“Do Fries go With That Shake”

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Get with this. In awareness of the dis-associative characteristics seen and heard while attempting to engage the Damage Control whenever Sexual Harassment rears its ugly heard. And yes, He/She, they both have heads, you’ve just gotta determine which of the two is leading off.”

DoFriesGoWithThatShake (3)

Validation, everybody seeks; validation. Possibly beginning when the “YoungStar”, having that desire for Moms/Pops to look their way. Emotions, those oh so influential feelings identify pride and you see it surging from those looking. Expressive eyes seem to convey approval. In actuality the visual stimuli says “I’m glad you haven’t disappointed” but this is avoided and… The natural sequence maintaining life continues, you breath and nothing matters. Exhilaration reigns simply because. You have confirmation that you’re more than the “drip” piercing the egg. Penetrating, as ignition has sustained the charge creating.


Adulthood. Big ideas with even bigger concepts of the possibilities leading to the expansion of you. Still, things have begun to percolate but you know this is a result of somethings, self-induced and.

Somebody other than those you’ve looked to for sustainability appears within your life and you sense another form of personal adulation and inside your imagination you begin to see, magnify. Displays of emotions expressed have no real reference point and you stay in a selfish mode. Believing once again, “Is this all for me, you shouldn’t have”.


No, they do not see anything miraculous about you. They have an insight giving them a superior understanding of what motivates humans with yours just being activated.

Now for your extended reality

Skippin’ off, running out in the Midnight Hour to do ah ‘lil shopping for anything allegedly forgotten whilst you were out earlier. But. This. Is an excuse. You confidentially proceed to the secret rendezvous with another Significant Other. The entire Affair seems to revitalize you and as things revolve you are discovered. But… You are skilled, the quick reply, “You neglected me, I felt alone, many times abandoned, I didn’t feel wanted”. Hummm, this prepared statement (s) is about as Salty as layin’ down with another, then when you find out it wasn’t nor had it ever been about you. Morphification becomes quick. Accusations are made. Slander is spread and secretly you pray for them to attain Viral status. Attorney summoned. Litigation is hatefully structured and suffice to say, made public. And… This Beat, goes on. Everything continues, spiraling outta control but you say, “No worries” as you knew nothing was ever under control only influenced. Feeling, words considered within your mental if only as a conditioned response to placate your ignorance shown.

Learn from yourself

You are the best Identifier of what makes you Click. Validation begins within. You knew from Day One what you saw. Were lookin’ at and along with those deeply intense vibrations you so un-restrictedly had to be possessed by had you, but.

Tricked. I was deceived!”

You, not hardly. You with the false modification already applied to your life, knew none of that stuff fooled you. The lie, you kept it goin’. Privately plotting as you went along your conceited way.

Me/Mine, appearing to those on the outside looking in that here are Two so caught-up in The Dance Of Deception, they have to be… Captivated in full illusion.

Whomever concluded this overheard nothin’ because they were preempted. Tuned in, locked down and stayed faithful with their “Ear Hustle”. The descriptive narrative, left to their interpretation only. In this case it was from He to She. I being He spoke to She, illustrating us as being on the doorsteps to a beautiful; “Inner-Course” with She… In full concordance. Understanding my words She/We, together took it for what it was. While, knowing those tryin’ to burglarize, deciphering our “kinetic energy” remained, clueless. They sought validation not expressed or extended from her nor I.

Being there, in the moment doesn’t require a damn ‘thang. Demands are the Discipline of Order. Deny your intuition, if you will. Act as if what ‘cha see can’t be. All you’ve done is place yourself in a world spinning deeper into the speculative.

What. What has this world become?”  Nothin’ more than what you’ve participated in creating.

Psssss; Validation begins at home. With those who truly have your best Interest In Heart. Not “At Heart”. Those at your heart will tell you exactly what you wanna hear. They are simply pushin’ buttons ‘til you unfasten them yourself. And even then, you’re gonna deny it if and when it doesn’t go your way.


“State of Dissonance”

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Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

The rhythm, in some defined by the Bass cords.

Feel the Bass line then you’ll recognize the melody.

Feel the flow, the dissonance abandons and all becomes harmonious.

Much like life.  Even though everybody appears to be on a different page, when the pages are placed in their exact order the book can be formed.

Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

Psychological Dissonance, always apparent but doesn’t have to be.  He/She, madly wanna be with one another but simultaneously holdin’ onto thoughts leading to beliefs which morph into ideas establishing values that are contradictory to their projected.

