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Why do people cheat on each other?


Yes, because despite of all the polls with scientific support data saying it happens between the seventh and eighth year of a relationship. He/She seeks the companionship of another to compare then reconnect with what they have at home is all B.S..

When the question came to me by way of a couple still functioning as that couple I wanted to slip back into the demonic nature and look at ‘em for what they were. Sheep being lead to the slaughter.

1st few even make it to a seven year point in a monogamous sense let alone an eighth. As far as doing a comparison. If you are runnin’ to another for sexual gratification it ain’t a damn thang’ happenin’ at home in the way of stimuli or satisfaction relevant for comparison.

Good thing I had purged those thoughts long ago but to do so requires exact levels of maturation. E.I. (Emotional Intelligence) is but one. Mental Mastery is another and don’t think because you comprehend the words in use you’ve got the discipline to configure the content when it comes.

Demons don’t knock on any door.

Demons traverse dimensions so if you aren’t accepting of their Skill-Sets, can’t respect when and how they will be arrive, kickin’ your azz as they use you as the conduit advancing their darkness. Then, don’t think you even know about demonic natures. The compulsion driving the sex to have more sexual partners can become very diabolical.

FOLK seek the attention of another because that sameness pushes them. Refusal to maintain a continuum with the vortex which allowed them to connect from The Gate. FOLK want that feeling that is so fleeting and shows no desire in returning but don’t wanna accept the reservation had always been for two.

Will I ever quench this “thrust”?”

When Hell freezes over and sense nobody has every returned from the place making the phrase moot, I’m gonna stop right here and define the ascension from the only real point of reality.


Addictions. They happen because of a chemical dump taking place deep inside the brain. Once it happens and takes you to places so vivid, exposing you to things unimaginable before, an emotional connection is made. Emotions are a direct reflection of consciousness not what’s really goin’ on in One’s sub-conscious. With addiction you’ve finally been somewhere and the desire to return burns so you stay on The Hunt, but. Dial it Down and lock into what is necessary in the way of sustainable unification between two, then you’ll start to make what makes up dreams your living reality.

Yes, sub-conscious manifest into daily conscious and your dreams become your real world.

Somebody said I do things on the fly and I immediately shot back with, “If you won’t think before you speak you are just reacting”. This is to know that remove the action and you get bogged down in the sameness. Hence, boring!

I love Pancakes. Mine must be prepared using natural ingredients minus artificials. Bring something, anything made in the Lab. the results cannot be anymore than what had been prescribed. Laboratory stuff follows a clinical standard, this allows for the conclusion to be A, B but not C. “C” signifies the Creativity needed to enhance a fluidness. Remove this factor and bet you’ll usher in the X-Factor.


Those components defining what is unknown. What I know is based on taking it there. Pushing the barriers, going beyond the mere testing of the established boundaries making my own perimeters flexible. This is to know what gives the other a sense of those chemical dumps chasing is… What my dreams are founded in making their needs wants and desires my. Our primary Objective.

Objective/Goals, they aren’t the same.

The former is based on not being subjective while the latter is cognitive in origin. Like semantics don’t get caught-up in the illusion of what is but make yours “Is”. This is the prerequisite when wanting to avoid the scent of another while lying to yourself once you’ve laid besides them. Push and know that the pull is coming. Stop thinking you are built like that when the reality is once you make a move you’re not even equipped to manage the onslaught of those emotions that will push up from your psyche destroying what you thought you were gonna handle.

Psssss; This is where I was gonna say; “All B.S. and just as it registered in your pysche’ let it be know this is an April Fools joke” but. You couldn’t handle the shock. Sooooo, let’s do this. Sex, is not to be quickly assigned to the addiction category but for the purpose of defining. Yes, y’all get it. That drive pushin’ one or the other to seek another has to be. Explored again and again ‘cause everyday in every way some where. Somebody is gonna flip the script while saying. “I don’t know why I drifted but, will you forgive me”. Now, don’t ‘cha feel the purpose was served once again.


“Five points of Swag”

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Back-In-The-Day a movie came along titled (Five Fingers of Death) with the theme evolving from the aspect of a technique within the Martial Arts arena. Everyone walked around with a sort of bravado but… Those who rose to the skill-levels defining their mastery of skill-sets were welcomed into the world where they’d have a chance to acquire the understanding of… The Five Fingers of Death.

If, you ever encountered one of those knowing this and challenged ’em, even your Angels dispersed, leaving you to defend for yourself.

Some of The Boyz celebrating like men do invited me to partake. Not unfamiliar with partyin’ I accepted and one closest to me began to hug me referring to me like this; “This is my nigga'”.

Cultural differences, always there yet when you know “what you’re working with, where you arise from” seldom will you sweat the small things. Enjoying the toast made in my honor I stand, present my glass and add to the festivities. “Have you heard the phrase Sand Nigger or Rag Head”. As if I had flipped a hidden switch everything slowed and a quick suspension of time occurred, all things rotated from there in this hallucinogenic way. My Boye sorta clicked his head in a robotic fashion, faced me and said, “No no man, don’t use those words, do you know what that means to my kind?”.

Much is lost in translation especially when cultures entwine.

With every Gen. things seem to change but the reality is, they simply morph. Occasionally there’s a “Zip Damn Fool” who is so outta The Loop the understanding regarding standards in relations to identifyin’/recognizin’/qualifyin’ what is, didn’t seem to ever resonate within them so. They condescend to levels where you wanna just slap ’em.

I was approached and told that I still walked with vestiges of… “Vestiges of what, he couldn’t even spell the word”. What he was implying was based on our initial encounter when he and his woman who… Upon meeting me through hers became very socially animated (straight flirtatious), and. He garnered from that that I showed an interest in her. Basically he assumed when the real was, I do me and not some puppetry because of someone manipulating me. After hearing this barrage of simpleton accusation I decided to open up the educational session.

First a vestige is an imprint of what is no longer. Secondly he had no idea that which had passed was over in the sense that “I’ve moved up and out of that phase of my life”. But, the eyes remained with vengeance so to soothe the savage I offered him something by saying. “What is can only be when you wanna continue down that path. Whatever your woman was, hopefully and if I did have eyes on her she’s grown into a much more lovely being, so… What she is is all that I knew she’d become but for you, miss me with your ancient azz s**t.”

