“What ‘Dat Be G”

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A grammatically incorrect sentence? Hardly.

A greetings from One to One who recognize they are comfortable in their own skin.

Verbal communications, audible acknowledgments, inherent. From where I sat and observe, FOLK, their behavior, much pre-dispositioned yet still and all, environmentally impacted. Considering the mapping from an evolutionary tree ain’t a damn bit change since the beginning of time as far as how one group addresses another. What has shifted is the make-up of those groups.

Back-In-The-Day who you were, what you represented, who you associated with and most importantly that personal manifesto inscribed in your psyche’ reflected through your dress code. Today everybody wants to be accepted internationally. FOLK refer to themselves as universal and I think what’s the upside? Personally pacification of the origin of their birth.

Still sittin’, observing, watching; what I see and will stand witness to is the much mis-identification and confusion with regard to what really is.

“Players, charismatic, roguish, demonized, ostracized. Straight-up cast as those you don’t wanna illuminate. ‘Cept, everybody wants to still be… That Player.”

Decades ago with the accessibility of Coca or as most knew it by ‘Cocaine”. Way before the synthesizing resulting in the by-product Crack, those wanting to be with the “In crowd” became, the crowd simply based on possession of a substance thought to make them something they were not. Their manner of speech publicly remained, behind those closed doors hangin’ with the In-crowd they changed. Along with this came another shape-shift. The mental moved to exhibit more. This became evident through their clothing. Those/Them/They, perpetratin’, luvin’ every moment of their new identity and… Seen by others who actually made up the In-crowd as clowns, but. It didn’t slow the transition from John and Jane Q. Citizen personal inauguration into “What is Hip”.

Another colloquialism taken from an era passed. Still it’s a relevant as the day of its creation.

Complaints today are in abundance. He/She are tired of being confronted with another who has no clue as to who they are. Men running around impersonating women. Women more masculine than men and each physiological property basically the same as they were eons ago. Oh, their mind-set. Like a corrupted algorithm and that’s where the switch happened to get flipped.

Like Coca didn’t make anyone a Player, fakin’ your sexual orientation so that you don’t have to compete from the position of who you are won’t make anybody somebody they’ve re-created within their own mind. Social constructs which are always in flux depending on who “On Deck” from a political and economic level won’t justify it either.

I’ve heard from both sexes and those concerns are, “How did we arrive at this point“. Are these FOLK frustrated? Have they been left behind and just can’t make the change? No such thing. What it is is the reality of a decaying society. Whenever culture reaches a zenith the standards, values which pronounces the sanity needed for continuous rotation just stops. Probably as a result of lack of stimuli.

In reflection when I was in my own exploration FOLK always stepped to me saying. “You always out there. What ‘cha gonna do when you come home and find somebody in your bed with yours?” My reply, always sprouted from the point of my truth. “If that’s their choice then she wasn’t mine from The Gate.” With that said and them lookin’ even more perplexed moved me to take further liberty.

For clarification on your push deeper into my life, if this did happened, in my house I’d enter, hear the “motion of my bed” and… Get me a refreshing beverage outta my frig, take a seat in my comfortable chair while easing into one of my musical selections, then. As he stepped out of my bed room, wearing one of my robes I’d simply push past him disappear into the same room. Greet mine and while at it, draw her a tub of water and ask her if she’d like to dial it down aquatically while… Goin’ back into my other room and ask of this invader if he’d enjoyed himself.”

Logical or… From your point of perception the most illogical thing you’ve ever heard. Yeah. Like I’ve known since day one, Players like anyone who excels in what they do, is based on who they are from. Innate? Oh yes so it’s either in or. You’ll not ever be by just because you’ve put on an outfit and an image assumed based on a mind-set is still. Part of an outfit.

Psssss; In recognition of choices, those who aren’t sure of who they are, that’s your disposition. Who you are doesn’t conflict with what I’m about. In all fairness when things go sideways and turmoil is the order of the day, take a place in the spectators area. I promise you’ll witness all those aspects of life which define, separate with an eventual re-format. The distinctions based on Class and Caste will collapse with the end result being a collective plea of; “help me“.

Relationships; Make It Last Forever.

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“Inside track; you know.  It’s when you know something others don’t.  When you have it like this recognize and rise. Risk factors decrease and options exercised for success increase.  And don’t even consider the Drama about anything being unethical, divisive tactics, plain and simple.  This is a primary key unlocking emotional bonds which lead to a tight physical connection.  And you know that’s what everybody is lookin’ for.”