Projected what!

Me/Mine and this included every last one of ‘em entered the Intimate Apparel Shops, casually checking out what is available.  I, yes I pick up some complimenting sets, matching in color and material.  They, comfortably accept them while disappearing between the embroidery wall-papered partitions and moments later call out.  I glance down the same halls separating she from I and watch.  She is making last minute adjustments while contemplating.  Through the reflection in the full length mirror and no matter which of them they may be, they turn and in my eyes I’ve learned something about them/us which has allows for the elimination of the conflicting dust.  The sight is so commanding ‘til I realize there’s no need to become a participant.  Like those breakin’ to get to the local or nationalizing Strip Clubs.  Droppin’ big bucks just to say they are…

How, how is this possible?

Spontaneity.  Recall the feelin’s from days past when you got into something, couldn’t explain the reasons why but just went with the vibe.  That’s being in the moment. Flowing, glowing and knowing all that matters is the heighten comfort you/they have established and are now, exploring together.

The probability of doin’ this increase tremendously when you know the historical and respect what has become the traditional but then.  Realize something is holding you back.  Prevention has become your norm and in this momentarily point of clarity blow up what is antiquated and stand back.  Watch the fall out while for once being able to truly identify and visualize the creation of something much more; Transcending.  It’s called “You”.

This is manipulative.”

Much like the many things all Social Beings do and have no concept as to why other than it’s been this way as long as they/anyone can remember.  So let’s go back.  Way back.  To the beginning of this piece where you see a Five Hundred Dollar Bill PhotoShopped.  Two things are happening here with the 1st being or.  Having the ability to graphically change things with immediate results.  The other, seeing a $500 Dolla Bill even if the depiction of the persons featured face has been changed, you recognize the similarity of the currency to other paper money.  Now be truthful, who has not only seen but possessed an actual Five Hundred Dollar Bill of U.S. origin?

I have.

This is to say what One knows others may not even have considered nor thought in that direction.  Mainly because most are extensions of system designed to keep those spontaneous sparks from every igniting.  So now that ‘ya know let this lead you to my ultimate.

Settle in, an occasional grin.  All because my show is sponsored and presented with the two of us in mind.  Compliments extended, compliments taken.  Everything rotates effortlessly and all because, “This is how we do it”.  Hesitations based on deep seeded emotional reservations doesn’t even come into the equation.  Again, we are the Stars in this show.  Plus, in our minds we are…

I/She, always in possession of those “F U Points” so no matter what others assume, presume of those who’ve re-defined themselves.  Established themselves with a Presence impacting to most yet inconceivable to many making up the masses as they watch/stare in a type of conscious bias.  We…  Keep it movin’ and know that together we’ve forged an alliance.  We get it, got it and…

Psssss; Shows start, usually shortly after we exit the vehicle with those beautifully colored coordinated bags in hand with names etched on such as, Agent Provocateur, Trashies, Victoria Secrets.  (On that last one only when they have something really nice attracting us).  But either way, come.  Appear one and all.  The Akita’s, Dobies who always troll in pairs going by the names of Rosca & Bosca.  They’ve been locked safely in their dog runs, sooooo.  Slip inside the perimeter of our property.  Peer into the Bay windows and if you can illuminate your sight just to the degree of making out the images, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the most dynamic stage presentation of a Lingerie Show you will…  Well, I can’t charge anything for it because.  Mine are like the Five Hundred Dollar Bill, something of beauty few have ever seen despite of knowing of its existence.

“Villain/Vixen; Your Call”

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Villain comes from the old Anglo-Saxon-French lexicon as it descends from the Latin word “Villanus”.  Code, as in all things passed down and means (farmhand). Conveniently used to describe anyone of lesser statue so that all will know, this lot will psychologically remain bound to the soil.  Forced to put in hard labor and no matter what they achieve, they still won’t be admitted.  Code once again and this psychological meaning has major impact that few don’’t ever associate with the overall Status Quo. “Abuse, misuse accordingly. Physically, mentally, emotionally, they have no rights”.

Vixen basically refers to a female Fox. Attitude when in action, (Sly-Slick & Wicked). Qualifiers defined by parts of speech that are definitely seen within the walking talking women of our species.  Sexual in every sense and don’t think Man or Kind aren’t luvin’ this sexy association when silently thinking about…

Taking these two, associating them with the concepts germane to what qualifies the causes and effects ushering in Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, anything considered Sexually Deviant and you begin to understand why all things Western Society are so ‘ucked up.  The whole Anglo-Saxon-French-Latin again, has much to do with where all these concepts comes from.

