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ichas8440.Graphics.He.2015“Who was he?” It didn’t matter. He saw, “cam”, conquered. “What happened? What we had, just sorta evaporated over night.” No, you looked right, he glanced left; unexplored attractions went off like stimuli spawned from a Star bursting display of fireworks. You knew they were knockin’. You pushed the pace refusing to see what it was, denied the realities. Got nasty said he was crude, rude, un-deserving. Not worthy of you. Explanations came, but. You dismissed them and him. Said his Game was lame. It’s called life. He represented one sex, and that’s all you saw as you stepped on his deck. Like him, you “cam” cause at the time that’s all that mattered. Chemistry, remember? It was all up in the air. Scents mixed, matched, initially neither feels despair. Everybody’s wrapped up. It felt good and then… Again, life happens.

It all starts with the “P”. Bet ‘cha neva’ heard of the Play “Was The P & It Went All Up In Me”. Well, marinate on the one you have heard of, “The Vagina Monologues”. Female’s grand expose’ clarifying it all! Theatrical presentations, each way over the top and no great mystery here as nothin’ new is dropped. One thing though I must point out is both are solo focused manifest based on individual social orientations from which all life springs. Down play it, say it isn’t so, but. Reflect and you finally see; it’s all there.

Let’s not “push the envelope” as way to many like to say. Here, we are “Divers”, and we go deep. Rich FOLK, those on the stair-steps of poverty, it doesn’t matter the Class or projected station of life. “The P” drives all aspects inclusive of those pretending to be living the non-descript life. As for those engaged in the corporate world pretending that all this is below them; don’t believe the hype. Back in time it was the Partnership, guaranteeing the corner office with the double-paned windows providing a fabulous view. Advance that, bring it up to speed, the corner office has been reduced to a large cubical accented by floor to ceiling window but… The Game, hasn’t changed. During hours, after hours, “The Hunt” is still in full effect.  Married, Single, Divorced, all are a part of the sexual course. Know the motivations of “He” recognize it in “She”, the manipulation, mastery of the digitalized keys becomes second to none. Life, it continues.

There was a time He, She, could be identified, recognized way before either of the two met. With the dominance of the real driving force fueling everything, “same sex” is in contention even out on open deck. Life, seems to have been reduced to whatever is in effect. Real Talk… It was even that way “Way Back When”. The difference was, until the chemicals took affect “He, She”, stayed within the decorum they learned to perfect.

Everybody should “break wide” and contemplate the demise of all great civilizations. This stroll through your mind will surprise by what you’ll find. The Garden Of Eden wasn’t a myth, everything sought within life is provided. The key during the discovery is to know all aspects of life demands maintenance. When the “Secret Garden” is entered and He and She “lock” in rotation, don’t think either of you limit the view to a singular glimpse.  Recognize the side streets, glance down the dimly lit alleys. You’ll also hear your name called but… It won’t be your name that’s seeking a referral. Nope; your body. Didn’t expect such a betrayal, but… It’s not. Think life.

Life, much like a One Act Play, you’ve just gotta understand the biology of it. Much like a stem cell that feeds the re-creations of additional cells. When one living cell is weakened, functional ability about to expired, a spark has already been sent. Signal received way before any dysfunctional event occurs and… Another is already there, prepared to keep the regenerative life sustaining process going. ‘Cept, the more it has to regenerate the more likely something can take hold, poisoning the beauty of what is. Just as life in rotation was when… You saw, “you cam” and the conquest was exact. ‘Cept… Over the course of time, you placate yourself and boredom set in. Laziness was in command. Deviant exploration shined brightest providing a more, stimulating attraction, and… Life happens.