Hot topic, hot topic, and…  When considering the title nothin’ last for ever.  But, transcend, push beyond the mundane foundational elements most relationships start from and “Forever And ‘Ah Day” as the term relates to the unification between He/She; all your mental impressions do last.

Everyone says there are a number of typical reasons causing a relationship to collapse.  Money, In-laws, friends gettin’ in your business.  Friends, Fam. sharing yours.  Let’s not forget the professional differences such as the hours set aside to put in work so you can have some semblance of a life and so on and on, but…  This, falls within the category known as “fluff“. Things, circumstances that are there and don’t need to be brought up while expanded upon.

Oh, movin’ ah bit too fast, there is something.  When “She” draws down way more financially than you, don’t trip because this dynamic might not ever change.  Fact is you are pre-programmed by the same social dynamics driving most negative aspects within any social construct. As far as runnin’ off at the mouth, blaming her for flaunting her financial superiority then hinting at the possibility of showing empathy.  Imagining there’s the possibility for a psychological re-direct; forget it.  Recall what you’ve already shown a penchant for.  Dumb stuff!

Hummm, it will be what it is, She has a skill-set guaranteeing the higher income and truthfully…  This being a unity between two, finances should be a formation building block.

Those of the male persuasion I kick it with and no this isn’t to imply an interest in diversionary activities such as homosexuality, bisexuality, poly anything.  We come from men, understand who and what we’re about on various levels so…  We don’t demand a ‘thang as much as command the attention of the woman who “ride and die” for us.  A simple achievement when knowin’ who She is and what She means to the continuation of what “We” as a couple have created.

FOLK get caught-up in what’s going on next door, across the street, in another ‘hood and fail to recognize none of that is or should be what’s going on when it comes to establishing your reasons for steppin’ to and… Attracting the Object Of Your Hearts Desire.

Think “Playing it forward” because that’s what it is.  Playing it forward I will equate like this.  In line to purchase something with those behind you waiting patiently.  You decide to pay for them too.  This is, Playing it forward.  A good thing but if you can’t really absorb such a move especially when you don’t know all that’s coming or may result in; why do it!  The real is you have engaged in an endeavor totally outta your league.  Much like relationships.  He sees her, emotions run rampant, “Gotta have her gotta get that” and.  Sometimes you can’t afford that and this isn’t limited to the money aspect of it.  Flip the script and “She” is on deck.  Spots him, heart doesn’t skip a beat but BEATS uncontrollably.  “He is fine, he’s mine and don’t even know it but I’ll let him know“.  Know what, you are so caught-up in the imagery ’til you have no idea of how your image has resonated within his mind!

“Poppin’ P’s here, poppin’ p’s”, and that’s just what it is.  I’ve dipped into The Vault, dial it down or…  As the trending term is, “Fall Back”.

Fall Back, for those who luv slinging the term but haven’t a clue of what discipline you’ve associated yourself with, check this.  The phrase derives from military tacticians meaning to retreat because “you in way over your head“.

“Don’t panic, there’s light comin'”

Keep it Game Tight, step back and eval..  “Evaluate while remaining On Deck and consider your realistic options because when you retreat you’ve, for all intent and purposes, showed your back.  Graphically and symbolically conveying to He/She that you have no plan of pursuit outside of “hittin’ it” (engage sexually) so why should they even; accept your approach.

Over thinking, what too much analysis?”

Let me tell you something, Consciousness is not regulated to the mind. Your brain is where your thoughts converge, marinate and programs disseminate from.  The brain houses your mind while Consciousness is you. Nothin’ Consciously calls for a long grasp.  It is and will manifest once you let loose and rise with the feelin’.

Food For Thought, Source Code. Additional Eval. matter.

