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Power Couple Splits…

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships with tags , , , on May 10, 2011 by ichas8440

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it a day and going separate ways.  Oh, publicists are saying the couple are just in a “transitional mode” but…  Separation is just that, you are divided.

What is “Power Couple”?  Good question and I have your answer, just step right up and I’ll serve it to you!  “Got your answer?”  Well that is partially what a Power Couple is, they don’t have to wait on much.  Power is defined by acts like one becoming a Governor of a powerful state such as cali, and…  Because the wife and the kids don’t wanna relocate from sunny cali and their luxurious adobe situated in the Santa Monica Hills to the city of Sacramento and the Governors’ “stated” mansion, well…  It’s okay.  Pops being the new governor will just fly in to the job each and every day in his personal jet.

Whoa, what about the gas?  Great association.  The national news circulated statements to the starving public about this same concern.  What was left out is this.  Gas isn’t an issue with in the mindsets of Power Couples.  It’s like this, if you have to ask the price of anything the reality is, you can’t afford it!

There was once a television show by the name of Fantasy Island and during the intro a ‘lil person “Herve’ Villechaize” staring as “Tattoo” whose opening line to Richardo Montalban staring as Boss was.  “Boss, the plane, the plane”.  After he said it, he and the Boss would look into the sky and, “walla” a plane could be seen descending onto the Island’s runway.

Fantasy Island was for Power Couples, they don’t worry about cost.  They, “make it happen”.

Okay, what does this have to do with regular FOLK?  Everything because while the media attempts to rationally explain away the divide with this Power Couple, especially after 25 years, it appears that regular FOLK are amazed at the how and why!  Relax, I’ve got this too.

Some know others don’t, I grew up in SFV.  The bedroom community and development ground for many of the celebrities who rose yesterday and are cropping up today.  Kim Fields of Family Ties fame, Todd Bridges of the television show Different Strokes, I spent a many of nights and days attending parties in Woodland Hills with them and their posse.  This way back in the day when posses’ weren’t even in vogue.  Chaka Khan jammed in a small spot located in the city of North Hollywood and I was usually seated along the wall with a friend who dated the bands’ “Rufus” leader.  All “Hollywoooood” types but still people.  Arnold was a regular in Santa Monica and yeah, my crew worked out right along side of his in Golds Gym and Venice Beach.  So yeah, I have history in this arena even if I’m not “power” or “celeb”.

Do I know power?  Is fat meat greasy!  I said I was raised in SFV.  Universal Studio sits on the crest of the South East end of one of the main arteries exiting SFV.  Leading into Hollywood, the movie and recording studios along with all the spots which are filled  with homes & offices in L.A. of those Power Couples.  Val Kilmer, Kevin Spacey are from a city known as Chatsworth.  They grew up and played around the corner from my brother’s spot.  Yeah, feel me…

Point is, I really understand power, the people and couples who wield it. 

This split between Arnold and Maria shouldn’t be defined in the media.  But since it is, I wanna make you all aware of something.  The separation when considering the time line, chain of events, etc. etc. etc. isn’t anything spectacular.  You had two people who were of different political factions.  One is from one of the most powerful families in America.  Maria is Kennedy, America’s royalty.  She knew power because her family doesn’t  play at it, they are it!  Like back in the day and you played “freeze tag” in the streets after the lights went out.  If you had power and didn’t wanna be it, chasing people all around, you didn’t have to say a thing.  Instead, someone from within the group would speak for you, naming anybody but you as the “it” person.  Tell me, is that power or not!

Arnolds’ background is vastly different.  He was born Austrian.  His lineage can be traced back to the Nazi regime and the Gestapo era.  (research on your own)  I’m not here to spread dirt, it’s just that you cannot grow up under such tutelage and not be touched.  Still, he aspired and  soared to high heights with his vision.  But…  Fairy Tales don’t do good under cross-over conditions.  At least not without constant work!

When you engage another from across the tracks.  When your eyes are following the scent of one who is outside your station in life, to get it right you’ve gotta really reflect on who you are.  Knowing while accepting what has touched you is of you and to be all you can be, “NIKE” may have the best approach.

Correctomundo”, NIKE the powerful manufacture who stated out in footgear and rose to an apparel conglomerate; Their motto, “Just Do It”.

Arnold along with Maria have children, they are the ones who will be impacted the most from this media blast.  Maybe not today but tomorrow.  The FOLK I mentioned who I was graciously invited to party with, many others that I refused to put on blast, are all from this same “feeding grounds”.  Most grew up with issues and didn’t have the opt to get it right.  The media didn’t allow for too many of ‘em to continue after the “miss-stepped”.  Power Couples are just that.  Way beyond most pay level!

Salt and Pepper can be mixed, you’ve just gotta know the exact properties of each.  He and She are each full of themselves, but…  That won’t stop either of ‘em from seeking one another out.  When anything is combined, be it “Power” or “pissy”, what is combined has to understand one thing.  “Power when played with will only result in Power Premiered”.  Like everything in Hollywood, eventually it will make it to the screen.

Psssss;  If you don’t wanna become the next media blast, pay attention to what ‘cha got and stop following’ these pretend leaders.