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My Mistress ©

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Everyone and no one was willing to deny me.  Those in rotation, a la friends, associates all knew the score but.  Not one would speak against me if and when we entered the public zone.  Cowards, every last one of them.  And the best part, I luv every one of them because much like she, they provided something required for my basic survival.

She could be viewed as a Sage.  Oh yes, when it came to my needs wants & desires, nothing trump them, and with non-stop vigor, she met every one of ’em.  Under similar circumstances a massage, for many was a treat seldom experienced.  With me the massage was a daily dish of delight and My Mistress, did it right.   During the sessions, be it morning moans, afternoon deep tissue groans, or late night affairs, she always had the understanding and…  Was willing to do it anywhere.  Stretched out, laying beneath her, eyes closed, never once did I imagine or consider mentally if she’d be the one to fill a need to smack me upside my head.  The Wifey, My Mistress, both knew of the existence of the other.  Awareness wasn’t something…  Hidden.  Especially where the life of another was held in the balance.

Those previously mentioned, the fake friends, wanna be associates.  Ones who hung with me and…  This is about where I’m purposely directing my presentation at those two-face males.  You know who your are.  Yep, coming under the guise of drinking pals, or to shoot a game of pool.  You know it was more of an occasion to sniff My Mistresses’ panties.  And…  Steal a glimpse of one of the Twins which seem to slip out and sorta’ wink at ‘cha with every turn of her body.  guess what, I gave you all a show and she obliged.  Your motivations for being in my circle, as hers, couldn’t, wouldn’t upset as I was merely serving my needs.  And yes, I knew you were having yours served too since your Wifey’s, Girlfriends, significant others wouldn’t give you the pleasures, unless.  It was “beddie by time” and within your scheduled rotation.  Relationships aren’t as complicated as those in relations attempt to portray them as.  Most of what is heard, said about relationships is the result of those who’ve missed the comforts they’ve sought from their actual involvement in…  The relationship.

As for the females who participated in my life during these, times, I haven’t neglected any of you.  Conniving to the Max.  Forever creating major drama in their own lives with verbal accusations slung around in the presence of Wifey.  Their words, erupting as they spun tales laced around feeble attempts.  Hoping to disrupt while persuading Wifey to stop.  Look at who I was, realizing during this examination it would be in her best interest to abort mission and eject.  Get smooth away from me and my “sexist shenanigans”.  Again, rhetoric.  Wasted dialogue on your part cause…  “She’s still here.”

What concerned me was knowing each of these women had deep seeded hidden agendas.  Many so scandalous, fueled by personal disillusions, I knew the danger was way too close.  These women, would plead with me to give ’em a moment with Wifey and always under the pretense of  being able to have that “woman to woman” minute.  From my point of perception, proposition, graciously accepted and all because.  The conclusion would be no different than all the times before.

Case in point, female in contention, in full Vixen mode.  Secretly conspiring on a solo level to make that move to conquer, or, so she plotted.  As stated, I bowed out, the attention of Wifey sustained.  Vixen in disguise made her move to penetrate Wifey’s mind but not ever realizing she wasn’t on for confrontation or really listening to Vixens’ drama.  One, two glasses of wine later, Wifey bowed out too.  Retiring to the comforts of her boudoir.  Vivacious Vixen, assuming she’d achieved something, appears.  Carrying two refreshed glasses of bubbly.  One for her the other for me.  Presents her wares on demand, and always under the pretext of wanted to know why all these other women outside of Wifey found “Yours Truly ” so tantalizing.

Tantalization.  It’s a subjective thing that some use to…  Let’s say, explore those areas of life they really wanna be about but due to society’s ever revolving fake ass morale compass, Vixens and those like ’em can’t succeed without.  An excuse.  Crafty they are and their best excuse is.  “Let’s talk about your life and how I can save you.  You know, the explorations and experimentation of why you and those who follow you find you so…  tantalizing.”

How does he come to these conclusions?”  Because.  When enjoying those massages compliments of My Mistress, eyes open, secure in who I am.  My thoughts were super-imposed right along the wall directly in front of me.  She, tapped, kneaded, stroked while smoothing to elongate my tight muscular body, creating a relaxed atmosphere, allowing me to…  Calmly examine and re-visit all those who had.  Personally visited my life.  And it was within the quick glimpses of life lived, I was able to clearly see the motivations of others along with myself.

Truthful?”  By all means.  When you lie to yourself it doesn’t matter cause there, residing deep within your consciousness is…  “You!”  No matter how you wanna see the picture, you know the scene.  The colors, textured ambiences which won’t be  denyed it.

As for the projections and portrayals of your co-staring cast, your truthfulness ushers in defined disciplines, allowing you a remarkable window in which affording you an ability to identify and determine if they are…  Acting or giving you what is…  Truly them.

My massages weren’t just about the eroticism of the whole experience.  My Mistress for whatever reason, was attuned to me.  Her touch, was what I needed.  The raising of my calf wasn’t done in the typical methodical method.  She, in coming into my life, knew who she’d be onto me.  Precognitive?  Alright, I’m cool with that, a true interest in knowing what she did and why ’til.  The comfort level was only exceeded by the touch.  Oh yeah, the touch.  A missing element required for the sustainability of any relationship.  Maybe, within the mind of My Mistress it was for the physical connection.  Maybe, just knowing another was there was the reason it work. For whatever reason, she knew, we’d thrived in every endeavor once that physical connection was…  Applied.  And she and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Mistress.  Sometimes the word is used to define one who is intrusive.  A word of negative connotation.  Again, my choice of wording in this is Sage.  Like Woman residing on one level of the femininity scale, being just a tad above female.  Mistress can be viewed in this same sense.  Those I’ve shared my life with, female, woman, Lady, Mistress, Sage, all one in the same, yet…  Depending on who one is, is the only defining factor as to what one will be onto me.  All others, perceptions of some drama filled ideas having no relevance to what actually is.  Wifey, significant other, seldom understand the importance of the touch.  They don’t even recognize the causes and affects of a stimulating convo which is why.  Mistress many times trumps all.

To some, this has a color reflective of Sexist.  Again, I am “He” which is “Thee“.  Call it the male in me whose ascended to man and in being “Man” I don’t care about the labels.  Labels don’t define the quality of anything, they only established value based on…  Yes, societies norms.  So, to attempt social qualifications of my words based on societies labels, miss me.