Conversations between He/She need to be…  Inspiring.  Make this connect entertaining and hold their attention by enlightening whomever it is you’ve stepped to.  Back In The Day some said I always found a way to get deep when speaking to others.  And!  My thing was, “Why not”.  Who likes to talk with a monster as in mono-toned to the degree of shifting the vibe because they’ve spoken in ways reflective of meeting something strange when stranded on a lonely dark road.  Or, consider speaking with anyone so ugly they’ve scared the ones responsible for bringing ’em into all this.  I… Take it to another level altogether.  Sensual stimuli, delivered in a casual way with no projected sense of menace.  I like stimuli and knew long ago that chemicals were released into my system based on how those same words impacted my psyche’.  A naturally brewed cocktail.  No need to step outside the body for this blend.  When engaged in conversation and you’re capable of keeping it smooth a massive chemical dump begins.  I’m talking about adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, endocannabinoids, oxytocin, phenethylamine, prolactin, serotonin, testosterone, etc. etc. etc. The chemist will say these are the chemicals released after one has an orgasm.  I see where their heads are and keep it coming.

Happiness, (dopamine).  Another super chem. the type which lets you keep up with the worlds fastest human.  A la Usain Bolt (adrenaline).  Wanna really last forever (testosterone).  Yes yes I see the immediate connection with the sexual boostability and conveniently intend to side step any  secondary explanation. But…  Such is life when you’ve decided to take the lead.  You do it your way.  Forget what is politically correct or culturally anticipated.  Flip it and come correct because that’s what won’t be expected.

And now a moment to drift mentally.

Once upon a time while a goose drank wine, night fell and I found myself stuck at a friend’s home.  Feeling tired it didn’t take much to convince me to spend the night.  Preparing my place in front of the fireplace a friend of his significant other looking at me from around the corner didn’t want me to sleep alone.  Seeing her drag her blanket and placing it beside me, I said.  “I know you wanna have sex and that’s cool but I won’t have sex with you at least not tonight because…  I hardly even know you and“.

The simplicity of my words along with the way it was said allowed her to see the humor.  We talked, laughed and recognized there’s time for all things when you just let things blossom.  The compulsion to…  Didn’t occur, not even once.  Okay, I thought about it.  Couldn’t resist because of all the sexiness sorta’ easing from her as she sat across from me.  Her chin propped up resting in her two palms.  Smiling suggestively, consciously sending those vibes across the cosmic plane.  Maybe all in my mind but you all weren’t there.

Point is, it’s not always about you or what you may want it to be. Relationships are about the joining.  Advancing whatever it is you want it to be and not forcing a ‘thang.

Psssss; What, you thought because of the injection of military term I was gonna build this around celebs. currently getting mass media play. Capitalize on their philosophical interpretation. Why.  A very influential and famous someone “Beyonce” said “There’s a soldier in here, where ‘da at where ‘da at” and it became the mantra for females globally.  Many were lost in the intent of this metaphor.  Maybe because life is about choices. Hummm…  Check my analogy.  “I… King. The Court sits within the Castle where the Kingdom resides. I…  Only deal with Queen.  Psychologically plays beautifully with the emotional palette too.

P.A.E. PII; “Rollin'”

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Really… It is.

Colloquialisms; “The 3 B’s, Young Fabulous and Black, White I came about it Right”, all expressions yet, relative. Interpretation lost when heard outta context.

Sugar Babies, females seemingly with attitudes. Secondary expose’; (A highly educated woman who offer her “associative services” to men willing to sponsor her financially).  This arrangement is all under the guise of bettering her overall future success.

When anyone steps to me sayin’ something insane I luv to repeat a particular word, like “Crackhead, Crackhead, Crackhead”.  Once stated the one standing before or with me usually looks at me almost as if I’m the one trippin’.  The trip is them daring to approach One strong in their belief with something so weak and expecting to survive.  Much like women who’ve takin’ the definition of Pimpin’ to ‘ah whole ‘nother level while packaging it under the title of…  Sugar Babies.

Men look at the woman and see “The 3 B’s“.  Simply said, we see Beauty, Booty and Brains.  Flip it, hear the rally cry of “She” and it will be, I’m Young Fabulous and Black.  If of another culture (Tribe) and the skin tone is missing coloration, don’t feel left out, you are of the 3rd colloquialism.  Like Pimpin’ what is, is and will continue to be flipped to appeal to the masses.

“Don’t ‘cha just luv inclusion”

It’s been said over and over how a Pimp seeks out the weak only to manipulate them to do two things.  Pop that “P” and bring all the paper back to him! Real Talk; when dealin’ with a simply minded, easily influenced, directionally distracted person which a weak mind one is, the so called Pimp achieves one thing.  A highly restricted limitation of his potential cash flow that is built on a platform ripe for infiltration by the same types who…  Masquerade around as a Savior to those who’ve fallen under the said spell of…

With that out there who is the real Pimp!