Stupid stuff, happens all day. It’s taking place all around and FOLK fail to prepare so they react. Tic Toc, Tic Toc, the sound of the life clock. Everybody hears it but ain’t nobody tryin’ to hear it. Everyone is tellin’ the other one to, “Jump”. “Make a move”, let’s make this happen, and then. Way way down the way everybody stops. Inhales and recognize; it wasn’t “He”, it wasn’t “She”. It was “Me”. Caught up in the moment and didn’t wanna see “We” all can get pulled into the; Event. Sliding, eventually fall off the cliff and in the descent trick ourselves into believing we can change the equation and… Take control of the fall, turning it into an incredible dive. Contorting the body and now… Have created this beautiful three and a half Gainer ending with what is defined as an Olympic Style Swan Dive. Then, a stand is taken, invisible applauds are heard along with a raising of scores scripted with perfect tens, only. You’ve been fooled. It was all a part of the One Act Play.

Live long enough and One will get older, eventually while living so long you will be old and. What was lost or assumed lost will be chalked up as another frivolous moment F**k off because One allowed someone on the outside bangin’ to be let in… In. But… Remember the rally cry “do something”. Realize what is, was, and… Know it is so. Accept the familiarity of life in rotation. Stop thinking it’s different with you. Make the appropriate adjustment to…

Psssss; Adjustments. I like attitude adjustments. Make you wanna slap yourself and toss a kiss to the sky because you’ve finally discovered it ain’t that serious. Okay, on your mark, get set… Now you know. Welcome to two thousand and fifteen.

Pssssssssss; Focus Team , after allegedly tellin’ me they dove deep into this and decided I was saying it’s all about sex. Then… 3 within the team asked for me to. “Please take off your SunShades, the sun isn’t out, we’re inside and… Your eyes are sexy.” Hummm, no need to qualify their point cause think they even knew it was now… Mute.


Color; Green.

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ICHAS8440.Graphics.ColorGreen.2014Tension, rising. Attitudes, colliding.  I looked, she sighed. Cause of the friction, way too many personal contradictions.  I drove, she rode, still.  Convo had been slowed.  And the pulse…  They beat.

As time passed she suggested we change the direction we had settled into, but.  My response was, “I don’t hear you because your words are green”.  She was stumped but this was merely a momentarily lapse because her mind was quick, allowing.  No, she wouldn’t support the use or association of such a word when defining her.  Better to use the word, “affording” because she’s definitely One in complete charge of all her facilities and.  She shot back.  “Oh, I get it, you got jokes.  Here’s mine.  Oh, you wanna speak to me but when I have something to say, suddenly you are struck with selective amnesia, but.  Your mental lapse is not recognizable by me because.  I can’t hear your green voice uttering green words because.  Like you said, everything is green.  This car, green, driving down a green highway, leading us into a world that’s also; green. But.  I can’t tell because everything is…  Green.  Those trees you just thought you passed, weren’t really there even though you thought they were because.  How can you confirm anything when everything is.  Color Green.  The Plane falling out the sky, look, it’s right there.  Can you see it? Look, right over there.  Oh, my bad, how can you see it when the sky is green too.  Like the green trees lining this green four lane green road we’re traveling on.   A green plane, outta control, falling out of a green sky filled with green puffy clouds.  Hummm, really you don’t see or know anything so.  Why even ask you to stop because.  Well, why?  Can’t get out even if you did because the door handles are green and a green door handle attached to a green door I just can’t see because.  You probably can’t see it either and even if I did reach for it, my hand is green and I wouldn’t even know if I was reaching for something because.  This whole place is green and nothing can be distinguished from anything.”

Exercise in futility?  Nothing worth engaging is senseless from where I observe. Goal?  Reach One because, I am The One.  To sit back, marvel in what is based on what was, isn’t such a memorable sight.  More so when the Star shares a Bloodline.  It’s said that knowledge is power but.  What is always omitted is the completion of this phrase.  Knowledge is always in possession of someone, a body if you will.  Collectively knowledge can be amassed and stored in a vault way up in the sky, as in “The Cloud” concept.  Safety assumed and then, much like Celebs and their spicy private pics miraculously going viral.  all because someone with more knowledge than them, capable of accessing supposedly locked Cloud Storage sites, revealing what was thought to be, secretly kept from others and.  Knowledge wasn’t so “knowledgeable or secured”.