A friend I’ve not seen in many years, reappeared.  Lost and confused.  Wants her “things” back.  Things as in monetary value of her life’s possessions.  In deep discussion with her Hubby, he added to his Wifey’s dilemma.  Appraising me of some way out intimate stuff.  This Intel gave me a feel for where they actually descended to leading me to suggest something new.  Giving ’em a way to re-connect while.  Trying something new.  I advised ’em to go.  Seek the involvement of a total stranger and once that stranger was identified, go into a role playing mode.  Convince this other to participate and perform a full body massage.  The catch, woman for Hubby and male for Wifey.  Once his Wifey heard this she resorted to saying she knew I was a freak from way way back.  But.  The proposition had merit and she was definitely Game, fully capable of doin’ it.  It was after the engagement of the demonstration where she personally observed the explosive emotional and psychological expressions displayed by Hubby.  That revealed to her a better understanding of me.  Off the chart but this is what she got out of her experience.

Previously she, in her own thoughts, like the many others, assumed I was full of myself.  Arrogant, conceited and basically just about me.  Maybe, just maybe all her new conclusions were based on her lost of material wealth, but.  Even if it was, the situation I presented, created a circumstance making her face and…  Re-examine the life she thought she led.  Possibly, all these new beliefs were a motivation spawned by her final dip into a pool she knowingly knew was already inscribed deep within her psyche’.  Whatever the cause it didn’t matter.  What mattered is her realization of her disconnect with humanity.

Will I attempt to call it, pass judgment and classify her?  I can’t and won’t.   People grow when taking leaps over unexpected junctures that appear in their lives.  Those points that make it fearful to move or think.  Whatever it was causing her not to see another as just a money inclined someone, she…  I will say, had finally ascended.  When one ascends it merely defines a return to that of which you came.

Today, even after years absent from one another’s life, there is no longer that noticeable  simmering between she and I.  The heat based on undefined differences has all gone up in evaporation.  Our communications, so much better.  She reaches out, my cell recognizes her digits and I have no problem in answering.  Because of what she allowed herself to experience she knows what I’d been experiencing all those many years prior.  Probably mad at the loss but…  All things in time.

To be touched, spoken with and not talked at.  To know that another may not agree with you but.  Their thoughts are just as valued is all this life we lead is really about.  Something else, the best part of all this is.  This newly re-discovered female friend is not so into herself ’til she can’t accept she’d been betrayed by others within her own circle.  Ah yes, her massage, administered by a total stranger, under the watchful eyes of Hubby,  produced much.  She and Hubby had a talk with another who spoke back.  Hummm, maybe it was the situation which produced the conduit for the mental connections between a couple and a stranger.  Maybe the stranger assumed he or she would score sexually as a result of giving a full body massage.  Who knows.  Change, no matter how static is actually fluid with every chance ushering in subtle changes not expected.

One of The Boyz is reading over my shoulder and says I’m giving up way too much game on this He and She activity.  Considering his words, I reached over to the fruit bowl, grabbed a banana and tossed him one.  He peeled it and handed it right back.  I laughed because he’d do the same thing for a woman.  Predictable.

My Mistress under similar circumstances and around the time we were engaged in our private Dance Of Deception, tossed me a banana.  I peeled it, looked her way, watched as she lowered her eyes, playing the part of someone needing to be saved, and.  I ate the banana.  The demonstration then just as now is I don’t look or come to solve problems.  Which is what most males do.  In enjoying the comforts My Mistress provided, I sought solace for self.  If she’d assumed anything otherwise, that was her mistake.  but…  Even back then, My Mistress being fully aware of who she was, hopefully knowing what she had to offer, did what she did, and.  With pleasure and a focus towards making sure I was pleased.  And no, I’m not so jaded to think she hadn’t thought, if not for a second that she’d be the one to move me outta my intimate circle with engaging Wifey.  Making me the one she’d live with as one, happily ever after.  Yeah, all people have ideas.

 My Mistress.  Confident and content in making sure I’m sure that I’m at my best.

My Mistress.  Having it her way which ever way it may lay.

My Mistress.  Forgetting the rest so she can miss the mess.

My Mistress.  Carrying with the ultimate agenda being fully engaging.

My Mistress.  Giving so she may get.  Soothing so she may be soothed.

What is this all about?  If you have to ask its like anything above one’s pay grade.  Not meant for you to concern yourself with.  When something is outta your realm of sight, maybe, just maybe it’d be best to blow along with the wind.  Tumble over yourself as you wonder about what was said, contemplating all that you may have possibly missed.  Comfortable in yourself, and remain within the fact you will always be complaining about something or another and not ever realizing.  All things are there for you to enjoy as long as you don’t placate or..  Attempt to quantify another’s…  Mistress.  Especially mine.

Psssss;  In a relationship you should always think “you” first.  It’s when you negate this recognition that you fall to the satisfaction of those on the outside screaming to get in.  FOLK, male or female always want what they can’t have.  Seeing another enjoy all that they’ve discovers can be a maddening reality for most.  A relationship with a Mistress in the wings is because…  One or the other forgetting the first rule of engagement concerning He or She.  Miss the connection with self, failed in doing for anybody else.

Pssssssssss;  Carol, your thoughts, deep desires are safe with me.  Just don’t worry about what is read into what I’ve expressed.  These words, my intentions are merely expressed while guaranteeing life!  Live yours.


Don’t, Just Don’t

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Her head snapped back as if something unseen had just…  Awakened within the same dimension she occupied with the only purpose being to test her craniums’ structural soundness.

He”, a wounded predator exhausted after a quick bout with an un-cooperative prey, huffed & puffed, swaying his arms in an attempt to further the intimidation.  Eyes squinting then…  Spots me.  Without any confirmation I had been elected as the sole somebody threatening his domain.  Emotions continuing to escalate, finally taking full control.  He inhales expanding his image and strikes.  Words fueled by fire erupt from his mouth and all I hear is, “You want some of this, oh ya, I got ‘cha, bring yo ass on over here if you want”.

I stare directly through him recognizing he had no idea.  Some do submission well, I…  Don’t.  My failure to break off the eye contact moved him to calculate, as he did, it was evident.  He was obsessed in rising to another level of ferociousness.  Our eyes like magnets held steady leading him to believe I was transfixed by his look.  Inspiration filled his psyche’, a stronger sense of superiority engulfed him and…  Dummy kept runnin his mouth.  “Bring the noise mutha’ fucka cause you have no way of knowin’ the ways I’ll kick yo ass.  Beat ‘cha down like she’d been beat down”.

A scenario so you say.  Something taking place while one is seated, popcorn in hand, slurping on a coke, excited by the thrills personified on the silver screen with the audible magnification adding to the controls of one’s mind.

Well, dismiss the coke from your thought patterns and get ready for the real.  “Life 101”, brought to you by everyday somebody, presented in vivid color for anyone’s viewing pleasure.  The signs will always be there, all you’ve gotta do is “dial it down” see the visual for what it is and read ‘em.  Now back to the scenario.

He barked and I didn’t bite.  “She”…  Oh yeah, took the bait and ran with it.  Eyes over-flowing with tears adding to her looks of desperation, emotionally crying out for anybody…  Somebody…  To step up even if they weren’t ready, just…  Be that man and become her protector.  Mount a strategic strike; slay this fool and in the process allow her the opp. to vanish into the night.  Big miscalculation on her part; I wasn’t the one.