Growth, what is this growth?  It’s an accumulation of knowledge acquired from vast experiences over the course of the passage of time.  An understanding of things now known as wisdom.  One thing I’ve picked up along my journey is a simple concept known as “KIS“.  This means Keep It Simple.

Behavior patterns of FOLK, all FOLK follows some hard-wired rules.  Body Language of which much can be recognized internationally seldom changes, same extends to Micro-Expressions.  Become aware of yours and you’ll understand other with a marked quickness.

Today everyone has latched onto the catch phrase “Universal”.  I guess the new belief is everybody is the same.  Nothin’ can be further from the truth.  FOLK are distinguished by the culture they step from.  Recognize this and your involvement with whomever becomes fluid.  Now take this ideology and apply it to…  Yourself. “How do you make it right?”  Recognize that mass manipulation has been goin’ on since the beginning of time.  In the World of Real a basic reality stands.  When your tools aren’t sharp there’s no way you’ll be skilled at the job you approach.  My job just happens to be livin’.  To do this right you cannot get caught up in the trickeration Man/Kind spreads in their attempt to under-mind you.

“Attractive, Pretty, Beautiful, is there a difference?”

Yes and depending how you see yourself in relations to any of these three words will be a determining factor as to how others approach while engaging you.  Ugly isn’t included because…  Just because.  Sugar Babies, Pimp, merely descriptive words.  At times words employed to demean and then again, depending on who’s using them, empowering.  Much like The Big 3.  See yourself as such and believe me you’ll feel the surge.

In my arena those who’ve been around when witnessing YoungStars in the mist simply Dial It Down, also known as slowing their roll because.  Instinctively they’d know the true impact of who they were in relations to the resounding affect their words would have on the future of He/She who pulled up to burglarize the conversation.  Consideration of the mind (s) present they would look at the YoungStar and say, “Shut ‘da  F**k up and you might learn something“.  Today, with all of this avoidance of stereotypifaction, calling what you see what it is, playin’ nice hopin’ to just get along, you better not say it like that ’cause someone hearing you will assuming you’ve violated their holiness. Again, “F that”.  YoungStars today have little to no respect for themselves let alone He/She who sprouts anything that may help them to navigate the water they’ve been dumped in so.  Holiness, yeah right. Dumb azz, usually assuming the title of elite and.  With that I say, pay attention and you will learn something!

Much of what guarantees your success is based on one simple factor; Do you.  Unskilled, get your skills.  Not the sharpest tool in the shed, realize you didn’t come outta a shed and the analogy doesn’t apply to you.

A woman said to me her man wouldn’t stay at home and every time he’s getting ready to go out, away from her she stands behind him.  Watching him groom himself in the vanity mirror only to have him turn and say to her, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere you better be here when I get back“.  I listen and ask what was she wearing and before she tells me I told her something sheer.  Sexually suggestive to which she smiles and says, “How did you know“.

Point is, I continue and say next time this happens remain clothed, don’t attempt to change his mind by words or any provocative position.  Let him plant the kiss on your cheek and watch him as he exits the spot.  Then, do not cut up his clothes, don’t pour adhesive into his shoes, but.  Do get your cards your ignition keys and remove your rings.  Anything identifiable, symbolic of being owned and place it on the shared dresser.  Leave.  Go quick to the best hotel your money will afford.  Far away from anywhere you/him could have every gone and…  72 hours later, go home.

Psssss; A beast will whoop that azz when you return home so if that’s who you’ve been with for all the days, why go back, you weren’t in a pro-active relationship in the first place.  The man.  He who isn’t fakin’ at being all he can be will have considered his options and…  You will have arrived.

“Pimpin’ ain’t easy”

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Loungin’ in the same Hilton Hotel located in the city of Woodland Hills, yes, the same spot President Barack Obama touched down in when seeking political party contributions during his West Coast swing, I noticed a dynamic in play. A High-Powered Heavy Hitter along with his equally Heavy Hittin’ female P.A. worked a potential client who… When the primary male CEO excused himself from the table leaned over and whispered into the females’ ear ah “lil somethin’ somethin” and then handed her an envelope.

Upon the return of the CEO who seemed to be wrapping up the meeting bid farewell to the client who happily accepted his dismissal. Once outta sight the female P.A. took out the envelope and proceeded to flip through wrapped stacks of “Dead Presidents” then, quickly slid the envelope over to the High Powered-Heavy Hitter.

