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“Chivalry Ain’t Ever Been Dead”

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 So ‘ya think my heart is made of stone, and when you’re near me there’s no reaction, well you’re wrong.”

 No, I won’t take credit for scripting such a lovely verse, but…  I’m using it.  Words from Back-In-The-Day when people combined with a future in mind.

It was my birthday, she had put together a welcomed dinner party.  Smiles and laughter abound, she and I were momentarily left alone.  Raising her glass of wine she asked me to accompany her in a salute to…  Me.  Glasses clanged, we flashed those eyes of enchantment, locked arms and simultaneously sipped as we kept watching each other with visions of, later.

The music was right on time but she nor I rose from our spot at the table.  Conversation, moved fluidly, innuendos fully loaded.  Her smile was sexy, those eyes…  They became lost in her thoughts.  Glancing down at the table I noticed she’d placed a piece of a hot roll right on the table-cloth.  I casually picked it up, placing it on the bread plate.  Seductively she blinked, never taking her eyes off of me.  Our hostess appeared and…  Her presence was all required for my girl to snapped.  Berating the girl, tellin’ her if we needed assistance she’d of been summoned.  “A birthday party”; I let it go.

Three songs later, the proprietor along with a select group of hostesses appeared, singing Happy Birthday holding a cake, illuminating with candles.  My girl, taking my hand, massaging my fingers being sentimental.  Once it was over, a waitress leaned down close to my ear, singing the phrase, “how old are yooooou“.  A nice touch to a beautiful moment.  That is, ’til my girl went deeper into her funk, screaming at the singing waitress who was just goin’ with the flow. Aware of my girl’s mentality, recognizing the behavior, I stood up, took the glass of wine outta her hand and calmly said, “baby let’s go, time for me to take you home“.

Immediately I began to sense something.  A threat perceived, moving quickly into my field of view.  No, it wasn’t “Tyrone“, this was Troy.  Pressin’ up to something he knew nothing about.  Knowin’ how things can get outta line, I articulate to him in the most sensible way possible, he needed to “find himself some business” cause mine was way over his pay-grade.

I don’t know.  Maybe it was how my girl sorta’ slumped comfortably into my arms as I moved to take her away from the invading eyes of others, or…  It could have been how she turned, snarled while yelling at Troy to back the fuck up because she only gave it up to me, but…  Whatever it was, Troy got some type of cryptic imagery and immediately blended in with the Watchers.

A cautionary tale I know.  The substance of the context is what’s important.  Troy, assumed he found a quicky with an otherwise female who had a ‘lil too much to drink.  All Troy stumbled upon would have been an open can of “whoop ass“.  I was disgusted with the attitude of my girl because she knew she wasn’t a drinker.  For that matter neither of us drank ’til we lost our composure.  What put me closer to the edge was…  She knew she would become a “piece of work” once that second glass replaced the fuel feeding her psyche’.  My girl, lovely.  Sexy as a swam in flight, but.  She had a anger deep within that most couldn’t even deal with if and when the madness erupted.

When everything was on the cool tip, she’d be the first to impress with her laid back demeanor.  All who saw, didn’t understand our relationship but wouldn’t be slowed in complimenting our togetherness.  Really they could have kept their comments good or bad, to themselves.  No matter what was thought or said, wouldn’t change who I was  As I told one of her invading alleged friends one day as she commenced to tellin’ me how I should treat my girl, “keep her sorry ass outta my relationship cause I’ve got this“.  FOLK sometimes need to mind their own business, especially when they only are functioning from a half informed position.

Inside all relationship you have platforms.  Upon each of these levels you’ll find the true substance of “what is” as far as the qualifications, standards and founding principles of the whys, what fors regarding that individual relationship.  You have a private platform amongst all these other platforms, that which holds all the secret stuff, and…  Then there is the spot were all things public resides.  The public area is what the public is meant to view.  Still, all these points are profound in categoric distinction were He and She are concerned.