Examine any historical docs. and look close.  Soon you’ll see the rise and fall of past Empires along with an obvious Source Code.  Evidence of a true societal continuum despite the recognizable display of occasional consciousness here and there.  Social Orders that at times worked but with the end-Game being the same. Darkness seeped in with chaos running supreme.

Maybe this was because although participation was there nobody ever actually wanted to partake in what had been scripted in the first place.  Yet, FOLK being of the sheep-mentality kept to their penchant for shepherding even though they sensed a collective discord coming.

America is the greatest “Gumbo” in the recorded history of any point in time, and now… FOLK are trippin’ off of who they have become yet no one is willing to connect this with the reality of where the American came from.

Alternative lifestyles, Gender specified Rights and all this.  Where is the justification.  Show the physiological connectivity and not just through a written or verbally articulated script.

None of this is surprising and that’s because…  Western Society is based on semantics. Substance is a non-entity.  Political correctness is “Trump” as everything spawns from some grammatical foundation.

WTF is this about?”

I luv you all…  Humans, magnificent as they are, never cease to amaze with the inquisitive minds which is why y’all should have “Pumped your brakes” long ago.  Slowed your collective rolls and reach back. Back to the beginning of your conception and there you’d of realize.  “The 22nd G, True To ‘Da Game like he is, so this has to be about something sex related.  Without exception.  The Dots will be connected and “Truth Be Told” that’s where it all began anyway.”

Today, find yourself out and about, strollin’ along any corridor, you being “He” who happens to encounter “She” and gets close enough not only to inhale the aroma of her scent but.  Sooooo close ‘til you cannot resist a quick rub against her curvvy thigh with all that “swag” know one thing.  You’ve gone beyond the possibility of being in The Twilight Zone and dipped deep into the probability as you’ve obviously missed the opening of the bi-dimensional universe and…  Welcomed yourself into “The World of The Bill’s”.

He/She, whatever anybody wants to perceive themselves to be, they’ve all seemed to have forgotten they are products of; “Primal Sexual Predilections of Man and Kind”. Like Back In The Day when one group felt themselves attracted to those of another, but because of certain laws.  Yes, laws that when and if crossed ushered in serious allegations because of.  Class Distinction.

Never of any mind” the laws, Class Distinctions when up in smoke and the more desirable and devious options exercised. Looks were exchanged.  Thoughts, stimulating as they could be, conveyed, and.  In all of this something was either missed or purposely avoided.  That being those cruel realities of intent. Seldom were they ever accurately deciphered.  The fuel driving their desire resulted in complete satisfaction and…  Immediately after despite of any violence occurring during the romp, a return to the group of origin.  Ah, a sense of normalcy quickly settled back into being.

Again, B.S. in its most personified of form.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Improper Sexual Attention is all based on an apprehensiveness.  Code as always for those who refuse to see.  Fears, latent phobias which weren’t correctly addressed from the beginning now apparent still won’t command attention, so.  Century upon centuries of barriers which had been erected to keep out demons are of no consequence.  Resurrection of the beast would not be denied.  Laws with scripted instruction, meaningless.  The door which was believed to have been shut a long time ago.  Locked in the recesses of the mind opened.  Primal instincts dictated once again.

And everybody retreats, not wanting to look in the direction of another yet.

They all wanna know; “Why Why Why”.

Psssss; Western Society is all about punishment and this is because assets, natural commodities, basically wealth, is finite. Inclusive of this you can include the scent of a woman, the masculinity of a man.  Commodities in their own natural right and possessing a value equivalence to a sorta’ dividend.  Power, position doesn’t place anyone in a more amenable mindset saying, “I won’t sexually abuse, dictate, compromise another”.  Carnal desires continue to be the major desire but ‘cha know… Maybe when everyone stops and considers how far we aren’t away from our primal instincts, possibly then society will find a method and means in which to say, “What was can no longer be. What is, will be at least to the point that we truly want to see it being.  Until that level of understanding is reach as to who we are to be, no one will actually ever be free from…”  This even extends to the Rich, Famous and all those who hide behind their own guilt ridden consciousness saying, “This doesn’t apply to me”.