“You extracted all this from witnessing a scene such as what you’ve just described?”

“Peep Game”, a phrase stated prior to extending knowledge on something many have the wrong perception on.

When Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped into the powerful position of First Lady and President of The United States their bank account was no where near where it is today. They went from a net worth of less than a mill-ticket (one million dollars) to becoming a part of the upper echelon financial elite. Same can be identified and applied when contemplating the rise of Michelle and Barack Obama when considering ducats, (monies made) prior to and during their stay in The White House.

Is there something wrong with this picture? Only to those who haven’t a clue as to how to advance a position utilizing the knowledge base afford One.

The High-Powered Heavy Hitter noticed my casual interest in his activities and when the opportunity came up, He/I Exchanged Cards; (spoke on something advancing both). While standing at the sink in the Mens-Room he looked over to me and said “Pimpin’ ain’t easy you know what I’m sayin'”.

I got the drift of his intent and responded “Peep Game, next time do a wire transfer to an off-shore account cause the method you chose to collect is outdated for one and was recorded by those 24/7 running recorders over-head. You know the drill baaaby”.

On another occasion the script happened to be flipped. The lead was a woman who sent out a Tag Team consisting of a man and woman who… Once made their mark and delivered their presentation came away with the monies sought. Walked back to the female Jefe and handed over the money like two small children seeking approval from a parent. She also smiled when realizing I had been watchin’ her and the entire demonstration unfold.

I possess a Passport to travel. Unlike the traditionally known Passports issued by governments so that their citizens can move about un-interrupted mine comes in the way of my Significant Other. She’s bought into my program and recognizes the simplicity of the dynamic durin’ daily rotation. Over the many years of our unification others have purposely slipped and said “He’s using her to his own advantage”.

I’m not the only one who hears this, she also is fully conscious of such verbally abusive expressed sentiments. Do we trip, become all caught-up in our emotions and seek vengeance against such Shape Shifters?

Pimpin’ truly isn’t easy and to Peep Game One has to keep their eyes on the prize. Nah-Sayers are today’s Haters. When the phrase is said “Game don’t change merely re-arranged” it’s best to recognize. In life there comes a point in which one the other or both realized in order to ascend to heights only dreamed of before everybody has to be on the same page. Allowing simple thoughts which are redundant and no longer applicable is basically an acceptance of the trickeration spread by those who don’t want you to rise in the first place.

This thing about separation of the cultures based on classes because of a designation of elitism is Pixie-Dust. Something sprinkled in your face as a method for the introduction of mass hallucination. All those mentioned came from the bottoms, (lower levels of social classes). This can also be applied to the 13 FAMs. who effectively rule the whole world. Everybody wants to be papered up, (have money). It’s not the money which is evil but the character within the person (s) who eventually possess the paper and finds themselves in a position to wield their negative nature against the masses. Same as when being accused of engaging in anything nefarious. The methodology used to rise to your identified occasion is only wicked when you, one or all don’t have the mental capabilities to stand for what you believe in and fall to the simplicity of ignorance.

Psssss; Many have stepped to me and confidently said, “Man can I samples some of that”. Alluding to a private rendezvous with my significant other under seductive conditions actin’ as if I am really that Guy. I could become Stuck On Stupid play with my own psyche’ while sayin’ “they do this because we are representative of two different cultures and that is considered the mindset when opposites such as She/I combine”, but. I’m not about to deny my intellect. What I do is let it be know that they couldn’t handle her even if I gave ’em a page outta our play book. You see when Game Tight there has been an Exchange Of Cards way before we took to the stage. Oh yes, Pimpin’ can be easy when you know the true application and all the connotations of the words themselves.

Taking Wives… Liaisons

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Who R U and What R U 2 them? Wifey, Hubby, ’til death do you all part. Fam. once synonymous with same household and bio/parents firmly on deck is; no more. Times have changed. Society ever so instantaneous, functioning from a social construct demanding the relationship maintain full sonic productivity; meaning, “I want mine now and make it very visible”. Makes many wanna holla but.

The internal dialogue must be; return to the lead off questions.