While engaging as a set with multiple couples one of the males in our group asked me if my girl was wearing any undies.  I couldn’t get mad, I knew he was an undercover stalker and despite she being with me, he had been watchin’ “that ass” since we came through the doors.  Being The G I am, I obliged and off he and I went on his E-Ticket voyage.  At the conclusion of the ride I let him down easy when I said, “if she is or isn’t wearing any panties, you’ll never hear about it from me, keep guessing, maybe you can watch your wife’s ass and learn to define those private points of demarcation“.

Oh yes, many things are private within the intimate designs of ones relationship.  Troy; assuming my girl was a lush, sexually easy mark.  I knew she didn’t do liquor well, much as I knew she wasn’t a hope to die lush.  Sometimes mental lapses hit and when they did, hit hard, but she didn’t split her thighs at the appearance of some jug-head trying to be cavalier.  The hostess; I knew she’d be struck from the blindside but not because of anything regarding her attentive service.  “Singing Hostess” should have limited her attention to the collective body and not proceed to anything singular.  Once the hostess got too close to my cheek, she became the target.  My girl, deep into insecurity wasn’t about to stand for any other female paying too close of attention my way.  More secret stuff that the public isn’t aware of concerning He and She, but…  I knew.

Recently a movie came out that has got the American public talking.  “Act Like A Woman But Think Like A Man“, another drama driven flick.  Personally I don’t want any female I’m involved with attempting to think she knows how I think.  Just as I’m not trying to spend my time worrying about how she thinks.  If there is something I’m suppose to know about her ways of reasoning, either she’ll let me know or I’ll know.  Some things…  No, many things pertaining to He and She are…  Intuitive.


“V Day, Va Va Voom”

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Started out from a culturally related component, morphed, becoming a Christian based day.  Materialistic aspects confirmed and now; totally commercial.

Cupid, on a break from his anticipated activities, took a moment to inhale the roses.  Decided to kick-back, toss down a room temp Brandy and as he did so, casually leaned over and shared with The 22nd G, his observation of the times on his break out day.  Pointing out how people were overly consumed by the chase during the season leading up to…  V Day.  It was evident through mutually identifiable body language, their thoughts originated along the same lines.  Sniffers raised, they saluted themselves and continued to enjoy their favorite mid-day beverage, Grand Marnier.

In further contemplation of people and their motivations, especially during the season of love, I…  Yeah, I’m high-jacking this episode for now.  I could see how commercial everything had become.  Not that commercialism is a bad thing, what is bad is the failure of real communications during this time of human transparency.

Presenting one with a bouquet of flowers isn’t just about running out, finding a bunch that has been arranged correctly and sending them with the quickness to the object of one’s desire.  Nor is it about placing a kiss upon another’s cheek, then nervously step back and immediately reciting some words you have no concept of what they mean or any idea of the impact of expected emotionally achievement.

Romance without timing is like watching a commercial where those presenting the info are racing against the clock.  Hoping to recite all they have to say and before the allotted time define pushes them over budget.  Yeah, imagine watching something that is targeted to and for you.  You sit there, focused and then, realize, “this is a rushed production“.  Or…  It could be something such as, listening to your loved one as they ramble through their words.  Slobber drippin’ from the corners of their mouth and all because they refuse to slow their roll.  break from the babble, taking just a moment to breathe.  Yes, catch a breath, maintaining their physiological composure.  Maybe even by doing so, preserve a chance of future indoctrination into those who are successful in love.  And you listen, intently wondering to yourself; for what?

Previously, way before this point in time, it was brought to my attention as to why I was so manipulative.  I heard this redundant statement and my response was.  “Put yourself in the same situation and you will say (assertive).  Flip-the-script and back to me, the operative word becomes aggressive, self-absorbed and manipulative.  Really F.U.”

Some of us remain in the winners circle all because we don’t allow others to do us by defining our moment in time.  Time is relative, meant to be managed not be managed by.  When Valentines Day comes around, I’m not lost in thought as to what to get.  Racking my mind with the thoughts of what can I do that will put me in a brighter light and then…  Allowing me to score because my loved one will see me as thoughtful.