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Matilda, after she said what she came to say started a mental process within my mind. Images I’ve seen many ‘ah times. Just not of the enormous white rabbit by the same name know to hop around and happy to just be around.  Nor did I catch a glimpse in any of the recesses of my mind of the Australian counterpart using the same name whose from Down Under.  The Kangaroo usually seen with her mate Jackie Leggs as they position themselves while intimidating all the other local residents.

My Matilda was more so related to Jane from the Doe lineage.  A product of her cultural.

Cultural in this sense defines a group of FOLK and their distinctions, arising from particular beliefs which morph, forming traditions sustained, based on realities manifested from collective habits.

Matilda.  Because of the complementary gender association through name could be your Mother.  Also reflective of the sister when conscious of the implied female of the species. My Matilda…  Resilient, resourceful and due to the conflicting situation, leaning towards vengeance.

Trigger, let her tell it, activated all because of her her choice of mate as in; man.

Hers, Bernard.  Elongated for Bernie.  But not the “Bernie Mack-Man” I’ve grown to recognize and honor.  This one put the “B” in Beast.  Don’t be alarmed or surprised wondering how anyone can align themselves with another carrying such a dubious distinction.  Bernie has it his way in every way each and every day.  Won’t stop, can’t stop and isn’t too concerned about who drops due to his engaging flops.  Still one would think he’ll slow his roll before Matilda moves any closer to the edge.  Personally I know change is on the horizon for those known as Bernie.  At least, not ‘til they realizes it’s not all about what’s in their head.

Matilda expressed to me a certain “need to feed” when it came to sex and his infallible, indomitable focus.  One so demanding consumption of his mental was all but a given.  I had a prob. with this verbal projections because the visual I created from such an imaginative articulation was in no way foolproof.  Bernard, yes Bernie was a product of his nature.  No different than a Stud when viewing any string of Mares prancing around in his field of view.

Hearing such an analogy arouses contempt and to that I say.  Don’t like being associated with animals, get use to it.  We’re forms in one way or another of the mammalian linage with no separation when it comes to matters influences through biology.

Sex, the thought leading to the act cannot is not regulated by the psychology of those in participation nor is miraculously toned down by any emotional continuity.  The term “Just say no” where

“Huu-Maans” are concerned if and when speaking about sex is, B.S..  Another truth is when the source of stimuli is identified, understood, and masturbation occurs regardless of the method and means of the delivery, “No” will not be recognized or adhered with.

Females have been granted a false sense of power with this all commanding word.  Most of ‘em know this instinctively but despite of their intellect at what point within the rotation do they decided to utter this word?  Seldom before the first glass of alcohol and then it’s a little late.

“Al-Co-Al-Cohol”, the legalized suppressor.  Used so they say to enhance the acceptance of the festive activities but you know.  Inhibitor like you don’t wanna believe and “She” still takes this course.

It’s not just the mental scenery galloping throughout their minds, overlapping, blending, creating psychological images conducive while seeking the extended version of the evolutionary process.  Fact is, this is the cultural.

Not into alcoholic libations you say, then let the music continue to play.

Music can calm the savage in any Beast.  Music, depending on the melody and accompanying rhythm section puts resistance on mute too.  The highs and lows makin’ moves on the senses, intonations engaging on a cerebral level activating switches which many would rather not have on display publicly.  Still, when this takes place within the lanes of intimacy…

Sex, it’s not intimacy.  In fact, it’s primal.”

Semantics, if introduces and focused on, everything becomes what ‘cha want it to be and yet and still.  Regardless of how it’s flipped, nothing is gonna alter the interchangeable intangibles and.  Here is where command is established because it is I “The 22nd G” who pushes the package even before it’s opened.  Lifting it, taking full possession of it as I shake and turn it.  Receiving all the indicators giving me further insights to know more than you so I can say with authority.   When and where sex becomes the primary Driver, all things are tangible.  Its all in knowing the full applications.

He/She each know what they believe their aware of but few recognize the automatic mode their entire being operated from and within when living this life.  Some say they are way too mature to get caught-up and maturation is the key.  Okay, riddle yourself this then genius.  How come so many highly educated, economically established, “religiously” structured and usually with FAM..  Pillars of various communities making them total reps. a la John and Jane Q. Citizen but have difficulty when pushed by this one biological functionality known to trigger the desire to engage sexually?

Stud and Mares

Just an analogy and exact for this push towards understanding and gettin’ you head around how to recognize your system before it is activated.