Often it’s said “certain” cultures are quicker than others to “get busy” on the first date and I can easily put this off on misogynistic and feminine ideologies, but. No one group/nationality has a lock on such a mentality. Personally, comin’ up with ready access to all sorts of Americans imaginable, privy to the Russian communities. Steep while remaining deep up in the Asians culture. Neighbors to authentic South of the Border Spanish descending types, and the list continues. All this “Soul Food” mixing makes me know better but like the baby who seeks to sip on the nourishment dispensed by “The Twins”; “As long as what I’m doin’ isn’t interrupted it’s all good”.

During my days of understanding the moves/motivations regarding the sexes whenever they came together had very little to do with what “hood” one came from. Psychological/emotional stimuli plays a huge part in breaking down social barriers but when it comes to “havin’ it your way” social orientation, status; trumps. Importance starts at “What can you do for me”.

Money moves” and don’t think it doesn’t. Regardless of how deep One feels their love runs within the recesses of the significant others’ mind/body seldom will this prevent the immense physiological directives when presented with the options of… “Do this with me and I’ll open doors you’ve only dreamed of”. Most of the time those hallways you’ve dreamed of, wanting to believe existed are…  Slammed shut after the fact and when access is allowed, He/She who snapped up the “bait” better prepare to concede much much more to even come up as an associate.

Motivating factor driving He/She who initiated all this was not ever about “you”. The lust is all self induced which is probably how it began with “you you and you” also.

It was a time when my thing was “love ’em and leave ’em” and deviation wasn’t even optional. “She” could push in ways opposed to mine but… Under such circumstances who’s been targeted isn’t even capable of seeing the “Triple Threat” comin’ at ’em. The “push” as they advance it simply morphs into a pull with the one pushing believing they’ve convinced the other that their way is the only way when the reality is. “You” your ways were never the equation.

Harsh? Yes, but with some being “qualify to totally satisfy” layers can quickly be stripped away. Revealing, at least to me the human side of…

Weak”? Not me, becoming who I was meant to be and. Get this, if I hadn’t accepted how it was gonna be for my life I’d not be delivering it like I am now, sooooo, sense the blessings.

This revelation can consign many to stand fast on the position of “Not me and definitely not mine” which I’ll go with. Still, taking this stance confirms one of closed mind therefore you won’t accept the points already made. “It was and never will be about you.” To get with anything one has to suspend the contorted values pronouncing them. Not sayin’ follow blindly but for an objective view you’ve gotta push pause on your subjective mindset. The switch allows other perspectives to began to beam.

Contemplating this line of “intimate involvement” you must look past the self, embrace while accepting what your significant others’ “Needs/Wants/Desires” truly are. Factually consider when or if they’ve been met by you. Believing none of this matters, assume you both know the score which amounts to “this is our lives” and… Welcome to the true definition of assume.

I‘ve been in close close intimate settings with Rich, Famous, False Prophets aka Politicians & Clergy. Wanna Be’s and those so notorious you don’t wanna be; that close for fear this just might be the moment a “Hitter”. Yes, the one circulating amongst all of you so intense they move comfortably about knowin’ all calls, at that exact point in time begin and end with them, therefore…

Unimportant; because it is this person (s) who has been dispatched to turn out some unfortunate ones’ lights with all those seemingly unaware receiving no safe passage.

One thing is forever common amongst all previously mentioned, they thrive on identifying the said to be emotional bond between those arriving as He/She. Unbeknown to the “seemingly” content couple, The Game is just about to begin.

It is a soothing mental state sought by those who have been told “yes” since forever by others maintaining such close proximity they know it will always be their way. Can this reality be countered? Definitely, providing… One knows themselves and hasn’t forced their core beliefs onto their choice of companions. Yes, that is what allows the option to be exercised when another moves to “have yours” and yes I’ve done it time and time again just as those spoken on. Race, ethnicity doesn’t matter nor does it take precedence if this is another’s first time out.

Taking Wives much like “Dangerous Liaisons”, today known as “Risque Liaisons” provides the greatest psychological thrill known to Man and Kind because of the conquest of another who swears by their commitment to somebody else. It’s about control that some call influence. The dynamics don’t change. Don’t believe? Wrap your mind around this.

Professional relationship, “Boss” talks a good Game about inclusion. Makes you feel a part of “The Platform” and… Request your presence at… A party, corporate presentation and you, claim you don’t have enough notice therefore your significant other won’t allow it. Reality check; “Boss” is not concern with what another outside His/Her loop cares about. What happens next will pushes home the lack of care and you’ll know this if only you pay attention as they weave yet another reason for your compliance.