There was no need to demean because when you know you know, still for the benefit of explanation I give you the truth about this encounter. He knew even back then he wasn’t on my level but what he refused to accept is that he remained in a state of forged propaganda. Unlike being consumed in saying something about vestiges this character was just that. Something created by the forever spreading of lies, deceit developing a platform of consistent B.S.. AKA; Forged propaganda.

Recently another published papers identifying the one trait all financially successful FOLK have in common. This is the ability to remain Sucka’ free by avoiding toxic FOLK, negativity and anybody hell-bent of creating madness. This male who stepped to me was just that. Stooping to the degree of attempting to refer to me as “Still Playin’ I see”.

In reflection on that perception he was right. What he missed when we first met was this, I didn’t not say I didn’t know how to Play, I said to him and his; You wouldn’t even recognize a Player if they Played on you and took yours before your very eyes!

When you remain in a state of being “Stuck on Stupid” approach while speaking at others in a condescending way. Talk about things and those who you shouldn’t even be tryin’ to represent; a la yours who isn’t present. You have effectively lowered yourself into something similar to (The Twilight Zone). You’ve give up all influence because… You’ve never been in a capacity to understand while accepting yourself which is why. Seeking others to relive something which has long since passed is your only way of…

Nothing is meaningless. The Five Points Of Swag are here before your very eyes also. Absorb what you can and understand the process while reflecting on Vitamin C in relations to our human bodies. Sustaining substances are needed yet because of how quickly Western Society has morphed FOLK think they are above the obvious. I use ‘ta see and move in for the conquest with a stealthiness that was seldom caught. What I’ve learned about life since is that if it is meant to be, it will be. All engagements between two FOLK is usually consenting and more so when they are in sync despite of what those on the outside can’t seem to get their heads into.

Psssss; If yours is out there like that, possibly. No, more so probably they are because of something you lack. As for the presence felt as the One you’ve accused with false allegations continues without hesitation, know this. There’s a nobility seen when One arrives knowing their place and position within this Game known as life. This is why at the end of the day, they avoid the spotlight but consciously accept the accolades bestowed as a result of their success.


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Chops, what images come to mind when this word is heard?  Thinking meat?  Focus way too narrow, I have a suggestion.  Expand your imagination increasing the depths of perception.  “Chops, hummm, let me see, if I say that I’ll probably date myself, but…”  Okay, good consideration even if you’re limiting yourself.  Try this, don’t concern yourself with thoughts of your age, it’s nothin’ but a number.

Chops like many words come with various applied meanings, all depending on the culture of origin.  In your case, “Chops” isn’t used by me to define a mad man skilled in the art of Tommie-gun usage.

Those who are willing to explore the foggy depths of consciousness while visions of the latest version of ultra-clubs comes into scope along with images of patrons morphing into clarity while evaporating just as quickly.  You are partially on the right road to the connection mentally illustrating images of Chops!  As well, seeing you’re in the ultra-club mode, and I followed, let’s bring into focus things noir.  Oh…  While doin’ so, drop the generic violent characterization associated with the same but…  You may allow for the mysterious component coming with all things noir.  That, I’m cool with.

As I was contemplating the designs of this universe I happened to noticed someone watching me.  Although she; oh yeah, personal sensitivity head trips aside, I don’t do same-sex.  Had this observer who was stealing my energy been another guy who kept me in the focus of his eye, believe me I would have changed the viewer’s perception immediately.

Like I said, she was watchin’ me with those intensely inviting, mentally provocative eyes, implying ways she could only imagine.  And, doing that occasional hair toss accordingly.  Sorta’ like one of those Althea Adams prose, “I don’t care how you get there just get there when you can”.  Un-be-knowing to her, I had already been there while watching her demean her mate over and over again.  Demanding that he “fetch” her things and…  When he did so with head bowed, shuffling his feet with each step he made in the sand, she never was satisfy.  Yet, “Herman”, did and without complaint.  All this compliance was relaxing to my mind as it solidified my choice of personality traits that I’d accepted long ago as my preference in being me!

Un-scripted Herman and I appeared at the same moment over to one of the boardwalk vendors, and he…  Yes, I seldom start convo so yes, he started this one.  Herman smiled and engaged me in a simple exercise of male to male communications about how we men do what we do when it comes to our women.  I listened, vanquishing invisible flying objects out of my air space, but…  Herman soon got my message and realized I didn’t give and credence to his bullshit.  This entire exercise was his way towards re-establish his manhood in the eyes of those he’d assumed; watched.

I don’t do appeasement so Herman, in his assumption believing I was listening to him, waiting for that audible pause where sound suspends and one can “exchangin’ cards” because of some kindred spirit thing.  He was fooliln’ himself.  Herman was whipped, Gameless and…  To put it in layman terms, no copping skills.  Herman was a Lackey.

The word Lackey much like Chops shouldn’t be open to any sort of interpretation, just as this term I hear slung freely today.  Used by so called women with alleged “swagger”, “Turn me out Daddy”.  Turn me out should not and can’t be flipped to fit the times.  Just as “bitch” isn’t some super descriptive term, fittingly applied in recognition of a woman who welds power and…  Re-conformed to apply to the connivin’ creatures assigned to the female lot also!  Herman, in his quest to be obliging had become lost in his wonderment of the pleasures of a woman, and in his psychological confinement, settled.  Yes, I surmised all of this outta one casual encounter.  A simple scenario taking place on a seashore, reconfigured while inserting some of what I knew of FOLK and came up with this.

Fear is best described as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  Herman was counterfeit.  Created something out of another things that was only real to him.  He allowed his woman way too many privileges resulting in her own, fractured reality where he had been reduced to an object.  Sexist comin’ up again?  No, this is a result of knowing ones place.

People in their attempt to fit in usually go for anything, and…  As I contemplated Herman’s woman’s’ advances.  Yeah, did you think I didn’t!  In that moment of “slippage”…  Okay, maybe a case of temporary lust like you’re thinking but…  It wasn’t difficult to assess she was the type to approach, play polite while gathering Intel on whomever she set her eyes on.  After enjoying the pleasures sought, remove her self from the situation all the while blaming it all on the person she engaged!