Ok, scream out foul.  Tell me how soft I sound.  Explain to me how it is my duty to maintain the code of chivalry, running to the immediate aide of this woman.  Demand that I redeem myself and portray that person I’ve declared myself to be.  One point missed; this isn’t the movies.

People come in every fashion and form.  FOLK have stepped to me with disdain in their eyes all the while attempting to discredit me.  They’ve come with questions cloaked in their chit-chat, seeking explanations regarding…  For one, my logo.  Demands have been pushed wanting clarification as to why am “I” so focused on “Me”.

Like I say, “ICHAS”!  The “I”, appearing singular of source maybe there simply to serve as a reminder.  A way to notify “me the remindee” not to ever forget where I’ve been.  Right, all those stops which have become defining who I am while I re-claim “Me”!

Oh yeah, people love to recreate themselves but it is during this “re-design” that the original design which was probably the best design, somehow was misplaced in the designers mine.  Resulting in a new design that cracks over time.  So, with this in mind flip the script, remove the “CHAS” slip in whatever your name may be and…  Wa la, it’s now reflective of “he, she, whomever you want it to be”.

Like the scenario graphically illustrates, people become their own worst enemy.  The fool claiming to know me, offering to kick my ass, didn’t realize.  I wasn’t a spectator.  Ok, maybe I watched his activities a ‘lil too long, but hey.  The performance was live, live activities are meant to be watched.  Besides, people, such as “King Ass Kicker” would be better off helping a Bear if they saw a Bear in a fight with something of a human element like me.  Running into any situation is a stupid move as you never know what another may be packin’.  You know the ‘ol saying, “you brought a knife to a gunfight”.  My point…

Don’t judge any book by the jacket.  A jacket to a book is there to protect the cover with the smart ones who’ve designed the book are fully aware of the secondary considerations.  Using the cover as another medium for visual advertisement, and it’s those you don’t prepare for who surprise you.  Many times what appears on the outside has very little to do with what’s contained within.

Was this damsel in distress?  I don’t know, you tell me.  A damsel is a term coming from a time way back when.  Its meaning is applied to a young unmarried woman and if this be the case, it still wasn’t my call to mount a rescue.  My recall clearly recollects her words as being just as inflammatory as his!  Her posture, straight up war-like, if I had to gauge any of her intensions based on her micro-expression, I’d have to say she was battle tested and as ready as him.  It was also obvious that she’d been in this situation before and had more than enough date to know it had been way too long since all this…  Togetherness for her not to know she couldn’t change him.  Which all point to this; under the circumstances if you step to one you are combating two.

Many times He&She are together as a result of following all this chemistry that put each of ‘em in the others eyes, but.  They weren’t knowin’!  Wouldn’t accept while recognizing both had plotted way before either of them ever actually met.  And…  When they did make that connection ‘nar one of ‘em had any thought of breaking from the mold and come with the truth regarding personal motivates.

Something I hear all the time is; “You don’t know what it’s like”.  Another phrase many assume goes something like this.  “You ain’t from my hood so don’t act like you know what I’m dealin’ with”.  Something I don’t hear but see just as well are those flamin’ eyes and usually when I do, I think of a chicken who’s ran into a fox while strollin’ in its own barn yard.

Pardon me for being born but…  I don’t know what you’re dealing with and I may not know what your life has been like.  What I do know is; you…  Have no idea where I’ve been and “I” do know “you” ain’t even tryin’ to sneak a glimpse of what’s in my mind based on where my life has carried me!

For those really trying to find out, ass kicking requires skills.  A set of techniques deployed so precisely the “kicker” maintains a superior position as they commence to kickin’ another’s ass.  But…  One thing I know that most ass kickers haven’t ascended to is that once an ass has been kicked, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that ass will stay down.  Ah ha, didn’t think about that now did ‘ya?  Don’t feel alone, most ass kickers don’t either.

There’s another phrase in modern day lexicon deployed by those “radiant ones” who are constantly being challenged as they walk this life and it goes something like this.  “If you want some ass to kick I’ll oblige ya”.

How stupid is that!  I for one am not about to run around putting my foot up someone’s behind.  Yes, it is only obvious what comes out of it.  My point…

Battling in today’s time is so brutal most don’t really know what is actually required for superiority in such a confrontation let alone maintain the posture needed after the fact that you’ve assumed a win from.  Another of those “ah ha moments” no!

Where I’ve been has taught me that when you battle it isn’t to stall a damn thing off.  You battle to win and win then!  You don’t battle to play for position so that if the other party raises on you a day later, you can relapse, falling quickly back into your mentally superior position.  Visually claiming victory in hopes that the other defeated one will remember how you successfully kick their butt previously, and…  Refuse to fight any harder or different than the last time you artificially dispatched them.  “What is he saying”; this.

My scenarios such as what you’ve enjoyed; are real.  The names didn’t have to be changed to protect the innocence because you know the scene, probably have either played the part or are close to someone who’s acted it out for your delight.  What is not obvious here is that we all have choices.  I’ve made mine based on what I’ve been exposed to.  You don’t know me anymore than you know “others”.  What you should know is I have risen from the ashes.  “I sorta’ like that, so…  Historical that is.  Rising from the ashes like the great Phoenix, becoming bigger than you’ve ever been.”

Ending credits goes something like this.  “Claim yourself”.  Own-up to who you are and recognize where you’ve been.  Draw from that.  Character isn’t something found in a bottle it’s something that rises out of what has been down!

Psssss; “OMG, is that all there is?  You are leaving us hanging like this?  You should have saved her.”  Hey, hey hey, I don’t mind you doing my post script but…  Do I tell you how to do your job!  I have kicked ass.  Beat down others like those stole something and…  Satisfaction never came ‘til realizing it was a beat down primarily extended because I was miserable at myself, and…  Those foolish enough to cross paths during an actual ass kicking and jump into such a beat down not knowin’ the facts are inviting problems into their own lives.  Besides, everyone has some type of personal communications device  tucked in side their clothing and…  Like I said, this is what I do!  She knew that fools capabilities.  She saw that he was tickin’ like a time bomb and movin’ closer to that point of explosiveness.  Then again there’s another side to consider.  I could have engaged the “Ass Kicker” but…  I am not into playing the victim’s role.  With all the turmoil existing in society, the economy roller-coasting like it is, all my own personal demons would have seen this occasion as an invite.  I wouldn’t have stopped at a simple “bitch slap” to bring him down from his false bravado.  The personal invitation alone would have inspired me to the point of finally relishing the opportunity in releasing all that pent-up frustration and…  See what’ cha started.  Pulled me right into your alternate endings, just the like movie you wanted this to be.  I should have known.  This is my scenario, create your own as in…  “I” followed by “Chas”.  Oh how I love this life…

“Am I Pretty…?”

