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“Creatin’ Monsters©”

Posted in Communications with tags , , on March 2, 2009 by ichas8440

Years had passed since I last spoke with Raphael.  Now, after days of conversin’ on the telee, the day had come for us to meet and greet one another again.  As I headed over to the airport to pick him up, my mind couldn’t shake the images of our “yester-years”.  Days when we were bad and when bad wasn’t good enough we were even better.  Yes, “back in the day” you could say we were two eagles soarin’ high in and around the streets of L.A. .  Gliding among the bright lights, glitter and glam, with the occasional acceleration as we pushed into hyper-drive, diving to engage the delights of the opposite sex.

In navigating my way down, around and between all the Transportation Safety Inspectors, I almost missed my friend.  But there he was!  We stood apart from one another like a couple of Kings, and just smiled.  Time had passed and it definitely seemed to have left Raphael behind.  That strong sense of style was evident by the outfit, which he wore  well.  But, that was just what it was, an outfit outta the display window of a store.

One thing we as men said we would always adhered to, would be keeping true to the fact that our minds stayed in motion.  What I mean is that we had no interest in wasting the abilities our mind afforded us.  Such as maintaining the understanding of observation of self and kind with a view toward creating something of our own.  That is, after we caught a glimpse of the blueprint for whatever success we had sought.  Now, as I laid eyes on Raphael I was taken aback.  He either hadn’t grown in his individuality or he had settled.  Allowed society to dictate to him the whys and what fors regarding life.

Vegas was a long way from the streets of L.A., and by how Raphael’s head bobbed and weaved as we made our way up the Strip, I got the sense that he’d been locked up somewhere for far too long.  Vegas, like many other places had slogans designed to defined their projected image which would be recognized by the world.  One of them was; “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  Our conversation centered around this very slogan because all he wanted to do was chase the females.  This I found funny because the last time I hit his “digits” it was his woman who answered the phone.  Sooooo, in witnessing this “hunger” I concluded that Raphael had a woman who wasn’t servin’ him.  Now, as a result all he wanted was to do it in Vegas and leave it in Vegas.  “Just like ‘ol times, hun Ralphi’…”

Pulling into one of the premier properties, he seemed like a kid who had just been released in a candy store.  Every woman we passed he made it a point to place himself on parade.  Posing, speaking just for the emotional arousal, flashing his gleaming grill, basically showed off.  But I was fine with this, especially after he brought me up to speed on the realities of his primary relationship.

Raphael conveyed to me how his lady had changed over the many years they had been together.  Transforming from the sweet obligin’ thang’ he was attracted to and loved, into a demanding, smart mouth, “gemme, gemme, gemme” type of woman that he couldn’t get away from quick enough.  Through his mouth erupted these words, and he added that  she wanted every new outfit she set her eyes on.  Supporting this with how she had to be the first to be pampered in the newest opening Salon, be it a nail or hair shop; it didn’t matter.  She had to be there for the grand opening.  From his point of view all his wife lived for was consumption.  Then he hit me hard when he spoke up on the sex.  “Let him tell it”, that was non-existence.  Oh, he did say that she was polite whenever he approached her.  Polite to the point of offering that drama as in, “no hon it’s late”, or…  Providing him with that favorite standby, “oh baby I’ve got a splittin’ headache”.  Come to thing about it he did say that occasionally she would give it up, but whenever she did, she made it seem as a pre-functionary sort of duty. I listened to his ever word, even listened to the point of being able to detect the silent cry.

In providing him with the audience he so desperately needed, I wasn’t about to miss the chance to play with his mind.  So out comes my inquiry about his true feelings, was he happy!  His reply was straight forward and exact, “Man as happy to be outta there as a punk locked up in the pen; Penitentiary that is!”  He smiled as I did, then I followed up that question with a statement.  “Raphael, remember when you met your girl.  How you would critique her on everything, even the color of her dress?  You thought she had changed when she started askin’ you what should she wear, when and how.”  He looked at me but didn’t say a thing, so I continued.  “Recall how you suggested that she change her hair color, even took her to the shop to have it done.  And when she was finished, paraded her around the shop tellin’ everyone to look at the Queen.  man did you think this wasn’t gonna affect her? ”

Raphael nodded in agreement as I delivered my words, then…  There was that twinkle sparklin’ brightly within his eyes.  Yes, that’s when he realized in his attempt to make her what he thought he wanted in a woman, he created a monster…

PsssssWhomever He or She is, “IS” who and what you were attracted to.  To make it last forever, keep this in mind!