Thoughtfulness begins at the initiation of thought itself.  Romance like V Day should have been in the equation way before the day seems to be seen coming up over the horizon, but…   People are lost in their own illusions ’til they haven’t even considered how and why to keep the romance in the mix.  And when V Day does appear those who haven’t thought about it, run around searching for the right thing to get and…  Don’t see that it’s not gonna work.  No way, no how and definitely not now.

“I cannot speculate where others are concerned but…  In my world, false presentations are recognized before they ever show up”

Life is simple, basically you give to receive, provide because you would like to see the same come your way.  Life, it’s like this, reach out and talk, give another the respect of your attention cause you really want their attention in return.  Not multi-tasking while you sit  there, pretending to listen but lying about processing every word they’ve said, only to.  Support that BS by attempting to convince them of your acquired abilities to chew bubblegum while walking at the same time.  In fact, why does one feel the need to justify their lack of providing another with undivided attention?  Actually it’s done because he or she whose attempting to convince doesn’t believe themsleves either and…  They know their projected image is’t working well.  What this is, is psychological nonsense.  Much like giving a gift during V Day while talking about how much He or She means to one but…  Images of another or something else altogether has occupied your mind.  Oh yeah, when you serve one with B.S., they know you are all about the a la carte.  Meaning, selfish!

A guy once asked me why did I take his Wifey.  I didn’t even qualify this stupid ass question with an answer.  At another point in time, a female associate during her moment of “reflection“.  Contemplative probably because when she brought this DRAMA my way, I was still doin’ me.  So to save her own diginity, she concocted this idea of inquirying as to “what about us“.  Begged to know how could I take advantage of her during a moment of emotional confusion.  She’s still waiting on an answer too.

You see, when one commits to another, He or She will not fall to the ways of the world, stooping to lows just because the words are divine coming out of another’s mouth.  One who is onto another may dream of others but.  The move isn’t worth the experience of the exploration.  Base-line; no one can take what is yours.  ‘Ol boy never had any claim on his Wifey because a wife doesn’t do what his Wifey was alleged to have been a part of in the first place.  Pretty much his imagination was; over-active.  More so relics of some luggage he carried from his past.  As for ‘ol girl, when you are experiencing a, “as she so eloquently said“, moment of emotional confusion.  How in the hell are you gonna remember what actually took place during that “un-conscious-able” blast from the past?  Emotions, confused, hypnotherapy to regain repressed thoughts and images won’t even achieve that state of awareness.  Really, engage in some “extra curriculum sexual adventures” and trying to put the blame on another; not so easy.  A move much like providing your loved one with something on Valentines Day that was really an after thought because He or She was never the pinnacle of your thoughts in the first place.

Intelligence is something very identifiable.  If one has an aptitude for anything in which they’ve excelled in, there are two things you can base it on.  Innate or acquired.  Romance is something I do because.  Well, I excel in the emotional satisfaction that comes with involvement in this Art.  Plus, it is easy for me to associate any moment extracted from this association and apply it to almost any other aspect of life.  Oh yeah, that “UCC” in full effect.  In this instant this is called transference of knowledge based on insight of same.  Right, doctors don’t do business well because they aren’t orientated like that nor have they exposed themselves to that aspect of life.  Much like those dummies who rush to seek another just for the imaginary benefits assumed the other will provide.  You are in a zone un-familiar to you so the result will be like insanity.  No matter how you do, you keep doin’ it the same way you do, results; always the same.

Each day is not just another day.  Days are what you make ’em to become.  I hate working on cars.  Not because I don’t know the technical aspects of them but because I don’t like to get dirty.  A friend who was working on my car heard this and said to me, “just wash up afterwards“.  Yeah, I felt so simple but.  You know me, critical thinking 101 so I came back with, “I’ve never said I didn’t know how to work on cars“.  Right, I am not the doctor who only knows medicine.  Those bedside manners so needed in other situations, I have that in my DNA too.  My profession will not dictate my methods.  how you are should be predicated on who you are, not what you’ve become.