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The words seem to zip from one wall to the next as if shot from a canon.  Was the echo effect created by her expression based on the deafening silence in which we spoke within?  She seemed to be miles away after that last word “pretty” slipped from her still open lips.  The mechanics of speech aren’t lost on me nor are the facial expressions created by the emotional stimuli generated by the thoughts of that same speech.  Oh yeah, she was gone.  On one as I say!  All because someone had infiltrated her mind to the point of causing her to question her physical assets.

Questioned posed, but wrong question to present to me or…  She hadn’t read the press clippin’ created by me.

 She signed up for this voyage and my answer would support the insight of this miraculous journey many take but never see.  Not exhaling to gather my strengths I looked right at her and said.  “Whoever you allowed into your world and gave them dominion over you, is why you question your worth.  Now, take a moment, step to the bathroom, mine is over there, and put a cool towel on your face.  When you’re done with that, slip it behind your head and tap it lightly along the base of your neck.  Oh yeah, keep your eyes closed while you breathe.  In fact, take three deep breaths, then…  Come on back.”

Every subtle pause applied for emphasis was there as I spoke.  The anticipated psychological effects had hit their mark.  She dramatically internalized the process and visually put it all on display right before my eyes.  Yes, her body language, the slow rise of her breast indicative of her relaxed breathing.  The smooth intentional movements of her hands coming forward, resting on her knees, then…  She stood to do as I said; yes, all there.  Emotional characteristics will tell you much.

When she returned, discovering that my attention appeared to be on a globe of the world that sat within my environment, she said.  “I leave and you dismiss me, what a professional you are.”  Again, my thoughts, way to focused to drift, assessing anything.  Because…  Her words, the hands on her hip, all somewhat defiant.  Nothing needed to be categorized, reviewed or processed.

Others would see defensive posture, assuming while confirming a willingness to defend something.  I am not others.  She was deflecting.  Moving the two of us away from what she placed on the table.

This wasn’t a circus so amusement wasn’t a part of the psychological atmosphere and I immediately brought her back into my world.  The world she sought so desperately to understand.  Using the globe I spun and watched as it turned, asking her to look too.  She did and while doing so I suggested she pay close attention to all the many countries depicted by the semi-precious stones used to create the globe.  Her eyes increased in size as she stated never knowing what the globe had been constructed of.  It was now that I wanted to create a circus atmosphere because she needed a humorous jolt.  But…

We each watched the globe as it spun.  While her eyes continued to reveal the change taking place deep within, I simply said; “see how huge the world is, and look at those beautiful gems making up the various countries, all different yet all of value, now don’t allow anyone to make yours small”.

Our world is huge on a geographical sense.  Small when it comes to international perceptions of what is pretty.

She had let some idiot convey to her what their perception of what pretty was to be.  Whatever that definition was, it was based on someone else attempting to establish a world standard of what was to be accepted as, “pretty”.

People trip off of the slightest things when it doesn’t conform to what the masses say is acceptable.  Looks in a physical sense are different from one person to the other.  Oh, some aspects of the physical condition are definitely from the “U.G.L.Y” pool but to let others cause you to wonder if you are pretty or handsome is some really stupid shit.

One day while “ph-loungin” (reads, doing me enjoying us) I watched as the woman I was with stood over me during a moment of admiring the statues in front of The Staples Center in L.A.  She posed and I smiled, then she frowned.  I didn’t have to ask why because she was just like the woman I just spoke about.  My girl was short according to socially accepted standards according to women’s height.  One other thing, her arms didn’t come from the same custom parts line as the rest of her bod..  To me it didn’t matter but to her…  Whoosh, she was devastated.

Like my client of now who sought solace, I pulled this woman down off the heights of the wall which made up the planter I sat on and she stood upon.  Asked her to stop the stupid shit!  Much like my client she deflected also.  That’s when I pulled her closer to me, held her hands gently while defining the sexiness of her entire being.  Needless to say, she melted.  No really, she felt the sincerity my words held and with it began to share all the ugliness she’d been exposed to because of not conforming to what she had known to be the accepted perception of beauty.

When I expressed to her that I wasn’t the “perceived pretty-boy” when I grew up she didn’t believe me.  Or…  She made me believe that for some odd reason I had to have been mistaken about my own looks from back in the day.  Whatever, I liked what she said but…I didn’t loose sight of what I was saying to her or who I had become.  And this is where the key to “beauty”, “pretty”, can be discovered.

Basically it isn’t what others or any sect of society says pertaining about your physical beauty.  Yeah, you have cultural standards with regard to what is, but…  We are a global society and yet…  Not so open to global perceptions as projected!  When you look into the mirror the reflection is you.  That’s what ‘cha need to accept.  Not another’s projection of what you are said to be!  When you step out in public forget who is around you.  Recognize that you are “You”, like the gems representation the countries of the world, making up my globe.

All men, and all women, reflect.  They think about the past especially where their previous significant other (s) are held.  Tucked away, kept in abeyance but still secretly relevant while they remain on that private pedestal.  And believe this.  It doesn’t matter if that significant other was sometimes abusive or sometimes self-serving.  Whatever their personal traits were, “YOU” were there, “YOU” were with ‘em.  You partook in the life and swore to everyone that this was something you vowed to be about!  Well what ‘cha had then is still with you.  Live with it while loving it and don’t fall to another’s madness about you not being pretty!  “Hey, can you get a cloth and wipe your fingerprints off my globe now…”

Psssss; I can expound on this.  I can take you where you’ve refused to go when it comes to who you are, but why?  Cyberspace is the present reality of public private everything.  If you want more, stop with the e-mails saying, “Wow I learned so much from just reading what you write, can you elaborate more next time”.  No, I won’t.  I didn’t say can’t though.  This is what I do, no names are ever revealed and if you assume anything from the locales I use for reference, that’s on you.  If whom I’ve consulted with spoke to another or maybe you about what we’ve exchanged in private, so what.  I have a signed Confidentiality Agreement with…  A signed Contract for Personal Consultations of which I breached none.  I only have…  With those who read this blog, a desire to expose you to a ‘lil of yourself.  The real along with the actual will only come when you do like my clients have done.  I’m out.

Psssss, Psssss; As for my present clients, past clients who do read my stuff, “no love lost”.  You have spent time with me and do know what I’m about.  Sooooo, stay up and don’t revert back to any of this dumb shit I just spoke on.  And, I’m still out…

The Call

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While watching the T.V. watch me, I got a call.  I don’t know which home the call came from but I wasn’t ready to go to either home!  My mind was tellin’ me that it was my home in the heavens, while my body was sayin’, “If you think this is pain, wait ‘til you get down here”.  A direct indication advising me that the home which may have been reachin’ out wasn’t from up above and yes…  I didn’t wanna receive that particular type of call.