Ladies & Gents, I am Chops.  I can talk the talk and walk the walk.  In my explorations of this world I’ve discovered that it is I who will quickly be labeled.  Is this reason to complain?  No, recall as you dial it down, I am Chops.

Chops could imply meat-eater, which I like.  Chops can and does signify a choice cut.  I stand accepting each positive definition.  In all words where voice can be established, Chops conjures up an image of the one who is verbally precise and…  Visually stimulating to the point of placing another into anything.  Usually zones of enchantment.   Much like women who engage, enjoy realizing they themselves are overmatched, followed with a frantic outsourcing for that standard rescue.

Where I’m concerned, when women blame me for any of their faults, I see it as out classed and inasmuch, maybe I shouldn’t have set my sights so low.  Also, that is maybe why I’ve passed on so many I’ve met even on the tiny secluded stretch of sand along the fogged-in cove, creating the inlet in which I encountered Herman along with his significant other.

Hummm, “angry bird?  No, that’s an app best found on smartphones for those who find themselves with way too much time on their hands.  I fly high, but…  No angry bird.  Recently an Ex power couple “Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez” split.  Comin’ outta the clouds Marc Anthony made a statement to the media saying, “The marriage no longer worked”.  This was so profound.  Two people, speaking the same language but of different culture upbringings, sophisticated enough to call it the way it was.  Avoiding what was wanted of those on the outside looking in.  Whoa.

In maintaining a relationship between He&She you’ve gotta respect the subtle differences between “domination and decency”.  To keep the relationship live you’ve gotta know when to domination while exercising your power base and not diss your significant other.  Despite the two of you coming from different camps the vibes are the same or similar.

Something y’all need to know.  Collective I’ve received e-mails saying I am full of myself.  The correct personality classification would be narcissistic, and…  Like I responded then I do so now, I like it.  Many of you don’t know me and only have impressions of whom & what I’m about.  Still, when you go to a Therapist they have ways in which to lead you to see yourself so that you may better appreciate yourself while re-learning to live with yourself.  Yeah, I said it and yes I know that previously I defined therapist in a not so positive light.  My point is, live, grow and if you wanna advance.  Accept that some things cannot be left in their initial classification.  But…  I am still Chops.  The definition will remain constant, especially when and if you allow for the expansion of the origin of the root definition!

Psssss; I think now that I’ve “re-charged” I will go into realms many may cring from but…  Well, stay tuned because “Blast” may become a series.  In anticipation, don’t even think about assuming who will and won’t be featured.  Remember, Chops?  Well in channeling all those characters in arriving at where I’m at today.  Everybody is suspect.

‘Lil Ann

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She wanted to “ho”.  Sell herself to any bidder as long as the exchange compensation came in the way of “dead presidents”.  Lacking skills?  Not this one; papered up, acquired a degree in Accounting.  Worked for some major corps, just got caught up in this thing called downsizing.  Probably didn’t anticipate she’d be a party of this predatory economy.  “Silly her”, drank the “Kool-aide” and assumed certain things wouldn’t touch her.  My view; two things in life you’ve gotta do.  Get busy livin’ or die tryin’!

I’ll call her ‘Lil Ann because she suffers from a typical mind-set prevalent when existing in a city with a cultural representative of cities like L.A.  All cities with similar environmental components attract those functional FOLK having these same traits, and…  They arrive in mass, from all points on the planet.  Seeking to be a star, work within the system that manufactures stars, or…  Just be around the action hoping to get a nibble here and there.

Yeah, every city has secondary economy that spins off from the main financially driving force.  It is the spin-off subsidiary where the misery is intensified.  Oh, don’t get it wrong, all aspects of society have their “deviant factors”, it’s just…  Well, when you have money like; “Beyonce” or…  Appear in the guise of a political star such as “Sarah Palin”.  One with no real compass in which to advance those steps in a positive sense, you become adapt, improvise.  Exhibit a cunning mastery of puppetry.  Creating elaborate plans from all the other ridiculous plans that have brought somebody else…  Financial success, but not you, a la previous GOP presidential candidate “John Edwards”.

But hey, don’t twist it…  These types have the “paper, cheddar, chez, mula, ducats, dead presidents” affording them a different Kaleidoscope.  One in which portrays them as “visionary”.  Right, but…  Still same mentality as…  ‘Lil Ann, who…  If and when things don’t turn out their way, they are quick to step into…  What is called, “Desperation Drive”.

‘Lil Ann, educated, homeowner, raised two who happen to be the same as she (girls).  Raised them without that “village” once glorified via the media by the likes of Hillary Clinton.  ‘Lil Ann did all this because; as she said.

I never loved or was in love with the Babies Daddies

Her response, heard many times before, just this time I pressed for clarification.  Oh, not to challenge her but; more so for me.  I had to know if she even knew what she was saying or if it was another of those “things” people pick up along those assumed journeys.

‘Lil Ann hadn’t picked up shit.  Her academics gave her a discipline providing her intro into The Game, but…  Her understanding of who and what she was and to “ho” was a decision based on her arrival at “Last Chance Lane”!  Something she had no idea had been pre-programmed into her DNA.  Call it instinctive.  Call it wanting to survive, call it; primal.  ‘Lil Ann wouldn’t call it thought!

My girl, lookin’ over my shoulder “peeped” the contents of my literary mind and decided to advance my thought processing patterns, but…As she said something which I knew was very profound which was “This is so sad, I feel sorry for her”.  She stepped another dimension where everything is pressed.  Now, she had to clarify.  Also because she said that “she” can understand ‘Lil Ann while relating to her because…  “Women seem to have it so hard and it’s a shame how our society just “uses us up.”

My girl…  Not so quick.  She’s standing with me and now I’m wonderin’ who can this be!