On that issue about the fella’s Wifey.  Yeah, she and I spent some time together.  I can say it was all in an attempt to share with her the fact that she hadn’t lost a ‘thang and her attraction was constant.  But…  You decide what my involvement was.  On Ms. Thang a la “The Lady In Red“.  Did we steal away into the bamboo forest and show “heels up while someone’s toes were down“.  Was it “I” whom took advantage of a woman in psychological distress?  Hummm, what can I say?  If I must say anything it would be this.  Where I have been, those who’ve been with me were there based on their own conscious decisions.  One talks, another listens, sometimes a ‘lil motivation is needed, but.  The choice will always be theirs.  It’s better that way.  Why love when one is lost in space?  Why engage where one is focused on completing another’s time table?   What’s in one’s mind can be denied but only to those who haven’t…  Mind their own business.  Right, when you do mind your business there is not business you cannot decipher.

Psssss;  Cupid in his moment of down time, drank up all the brandy and now has the munchies.  He’s raided the frig and can’t seem to find his arrows.  I wonder.  I wonder if those arrows are what’s needed to get all those people to recognize that what they are doing on Valentines Day is all a personal choice.  Hummm, traditional gifts or…

“Malika’s Moves”

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”Salmon; best served wild!”

There are some extra-ordinary women who just make you wanna stop and stare.  Call it an allure, see them as fascinating; just remember this.  No matter how you verbally define ‘em, you see them!

The life-sustaining properties of salmon are known throughout the world, so much so ‘til scientist have even gotten into The Game.  Today, the big thing is genetical modifications; the changing of everything in the name of supporting life.  Regardless of how you flip it, salmon will be un-sustainable in its natural form.  Hummm, much like women.

Today everything seems to be headed the way of genetical modifications.  Demand is at such an all time high ’til it’s created an interest from the field of science.  Funny, most Scientists don’t look or even act like their character depictions shown on T.V.  And…  This is who’s taken up the new designs of women!  When you see Silver Screen Scientists they are ultra-cool & totally beyond anything reflected in the real world.  They always arrive at an answer for every aspect of the life as we live it.  But…  Don’t get it twisted, many creations seen on T.V. don’t have any real connections to what is.  Still, I believe in some of what science has discovers, but when it comes to the Inneractions/Communications between He&She, there are factors science won’t ever include in their assessments.  Hence…  You get monsters like the genetical modified salmon.  Especially obvious when aligned with the original.

Women love to compare men to the likes of a Don Juan and that infamous Bad Ass Billy.  Yet, when man compares “woman” to other women, the one in the mix for obvious reasons can’t accept it.  Demands not to be compared with anybody!  Whoa, is this a double standard or what?  Doesn’t matter, She&He think while acting totally different no matter the case, issue or situation!

When I first met Malika the “Dance Of Deception” was non stop.  For those on the outside looking in, we were fabulous.  Behind closed doors, the story was following a different script altogether.  Time passed and for me, it was movin’ way too slow.  She felt the same but as we all know, women love to “play it hard” (reads, they’ve got it, know exactly what they’re doin’ so don’t push).  Her perception was fine with me as I had plenty of forward gears and in awareness of this, easily slipped into full throttle.

“Peeling it back”, I reached deep deep down inside her chest, came out with “heart in hand” and watched her as she sat there mystified.  (Reads, switched gears right in the middle of listening to her serve me with even more drama, and…  Suddenly stopped playing on her level while psychologically moving completely into mine)

After she experienced another degree of what she knew I was about, we moved continuously and everything else was heavenly.

“Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” gave all a glimpse into another.  Her name; omitted out of respect.  Still, she once upon a time was totally “on deck”.  Now I come with “Milika’s Moves”. The sequence in presentation is important because the woman who motivated “Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” was livid when associated with…  Malika.  Oh, she was so in love she couldn’t be stopped from pleasuring me.  Forever did things that…  If inquired about today, she’ll immediately suffer from a case of selective memory recall, but…  On the comparison side, don’t tell her she was in any way like another female.

