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The 22nd Psalms or… Didn’t see this comin’

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships with tags on July 30, 2014 by ichas8440

Ichas8440Graphics_The22ndPsalms..._2014I recently read about a woman who said she doesn’t want a man ’til he knows he’s a man because any other woman he’s been with before her could have only ruined him.  I found this to be humorous simply because he couldn’t have been the man she sought because.  To be with another before you find that other who’s meant for you, are merely trials and tribulations of one seeking to become…  The One!

Sunset & Vine, steppin’ out for a late night breath of fresh air.  The Drama in the place I was, had gotten just that steep.  Light was red and I crossed anyway as the “Po Po” sat on the seat of his cycle, scrafin’ down a Taco watching.  He cared but the Taco trumped.  I went to the same Taco truck and despite the crowd, moved to the front of the line with my order.  Everybody stared, some even mad dogged me with their demon eyes but, ‘nar one turned up a crooked lip in my direction.  Yes, I was on one.

When the Bugatti appeared as if out of a bend in an unseen vortex, the attention shifted.  Door opened, dress slit at the knees, inner calf bustin’ out as she worked it well.  Strutting through the crowd as they parted like The Red Sea, she accepted the anointed opening and sailed right through.  The mass of FOLK caught up in tryin’ to figure out what all this means, couldn’t take their eyes off the car that none probably hadn’t seen.  In reaching the Order Window she glanced nonchalantly at me, gave me the once over  and…  That’s when she recognized, I did Tacos.

Munchin’ through my fifth one she made it a point to brush up against me causing me to stop in mid chomp.  I failed to chock and that only stimulated her more.  Now, invading my air space she sniffed animalistcally around my shirt collar while all the other started hoopin’ and hollin’.  Alien was all that crossed their minds but…  Not in mine.  Picking up my Root Beer soda with the extra ice, slowly sipping on my long red straw, sucking deep into the super sized black colored cup, never questioning my luck.  The impact of my final slurp followed with an echoing swig, let everyone know this Root Beer Soda wasn’t for kids.  As if watching a live feed the FOLK stood almost as if suspended in slow motion, refusing to break away, demanding more and more of this provocative display.  Covering my mouth as everyone anticipated the burp, I used my thumb to catch the dribble before it dropped on my shirt.  The nasty-ass public belch didn’t come.  Those watchin’ seemed upset because I wasn’t according to the character assumed for this set.  Reaching for a napkin from the counter full of condiments, instead I placed a collections of leaflets.  Walking away I heard the tussle and hustle of feet and hands as the mad dash was on to retrieve something assumed left by an entertaining man.  Jay-Walking the “Po Po” at it again, gave me one of those stares to imply, “You really are gonna test me tonight knowin’ we ain’t friends“.  Safe across on the other side, I gave him the universal hand sign indicating I come in Peace, ‘cept.  My interpretation was totally different as he smiled thinking I was just havin’ a breakdown which would soon be in total remission.

Back in front and about to re-enter my building I heard that roar again.  The unmistakable sound of a super powerful ultra high-end sports car.  It was Bugatti spelled with  a B.  “B” as in she who slid from behind the wheel motioning for me to just come for the thrill.  Looking over my eyebrows while raising my index finger, I visually suggested she follow my message.  The Dance Of Deception was accepted, lasting no longer than a minute when I knew I could get deeper in it.  I was now her passenger.

Headed to The Loews Hotel up off of Hollywood and Highland we cut through the alley which is what we do in cali.  Entering through the parking area along side the back entrance we took the service elevator up to her room where it soon began.  In the era for the introduction of some of the worlds deadliest STDs, she broke and still got down to her knees.  On the bed, curtains open, we both fell under some mysterious love potion.  She like a Mad Russian out of Vodka, purred like a kitten as she…

“Back Dat Thank Up Fo Santa”.

Yes, not even Xmas time and I was gettin’ mine.  Channelin’ Claus and she glided directionally exactly for the right cause.

Standing on the balcony, looking out to sea.  “What, you thought all I had was a view of the city”.  A sight caught my eye, a breaching Whale sailing by.  Less than fifty feet from the shore, the sight compounded my emotional score.  Yes, I was on one.  You should try it sometimes, just remember one thing.  When you least expect it you may get elected to bring it like you’ve didn’t think you could and that’s the point you should.  When wanting the best, be the best.  There’s no shame in personifying your Game.

Psssss; This is to “You, You and even You”.  Everybody who swears to somebody about practicing safe sex while truly believing they are that sanctified one.  Thinking they’ve got everybody who wants to be like another body who hasn’t realized they are listening to a nobody, well…  Remember this.  Save it and cease with the fantastic stories.  I was there, remember, just like you, you and even you.  Together, deep in that zone.  Lovin’ the sweat, not once thinkin’ this can become a mess.  Exactly as she who stepped out of the Bugatti.  Oh, and for those of you who really thought you knew me, recall when we met and you pushed beginning with your test.  I told you then as I repeat now.  I really do this so if you wanna go, let the music begin.  Remember something else.  Right, I said this too.  The Game, it don’t change, maybe re-arrange but it don’t change.  Like you were on Deck and eventually we would break the set.  Oh, but that’s when you realized something else, “This MF is either straight crazy or really on one“. Oh yes, the actual glimpse of me that you thought set your spirit free, nothing but a sample of what you’d forever remember as the ultimate example.  And…  That when you finally knew.  “His eyes are open and I’m still caught up in imagery, how in the hell can this be“.  Now you really know how it must be.  Let the bitterness go.  It’s about survivin’, livin’ learning, understanding the reasons for the seasons and keep it from becoming a tool of treason.  Yes, we are all still standing, but.  More so me.  Not merely in the moment but.  Making my moments; magic.