The system, your system, its all dialed in. Synced to a degree that isn’t readily accepted. Mental, physical, bio-social.  All stemming from the physiological and not ever removed and predicated on automatic. FOLK just won’t stop tampering so in time, things stop clicking on a positively positional degree.

Bernie, based on how introduced probably married. Maybe the union is open by designed meaning He/She can do whatever they wanna do outside the house when it comes to sexualization.  Is this painting a picture allowing for a more precise point of perception?  Shouldn’t, the unification between two leading to matrimony has a component few will admit of it’s existence.  Marriages are legal systems with the application being designed to quantify ownership by means of possession.  Don’t agree? Be charged or associated with One facing allegations of any criminal nature and watch how quickly you are reduced to a possession with…  A legal definition immediately introduced by the prosecution qualifying you in a co-conspiratorial way.

Marriage is nothing more than another system.  Propelled by man-made perimeters making restraints artificial. Open, closed, doesn’t matter as the label doesn’t determine or establish any greater exclusivity eliminating problems.

Not married.  Single or merely out and about livin’ your life.  You are subjected to the same laws governing sex and.  This is not limited to those following any sense of promiscuity.  Place oneself in that churning, burning situation and even if you deny it, you too will feel the heat.  Those stimuli activating various forms of physical arousal all can be traced back to a highly advances biology.

Where is the key? I want the key to unlock this door because…”

The “because” before the pause.  All for the affect so as to press the mind.  Making “you” yourself connect the dots.  You/I everybody has been there yet collective there’s a refusal to break from cultural norms..  Tradition is the Beast here and it is in view of what has become traditionally acceptable that FOLK need to see the historical significance with regard to what no longer applies.

Stud, Stallion.  Mare, Philly.  Reliant on simplicity.  That’s what they do.  See, feel, do.  Procreation at it’s finest and…  Very “Re-Cre-Ation-Able” at all times but for them they are functioning within their laws of nature.

Man/Woman laws, restrictive, relative and really outdated but.  Mandated because these are what have been rushed in place to maintain the fabric of any social construct.

Matilda, Bernard, yeah.  Eventually the two got with me and it was a threesome. Matilda was blasted because of her position to look the other way when Bernard decided to act on the fact that it was his world and he was damn sure gonna live it no matter who disapproved.  Bernard, he listened.  At least when it came to the light that he needed to live that world and.  Being the so called Leader of his pack demand the best also outta whomever he decided to unitize with while developing their world, with…  ‘Ah ‘lil something extra.  Voice the fact that whatever one was feelin’ the other more than likely had the same inclinations even if they performed differently.

Psssss; Neglect is a Mutha.  Allow it to creep into existence and the cost will be unbearable.  Face fears, understand phobias and handle it.  Speak on what you want, how you want it and when by chance it won’t be, maybe…  You might wanna let it be because somewhere along the journey a light will shine in your world too.  Those illuminations will confirm that there is life outside of yours.  You in your thrust spreading hell, won’t be welcomed.

“A Moment With The Rogue”

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Fo Sho”, and if you expect the dialogue to proceed down these lines maintaining the culturally colloquial speech patterns so it can be concluded, “Idiot on the rise” then… Let’s ride. How anyone speaks doesn’t necessitate being “Woke” or in accordance with any status quo, you feel me.

She made mention there was proof of her Significant Other chasing what wasn’t at home.

Possibly it was the non-committal look etched across my face but… She went nasty and into full attach mode. “You think you’re this super hard person and no matter what you hear it’s not going to get a rise out of you”.

The “rise” now that was funny. If she wanted a rise maybe she’d consider starting with the Significant Other she brought up thinkin’ I was gonna concur and offer an elaborate method to change the dynamic.

Super hard person”. I know a duo that fit this image. In the mist of the night while gathering my gear an approaching crew came outta the shadows. The Cat with me noticing them quickly rose up. Slippin’ on his gloves he started to say something ‘til. Out the corner of my eye appeared his Partna’. Like a squadron of U.S. Predator War Planes minus most of their peers, these two still assembled. Together they stood, in the ready and as if dialed into the same script said to me, “Man you need to go, we’ve got this”.

I am far from being hard.