In my nights of travel I’ve met men who are young, also college educated, others who obtained their education compliments of “U.S.C”.  Not University of Southern Cal, but…  “University of the Streets for Critical Thinking”.  They’ve also chosen to sell themselves.  Some refer to themselves as “Pharmaceutical Importers”.  Just a drug dealer clever enough to understand political correctness in speech.  Then there are those who engage the same sex trade such as ‘Lil Ann.  Call it, “Six of this, half-a-doz of that”, it doesn’t change the equation.  Males to females, nobody is immune to this B.S.

As for the tone of my words being sad, ‘uck that.  This is reality, deal with it.  The living actuality of those tryin’ to maintain that; “glow”.

Speaking of “glow”.  ‘Lil Ann told me she could do whatever’s required to attract, please and satisfy a man as long as she got paid.  ‘Lil Ann had no idea how many ways payment could or would be extracted, but…  I let that be and simple said, “how can I tell”.

Get this…  She assumed she was “checking me” by replying.  “It takes sex appeal to make me show that side, with you, and…  Between you and me I’m not on that chemistry time with you.  At least not yet.

A faint and fake ass smile appeared on her face, “placation time”.  Another wasted consideration because I had no interest in possibly bringing an STD into my body’s chemistry by engaging her sexually, so.  Right, I wasn’t glowing as in “beaming” as a result of that testosterone charge which fuels the male when meeting an obliging female even…  Even if she hadn’t seen that  she was…  ‘Lil Ann was feeding her own insecurities.

Once upon a time one of “mine” said, “No matter how long we’ve been together every time I’m with you “you” are the only man to constantly be able to  take me there”.  “Strokin’ me?”  So what, I loved it.  Little did she know that between us that “glow” was forever present!

Glow, wanna know?  It’s beyond the “turn-on” category existing between He&She.  When you glow the aura is visibly defined.  Think…  Even if you have to push yourself to the parameters of your imagination, and when you get there; glow will be waiting.  Glow, all circuits are at peak performance because you’ve found the Ying to your Yang.  Glow, the physiological response only seen by another who… Is your other like not other.  Hey, they see it to.  That is, those who are around you!

‘Lil Ann…  She didn’t glow.  Sex appeal; absent.  Engaging; impossible!  Flirtatious; whoa, stretching it.  Quite possibly because she allowed others to strip her of those titles supposedly defining her, she assumed she was soiled.  Social Outcast because she hadn’t been able to maintain her “acceptable” place in society!

From ‘Lil Ann to all those “Delightful Derrons”, ‘uck you.  There is no “acceptable place” in society.  There is no assumption that “you” are soiled.  People fall everyday.  “And!”  Prop themselves up, dust the dirt off.  Stand, look up, smile even if they aren’t feelin’ it.  Rise and get busy again!  As for sad stories…  Miss me with that too.  Those who have fallen aren’t the first in society to fall to circumstances.  Those celebs mentioned have had their bumps too, the difference is.  Well, go back and re-read my words with this addition; They have the financial means in which to hold off the publicly displayed evidence of their missteps.

Oh yeah, with ‘Lil Ann…  While we text each other, another who happened to be seated with me during this texting session asked me was everything alright.  This wasn’t because I gave off any indication otherwise.  He was just noisy.  I shared with him ‘Lil Ann’s situation; his suggestion.  “If I may be of any help, have her come to my home on the lake.”  I heard him and knew that he was a retired business person who was a part of the system that afforded those homes in seclusion, so.  Even though I knew he was up to something devious, I opted for the connection.  Not to give ‘Lil Ann a chance at makin’ her paper, but…  Dr. Frankenstein was still a part of my DNA.

She went to his home, only after a meal at the most expensive restaurant in the city where those magnificent lightscapes accenting the views of the city below.  Yes, this is the atmosphere the two of ‘em dined within.  Sealing the deal, but…  Little did ‘Lil Ann know that this was just another level of the schemes known but the man from Switzerland.  His acquired knowledge and…  The same systematic way of letting her know that he was…  “The Man”.  One still a part of the same system she thought she knew and…

‘Lil Ann, people, finding themselves in spots where desperation is “trump” fall for this ploy every time.  In my world it’s a tactic known as “bump the booty if they put it out there”.  Layman’s phrase; “bait & switch”.  In the man from Switzerland’s world it’s one in the same.  Lead someone to water offer them a drink because they are exhibiting all the signs of thirst.  Let ‘em take the first sip then snatch away the thirst quencher.  You’ve got ‘em because they now have returned to the well they are so familiar with and it doesn’t matter who controls the well, they just know it is possible to drink again.

Call me a “Blocker” I really don’t care.  The man from Switzerland didn’t know I knew the ulterior motives driving most.  He was a leech.  Perfectly content to suck the life-sustaining blood, stand back while digesting, knowing the host wouldn’t complain, and…  Same host would oblige as the leech returned for seconds.  Blocker, you have no idea!

What the man from Switzerland missed was that “I” placed ‘Lil Ann in his world, not that she had come because of his exhibits of success.  Narcissist?  Hadn’t you better know the  meanings before you apply ’em!  This was her prob. not mine.  Egotistical?  All of that remember.  Shapeshifter, channeling Dr. Frankenstein, so what…  I was the “Ring Master” and understood what a “Ring Leader” could do.

‘Lil Ann was removed from his performance way before the little pill he popped could transform his capabilities.  In my mind it wouldn’t be any “pipe laying” by him.  Not tonight or by my intervention.

‘Lil Ann came to me by way of a mutual friend.  Maybe not a friend but through an acquaintance.  Someone we both knew.  That someone assumed I knew those types of people who would…  “Help” given the right circumstances.  Again, ‘uck that.  People help themselves!  Involvement can normally be traced back to an ulterior motive.

I was once…  Placed in a position seeking help via The Red Cross.  They fed me, housed me then, after the pre-requisite elapse of time turned me out to the same situation they said…  They’d rescue me from.  What they didn’t know is I came to them with my own agenda from the gate.  I recognized in one of their Administrators a certain lust.  I made myself available and she “grabbed the carrot”.  Rushed me to her home, paraded me around, introduced me to the FAM including hubby who…  Kept his attention in another direction while wifey satisfied those exploding motives of hers!

Yes, I got what I sought and in the process made sure she knew that there were those such as “I’ who recognized those such as “her”, who played within the same diabolical system.  Learned the moves while maintaining the separation that most cannot.

