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“Excuse me… Excuse me. Will the real Estefan’ please stand up”

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GhirardelliSqSF09jpgGhirardelli Square and its quaint cafe.  My kinda’ place.  Corner location, easy access, old world in decor with the stained glass & wood thing going on throughout.  When the fog is in the atmospheric tone within this spot can be very inspirational.  Un hun, my kinda’ place.

Sippin’ cocoa with the nice dollop of real whipped cream floating gracefully on top, I find myself in a reflective state of mind.  My thoughts are those which revolve around this thing known as (role model).  Images which filter in and surround my thoughts based on this topic make me smile with satisfaction.  Laugh also because society and those who feel they lead it are funny.  More so when they feel it is them who decide who is and who should be the definitive one to assume this mantel of…  Role Model.

One point about this aspect of role model is true.  Everyone should have or be privy to another who can assist them in defining the rules of the road.  “Road” as in course traveled to deliver one to that point of intersection for life’s engagements.

It was during this introspective moment that I realized I had no mentors while rising within this world.  A realization that didn’t faze me because no one had ever displayed the capacity for inspiring me.  Oh there were those I had no direct connection to who…  Well, for one, “Muhammad Ali“, The Worlds Greatest Boxer.  Boxing was merely a means to another dimension of life for him as he was more than a boxer slash performer inside a ring.  Ali gave me cause to pause and imagine the spiritual benefits that come when one stands for something and stops falling for everything.

Along with Ali was a character portrayed in a film titled (Night World) staring “Boris Karloff”.  Yes the original monster man, (see Frankenstein 1931).  It was in this picture that I realized the depth of Mr. Karloff’s consciousness with regard to what his capabilities were as an actor.  He put the layers to his character who was a low-life gangster that owned a club in an environment where tact & diplomacy was something completely foreign to all those around.  Basically Boris did Boris by reaching into his past to project a personality he knew of.  Call it panache’.  “Okay, for you metro-sexual types will “swagger” do?  Feel better!”

SFBridge09jpgIn the film (Kill Bill II) “Michael Parks” took the character known as Estefan’ and delivered it with a marked sense of…  “For those not in the loop it would have to be classified as believability.” To me, it was raw and un-cut.  Right, my friend whom sipped cocoa with me along the Wharf in The City By The Bay (San Francisco) was the prototype of Estefan’.  In fact, Estefan’ was Zel 2.0!  No, Zel wasn’t a pimp but you wouldn’t know that.  Especially if you’d encountered him standing in the fog along the Wharf with his arms braced on the rails of the wooden pier.  Wearing a cream-colored two piece suit complete with a blacked band Panama hat & Crocodile loafers, color black, adorning his feet.  Zel was Estefan’ before Estefan’ existed because Zel was living life and not playing at being a part of life.  And…  While we stood together he wasn’t the least bit concerned about soiling his suit.

I was lucky while growing up.  My Pops, (The Real Bill) had my back.  Hey, don’t get it twisted, we had our moments, but it was usually based on me being too busy trying to get somewhere and be something I had no business being.  Placing me in a position that caused me to encounter all the drama & madness that I experienced.  Still I was sharp enough to see his total value onto me!  Not only as his son but a to be man also.

A role model should have enough focus so that whenever you see ’em, you get a sense of them knowing they have the full attention of those viewing them no matter what they are doing.  Role model should be disciplined enough to understand the importance of defining goals and having a vision that many can tap into for their own foundation.  insight that helps them to recognize ethics and how they come into play during pursuit of another.

‘Hey, thought I forgot what I’m about?  Not hardly.  This piece is about He & She, sooooo.  Stay in the loop cause I’m goin’ somewhere!”

Now for the good stuff… Many women have approached The 22nd G asking.  Strike that, “begging” would be a better word in this case.  They would beg to the point of compromising themselves by offering to do anything just so as they may acquire from The 22nd G, his understanding of women.  All for the sake of taking this knowledge back to their man!  “Ladies & Gents to be ever so humble and speaking on behalf of The 22nd G, I think you’ve put a ‘lil too much on it.”

What you’ve experienced in talkin’ with The 22nd G and what you’ve may of felt during any type of engagement with the same came from…  Right; You.  Straight that!

Although I come in livin’ color, I’m not T.V.  I use analogies drawn from the Silver Screen only for the purpose of relevance.  This is live and in real-time and for the next few blogs I’m gonna kick (The 48 Rules Of Power) while cross referencing this with (The Art Of Seduction).  Both written by Robert Greene with each compilation consisted of things written and learned way back in the day.  This is the best way to assist all in dispelling those delusional thoughts that create images of a new role model.  Like Robert Greene shares within his books, everything follows an exact formula.

In closing check this, especially if you are wondering where this going and what is this about.  When you think power or seduction see (Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile).  Or read up on (Helena Of Troy).  True stories of powerful and seductive females.  Women who created The Art of Seduction.  Which is to say, like the great leader Hannibal, or the powerful Moors who ran all over the Spanish, Italians making friends and creating new families as in (babies).  And…  Just like The 22nd G, they knew it all came from woo-man!

Psssss; Hey “Eve” the 1st female was tricky, but…  She knew enough of the value of understanding morals, ethics and advanced disciplines of life to get to where she needed to be.  Soooo, stay tuned.  This is definitely gonna be one of those E-ticket adventures.