The point of this explanation is to illustrate that power, applicable power resided in the human psyche’ which is forever flexible to the point of realizing knowledge isn’t that powerful but.  He or She who possesses such knowledge is.  Knowing power is knowledge but only in the collections of people to the point that…  Power in the hands of an idiot guarantees one thing.  Exposure to those unaware ofa world headed into chaos.  Now you know the importance of…  Others in another’s life.

The terms “Irreconcilable Differences/Cruel Inhumane Treatment” and the colorful adjectives that keep flowing when One is stuck on superior stupidity is not.  I say, isn’t progressive to growth, but.  This and the constant reciting of such phrases is a by-product when anyone refuses to recognize and accept their shortcomings.  It’s part of the process of “The Blame Game” created by those much more Crafty in order to…  Cement the impenetrable walls used to guarantee division between He and She.  Denial, is what most of this posturing spawns from and.  Is a psychological process my ‘lil One can easily identify, which.  Is why the more adults need to recognize and refine their own focus.  Taking heed as in the sense of knowing why…  Why One is; much of the time really ‘ucked up.  So many keep failing at even the basic levels of communications between He and She and.  They get mad at me for having more than they’ve concluded should be my share.  Really.

Drifting as I do when wanting to find clarity, injection into another’s menagerie is easily achieved. Oh, you didn’t know I dealt in wild animals? My bad, thought I told y’all I’m One of many skills, but.  Everybody, everyone seeks to belong to a social order and when seeing another not of that order, looks shot back will.  Always be of personal contempt.  When I’m confronted with such looks, I don’t grin and accept it but know this is standard “M.O.” for those residing in a zoo or.  Those falling out of a green sky.

FOLK making up the unions between He and She seem to think everything is quantifiable.  Easily identified, isolatable and made to fit into whatever section, area or container chosen.  When accepting another into One’s world there’s a strong desire to down play what makes the One happy while attempting to soothe the other over who is…  The cause of the “Hot Pursuit” in the first place.  This is the result of believing once the conquest has been made, the dominate One will maintain domination over the…  One caught up in the “impressions” signifying true love.  Big mistake cause when real love is on deck, domination is not in the equation.  Also something that is usually missed is; when you have to “soothe” One over you really aren’t their “Object of Desire” like they’ve and you’ve made yourself out to be.

Still in “Drift Mode” clarity becomes brighter.  A duality is created allowing for One to…  Move further ahead where metaphorically One can look down those side alleys not given personal glimpses into.  It is within these private confines where another can be seen clearly.  If viewing correctly the realities are mind altering.  One becomes acutely aware of why another does what they do and why they’ve refused access to such areas in the first place.  Snooping?  Nope merely taking advantage of what One knows so that the connection to another can be better.  Besides, these places kept from One is where the real resides in the consciousness of those encountered.

In this expansive state of mind it becomes apparent…  Obvious that those rhetorical terms and legal phrases are said because “somebody” has assumed they’ve been swapped out and.  Something else has eclipsed them within their primary relationship.  Usually this something is another’s Job.  Jobs, favorite excuse when One is staying away from home.  Jobs, the go to reason when sitting down to eat and avoiding or not being in sync with One’s significant other at such a…  Opportune moment in time.  Job, on second thought a good reason when needing an excuse for not being there even when the reality happens to be.  One is probably thinking of the time had with another who’s shown a more attentive interest in.  One.  But.  Whom am I to mind read.  Tamper with another’s thoughts.

Said many times everyone, everything has an expiration date, yet.  Within a union between two and sometimes three and four, this reality shouldn’t become so pronounced.  Why?  Simply because expiration in relations with a job, profession, avocation are two separate entities.  The job means money.  Money doesn’t bring happiness but it sure beat poverty.  If and when One has put so much time at the workplace, avoiding coming home, being home and showing no interest in being together.  Merely signifies something else is happening.  No, a lot of things are happening.  Some mysterious, some so dark and lurking, undefined ‘til.  You just wanna act as if none of it exist.