Life, at least mine, has been a Venture of choice. The Journey, just a chronologically composite and I remained stationary when these two Cats spoke. Whatever was goin’ down I wasn’t running. Nor did they. The two Johnnies’. Johnnie Johnson and Johnny Blade, friends to the end. They stood against all odds and with them it wasn’t a title for some movie. Their lives, our lives were eclipsing in real time and the next scene… You had no idea how intense it may be. Later I found out they came up in a ‘hood sorta isolated and because of such, formed their own crew known as Bounty Hunters.

Man my woman comes up and says to me let me tell you how many had been in me before you. Man how you deal with something like this?”

How many; Truth. It won’t be told. Our social construct is built on deception and when it comes to the lives of He/She, the codex is totally different. Under this scenario He, champion during any conquest. She, straight out Ho by any default. ‘Ol Boye came to me with a heavy thought on his mind. One that made him slow his roll and reconsider his worth. His life had been Hijacked long ago if the possibility of who was on deck before he even stepped foot on was any indication of how things would precede from that point.

My words to him received another indication of how twisted his mind-set had become. “Man you act as if you are immune to this here s**t. It ain’t like you haven’t heard s**t like this from your woman.”

My woman. Wifey. From the moment you enter The Game it’s not so much a situation of graduation when encountering and developing another relationship. To graduation simply means to move on of be passed on. As ‘Ol Boye quickly discovered, the next one discovered during my ascension won’t be a duplication of any other. Elevation, that what it’s about.

Semantics I know all too well and the understanding of the Trickeration spread within this life we lead is all; subjective. I take this life very personal, meaning everything begins from an objective point of view based on comin’ from an outside source. Once you marinate on that stuff, then strain it a finalization take place. The essence of what it ‘pose to be is now brought forth. Pure satisfaction in One’s steps into their reality. Live yours ‘cause you can bet they gonna live theirs and your confused state of being will only encourage their “subjectification” of your world.

Morals, Values, Standards designating Principles of survival. Bump that.

If you think He/She for whatever reason they come to you and say something are. Naturally like that you’ve fooled yourself long ago. Experience is gained through exposures. How One takes that, magnifies that will be based on…

Fluidicity” and you might not locate this here spelling in your locally available dictionary but don’t discount it. As everyone has finally accepted each year new words seem to be added to old languages increasing their accessibility in comprehension so. Yeah, maybe a conclusion you don’t wanna accept but it is what it is and I just upgraded your consciousness.

Real Talk, keep certain things to yourself. What matters is how you perceive yourself to be. When seeking acceptance the first thing is to know that no matter what another says, does, it all begins and ends with you.

Psssss; I like this trending thing when One presents something and everybody is waiting for more and while they salivate, conjuring within their minds what’s comin’ next. He/She who is being heard inhales, glances off into the distance and… Drops the mic. Not indicative of hard, just.   Dramatic in an extreme sense and I like it too.

Intuitive Narrative

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Why do people cheat on each other?


Yes, because despite of all the polls with scientific support data saying it happens between the seventh and eighth year of a relationship. He/She seeks the companionship of another to compare then reconnect with what they have at home is all B.S..

When the question came to me by way of a couple still functioning as that couple I wanted to slip back into the demonic nature and look at ‘em for what they were. Sheep being lead to the slaughter.

1st few even make it to a seven year point in a monogamous sense let alone an eighth. As far as doing a comparison. If you are runnin’ to another for sexual gratification it ain’t a damn thang’ happenin’ at home in the way of stimuli or satisfaction relevant for comparison.

Good thing I had purged those thoughts long ago but to do so requires exact levels of maturation. E.I. (Emotional Intelligence) is but one. Mental Mastery is another and don’t think because you comprehend the words in use you’ve got the discipline to configure the content when it comes.

Demons don’t knock on any door.

Demons traverse dimensions so if you aren’t accepting of their Skill-Sets, can’t respect when and how they will be arrive, kickin’ your azz as they use you as the conduit advancing their darkness. Then, don’t think you even know about demonic natures. The compulsion driving the sex to have more sexual partners can become very diabolical.

FOLK seek the attention of another because that sameness pushes them. Refusal to maintain a continuum with the vortex which allowed them to connect from The Gate. FOLK want that feeling that is so fleeting and shows no desire in returning but don’t wanna accept the reservation had always been for two.

Will I ever quench this “thrust”?”

When Hell freezes over and sense nobody has every returned from the place making the phrase moot, I’m gonna stop right here and define the ascension from the only real point of reality.