Believe it or not, I’ve dealt with the devil before, and on various fronts.  The most amusing took place as a ‘lil impish something sat on my chest one evening while I reclined on the floor watching the fireplace “snap crackle & pop”.  So to even be aware of a call from down below wasn’t ‘nothin’ knew for me.  What was outside my realm of experiences was the pain felt during this call.

Not physical but more so mental.  An intense, crushing type of pain to the point of creating an extreme sense of physical paralyses.  Physical I can do, attempt to suppress my ability to breath and its panic city!

Oxygen is life, without it everything advances in sequences defined by darkness.  I see myself in areas devoid of the capacity to feel, see and just enjoy being me!  Yes, with this call I knew the threshold had been stepped on.  My toes tingled as they became numb.  This would be an altering event.

Beyond panic mode I “slunked” all the way out of my chair and onto the floor, crawling.  Fingers grippin’ deep into the carpet, pulling my body forward.  Finally reaching the foray and that dreaded marble floor.  It didn’t stop me and I slid across it and into the bedroom where my “Private Reserve” rescued me.  Chills engulfing my body.  The cold was becoming insurmountable.  The shakes increased.  In the warmth of her arms I felt a source I could re-generate myself from so I collapsed my eye-lids and absorbed.  It was during these times that images of past affairs became very brilliant within my mind.  Thoughts and images so overwhelmingly precise that…  If I wanted to reach out and caress either of their faces it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Some would attempt to judge saying.  “Hallucinations created by an over-active mind brought on by the “kool-aid” drunk prior to the lucid dream”.  I’d say good assessment because lucid means rational giving much credence to what I’ve defined to the degree of being somewhat correct.  As for trippin’ because of some outside stimuli such as the kool-aid; please!  Society’s been sippin’ on some sort of un-known beverage since the beginning of time and I don’t have a ‘thang on most of you which brings me back to me.  I am now at a point way over my head.


It was during this vision that I realized something about the two who presented themselves during this moment. We happened to share something cosmic.  They both were born in the month of April, with one presenting herself on the 1st and the other on the 7th.  Oh, I didn’t engage with ‘em in this order as the latter became the former as in first on deck, but…  We were all born within the star sign known as Aries.  This revelation cleared up something I’d been considering for a long time.  That something was this.  Even if there is little truth to the astrological thing, based on it’s long handing down from one century to the next, people ascribe to the characteristics of each individual sign regardless.  Knowing this allowed me to easier recognize why the confrontations on so many fronts during the rein of these relationships.  We were all fire signs, fiercely devoted to who and what we sought.  Passionate while pleasing to a characteristical flaw.  Possessive to the point of only seeing our conclusions!  Sorta’ like the devil who sat on my chest while tellin’ me that the world could be mine if…  If I committed!  Yes, much like my Ex’s in their quest to get a guy to commit.

Like the ‘lil demon who held me down, pinning me to that floor, preventing me from rising, I cannot say the same with regard to an Ex..  Ex’s some would say are totally demonic.  But hey, neither of these I speak of will ever be cast to that lot.  Still if I wanted to, I could be like most and condemn ‘em after the fact but what for?  To talk about someone you’ve been with and for the time I spent with them would be to knock myself.  Basically saying my judgment was impaired or something to that effect you know.  Oh, they had influence like most women are able to command upon a man within their line of sight, but with me…  I only committed because it was mutually beneficial.

The point; during this call from one of those other mythological homes I was also able to maintain consciousness while examining the lives of those who’ve I’ve touched.  All a good thing!  Another good thing is having the opp. to share life with another who is aware enough not to allow “days of past” to cloud one’s judgment.  Oh, she has tricks but…  What Gemini doesn’t?  Today she is sane, tomorrow she is actin’ strange.  This is how she does it, and she is my delight!

Soon after I was revived and no, not resuscitated, I shared with her where I was during this moment in which I was under attack.  “Attack, a powerful position, hunnn…” To be called from a point in which you have no real understanding of is nothing more than an attack.  Like a prank phone call.  You answer, a question is posed or a voice is unrecognizable, but because it is your phone you engage.  Just like my Ex’s.  I felt that because we shared those astrological birth signs it would be more conducive to engage because we had much in common.  Silly I agree.  In life you won’t ever really see someone comin’ ‘til they see a need to put on display another dimension of who they actually are.  “Shape-shifters”, “Transformers”? Nope, human beings.

After this call I was prepared to re-engage life.  Grab it, hold it and let it know that I had much more to achieve while taking this journey before I’d ever accept another call like that again.  Then, BAM…  Someone else reaches out to me in an attempt to disrupt my peace.  Little did they know that it wasn’t anything they could come with that would cause me to become emotionally discombobulated like I was during that previous call.  But when they posed the question concerning this internet portal known as “” I must admit, I didn’t see it comin again.  She sought my opinion on “hook-ups”.  The word wasn’t new to me and I immediately ran with it.  Giving her an explanation as to the virtues of such a situation.  Whoa, I had been sleepin’ far too long.  ashleymadison had put a spin on the term and I…  Not being aware of what they did spoke up way too soon.


Hook-up from my day was about hanging out, havin’ fun, wining and dining, while eventually becoming closer associated.  Extremely familiar so to speak, before you “touch one another”.  With ‘ol ashleymadison and today’s crew, “hook-up” is about sex with no-strings-attached, a la “NSA”. is about being married, living with another or whatever your case.  Then, because personal head-trips create illusion of missed opps..  Those causing one to see themselves as neglected, abused or sexually outta sync, one conjures up feelings of being dissed.  They step out on their significant other and do the nasty with whomever appears on their radar screen.

ashleymadison purportedly doesn’t condone this behavior, they’ve just built their business model focusing on this exact mentality.  I can only say this is demographical review targeting a clientele knowing their primary objective before hand.

My new caller was shocked at my response to her inquiry about the possibilities of her involvement in “hook-ups”, but…  I’m good and was able to maintain the flow while engaging at the same psychological speed she was travelin’.  A’la today’s meaning of “hook-up”.  This allowed me to use the stories of my Ex’s. and those perceived commonalities all people living as one, share.  I even explained to her about the verbal commitments said under such circumstances with the googly eyes full of passion & desire.  From there I touched on something she hadn’t anticipated which was engaging just to be!  Just so one can have another to compare your primary against. Adding that the “hook-up” is today’s politically correct excuse for freedom to get busy.  She really tuned in on this.  I know it was the injection of the word “against” that struck a cord deep within her psyche’.

Life isn’t about being against or for, it’s about you.  Say it’s selfish and I will come back with “so what”.  If you won’t represent yourself don’t expect anybody else to do it for you!  Like my Ex’s. Some have come to me and said they’ve “dumped salt on me”, (reads, blashpemic words against yours truly).  I hear it and say, ashleymadison!