The Drift, which some call “Remote Viewing” lets One know that everything is not ever all green.  Still, in these depths of awake but somehow, outside the body One can return and let others know that before these clever terms and phrases are slung, One should.  Look deep within before any such conclusion is made as to the actual cause of the absence of One’s significant other.  Also, what should be a consideration and from The Gate, should have been once the unification was established, how and what were two going to subsist off of when…  The actual requirements of a job hadn’t been associated with The Art of actual living which I probably the reasons for all the contempt.

When building for two and this extends again to 2 plus many more cause relationships today are…  Way more extensive than those of yesterday so.  Creating the Utopia said to have been foreseen, everyone has to be on the same page and not uniting based on some frivolous factors of which.  Neither has seen a reason to bring to the table so to speak.  For example, if One is a “Gold Digger” maybe…  Possibly it should be voiced just so the other is aware of some slight mental adjustments that are bound to require adjustment during the immediate future even if just for the emotional toll that is gonna take effect once revealed.  Also, sometimes what isn’t said, should be because the reality may be way different than what has been personally perceived and circulation publicly. Which has probably been the actual reason for the refusal to even consider working through the fiasco within the union itself.  But.  FOLK luv to posture if not for the peace of mind to the self, then.  For that same public who really doesn’t care about what is really going on in another’s life.  ‘Cept.  Except to the extent of mere nosiness.

So many have approached, inclusive of those not welcomed and “Bassed” (spoken without inquiring whether or not their voice wanted to be heard) and apprised me to some facts assumed germane to my life.  “Why were you out in the streets when you have all this knowledge”.  Real Talk, “None of your business”, but where I find myself today, way too many have forgotten to purchase their own supply of business ‘til I know I have enough to share.  I was out there because I wanted everything like everybody else and wasn’t waiting for tomorrow.  The separating factor in me to the we was, I didn’t sell my Soul while being out there.  This allowed for me to retain my life-line to the conscious me.  Affording me the ability to actually face the “Me” in a quest to where as I ever considered the “We”.  This in itself establishes a foundation where no job, profession will every become primary 1 where the “We” is concerned.  As for a Gold Digger in the mix, it’s like this. Someone once told me they had no idea their significant other was so, “willingly towards experimentation” when it came to carnal activities and.  It was all due to not being “willing” to open dialogue with their significant other who.  Had forge ahead, creating a collection of…  Secondary Significant Others who had no repulsion in…  Exploration on a physical plane.  The insight was the fact known as, “A closed mouth won’t be fed”.  When anything is wanted, speak up on it.  Where something is sought and a bind has been tied, securing One to Another, let the other know what’s up.  If the tone isn’t resonating with any clarity as this, thought, position, inclination is tabled, possibly it is the delivery.  This is to say, soften the approach, change the octave to the voice used.

Game, everybody says they have it but.  Most don’t.  To those who step with the words, “Everything in life isn’t always about a game”, keep it movin’.  Those who present this are of the lot always getting caught-up cause they can’t get outta their own way.  Game, is metaphorically injected here.  Split your perception and the beauty of the simple incorporation will shine light where it’s other-wise, a dimly lite world.  When any unification is “Trump” and time passes only to arrive at the juncture where “cruel and inhumane difference” have been the primary expose’ sprouted about.  Something, well a lot of things were at issue from Day One.  Just wasn’t said just as I’ve said.

Psssss; The color is still green but now seeing the distinguishing points of demarcation separating all is easier because.  Individuality signifies Character.  Oh yes, within everyone there’s another level of existence and Character is way different than acquired traits.  Character of One is the portal others fail to see.  I say, look deep, look long because.  In this life, only the strong will survive.  If you are strong, your survival will blossom as you begin to.  See through the seemingly germane colors such as when everything appears; Green.