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“Tiger… I only know of one.”

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In the town of over the top opulence, also known as Las Vegas, another ultra-chic mega-resort recently opened.  Situated on the south-end of The Strip, located between Tropicana & Flamingo, resting on the westside of the street is City Center.  Architecturally speaking; magnificent.  It also happens to be the spot all the Movers & Shakers of Vegas have pinned their financial futures on.

I was lucky enough to be on site during the grand opening of the Hotel/Residential property “Mandarin Oriental“.  Their brand is designed for those with money to exchange.  As for me, I really enjoyed their teas.

It was while I partook in this gathering given by a group of professional women, that I realized I had been captured by the prey.  The Speaker was clever in the way she played me, putting the spotlight on me, simply by saying.  “Could someone from the audience explain why “Tiger” would throw all that money away by dilly around with women who obviously aren’t his wife?” Yes, I was thrown into the fire and hadn’t even been asked if I wanted to be the main dish.  No matter.

As I am a student of People-Watching 101, the element of fear people have of others had long been removed from my psyche’.  So, their applauds were welcomed as were their extending hands in their attempt to lead me to the podium.  As I stepped forth, I realized their invite…  Although stimulating to receive such an honor, creating a chemically induced sense of excitement in me even before I showed up.  If you understand the intoxicating effects of such a situation, you know where my head was at.  Still, I walked straight ahead…  Delivering my head to their guillotine.

The clapping faded and the emotions seemed to settled in their eyes when I casually responded to their inquiry.  “I cannot answer your question as I am not Mr. Woods nor am I a celeb.” That statement alone, immediately changed the mood within the room.  Now, they waited for more, and…  I obliged.

“I know of only one Tiger.  He’s GREAT, and goes by the name of Tony.  Has a cousin who is also deep into marketing, known affectionately as Chester.  But he’s a Cheetah.” My point hit its mark and the tension subsided three degrees more.  Continuing I pushed to convey to all of them that my Tiger is media driven so I don’t expect anything more that what it is.  Adding, “when you don’t expect anything, you won’t set yourself up for any surprises”.

My concluding words about the ugly situation Tiger Woods found himself in gained me even more props. from those in attendance.  That statement.  “All this talk about the man chasing the women for sex, ends with y’all making the man out to be this cold, deceptive sex addict.  But, let a woman be on the hunt and y’all refer to it being a case of expanding her social network.  Okay ladies, I give-up, and it’s give-in.  Permission granted…” As they looked at me, some with confusion etched on their faces, others showing anticipation as to what would come next, I ended their thirst by saying.  “Be like Tony and tell the truth.  It’s GRRREAAAT!”

Psssss;  Much of what people do is based on a combination of acquired behavior with a ‘lil innate characteristics sprinkled in.  When people act on impulse this is said to be of the reptilian variety.  A la, people see, people want, people take.  As for the consequences, the realization of them only comes with the passage of time.  Hey, are we talkin’ maturity?  Tiger Woods’ life is his life to lead or cast to the winds while damning those who thought he was bigger than them.  The women who gave themselves to him accepted that permission slip previously defined, allowing them to…  Do what people do!


Art of Seduction P II

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Seduce, (verb) action word.  Those who understand this and don’t ascribe to local chatter resulting in wrapping oneself up in semantics, know the word to mean.  “I am one but for me I only see you which makes the duo.” Fact of The Art Of Seduction!

Combine this knowledge with that of the powerful potential in strength in numbers, or…  In this case, the combination of taking two to make the three as in, “you & me make the we”.  And as in influencing those who you wish to be, such as “He or She”…  Side by side with thee. As in, The 48 Laws of Power.

Understanding this as you soar like an eagle, rising to heights in which you see how it actually should be.  Allowing you to recognize that to seduce as in seduction isn’t about leading anyone astray.  Seduce as in seduction is to assist another in seeing the beauty of enjoying the tease, knowing that eventually you will be pleased.  Yes, the prelude to living a life together.  Sharing and caring as the duo traverse the scene, smilin’ & profilin’ despite the differences that are all to quickly identified by…

Right, those haters who have but one interest which is to spread their misery!  Exactly, I said it…  Misery which leads to madness, adding you to their nasty but forever growin’ ranks of wasted people.  Hey, don’t act surprised as if this is a new revelation to you.  You knew that misery loves company.

Besides, why do you think that some FOLK seem to be having all the fun?  Could it be that after watching the many who usually end up without any which are prime examples of; “how not to be”.

Oh well, if we were in France they would say such is life.  But a las, I am of the Western society so the correct phrase is, “chalk it up to the game”.

There goes that inflammatory word again, “Game“.  I’ve encountered way too many who have written me to say that life is not a game and implore me to correct myself.  Well first I’m not into publicly self-checking myself!  Secondly, as I’ve said many times before, continue getting at me like that while I keep adding to my score by stating that the word is nothing more than a metaphor.  Feel me!

Psssss; Vibe off the content above while expanding your mind, allowing the simplicity of what is to filter into your consciousness.  Then, stand tall above them all, as you marvel with the exhilaration of the seduction of self.  Now…  Step out and share it with somebody else.