Now you say what does ashleymadison have to do with me and for that matter, any of my Ex’s?  Just this.  None of my Ex’s ever had to worry about the transmission of STDs where we were concerned.  They didn’t have to contend with the possibility of me needing another to know their worth to me.  None of my Ex’s or my other callers need concern themselves with being advised on what they should do given any set of mind boggling circumstances.  I am not the neighborhood Psych. who is bounded by political mandates and government oversights.  I don’t do “should”.  I say they do, simple!

Selfish?  “Middle-finger”.  Arrogant?  “Aren’t we persistent”.  Full of himself?  Oh yeah, now you’ve got the vibe.

None of those I’ve shared life with are suffering from lack of or low self-esteem.  We saw one another, we engaged.  We failed at some of the things we thought we wanted to achieve.  So what!  We are still standin’.  Oh, we all felt a little lost and very much confused after the fact but…  We didn’t go “ho” as in whore and run the gamut on selling ourselves just to get a momentary fix.  I guess social maturity is something slowly acquired.  Ya know.

Psssss; If one’s self-esteem has been shattered to the point of one having to engage The Net just for a “hook-up” or in my language “to tap ‘dat ass”.  One…  Doesn’t have the sense to recognize a damn thing experienced or acquired from one’s past.  Someone other than your present significant other hit that mind of yours and all things comin’ with it.  Meaning your entire being was in some way or another sexed up way before the point you’ve followed another’s flow.  You lived though that so keep livin’ and tap the resources from within before you settle and follow the herd!

Psssss, Psssss;  I am not ashleymadison nor do I need anyone to be the Conductor on my quest for some…  “Private Reserve” (reads in today’s vernacular, “hook-up”) Remember, this is what I do.  This is what I know.  When you get with me I will tell you about sand being sold in the Sahara along with suggesting you miss that sale.  Yes, I can do this because unlike sheep as in people who stay asleep, I won’t follow the herd.  I am the proverbial Black Sheep but I don’t speak Baaa as in Baaa Baaa either.  “But then, maybe…  I should try some non-descript booty acquired through links within cyberspace.  Hummm, maaaaaaybe.  But then again…  Alien Affairs have a super high built-in risk factor that off the charts.  Feel me

You got my Back cause I got yours…

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I hear this all the time, and when I do, there’s no wondering why FOLKS breath stanks.  When one has so much funk comin’ outta them the illusion of B.S. is no longer…  Well an illusion!

My post title erupted from the mouth of another while we watched the clouds gather as they blocked out the setting sun.  To me the statement was redundant.  Although we shared this moment in time, he and I were not of the same time.  In anticipating my expression confirming agreement of his assessment of us, I guess I hadn’t spoken quick enough.  Yes, he then looked at me saying that I was channeling Estefan one of the characters from the film “Kill Bill”.  Again I missed him along with his analogy of who I was.

Because he wanted convo he continued down this yellow brick road not knowin’ I’ve traversed highways & byways actually made of the much sought after substance known as Gold, yet…  This statement he was making now, attracted my interest.  He had said that I spoke on behalf of “She” and neglected “He”.  Silly I agree but…  Now he had awaken The 22nd G.  If he’d of chosen any other day his words would have fallen on un-interested ears, but not today.  This is my day.  The day I appeared on this planet.  Adjusting my posture I grabbed a grape, slipped it between my lips and enjoyed the  juices as they squirted throughout my mouth.  The liquid nourishment was sweet, recharging, now I was prepared to “breathe on him”.

People start stuff and then after they’ve gotten way out there they look for others to rescue ’em.  Rescue as in asking another if he or she would have their Back in the event of things going sideways.  I laugh when I hear this because people seem to always start shit that they have no idea of the long-range impacts that are surely coming.  The Cat who was with me while watching Mother Nature do her stuff; he was no different.

Reflections of past times, many defined in the public annals of life’s crimes, I will always see me!  Same as when I’m asked if I would have another’s Back if and when times become hard.  Having another’s Back is akin to an E-Ticket ride.  “E-Ticket, oh.  Don’t know what I’m talkin’ about?” This merely means if and when you possess such a ticket you have an all-inclusive pass to everything imaginable.  Sight, sound, whatever.  Having the E-Ticket guarantees that many times you know why people speak even before that person has spoken.  “Mind reading capabilities?” No, just a certain awareness of what is.

My associate wanted to know if I would have his Back and…  He also made mention of me championing the position of “She” when I craft my words towards developing these pieces for all to see.  My mind isn’t narrow but his may be as life isn’t exclusive to He or She.  Life is about change while knowing that everything will forever be…  Re-arranged.  It’s about making mistakes but having the insight to accept.  Accept that you probably didn’t have the foresight to get it right even when considering life in hindsight.

Life is knowin’ that if and when someone ask you to have their Back it’s probably a case of hearing from one who knows they wouldn’t have yours.  He or She, it wouldn’t matter who is making the statement, having another’s Back can extend well beyond whatever your wildest imagination could have ever conjured up.  Again, I speak from experience supported by exposures many dream of but…  Really don’t wanna go through in any capacity.  As for me championing one sex over the other; Naw.  Neither is that important without the other so there is no need for division.   

When “He” reads it is just like “She” reads; its personal.  Objectively to subjectively, it’s all personal no matter how much you try to keep it intellectual.  Maybe that’s why I’m still…  G!

Psssss;  When it’s your day as in B.Day reflect while considering those steps you’ve taken towards establishing “YOU”.  Everything is subjective even when you wish to remain Objective.  Don’t get it twisted.  Once “She” swore to havin’ my back.  Once “He” professed to being like that character from “Child’s Play” by the name of “Chucky”.  Even used the term Chucky deployed to trick all the others; “Friends to the end”.  It’s amazing how quickly an end can appear and you are the one unware of it’s impending climax.  Hummm, maybe you forgot that everything is…  Damn, I love this thing known as life, enjoy yours and don’t get caught up in the dumb stuff.  “Darlin’ are you ready to go out and kiss the sky”

“Malika’s Moves”

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”Salmon; best served wild!”

There are some extra-ordinary women who just make you wanna stop and stare.  Call it an allure, see them as fascinating; just remember this.  No matter how you verbally define ‘em, you see them!

The life-sustaining properties of salmon are known throughout the world, so much so ‘til scientist have even gotten into The Game.  Today, the big thing is genetical modifications; the changing of everything in the name of supporting life.  Regardless of how you flip it, salmon will be un-sustainable in its natural form.  Hummm, much like women.