In ponder the plight of ‘Lil Ann I side-set whatever her feelings were of me and sought a remedy for her.  Yes a mutual acquaintance put us together and maybe this acquaintance knew I had the methods & means of placing paper in ‘Lil Ann’s hands, but…  One thing this acquaintance failed to consider is that she was also in this predicament once upon a time too.  The difference was when she was down and out this acquaintance was crafty enough to…  Just say she had skills and made a move before anymore moves were executed against her.  By the way, this acquaintance didn’t say thanks and that was okay.  The gratitude is shown by her daily.  We still engaged in our own “Dance Of Deception”.  My point…

‘Lil Ann is not a victim.  She is a product of society that had  plan from the beginning and she just got bamboozled into believing she possessed an E-ticket.  One that provided inclusion to the entire show.  Remember she was educated.  Allegedly academically sound.  What she wasn’t was “Game Tight”.  ‘Lil Ann; no clue of what to do when there’s little time left and she is heading to the losers row.  Traditional schooling and how it has become a non-factor.  These forms of education force one to remove intuitive natures that when called upon give you an edge by accessing your instinctive characteristics.  A zone that is there innately placing you in a position which says “I will not let you down if you just believe in what ‘cha see all around”.  So, again, with all that ‘Lil Ann acquired, many things had been extracted.  Those removals were the breaches.

Base point…  ‘Lil Ann like millions of others needs to think and stop re-acting.  ‘Lil Ann has to recognize that despite of all the education in the world, some things become antiquated and must be let go.  Her accounting skills weren’t applicably as they once were.  Her lack of sex- appeal began when she met her first baby’s Daddy, gave it up only to realize it wasn’t what she was told it would be.  There was once a sayin’ that went like this.  “Life’s a Bitch”.

Psssss; That word, “Pimp” is slung around in today’s society and many who employ the word in their glorification of themselves haven’t a clue of what it actually means.  Yeah, I know meanings change and those changes always aren’t for the best.  People seem to go with the flow and…  Still don’t have that…  Glow!

“Am I Pretty…?”

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The words seem to zip from one wall to the next as if shot from a canon.  Was the echo effect created by her expression based on the deafening silence in which we spoke within?  She seemed to be miles away after that last word “pretty” slipped from her still open lips.  The mechanics of speech aren’t lost on me nor are the facial expressions created by the emotional stimuli generated by the thoughts of that same speech.  Oh yeah, she was gone.  On one as I say!  All because someone had infiltrated her mind to the point of causing her to question her physical assets.

Questioned posed, but wrong question to present to me or…  She hadn’t read the press clippin’ created by me.

 She signed up for this voyage and my answer would support the insight of this miraculous journey many take but never see.  Not exhaling to gather my strengths I looked right at her and said.  “Whoever you allowed into your world and gave them dominion over you, is why you question your worth.  Now, take a moment, step to the bathroom, mine is over there, and put a cool towel on your face.  When you’re done with that, slip it behind your head and tap it lightly along the base of your neck.  Oh yeah, keep your eyes closed while you breathe.  In fact, take three deep breaths, then…  Come on back.”

Every subtle pause applied for emphasis was there as I spoke.  The anticipated psychological effects had hit their mark.  She dramatically internalized the process and visually put it all on display right before my eyes.  Yes, her body language, the slow rise of her breast indicative of her relaxed breathing.  The smooth intentional movements of her hands coming forward, resting on her knees, then…  She stood to do as I said; yes, all there.  Emotional characteristics will tell you much.

When she returned, discovering that my attention appeared to be on a globe of the world that sat within my environment, she said.  “I leave and you dismiss me, what a professional you are.”  Again, my thoughts, way to focused to drift, assessing anything.  Because…  Her words, the hands on her hip, all somewhat defiant.  Nothing needed to be categorized, reviewed or processed.

Others would see defensive posture, assuming while confirming a willingness to defend something.  I am not others.  She was deflecting.  Moving the two of us away from what she placed on the table.

This wasn’t a circus so amusement wasn’t a part of the psychological atmosphere and I immediately brought her back into my world.  The world she sought so desperately to understand.  Using the globe I spun and watched as it turned, asking her to look too.  She did and while doing so I suggested she pay close attention to all the many countries depicted by the semi-precious stones used to create the globe.  Her eyes increased in size as she stated never knowing what the globe had been constructed of.  It was now that I wanted to create a circus atmosphere because she needed a humorous jolt.  But…

We each watched the globe as it spun.  While her eyes continued to reveal the change taking place deep within, I simply said; “see how huge the world is, and look at those beautiful gems making up the various countries, all different yet all of value, now don’t allow anyone to make yours small”.

Our world is huge on a geographical sense.  Small when it comes to international perceptions of what is pretty.

She had let some idiot convey to her what their perception of what pretty was to be.  Whatever that definition was, it was based on someone else attempting to establish a world standard of what was to be accepted as, “pretty”.

People trip off of the slightest things when it doesn’t conform to what the masses say is acceptable.  Looks in a physical sense are different from one person to the other.  Oh, some aspects of the physical condition are definitely from the “U.G.L.Y” pool but to let others cause you to wonder if you are pretty or handsome is some really stupid shit.

One day while “ph-loungin” (reads, doing me enjoying us) I watched as the woman I was with stood over me during a moment of admiring the statues in front of The Staples Center in L.A.  She posed and I smiled, then she frowned.  I didn’t have to ask why because she was just like the woman I just spoke about.  My girl was short according to socially accepted standards according to women’s height.  One other thing, her arms didn’t come from the same custom parts line as the rest of her bod..  To me it didn’t matter but to her…  Whoosh, she was devastated.

Like my client of now who sought solace, I pulled this woman down off the heights of the wall which made up the planter I sat on and she stood upon.  Asked her to stop the stupid shit!  Much like my client she deflected also.  That’s when I pulled her closer to me, held her hands gently while defining the sexiness of her entire being.  Needless to say, she melted.  No really, she felt the sincerity my words held and with it began to share all the ugliness she’d been exposed to because of not conforming to what she had known to be the accepted perception of beauty.

