the alternative lifestyles many are engaged in during these times.  These adjectives just give the user a false sense of projecting being in the know.  (see cool relative to swagger)

Something else while I’m in the mood.  Who in their right mind is gonna spend time.  Intimate time, recognizing the potential of the one they’ve chosen.  Having listened to the needs of this significant other.  Demanding of you to tell them if and when your levels of anticipated satisfaction have been met, and…  “If not, show me, tell me, just let me know what you feel or are missing so I can do it right“.  Only to turn ’em over to another!  Is this some sick shit or what?  Swapping “He or She” is…  To me, akin to spending time identifying an invaluable object, securing it, putting the polish onto it and then, handing it over to another.  I found the Diamond in a Mountain of Ash.  I put in work and I’m just gonna let some foreign somebody have it.  ‘Uck you again, I’m not that into sharing what I’ve discovered or attached myself to.  The magnetism required to attract and sustain the commitment of another is not to be taken lightly, which is to know this…

All aspects of life have consequences.  These lifestyles I’m speaking on, comes with a huge price according to personal extraction.  Ones not limited to ethical compensation either.  All so, don’t come at me with the Drama about cultural aspects.  Or move to submit the legal ramifications.  All relevant, but…  It’s way beyond this also.

FOLK play at this monogamy and I’m not sayin’ it’s not a reality but what I’m saying is despite of the basic philosophical differences and geo-crossovers, in time.  As a result of participation in any of this, blood will flow.  Why?  Because.  You, me, He, She, society.  They are all selfish.  Even if emotional content has been a consideration from the beginning, once the move is made, in a short time; intellect will trump.  Telling those involved, despite of a desire being met.  It wasn’t the choice as mentioned by an option exercised because of some sort of complications on a personal level dictating something such as.  “I will have my satisfaction and…”  As I said, there will be blood.

Youngsta sat there, marveling at what I delivered and.  Was confused.  Diverting his eyes, maybe so I wouldn’t recognize the intensity of his inability to grab the significance of what I said, and…  Suddenly becoming captivated by a photo hanging behind me.  To keep him in the fold, I…  I immediately told him the reasons for the “pics of prosperity”.  Those of which were defined by the voluptuous body of a internationally sexy female, and; me.  Youngsta didn’t have to force the focus.  By the position of his eyes, the level of his stare, it was obvious what section of the female’s anatomy had caused the intense eye lock.  Oh yes, beast are always in the equation.  Because of his, un-spoken thoughts driving his imagination wild, I calmly request to know something of him, which was.  “If she was in your camp, would you let your soldiers partake in the sweetness of her fruits”.   Youngsta, smiled and spit the truth.  “Just lookin’ at ’em I wanna invade your camp just to see if I can come up“.  Oh how I love truth.  And with his words I bestowed onto him the meaning of “Youngsta”.  A word to mean he will one day, arrive at the star he sees himself as, but.  Right now, he’s still young!

Today, society is no longer a band defined by either Hunters or Gathers.  It was during those times, eons ago when He or She shared their significant other and.  Not just to drop off some edibles.  Sharing your significant other was practiced openly.  Done to maintain the stability of the “tribe”.  But…  Even so and under such rules of survival, do you think a King or Queen within those same camps share?

Before assumptions are made, allow me to put forth the  answer that doesn’t flow from moral constraints, No!  When you lead you take.  Cloak it, disguise it, re-name it, but…  What is, won’t change.  When you command you understand the ways to subtly demand.  Morals change depending on the development and foresight of the society that upholds ’em.  Still, certain beliefs seem to come from deep within and are defined beyond one’s conscious projections.  My thoughts, my beliefs on this taboo subject.  Youngsta for once, has decided to bridge the gap which defines our different gens.  Maybe, maybe as his mind was open to a different perspective, so will all of you be.

Psssss; My year end piece focused on the new trend and some are so twisted they’ll engage in anything that remotely appears to eliminate the boredom from their lives.  Alternative Endings are the result of seeking other’s “inclusive” ways to an otherwise miserable life involving another.  Alternative Endings that any one of you can define by simply…  Glancing in the mirror, exploring your mind and accepting what you’d do if and when you find yourself advancing into sick ass waters that.  You may be able to swim in but.  Shouldn’t be dippin’ in.  Try puttin’ in work by redefining who and why you engaged in the first place.  Then you may stop “pushing pawns” hoping you’ll be successful in invading another’s Court.  Capturing a Queen making yourself another fake ass King in an otherwise, tossed up life!