How quickly the composed continuity of professionalism suddenly lapses in the mind of “Boss”. And… There’s yet another aspect of this situation.

He/She immediately reflects on the importance of their job. Concessions come quick. A-Game mode goes into full effect with duties/responsibilities a la “Boss” becoming yours. Un hunnn, and after the party, presentation whatever the rue was, a drink is in order where. “I just want you to know you can always cum on me”. BS served raw and “yours” laps it up like a ‘lil pup.

The Game, hasn’t/won’t, be confined to the corridors traversed by Wealthy, Rich, Famous and allegedly notorious Drug Dealers. Remember; I was there and “L Sevens” aren’t exempt. I was deep in the mix and mixin’ it up like you’ve always wanted too.

Psssss; I don’t breathe on anyone about the frailties of one without assigning them to the other so Ladies you all ain’t the only ones moved by the madness making up this life. As for those who say “This is some shallow s**t and doesn’t apply to them”, get with this. When yours decides to “take a dip” and it’s not with a significant other or is with the same sex while you keep saying to yourself “I must be trippin’” remember. “This is some shallow s**t” as you said so confidently before. Oh yes, something else, those symbols between the (s and t) signify 88. Eighty-eight is the move you don’t know a damn thing about. First it’s above your pay-grade and secondly you removed yourself from the equation from The Gate sooooo. Right, like you always say; “don’t trip”.


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Imaging cruising onto an Internet link. Contemplate picking up a magazine and studying the cover and as you’re doing this mental images of you dances in your head. But… Now your awareness kicks in, you see yourself being your self but consciously knowing nothing within any of these mediums reflects you.  My thoughts; Whoa…

Somebody who looks like me saw me with at least three who didn’t look like us. That in itself shouldn’t have started a fuss but. Narrow-mindedness is a breeding corridor designed to galvanize ignorance. Time passed “she” being true to her code erupted. Verbal abuse launched with the physical assault demanding like time, but… She/I in two different time-zones therefore that attack had to wait, still. I knew she was… Confused, conflicted as most are about their identity.

The bombardment didn’t cease, within the span of milliseconds 14 text notifications appeared on my cell then silence. I waited. The cryptic barrage of messaging via today’s preferred comm-links always utilized by by those emotionally challenged began again. I read.

Decades back it was a peer of mine also in pursuit of education. She/I while sitting in class locked eyes but immediately deflected from our real intent. Disguising our desires within a mutual extension to get-together later off campus for what we agreed would be a study session. Her domain with Moms and Pops doin’ what they do after working outside the house all day. She leads, I follow as we slip quietly past the two headed to the outdoors patio silhouetted in a mood setting light.

Young and intimately dumb I still knew Nancy walked in a woman’s body. If she had been monitored on a Richter scale for displacement of psychological and emotional continuity 10 wouldn’t have been enough to describe or contain the magnitude of her powers.

We all come from a Tribe. Historical to the traditional the standards of who and what we are hasn’t changed in regards to what we do. Nancy pushed that to “Front and Center” that evening in the confines of her backyard. Yes she exposed The Twins, set ’em out so I would touch as we both felt the passion pushing us to take it to the next step but… Initial orientation compliments of “The Tribe” she belonged to in regard to who she was ‘pose to be kept flashing in the recesses of her mind. She didn’t wanna cross that threshold. Me… I pushed and she submitted but deep in my mind I knew tomorrow would come also. How would we be able to maintain knowin’ we violated He/She whom we came from? Sooooo, without further words we knew not to venture too far from, Our Tribe.

The text mentioned came from someone who reflected the physical features of my Tribe but. We were from different locales existing in a region only connected on a historical trade route servicing all Tribes.

When anything is anticipated failure usually follows. In knowing the standards of your Tribe conformity is just an impression. Since the beginning of time He/She has pushed the boundaries set in place to maintain the power and place of every Tribe.  Those who lead always ventured forth and conquered. Those who followed partook in the “explorations” brought on by inspiration of The Heart as well. With a Twist. Providing they remained conscious of the penalty coming forth if that confidentiality was breached. Tribe, Tribalism, one in the same.

To move something forward and definitely when the “sum” is to be advances you’ve gotta take the best from all sources. Today’s  “YoungStars” refer to themselves as One Nation of Universal Beings and still; Money talks making Bullshit walk. Don’t understand? Allow me.