When I expressed to her that I wasn’t the “perceived pretty-boy” when I grew up she didn’t believe me.  Or…  She made me believe that for some odd reason I had to have been mistaken about my own looks from back in the day.  Whatever, I liked what she said but…I didn’t loose sight of what I was saying to her or who I had become.  And this is where the key to “beauty”, “pretty”, can be discovered.

Basically it isn’t what others or any sect of society says pertaining about your physical beauty.  Yeah, you have cultural standards with regard to what is, but…  We are a global society and yet…  Not so open to global perceptions as projected!  When you look into the mirror the reflection is you.  That’s what ‘cha need to accept.  Not another’s projection of what you are said to be!  When you step out in public forget who is around you.  Recognize that you are “You”, like the gems representation the countries of the world, making up my globe.

All men, and all women, reflect.  They think about the past especially where their previous significant other (s) are held.  Tucked away, kept in abeyance but still secretly relevant while they remain on that private pedestal.  And believe this.  It doesn’t matter if that significant other was sometimes abusive or sometimes self-serving.  Whatever their personal traits were, “YOU” were there, “YOU” were with ‘em.  You partook in the life and swore to everyone that this was something you vowed to be about!  Well what ‘cha had then is still with you.  Live with it while loving it and don’t fall to another’s madness about you not being pretty!  “Hey, can you get a cloth and wipe your fingerprints off my globe now…”

Psssss; I can expound on this.  I can take you where you’ve refused to go when it comes to who you are, but why?  Cyberspace is the present reality of public private everything.  If you want more, stop with the e-mails saying, “Wow I learned so much from just reading what you write, can you elaborate more next time”.  No, I won’t.  I didn’t say can’t though.  This is what I do, no names are ever revealed and if you assume anything from the locales I use for reference, that’s on you.  If whom I’ve consulted with spoke to another or maybe you about what we’ve exchanged in private, so what.  I have a signed Confidentiality Agreement with…  A signed Contract for Personal Consultations of which I breached none.  I only have…  With those who read this blog, a desire to expose you to a ‘lil of yourself.  The real along with the actual will only come when you do like my clients have done.  I’m out.

Psssss, Psssss; As for my present clients, past clients who do read my stuff, “no love lost”.  You have spent time with me and do know what I’m about.  Sooooo, stay up and don’t revert back to any of this dumb shit I just spoke on.  And, I’m still out…

The Call

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While watching the T.V. watch me, I got a call.  I don’t know which home the call came from but I wasn’t ready to go to either home!  My mind was tellin’ me that it was my home in the heavens, while my body was sayin’, “If you think this is pain, wait ‘til you get down here”.  A direct indication advising me that the home which may have been reachin’ out wasn’t from up above and yes…  I didn’t wanna receive that particular type of call.

Believe it or not, I’ve dealt with the devil before, and on various fronts.  The most amusing took place as a ‘lil impish something sat on my chest one evening while I reclined on the floor watching the fireplace “snap crackle & pop”.  So to even be aware of a call from down below wasn’t ‘nothin’ knew for me.  What was outside my realm of experiences was the pain felt during this call.

Not physical but more so mental.  An intense, crushing type of pain to the point of creating an extreme sense of physical paralyses.  Physical I can do, attempt to suppress my ability to breath and its panic city!

Oxygen is life, without it everything advances in sequences defined by darkness.  I see myself in areas devoid of the capacity to feel, see and just enjoy being me!  Yes, with this call I knew the threshold had been stepped on.  My toes tingled as they became numb.  This would be an altering event.

Beyond panic mode I “slunked” all the way out of my chair and onto the floor, crawling.  Fingers grippin’ deep into the carpet, pulling my body forward.  Finally reaching the foray and that dreaded marble floor.  It didn’t stop me and I slid across it and into the bedroom where my “Private Reserve” rescued me.  Chills engulfing my body.  The cold was becoming insurmountable.  The shakes increased.  In the warmth of her arms I felt a source I could re-generate myself from so I collapsed my eye-lids and absorbed.  It was during these times that images of past affairs became very brilliant within my mind.  Thoughts and images so overwhelmingly precise that…  If I wanted to reach out and caress either of their faces it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Some would attempt to judge saying.  “Hallucinations created by an over-active mind brought on by the “kool-aid” drunk prior to the lucid dream”.  I’d say good assessment because lucid means rational giving much credence to what I’ve defined to the degree of being somewhat correct.  As for trippin’ because of some outside stimuli such as the kool-aid; please!  Society’s been sippin’ on some sort of un-known beverage since the beginning of time and I don’t have a ‘thang on most of you which brings me back to me.  I am now at a point way over my head.


It was during this vision that I realized something about the two who presented themselves during this moment. We happened to share something cosmic.  They both were born in the month of April, with one presenting herself on the 1st and the other on the 7th.  Oh, I didn’t engage with ‘em in this order as the latter became the former as in first on deck, but…  We were all born within the star sign known as Aries.  This revelation cleared up something I’d been considering for a long time.  That something was this.  Even if there is little truth to the astrological thing, based on it’s long handing down from one century to the next, people ascribe to the characteristics of each individual sign regardless.  Knowing this allowed me to easier recognize why the confrontations on so many fronts during the rein of these relationships.  We were all fire signs, fiercely devoted to who and what we sought.  Passionate while pleasing to a characteristical flaw.  Possessive to the point of only seeing our conclusions!  Sorta’ like the devil who sat on my chest while tellin’ me that the world could be mine if…  If I committed!  Yes, much like my Ex’s in their quest to get a guy to commit.

Like the ‘lil demon who held me down, pinning me to that floor, preventing me from rising, I cannot say the same with regard to an Ex..  Ex’s some would say are totally demonic.  But hey, neither of these I speak of will ever be cast to that lot.  Still if I wanted to, I could be like most and condemn ‘em after the fact but what for?  To talk about someone you’ve been with and for the time I spent with them would be to knock myself.  Basically saying my judgment was impaired or something to that effect you know.  Oh, they had influence like most women are able to command upon a man within their line of sight, but with me…  I only committed because it was mutually beneficial.