Today everything seems to be headed the way of genetical modifications.  Demand is at such an all time high ’til it’s created an interest from the field of science.  Funny, most Scientists don’t look or even act like their character depictions shown on T.V.  And…  This is who’s taken up the new designs of women!  When you see Silver Screen Scientists they are ultra-cool & totally beyond anything reflected in the real world.  They always arrive at an answer for every aspect of the life as we live it.  But…  Don’t get it twisted, many creations seen on T.V. don’t have any real connections to what is.  Still, I believe in some of what science has discovers, but when it comes to the Inneractions/Communications between He&She, there are factors science won’t ever include in their assessments.  Hence…  You get monsters like the genetical modified salmon.  Especially obvious when aligned with the original.

Women love to compare men to the likes of a Don Juan and that infamous Bad Ass Billy.  Yet, when man compares “woman” to other women, the one in the mix for obvious reasons can’t accept it.  Demands not to be compared with anybody!  Whoa, is this a double standard or what?  Doesn’t matter, She&He think while acting totally different no matter the case, issue or situation!

When I first met Malika the “Dance Of Deception” was non stop.  For those on the outside looking in, we were fabulous.  Behind closed doors, the story was following a different script altogether.  Time passed and for me, it was movin’ way too slow.  She felt the same but as we all know, women love to “play it hard” (reads, they’ve got it, know exactly what they’re doin’ so don’t push).  Her perception was fine with me as I had plenty of forward gears and in awareness of this, easily slipped into full throttle.

“Peeling it back”, I reached deep deep down inside her chest, came out with “heart in hand” and watched her as she sat there mystified.  (Reads, switched gears right in the middle of listening to her serve me with even more drama, and…  Suddenly stopped playing on her level while psychologically moving completely into mine)

After she experienced another degree of what she knew I was about, we moved continuously and everything else was heavenly.

“Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” gave all a glimpse into another.  Her name; omitted out of respect.  Still, she once upon a time was totally “on deck”.  Now I come with “Milika’s Moves”. The sequence in presentation is important because the woman who motivated “Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” was livid when associated with…  Malika.  Oh, she was so in love she couldn’t be stopped from pleasuring me.  Forever did things that…  If inquired about today, she’ll immediately suffer from a case of selective memory recall, but…  On the comparison side, don’t tell her she was in any way like another female.

Many times I employ situations blossoming from people, places and things that are germane to; whom it is I’m in association with in order to arrive at a particular point.  Very few FOLK can handle this association because…  Well, their individuality seems to become threatened.  This isn’t surprising to me because few FOLK know who they actually are.  If these FOLK did know who they were and held such powerful awareness of individualism why the threat!  Salmon, hummm, keeps comin’ up if you ask me.

During the initial stages of a relationship you have two who are completely in-sync.  Everything begins with the risin’ sun and won’t even set when the moon starts to burn bright.  Then, with the passage of time the novelty starts to evaporate and the transformation begins.  Reality doesn’t wear thin but perceptions become altered.  Every aspect of “you” is argued.  I’ve even heard the following applied to me.  “You’re not like anybody I’ve seen on television, you’re confusing me.  Why can’t you follow the script”. Quickest answer is possibly they’ve had way too many infusions applied by Scientists who aren’t who they appear to be while partaking in the ingestion of genetically modified salmon!  You know false applications of anything will result in viruses un-foreseen in any-bodies time.

Women can be heard around the world saying they can’t find a good man.  Men have issues too but…  Men continue along, goin’ up in most women they meet and seldom slow their roll to contemplate “fittin’ in where they have gotten in”.  So it seems, He&She can’t find the goodness they seek no matter what’s at stake.  My response to all this has always been straight up.  “Are you a quality woman”, and to the man.  “Will you ever step up and stop allowing those so-called friends of yours to stop defining who she is for you”

This environment of today which has defined the union between He&She is vastly different than the one “Moms & Pops” came up in.  Violence has emerged from the closet and taken center stage.  Hidden agendas rise with the realities of what’s comin’ out of these closets while propelled He&She towards others who have created a confusing set of dynamics at best!  Those subtle nuances as in fine distinctions that define who one is won’t ever be touched through cloning, no matter the association.  So now that this is known does He&She have any chance of survival?

“Malika’s Moves”, best analogy for clarification would be like salmon.  Delicious in every way, but.  If you aren’t aware of the intricacies defining the delicacy of the basic nature, you are bound to mess up whatever way it (reads she) comes.

Malika was what is known as “Game Tight”. (Reads very smooth, somewhat manipulative but otherwise remarkable)  Those 3 B’s of hers were in full effect.  She was very…  Shall I say, capable and recognizing of what was really goin’ on between us!

When someone is associated with another it may not be a direct comparison as much as it is a revelation.  Pointing out what one may have not seen or recognized about themselves!  But then again, maybe many don’t like the comparison/association thing because they actually aren’t…  Ready to kick it up a level, hummm.

Somebody once said to me they couldn’t find an adult conversation, despite of circulating amongst many of their city’s most prominent people.  Before I could get a word in they added, “Don’t you find this interesting”.  The “last word” always gets me because it is those words that come from a place revealing much about one’s actual state of mind.  Now when talking to someone and the person (s) engaging me comes back with the reply of “interesting” I know instantly they weren’t hearin’ me or.  Were so far outta their pay-grade ‘til they knew we weren’t even in the same psychological hemisphere.

When one says “interesting” believe me on this, even if they are considering what ’cha said, they haven’t ventured out as far on the matter as you.  And probably can’t!

Psssss; The really good stuff.  After completing this piece I eased into my bedroom and noticed her peeking out from under the sheets tryin’ to get a glimpse of me.  She didn’t know I saw her and when I tip-toed around to get a closer look, she faked as if asleep.  I gave out this enormously robust laugh that it shook the walls of the house.  She laid perfectly still but I could have sworn I saw her eyelids flutter.  The next morning we sat down to breakfast and if she could have slapped me she would have, the anger was boiling.  I calmly looked at her, leaned in closer and closer and just as i could taste her scent, I kissed her on the cheek while saying.  “Such anger, where does this…  Madness arise from?”

Secret Stuff. Ooooh Yeah.

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In the process of “out with the old” and upgrading with the new, we ran across some computer files; pictures from days past.  It was my Rasta friend who made the find and while doing so said he experienced some intense feelings during the viewing of these pics.  Spinning the screen around, he pointed to the particular pic and gave me one of those “Whoa” sorta’ looks.  “Hey, don’t act as if you have no clue as to the type of look he shot my way, you know you’ve don’t it time and time again yourself.”

As mentioned, all this took place during a systems upgrade, but…  Right, no matter how many times you upgrade, some things need to…  Well, let me put it this way, many things must remains in play for the relevance of one’s own sanity, ya know.