Addictions. They happen because of a chemical dump taking place deep inside the brain. Once it happens and takes you to places so vivid, exposing you to things unimaginable before, an emotional connection is made. Emotions are a direct reflection of consciousness not what’s really goin’ on in One’s sub-conscious. With addiction you’ve finally been somewhere and the desire to return burns so you stay on The Hunt, but. Dial it Down and lock into what is necessary in the way of sustainable unification between two, then you’ll start to make what makes up dreams your living reality.

Yes, sub-conscious manifest into daily conscious and your dreams become your real world.

Somebody said I do things on the fly and I immediately shot back with, “If you won’t think before you speak you are just reacting”. This is to know that remove the action and you get bogged down in the sameness. Hence, boring!

I love Pancakes. Mine must be prepared using natural ingredients minus artificials. Bring something, anything made in the Lab. the results cannot be anymore than what had been prescribed. Laboratory stuff follows a clinical standard, this allows for the conclusion to be A, B but not C. “C” signifies the Creativity needed to enhance a fluidness. Remove this factor and bet you’ll usher in the X-Factor.


Those components defining what is unknown. What I know is based on taking it there. Pushing the barriers, going beyond the mere testing of the established boundaries making my own perimeters flexible. This is to know what gives the other a sense of those chemical dumps chasing is… What my dreams are founded in making their needs wants and desires my. Our primary Objective.

Objective/Goals, they aren’t the same.

The former is based on not being subjective while the latter is cognitive in origin. Like semantics don’t get caught-up in the illusion of what is but make yours “Is”. This is the prerequisite when wanting to avoid the scent of another while lying to yourself once you’ve laid besides them. Push and know that the pull is coming. Stop thinking you are built like that when the reality is once you make a move you’re not even equipped to manage the onslaught of those emotions that will push up from your psyche destroying what you thought you were gonna handle.

Psssss; This is where I was gonna say; “All B.S. and just as it registered in your pysche’ let it be know this is an April Fools joke” but. You couldn’t handle the shock. Sooooo, let’s do this. Sex, is not to be quickly assigned to the addiction category but for the purpose of defining. Yes, y’all get it. That drive pushin’ one or the other to seek another has to be. Explored again and again ‘cause everyday in every way some where. Somebody is gonna flip the script while saying. “I don’t know why I drifted but, will you forgive me”. Now, don’t ‘cha feel the purpose was served once again.


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In my language, marks a moment in time.  Tailored clothes, clean, fast to the extreme mobile transpo.  Wining/Dining with an inspiring other seated right across from you and yet, that was…  “When”.

During another period the confirmations of when meant a smile, a soft touch in a way extending the reassurance needed to keep it movin’.  “Hummm, when was this”.  Possibly why I continue to…  “Win”.

A play on words?  Not so.  More so an understanding of life and how to keep it tight.  A connection within time over a considerable amount of space maintaining an concordance so as not to miss even insignificant dates.

Whoa, here we go again and this time the inclusion of the word “Date”.  A subtle reference of another so as to keep this creative unlike any other.  Could it be that even way back then these two knew something which would keep them in!  And you thought I didn’t know the many computations indicative with the “When”.

You say, I say, they say but still, it’s really just one way, and it’s all a matter of…  When.

Luggage, in this sense are those things which weigh you down.  Causing One’s roll to slow. Preventing progress despite all the test passed with that degree of finesse.  Yet, the “when”.  Yes, that “win” must be allowed to filter in.

Complications created by all the mess, things pushed up and under because you know you’re not fit to contest.  Again, this is why “this” win hasn’t settle in.

It comes a point in everyone’s time when even something as simple as a provocative rhyme defines how high anyone can climb.  Those whys, the what fors, things forgotten which is probably why many fail to…  Score.

Score”, a method in which to tabulate the position of that Date or.  Recognize the one thing which resonates.

Words in my language can be confusing but when you know who is sayin’ what clarity begins to shine leading to the significance of the tailored clothing along with the clean and fast mobile transpo and…  That date with the most significant other where the dining was so so fine, because.  Because who and what stands besides you may have been “before” you in a conceptual sense which is why, they waited for the mental to “kick in”.  Hummm, and you thought they weren’t really that deep of a friend.

Again think of…  When.

Psssss: A flower positioned on the back thigh, an invitation suggesting a reason why or an illusion used to compliment something only you see within your eye.  If you think for even a minute there isn’t an importance then…  You don’t understand the significance of…  When.