The point; during this call from one of those other mythological homes I was also able to maintain consciousness while examining the lives of those who’ve I’ve touched.  All a good thing!  Another good thing is having the opp. to share life with another who is aware enough not to allow “days of past” to cloud one’s judgment.  Oh, she has tricks but…  What Gemini doesn’t?  Today she is sane, tomorrow she is actin’ strange.  This is how she does it, and she is my delight!

Soon after I was revived and no, not resuscitated, I shared with her where I was during this moment in which I was under attack.  “Attack, a powerful position, hunnn…” To be called from a point in which you have no real understanding of is nothing more than an attack.  Like a prank phone call.  You answer, a question is posed or a voice is unrecognizable, but because it is your phone you engage.  Just like my Ex’s.  I felt that because we shared those astrological birth signs it would be more conducive to engage because we had much in common.  Silly I agree.  In life you won’t ever really see someone comin’ ‘til they see a need to put on display another dimension of who they actually are.  “Shape-shifters”, “Transformers”? Nope, human beings.

After this call I was prepared to re-engage life.  Grab it, hold it and let it know that I had much more to achieve while taking this journey before I’d ever accept another call like that again.  Then, BAM…  Someone else reaches out to me in an attempt to disrupt my peace.  Little did they know that it wasn’t anything they could come with that would cause me to become emotionally discombobulated like I was during that previous call.  But when they posed the question concerning this internet portal known as “” I must admit, I didn’t see it comin again.  She sought my opinion on “hook-ups”.  The word wasn’t new to me and I immediately ran with it.  Giving her an explanation as to the virtues of such a situation.  Whoa, I had been sleepin’ far too long.  ashleymadison had put a spin on the term and I…  Not being aware of what they did spoke up way too soon.


Hook-up from my day was about hanging out, havin’ fun, wining and dining, while eventually becoming closer associated.  Extremely familiar so to speak, before you “touch one another”.  With ‘ol ashleymadison and today’s crew, “hook-up” is about sex with no-strings-attached, a la “NSA”. is about being married, living with another or whatever your case.  Then, because personal head-trips create illusion of missed opps..  Those causing one to see themselves as neglected, abused or sexually outta sync, one conjures up feelings of being dissed.  They step out on their significant other and do the nasty with whomever appears on their radar screen.

ashleymadison purportedly doesn’t condone this behavior, they’ve just built their business model focusing on this exact mentality.  I can only say this is demographical review targeting a clientele knowing their primary objective before hand.

My new caller was shocked at my response to her inquiry about the possibilities of her involvement in “hook-ups”, but…  I’m good and was able to maintain the flow while engaging at the same psychological speed she was travelin’.  A’la today’s meaning of “hook-up”.  This allowed me to use the stories of my Ex’s. and those perceived commonalities all people living as one, share.  I even explained to her about the verbal commitments said under such circumstances with the googly eyes full of passion & desire.  From there I touched on something she hadn’t anticipated which was engaging just to be!  Just so one can have another to compare your primary against. Adding that the “hook-up” is today’s politically correct excuse for freedom to get busy.  She really tuned in on this.  I know it was the injection of the word “against” that struck a cord deep within her psyche’.

Life isn’t about being against or for, it’s about you.  Say it’s selfish and I will come back with “so what”.  If you won’t represent yourself don’t expect anybody else to do it for you!  Like my Ex’s. Some have come to me and said they’ve “dumped salt on me”, (reads, blashpemic words against yours truly).  I hear it and say, ashleymadison!

Now you say what does ashleymadison have to do with me and for that matter, any of my Ex’s?  Just this.  None of my Ex’s ever had to worry about the transmission of STDs where we were concerned.  They didn’t have to contend with the possibility of me needing another to know their worth to me.  None of my Ex’s or my other callers need concern themselves with being advised on what they should do given any set of mind boggling circumstances.  I am not the neighborhood Psych. who is bounded by political mandates and government oversights.  I don’t do “should”.  I say they do, simple!

Selfish?  “Middle-finger”.  Arrogant?  “Aren’t we persistent”.  Full of himself?  Oh yeah, now you’ve got the vibe.

None of those I’ve shared life with are suffering from lack of or low self-esteem.  We saw one another, we engaged.  We failed at some of the things we thought we wanted to achieve.  So what!  We are still standin’.  Oh, we all felt a little lost and very much confused after the fact but…  We didn’t go “ho” as in whore and run the gamut on selling ourselves just to get a momentary fix.  I guess social maturity is something slowly acquired.  Ya know.

Psssss; If one’s self-esteem has been shattered to the point of one having to engage The Net just for a “hook-up” or in my language “to tap ‘dat ass”.  One…  Doesn’t have the sense to recognize a damn thing experienced or acquired from one’s past.  Someone other than your present significant other hit that mind of yours and all things comin’ with it.  Meaning your entire being was in some way or another sexed up way before the point you’ve followed another’s flow.  You lived though that so keep livin’ and tap the resources from within before you settle and follow the herd!

Psssss, Psssss;  I am not ashleymadison nor do I need anyone to be the Conductor on my quest for some…  “Private Reserve” (reads in today’s vernacular, “hook-up”) Remember, this is what I do.  This is what I know.  When you get with me I will tell you about sand being sold in the Sahara along with suggesting you miss that sale.  Yes, I can do this because unlike sheep as in people who stay asleep, I won’t follow the herd.  I am the proverbial Black Sheep but I don’t speak Baaa as in Baaa Baaa either.  “But then, maybe…  I should try some non-descript booty acquired through links within cyberspace.  Hummm, maaaaaaybe.  But then again…  Alien Affairs have a super high built-in risk factor that off the charts.  Feel me

“Malika’s Moves”

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”Salmon; best served wild!”

There are some extra-ordinary women who just make you wanna stop and stare.  Call it an allure, see them as fascinating; just remember this.  No matter how you verbally define ‘em, you see them!

The life-sustaining properties of salmon are known throughout the world, so much so ‘til scientist have even gotten into The Game.  Today, the big thing is genetical modifications; the changing of everything in the name of supporting life.  Regardless of how you flip it, salmon will be un-sustainable in its natural form.  Hummm, much like women.