Many times I employ situations blossoming from people, places and things that are germane to; whom it is I’m in association with in order to arrive at a particular point.  Very few FOLK can handle this association because…  Well, their individuality seems to become threatened.  This isn’t surprising to me because few FOLK know who they actually are.  If these FOLK did know who they were and held such powerful awareness of individualism why the threat!  Salmon, hummm, keeps comin’ up if you ask me.

During the initial stages of a relationship you have two who are completely in-sync.  Everything begins with the risin’ sun and won’t even set when the moon starts to burn bright.  Then, with the passage of time the novelty starts to evaporate and the transformation begins.  Reality doesn’t wear thin but perceptions become altered.  Every aspect of “you” is argued.  I’ve even heard the following applied to me.  “You’re not like anybody I’ve seen on television, you’re confusing me.  Why can’t you follow the script”. Quickest answer is possibly they’ve had way too many infusions applied by Scientists who aren’t who they appear to be while partaking in the ingestion of genetically modified salmon!  You know false applications of anything will result in viruses un-foreseen in any-bodies time.

Women can be heard around the world saying they can’t find a good man.  Men have issues too but…  Men continue along, goin’ up in most women they meet and seldom slow their roll to contemplate “fittin’ in where they have gotten in”.  So it seems, He&She can’t find the goodness they seek no matter what’s at stake.  My response to all this has always been straight up.  “Are you a quality woman”, and to the man.  “Will you ever step up and stop allowing those so-called friends of yours to stop defining who she is for you”

This environment of today which has defined the union between He&She is vastly different than the one “Moms & Pops” came up in.  Violence has emerged from the closet and taken center stage.  Hidden agendas rise with the realities of what’s comin’ out of these closets while propelled He&She towards others who have created a confusing set of dynamics at best!  Those subtle nuances as in fine distinctions that define who one is won’t ever be touched through cloning, no matter the association.  So now that this is known does He&She have any chance of survival?

“Malika’s Moves”, best analogy for clarification would be like salmon.  Delicious in every way, but.  If you aren’t aware of the intricacies defining the delicacy of the basic nature, you are bound to mess up whatever way it (reads she) comes.

Malika was what is known as “Game Tight”. (Reads very smooth, somewhat manipulative but otherwise remarkable)  Those 3 B’s of hers were in full effect.  She was very…  Shall I say, capable and recognizing of what was really goin’ on between us!

When someone is associated with another it may not be a direct comparison as much as it is a revelation.  Pointing out what one may have not seen or recognized about themselves!  But then again, maybe many don’t like the comparison/association thing because they actually aren’t…  Ready to kick it up a level, hummm.

Somebody once said to me they couldn’t find an adult conversation, despite of circulating amongst many of their city’s most prominent people.  Before I could get a word in they added, “Don’t you find this interesting”.  The “last word” always gets me because it is those words that come from a place revealing much about one’s actual state of mind.  Now when talking to someone and the person (s) engaging me comes back with the reply of “interesting” I know instantly they weren’t hearin’ me or.  Were so far outta their pay-grade ‘til they knew we weren’t even in the same psychological hemisphere.

When one says “interesting” believe me on this, even if they are considering what ’cha said, they haven’t ventured out as far on the matter as you.  And probably can’t!

Psssss; The really good stuff.  After completing this piece I eased into my bedroom and noticed her peeking out from under the sheets tryin’ to get a glimpse of me.  She didn’t know I saw her and when I tip-toed around to get a closer look, she faked as if asleep.  I gave out this enormously robust laugh that it shook the walls of the house.  She laid perfectly still but I could have sworn I saw her eyelids flutter.  The next morning we sat down to breakfast and if she could have slapped me she would have, the anger was boiling.  I calmly looked at her, leaned in closer and closer and just as i could taste her scent, I kissed her on the cheek while saying.  “Such anger, where does this…  Madness arise from?”

Come… Lay With Me

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“These 3 words”, sorta’ like those other three words.  They say a picture captures more than words, okay, if all you are is based on visuals.  Now when you are all inclusive as in being a total package yourself; words go straight to the heart.  Mainly because you are fully capable of absorbing them!