My guy, (no sexual overtones implied), besides, he nor I suffer from any type of identity confusion; but…  We each got a different vibe while looking at the pics.  As I reminisced words rushed outta his mouth; “why did I let her get away”.  Pleased with his recognition of what my capabilities were I responded with.  “Oh no Partna’, even if she’s not on deck, don’t read anything into her absence.  When it came to her, think low maintenance with intermittent complexities.” Based on his sudden attempt at “pumpin’ me up” (reads support my position at all cost) I knew he read me, as wrong as he read her.  And this meant it was time to…  Re-define something that exists between most Men&Women when it comes to “happiness even after”.

The pic depicted a woman who was kickin’ 10 all up in the ass.  That is, when you observed while using the typical formulas to understand and assign perceived degrees of physical beauty.  But wait, in this case, there were characteristics on display Rasta’ hadn’t even begun to fathom.

As I continued to “up-grade” and he kept goin’ through the entire file, he suggested that we take the pics viral.  That word “viral” and the total implications made me stop my roll completely.  Because of his idea I knew I’d have to “dial it thing down” immediately.  Hey, I could have let it go but.

Okay, some of you are saying, “where is he goin’ with this”, well like Rasta’, who needed to pump his brakes and roll with me for a moment, so should you.  You see, to arrive at any destination, especially when you are being driven, you’ve gotta let the Driver drive!  So in this case, relax, enjoy the journey while you cherish the comforts of unknown scenery provided by my navigation.  The revelations will definitely prove stimulating.

Now, back with Rasta’, it was obvious he was caught up in the physicality of my Ex., so to prove a point I split the screen on the monitor.  This allowed for the placing of two completely different pics, side by side.  Two pics, 2 jazzy women captured in the moment, staring right back at ‘cha.  This technique held his full attention.  Casually I began pointing out some similarities noticeable within their facial features.  Rasta’ being sharp with psychological insight, moved quickly, and realized something he’d never considered. The process of recognizing personality traits that lend to behaviors’ can all be gauged through facial expressions.  With this understanding he looked over to me, smiling while conveying to me he now knew I was beyond just being a smooth Word Warrior.

My Ex business partner was beyond sexy.  She was “exy”.  Loyalty was off the charts, attentiveness to me was without compare.  That is, as long as it was in her best interest, which I told Rasta’, I had no problem with.  What I did have a prob. with was blasting her pics all over the Net.  Men and Women resort to this activity without thought and my question is, why?  Revenge is usually the primary motivator.  Then there is the reason many use with pride; that is to avenge.  Get back for something assumed as being so costly you’ve just gotta strike back.  Still, I say what for?

The pics on my screen returned my mind to those happier times, but…  In light of her self-imposed banishment and me hatin’ her choice, one thing was a plus.  My mind was back to being mine, and…  I could see clearly again.  These pics which during the time of taking, were said to her as being for “prosperity”, now…  Really did represent prosperity.  With her away, and me unlike others, there was no gain in venturing into some stupid shit like viral publication of what was.  Rasta’ picked up on the sparkle within my eyes and accepted the mental revelation I shared with him.  With it he also knew he found the key to unlock some of those doors that accessibility was denied to him before.  Gaining entry to greater success when engaging, the opposite sex.

Today, everyone wants to go viral and usually with pics excluding them, yet featuring someone from their past.  Reasoning behind all this, it’s all in an attempt towards securing their place in the “Fame Game”.  Fame if anything is elusive.  Celebrityism comes with an international revelation that actually confirms this.  They, like everybody else, got issues.  Regardless of the degree of their universal appeal or exposure, they trip as hard as the next person.

Recently an Entertainer while seeking his second phase in life was put on blast by the Ex..  A reality anticipated but one I had no reason to voice a word on prior to this revealing piece of Intel.  The Entertainer “Steve Harvey” stepped into my realm while taking off like a Space Shuttle with national proclaim.  Steve caught a wave and rode it but that was, again…  A dynamic reserved, always in waiting where celebrities are concerned.  It’s not so much the celeb has something credible to say, it’s that people with their imaginations provide celebs every conceivable avenue from which to…  Perform.  Steve spoke but…  Forgot he was in a glass house.

Steve isn’t alone in his quest for fame, much like another entertainer “Dr. Phil”.  When one knows about life coming from two independent sides which perceived reality will be forged, then…  Knowing life also has a third area completely off limits to those on the outside who just wanna get in somebody’s business.  Invading where they can when they can, but…  Invaders waiting while having no idea of this 3rd zone as being the dimension where the truth actually resides, well…  One who knows about all three levels of reality is aware enough not to seek vengeances as much as thinking their pass is safely in the past!

Since I’m putting Entertainers on Blast, allow me to give balance to their position.  Entertainers even with credentials, supporting their academic soundness, qualifying them to speak on what they profess to know will always receive that much sought after pass!  Right, in the world of entertainment it is expected of one to…  “Re-create” them-selves with no responsibility connecting them to the evidence or lack of, to what they’ve morphed from or into.

Steve, Dr. Phil and almost everyone who’s in this relationship communications thing have no reason to trip if and when they post a pic from their past.  Celebs put the Ex. professional Ex. or otherwise on blast while standing “pat” with their version.  Swearing the other side comes from an angry place complete with a delusional mind.  Can’t say I blame ‘em cause as life is today, it is accepted that who gets down first, gets down First!  Me, “Real FOLK” (reads conscious beings) should trip, and it’s called; Respect.  One constant in The Game of life when you move from one primary other to another is…  To attain any degree of success someone must be stepped on and walked over.  But even so, with this being the case, you don’t step down with the same force on those who stood along side of you, pledging their love.

Those pics, my private files won’t seek a place on YouTube or book space on FaceBook in search of any social relevance… “He’s being personal, an emotion was probably touched when Rasta ran across those pic file.” Not at all, just thing about what I said; “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”.  (See Aretha Franklin’s or Pops Staples song’s of same name for full clarification).  Now back to those who question my position, you got me.  But…  I ain’t like the one who you left while doin’ something that you shouldn’t have been doing and when they got caught gave everybody else up.  Even if you think you’ve got me, I will stand alone, despite the thunder of the storm!  She was definitely more than a business partner, but…  Again that is my business and I don’t need everybody in my personal business which is the point of this piece.  Pics from the past have no place when putting another on blast.  Sharing them with those in your crew…  Well, Snoop once said, “It ain’t fun if the Homie can’t have none”, but that only applies while goin’ to the pit in a game of dominos!

Psssss; Did you think that I wasn’t gonna post her pic?  The pic, the graphic beginning this piece; that’s her!  No facial, back-side is all ‘ya get.  I do believe in giving something to the imaginative voyeurs of the world.  Besides, pictures say more than a thousand words.  Still, there is a huge difference between secret stuff and public display.  That pic is one of many.  The number is so vast it’d take a T-bite to capture it all.  Rasta’ saw plenty ya know.  And I still say, damn, she would have lasted if only…  Well that’s secret stuff.