Today everything seems to be headed the way of genetical modifications.  Demand is at such an all time high ’til it’s created an interest from the field of science.  Funny, most Scientists don’t look or even act like their character depictions shown on T.V.  And…  This is who’s taken up the new designs of women!  When you see Silver Screen Scientists they are ultra-cool & totally beyond anything reflected in the real world.  They always arrive at an answer for every aspect of the life as we live it.  But…  Don’t get it twisted, many creations seen on T.V. don’t have any real connections to what is.  Still, I believe in some of what science has discovers, but when it comes to the Inneractions/Communications between He&She, there are factors science won’t ever include in their assessments.  Hence…  You get monsters like the genetical modified salmon.  Especially obvious when aligned with the original.

Women love to compare men to the likes of a Don Juan and that infamous Bad Ass Billy.  Yet, when man compares “woman” to other women, the one in the mix for obvious reasons can’t accept it.  Demands not to be compared with anybody!  Whoa, is this a double standard or what?  Doesn’t matter, She&He think while acting totally different no matter the case, issue or situation!

When I first met Malika the “Dance Of Deception” was non stop.  For those on the outside looking in, we were fabulous.  Behind closed doors, the story was following a different script altogether.  Time passed and for me, it was movin’ way too slow.  She felt the same but as we all know, women love to “play it hard” (reads, they’ve got it, know exactly what they’re doin’ so don’t push).  Her perception was fine with me as I had plenty of forward gears and in awareness of this, easily slipped into full throttle.

“Peeling it back”, I reached deep deep down inside her chest, came out with “heart in hand” and watched her as she sat there mystified.  (Reads, switched gears right in the middle of listening to her serve me with even more drama, and…  Suddenly stopped playing on her level while psychologically moving completely into mine)

After she experienced another degree of what she knew I was about, we moved continuously and everything else was heavenly.

“Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” gave all a glimpse into another.  Her name; omitted out of respect.  Still, she once upon a time was totally “on deck”.  Now I come with “Milika’s Moves”. The sequence in presentation is important because the woman who motivated “Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah” was livid when associated with…  Malika.  Oh, she was so in love she couldn’t be stopped from pleasuring me.  Forever did things that…  If inquired about today, she’ll immediately suffer from a case of selective memory recall, but…  On the comparison side, don’t tell her she was in any way like another female.

Many times I employ situations blossoming from people, places and things that are germane to; whom it is I’m in association with in order to arrive at a particular point.  Very few FOLK can handle this association because…  Well, their individuality seems to become threatened.  This isn’t surprising to me because few FOLK know who they actually are.  If these FOLK did know who they were and held such powerful awareness of individualism why the threat!  Salmon, hummm, keeps comin’ up if you ask me.

During the initial stages of a relationship you have two who are completely in-sync.  Everything begins with the risin’ sun and won’t even set when the moon starts to burn bright.  Then, with the passage of time the novelty starts to evaporate and the transformation begins.  Reality doesn’t wear thin but perceptions become altered.  Every aspect of “you” is argued.  I’ve even heard the following applied to me.  “You’re not like anybody I’ve seen on television, you’re confusing me.  Why can’t you follow the script”. Quickest answer is possibly they’ve had way too many infusions applied by Scientists who aren’t who they appear to be while partaking in the ingestion of genetically modified salmon!  You know false applications of anything will result in viruses un-foreseen in any-bodies time.

Women can be heard around the world saying they can’t find a good man.  Men have issues too but…  Men continue along, goin’ up in most women they meet and seldom slow their roll to contemplate “fittin’ in where they have gotten in”.  So it seems, He&She can’t find the goodness they seek no matter what’s at stake.  My response to all this has always been straight up.  “Are you a quality woman”, and to the man.  “Will you ever step up and stop allowing those so-called friends of yours to stop defining who she is for you”

This environment of today which has defined the union between He&She is vastly different than the one “Moms & Pops” came up in.  Violence has emerged from the closet and taken center stage.  Hidden agendas rise with the realities of what’s comin’ out of these closets while propelled He&She towards others who have created a confusing set of dynamics at best!  Those subtle nuances as in fine distinctions that define who one is won’t ever be touched through cloning, no matter the association.  So now that this is known does He&She have any chance of survival?

“Malika’s Moves”, best analogy for clarification would be like salmon.  Delicious in every way, but.  If you aren’t aware of the intricacies defining the delicacy of the basic nature, you are bound to mess up whatever way it (reads she) comes.

Malika was what is known as “Game Tight”. (Reads very smooth, somewhat manipulative but otherwise remarkable)  Those 3 B’s of hers were in full effect.  She was very…  Shall I say, capable and recognizing of what was really goin’ on between us!

When someone is associated with another it may not be a direct comparison as much as it is a revelation.  Pointing out what one may have not seen or recognized about themselves!  But then again, maybe many don’t like the comparison/association thing because they actually aren’t…  Ready to kick it up a level, hummm.

Somebody once said to me they couldn’t find an adult conversation, despite of circulating amongst many of their city’s most prominent people.  Before I could get a word in they added, “Don’t you find this interesting”.  The “last word” always gets me because it is those words that come from a place revealing much about one’s actual state of mind.  Now when talking to someone and the person (s) engaging me comes back with the reply of “interesting” I know instantly they weren’t hearin’ me or.  Were so far outta their pay-grade ‘til they knew we weren’t even in the same psychological hemisphere.

When one says “interesting” believe me on this, even if they are considering what ’cha said, they haven’t ventured out as far on the matter as you.  And probably can’t!

Psssss; The really good stuff.  After completing this piece I eased into my bedroom and noticed her peeking out from under the sheets tryin’ to get a glimpse of me.  She didn’t know I saw her and when I tip-toed around to get a closer look, she faked as if asleep.  I gave out this enormously robust laugh that it shook the walls of the house.  She laid perfectly still but I could have sworn I saw her eyelids flutter.  The next morning we sat down to breakfast and if she could have slapped me she would have, the anger was boiling.  I calmly looked at her, leaned in closer and closer and just as i could taste her scent, I kissed her on the cheek while saying.  “Such anger, where does this…  Madness arise from?”