Sometimes, when words are expressed their value gets caught-up in all the clutter of one’s life.  I call it mess because these 3 words usually come before one has had a moment in which to apply that commitment test.  Such is life, but still…  There is a chance you can get it right.

If you read my recent post entitled “Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah”, then you know I touched on the issues discovered when one gets into throwin’ things while living in a glass house.  As a result of “those tossing’s”.  More things have hit the fan within the lives of those used to define the situations within that piece.  Not that I wanted to add to their mess but again; such is life.  Now that another Holiday is quickly approaching I feel the need to…  “Breath on y’all again”

“What holiday you say?” Valentines Day.

As in all Holidays, they arrive every year, without delay.  This year, I take it upon myself to put it out there like its ‘pose to be.  Yeah, some of those in my corner recently approached me and said.  “G can’t say you’re anal retentive but you are damn close to it.  But ‘cha really know how to make a woman forget the mess while seeing you at your best!” Needless to say, I like being recognized for doin’ something right.  Her point was in reference to Valentines.  A day of love, but also a day where most just follow the norm.  Status quo as in scripted love!

I have a question, “What topics attract the most?” Don’t trip, confuse yourself while trying to answer something that is rhetorical.  Do this, reflect on the context that these three words are found within and you’ll have the answer.

Some only express these 3 words when under the influence of intoxications.  Others…  Say those three words when their feet are cold and warmth is the motivation.  Regardless of when they erupted from your mouth, the affect is the same despite the scene or setting in which they float on the air.  And check this, if you are one of the lucky ones who happens to be the recipient, well you know the power of…  These three words!

Valentines Day.  Color, Red.  Edibles in play, chooo-coooooo-lat’.  Red within Western Society connotes division.  I don’t ascribe to this nonsense because I’m not that type of Warrior, I like the Oriental understanding of this color which symbolizes good luck.  With chocolate, it was cultivated while being refined by the Mayans, a real Super Power from way way back in the day.  Chocolate once reserved for use by the powerful during ceremonial events eventually trickled down to the masses.  Being the Romantic One, I’m of the minds set that associates this sharing as a result of knowing the aphrodisiacal powers of the product.  Yeah, the more it was “given to the masses” the less inhibited they would be to whatever the proposal will be!  See this as manipulative, I don’t think the Mayans cared so why should I.  Save your hatin’ for those who worry about haters. Life is best lives like this.  “When you intend to make a difference you’ve gotta think way outside of the norm.” Maybe this is why so many “fall on their sword” and can’t get back up!

“Falling on one’s sword”, a metaphor coming from way back when…  When people took their own lives rather than allow for the capture of their being.  Disgraced, publicly humiliated by He or She who was victorious.  Well flip the script, during Valentines Day who is more “clowned”, meaning ridiculed, teased behind their backs?  The one who misses the point or the one who pushes the point!

Disgraced, humiliated…  All relative.  I speak about the causes & affects of stupidity within a relationship because I’ve really been there.  You will only fall on your sword and rise again if…  If and when you know what you stand on & for will support you no matter what!

Valentines Day, synonymous with romance!  Valentines Day, power day for those who understand the play.  “I’m not Player”, (read exactly as written).  “I…  Definitely know how to play.” Hummm, maybe that’s why I am forgiven each and every day, especially after Valentines Day!

Psssss;  These three words.  I’ve heard ‘em come in the form of; “I love You”.  Not to be confused with the love spelled “luv” which really means “we are just friends”. Usually deployed by someone looking for way more than they are willing to give.  As in someone who is really comin’ to you as an imposter.  I’ve also heard these 3 words formulated like I started the piece with; “lay with me”.  Reserved & only used when one has made another feel sooooo good they don’t want ‘cha to leave and…  As a compliment, seductively say…  Come.  Lay with me…

Thinking Man

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Friday Feb. 19th, 2010 and the world gave a collective sigh of relief all in anticipation that someone was coming forth with what had been demanded of them for what seemed like weeks.  No, let’s make that months.  Yes, that much time has eclipsed the mind since someone found themselves upside down, trapped…  Within the confines of their Caddie; Escalade that is.  Locked in while another on the same scene bashed in the windows with a golf club.  Okay, the public admission was made and letmesee.  “What did you gained?”

