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“R U married? Husband or S.O. as in Significant Other.” Questions presented and if hesitant in responding the probability of working on The Crew I’ve assembled would have been reduced, status reflecting slim to none. 

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“Do Fries go With That Shake”

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Get with this. In awareness of the dis-associative characteristics seen and heard while attempting to engage the Damage Control whenever Sexual Harassment rears its ugly heard. And yes, He/She, they both have heads, you’ve just gotta determine which of the two is leading off.”

DoFriesGoWithThatShake (3)

Validation, everybody seeks; validation. Possibly beginning when the “YoungStar”, having that desire for Moms/Pops to look their way. Emotions, those oh so influential feelings identify pride and you see it surging from those looking. Expressive eyes seem to convey approval. In actuality the visual stimuli says “I’m glad you haven’t disappointed” but this is avoided and… The natural sequence maintaining life continues, you breath and nothing matters. Exhilaration reigns simply because. You have confirmation that you’re more than the “drip” piercing the egg. Penetrating, as ignition has sustained the charge creating.


Adulthood. Big ideas with even bigger concepts of the possibilities leading to the expansion of you. Still, things have begun to percolate but you know this is a result of somethings, self-induced and.

Somebody other than those you’ve looked to for sustainability appears within your life and you sense another form of personal adulation and inside your imagination you begin to see, magnify. Displays of emotions expressed have no real reference point and you stay in a selfish mode. Believing once again, “Is this all for me, you shouldn’t have”.


No, they do not see anything miraculous about you. They have an insight giving them a superior understanding of what motivates humans with yours just being activated.

Now for your extended reality

Skippin’ off, running out in the Midnight Hour to do ah ‘lil shopping for anything allegedly forgotten whilst you were out earlier. But. This. Is an excuse. You confidentially proceed to the secret rendezvous with another Significant Other. The entire Affair seems to revitalize you and as things revolve you are discovered. But… You are skilled, the quick reply, “You neglected me, I felt alone, many times abandoned, I didn’t feel wanted”. Hummm, this prepared statement (s) is about as Salty as layin’ down with another, then when you find out it wasn’t nor had it ever been about you. Morphification becomes quick. Accusations are made. Slander is spread and secretly you pray for them to attain Viral status. Attorney summoned. Litigation is hatefully structured and suffice to say, made public. And… This Beat, goes on. Everything continues, spiraling outta control but you say, “No worries” as you knew nothing was ever under control only influenced. Feeling, words considered within your mental if only as a conditioned response to placate your ignorance shown.

Learn from yourself

You are the best Identifier of what makes you Click. Validation begins within. You knew from Day One what you saw. Were lookin’ at and along with those deeply intense vibrations you so un-restrictedly had to be possessed by had you, but.

Tricked. I was deceived!”

You, not hardly. You with the false modification already applied to your life, knew none of that stuff fooled you. The lie, you kept it goin’. Privately plotting as you went along your conceited way.

Me/Mine, appearing to those on the outside looking in that here are Two so caught-up in The Dance Of Deception, they have to be… Captivated in full illusion.

Whomever concluded this overheard nothin’ because they were preempted. Tuned in, locked down and stayed faithful with their “Ear Hustle”. The descriptive narrative, left to their interpretation only. In this case it was from He to She. I being He spoke to She, illustrating us as being on the doorsteps to a beautiful; “Inner-Course” with She… In full concordance. Understanding my words She/We, together took it for what it was. While, knowing those tryin’ to burglarize, deciphering our “kinetic energy” remained, clueless. They sought validation not expressed or extended from her nor I.

Being there, in the moment doesn’t require a damn ‘thang. Demands are the Discipline of Order. Deny your intuition, if you will. Act as if what ‘cha see can’t be. All you’ve done is place yourself in a world spinning deeper into the speculative.

What. What has this world become?”  Nothin’ more than what you’ve participated in creating.

Psssss; Validation begins at home. With those who truly have your best Interest In Heart. Not “At Heart”. Those at your heart will tell you exactly what you wanna hear. They are simply pushin’ buttons ‘til you unfasten them yourself. And even then, you’re gonna deny it if and when it doesn’t go your way.


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G's BossolinoI really had no intension of re-visiting this topic, but…

“Every time I think I’ve gotten out, someone pulls me right back in it!”

Another high-powered Producer from the Entertainment Industry had to pull a disappearing act because of what has been reported to be.  Exactly, another sex scandal!  And since many of you have shot emails my way, asking for clarification on why America is so caught up in celebrity-ism.  Primarily their sex lives, I have to…    “Hav ‘ta answer da call.” Besides, this is what I do.

Before we dip waist deep into this, allow me to break something down by “kicking knowledge”.  In fact, let’s begin with the word “knowledge”.  Knowledge according to “G” means to (know) so you won’t fall off that (ledge).  “Ya feel me, yeah you’ve got it.” Now, movin’ into “scandal”.  This is a situation of premier status that creates a public outcry and in America the screams are based on the masses appetite in following the celebrity.  And ya know, those who follow another’s life so closely usually haven’t got a life.  Or, those who glow with the awareness of the famous are attempting to live their life via the celebs that they privately wish they could be like.  Lastly let us touch on that word which causes everyone, especially Americans to turn away with shame, “sex”!

No great mystery here, sex defines genitals plain and simple.  But for most functional FOLK this root word denotes two living beings doin’ the nasty.  Hey, it’s done each and everyday, mostly engage in the nasty for fun and…  Undeniable pleasure.  Occasionally that pro-creation thing comes into play, but this is a secondary consideration or collateral results at best.

Once I was asked why don’t I become a therapist on sex.  The word therapist I won’t even break down, but I didn’t qualify the question then nor will I today.  Still, it’s like this.

Every-Some-One-Body that gets with another body doesn’t always have the focus of the end-game being the sexual conquest, or…  Seeking out the relationship merely for sex.  Okay, 99% of the time the sex may be the case, but for the more multi-leveled ones.  Those who are conscious of themselves & their kind, this engagement goes way beyond the physical.

Alright, I agree, I know that when you first set eyes on another the attraction normally has been based on what you’ve observed in a physical sense.  That visual thing if you will.  Yet, once the intro is made and the mouth opens allowing words to emerge, BAM!  You begin to add to the attraction’s depth chart.  This is defined as the qualifying period of the relationship.  Providing this level of communications proves to be “magnifico” the sex will occur, just give it time.  But this sex scandal thing is way over exposed.

Now, let’s blend all this together.  Take what has previously been explained with regard to the meaning of certain key words, toss ’em in, mixing them with the mentality of those using these words and…  You will find that the scandal is in the mind’s of the perceiver.  Drizzle in the media blitz that can’t stop feeding the masses of those of the initial observance.  Which incidentally, moves me to better understand why…?  Why so many FOLK are demanding that the cycle ceases.  Could it be that these are the collective cries of the guilty!

Psssss: Yes, sex will always have that attraction in the public’s mind.  And no, I’m not going back into the re-visiting the abuse of power thing.