Tiger Woods along with his wife live in an exclusive club.  One that many dream of participating within, but…  The reality is, these same FOLK have little or no chance of ever becoming intimately associated with that level of life.  No prob. they still clamor for the details, salivating as they wait…  For they news of his words.  Minnows I guess.

Professionally the admission given by Tiger is ‘pose to be a part of his “cleansing process” for his allegedly transgressions.  A rebirth so to speak.  One of the basic components of most 10 step to 12 step programs is that one must realize and accept their responsibilities of the (self) in order to see how they are affecting those around them.  This realization is said to lead that person to not wanna go ‘uck up again.  Now, for the purpose of clarification, who is actually benefiting by the public performance of an apology?

To know the answer you have to initially understand the world of product placement in relations to marketing.  Tiger is a brand, a brand attaches itself or lends itself to a product, and…  This is for the sole purpose of moving that product.  Sorta’ like back in the day when a brand was placed on cattle signifying that when you saw these items together you knew you’d be getting the best.  Tiger’s brand is not marriage or communications.  Those who “handle” him are not about a happy home or unity between He&She so who’s branding who?

John and Jane Q. Citizen have lapsed into a coma or something if they think that they assimilate with the likes of Tiger Woods or his wife.  Then again, maybe, John and Jane are so ‘ucked up themselves ’til they only dream of a life and liv, through the eyes of others.  (See, The Most Interesting Man In The World commerical)

Apoligies are fantastic.  Apologies are genuine when given from the heart with the full understanding that the apology is exclusively meant for the one who was harmed.  And…  If by change the apology cannot reach the one who has been hurt because they have been spirited away by other types of “handlers” who have intercede because again they know best.  Maybe it is okay to go high-tech and blast your words via a public media.  But other than that, the public apology all comes down to another show for the masses.  Benefiting only the marketers.  Remember, you aren’t in Tiger’s life other than that of a spectator.  Oh, spectator got ‘cha upset.  Well who’s lookin’ in whose window hopin’ to catch a glimpse of what’s goin’ on in another house when it is usually the spectator whose house is a mess!

There was once someone of the cloth, (see religious leaders) who always found time to counsel others about the temptations imposed upon men & women.  It is said that this person was very dramatic during the presentation of these beliefs.  Okay, it goes without saying because to come with passion regarding what it is you speak of, one must have some deep personal connections to the subject matter that they deliver so ferociously.  Anyway, when the person of the cloth was busted by the wife who didn’t question him about his “publicly known transgressions” it was the person of the cloth who felt like a fool.  You see, while he was out paying all the attention to those who sought his attention, she decided to completed her own “re-mix”.  She had needs and because he didn’t take cared of his own house, she found someone who would.  And…  When he asked why she wasn’t being like everybody else, damning him to hell for his stupid ass actions she calmly stated.  “Why…  Why waste the energy?  This is my life, not your’s or any of the members of our church.  This is my life!  I’d be as silly as you if I felt outsiders were gonna change or make me a better person.  It starts with me honey!”

When I was made privy to her belief system I knew that here was a Thinking Woman who happened to have a non-thinking man.  It was then that I understood what it meant to become a Thinking Man!

Psssss; Simply said.  You get what ‘cha give.  “‘uck up, shut up, then have the courage to stand up.  This is the only way you’ll ever be up, because everybody else will only try to keep you down by maintaining what you did and watching it flow all around.”

WorkPlace Romance “The Prequel”©

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“Okay, I’m in it, now…  Can I win it?”

In the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, the 7 sing a song about going off to work.  Based on their obvious audible glee, facial expressions, you’d think they are happy and satisfied.  Now, factor in Reality 5.0 followed by the removal of emotions governing the self and you’ll know those Dwarfs are totally aware that no body wins.  Especially under the conditions and circumstances they have to contend with.  7 into one; hummm.  Breaks down all th time but cannot be consummated at the same time.

HomebaseBayAreaThe public perception of a workplace romance is that a course has been charted, set and taken.  All that remains is for that course to come to its conclusion.  How the workplace romance started will determine how it ends.  Win or lose is all subjective.  Those who go into one and don’t have a significant other in a holding pattern outside the workplace may feel they’ve succeeded because of the secondary acquistion.  But…  If that relationship was based on mere sex, it will always lack the ties that are needed to bind.  If not one, then both will occasionally reflect on the others actual depth to interest and cause of commitment.  This will be where the seeds of discourse will plant themselves.  Friction follows and eventually do what it does.  Erode the foundation!

There is another scenario, in fact many.  But I will stick with these few provided.  If either of the two are true in knowing the realities of He & She, then they will know if lies were part of the equation, the doom is only relative to the coming of the passage of the novelties expiration date.  Now place respect on the horizon, allow it to show glimpses of itself during the flirtatious period…  Right, the chances of success are greater because discretion would have come into play before any decisions of exposure with regard to the physical engagement would have been decided on.

Now, for those who can handle the truth.  I give you the truth

Workplace romances are a given.  Someone posed an analogy using the desire to have an apple, which was supplemented when they saw an orange.  This quickly vanished when the banana came on the scene, and the pretty yellow thing was zapped!  Ejected for the sweet, succulent flavors of the kiwi.  I quickly recognized the transition play, which…  Was what every motivation to engage is based on.  A play without the need to stick with what is you!

Life is like a card game, even when you know there are 52 cards in a single deck, the game won’t be limited to the fifty-two switches that are known, and needed to play and win.  In the workplace romance, there are switches known.  There are switches that are obvious no matter the degree of ones involvement.  Then…  You have those switches that are, disguised.  Hidden and very seldom revealed to prying eyes.  Whoa, did I slip and forget to mention the subtle injection of racial implication based on social norms?  Silly me.

Recall I told ‘ya I did this?  You assumed my meaning was that I did the apple and never consider the orange.  Hate to burst the image but I wouldn’t, couldn’t; discriminate.  Color didn’t slow my desires.  Pay grades…  I went below mine and above theirs.  What I had not consider was the mentality of those with me or around me.  You know how you can be with something, involved with everything, but…  Remain detached from all that appears to be consuming you.  Well that was me.  Atypical personality, but personal to the point of that moral code being forever present within my psyche’.

Truth be told, females and males of different races are no different than males and females of different cultures.  When one of theirs steps away from the village everyone applauds.  Praises them for having the vision, showing the courage and being principled enough to venture forth and be all they can be.  The real is this support is public display of Drama!  African Americans, Asians, Italians, even Mesopotamians…  Are not sooooo accepting when it is about splittin’ thighs while screams such as, “oh, ahhh, oh my, God bless America, can be heard piercing the silence.   This disdain for what’s now out in the open even extends to those who are invited to the fake wedding party!

Oh, you say I sound jaded?  If you even think about mentioning being jaded, miss me altogether.  I told you all I don’t exist in this life, I live life.  So, hold up on the jaded thing, okay.

Today our President is of mixed heritage.  What’s goin’ on with this!  It’s not about his decisions that causes the uproar within the masses.  When he publicizes that he’s about to appear and address the children of our nation, the haters come out droves.  And it isn’t because of the content of what he’s bringing to the table.  It’s that he should have known better, (based on them), that he isn’t sitting down at the table.  The color thing has clouded those who feel they can assess his character!  And guess what, the same goes for workplace romances.  You are damned if you take it to the level of the 5th phase and think you will be granted a pass.

Something else just donned on me that I must speak on.  If you don’t understand any of this because we are a nation of multiple mixed people, and you feel that reality precludes my conclusions.  Hey really, I don’t care.  I’ve been there and have done it.  And…  I’m still standing.

Psssss.  Workplace anything is best left at work!