One Nation ’til the money is made, then… Tribalism trumps. What was still is and the differences based on the color of skin returns with a vengeance. Proof, just look around. Nobody wants anybody who resembles them to be intimate with someone who doesn’t reflect the same bio-pool of visual interpretation either comes from. Proof, She who looks like Me who saw pics of me with three with none resembling either her or me. Nancy who wanted to go and not just for the opportunity to explore while experiencing the passion driving us towards our intended success but… Because she knew nothin’ would ever be the same.

I stop, look and listen to all who step my way. Prejudices are everywhere with everybody denying their existence. Me, “IDGAF”. Man, kind, has a 1st priority which is to satisfy the “Me”. Without this prime directive there will not ever be the “We”. Narrow-minded Folk always wanna say, “It’s not the color but why have you chosen them and not me”.

Real Talk; those who uphold this accord are full of s**t. They talk loud and still haven’t said nothin’. Unity with regard to He/She isn’t about the money it’s about those who make up the relationship and “you” being on the outside wanting in don’t possess the sense or ability to have it like that.

Real Talk; don’t hate, understand the dynamics when you really wanna create. Most don’t give ‘ah F**K about another’s fat azz when the two encounter. Soooo, stop coverin’ your stomach whenever approaching another and just converse. Nor do many care about He/She comin’ their way while professin’ not to wanna be like some other but… Forever reflect the physical images of those they claim not to wanna look or be like. What anybody worth their weight in gold seeks is havin’ somebody who brings it. What is “It”? Truth being Told.

Psssss; “Narrative’? And I own it! Things happen because one group assumes social dominance over another and basically dictate what will be public opinion. The things is I don’t give up intellectual superiority just because others happen to have attained economical success. Hummm, you definitely understand the acronym “IDGAF” now don’t cha.

“Mother’s Day”

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I King, or so I imagined. Me and mine had slipped into my bedroom where I proceeded to be “The Man”. Diving and deep her passions erupted while those visions of me played with my mind. I… Just knew I was all that and some, ’til… The voice of Moms softly stated, “When you are done with this girl get dress and I’ll expect to see you in my bedroom”. Imagine havin’ your mother find you in such a position I mean. She’s seen your azz up but you know yourself this anticipation wasn’t one of those pre-contemplated scenes.

Billy Bad Azz” was something my Moms knew was deep within my imprint genetically. Probably because she knew the man whose contribution guaranteed my life. Which is also why the probability was so high as far as how she imparted to me the possibilities of “things to come” based on the position she had opened up my bedroom door only to see me in when I should have been in school.

School days, memories of those good days. Oh, you didn’t get the memo? Life can still be good depending on how you assess your perception of what’s good.

Years have come and many have gone. The many which have gone create the images now, previewing within my mind. Like film of the best movies ever made, those who loved me rerunning within my mind. Welcoming me completely into “Thigh-Land” where everything seemed to proceed in a spectacular way. In retrospect all things were good even without the connection beginning with social media.

Social media today’s relevant way in which to engage into others life. Actuality, you aren’t getting nothin’ but a glimpse. Images so finely crafted that when or if the two shall connect the likelihood of any real substance being there, leading to what is “true” won’t ever manifest. Another motion picture presentation to be truthful. Think NSA. Not only does this mean (No Strings Attached) it goes beyond the implication and pronounces “Not Serious At”.

An abrupt end, yes I know and that’s exactly my point.

Mary, her government name was quite contrary and I knew that her gas stank, all because we connected on a mental tip based on circulating within a real world where FOLK interact on a physical plane. Virtual is good but so much is kept hidden ’til you don’t know if the grass is green or is the grass based on a precognitive inception leading to the most dynamic replication of artificial turf money can buy. “Really, is what He/She is comin’ with live or something so finely crafted nobody can tell WTF they’re being served.”

Where I stepped from you physically went to the flower shop and smelled the roses. You knew the flower type, the physicality of all the joining parts, you even got an understanding of the shelf-life. Today, Google that S**t, pick, enter your financial info and send. Where is the love.

I have found myself time and time again recalling all those “1st run movies” starring Yours Truly and. My running mates, the Ones performing opposite me were many and the one thing that is constant is the fact that after our production ran its course the break-ups were not every sociable. I was still locked into the role of Billy Bad Azz meaning I had no intention of givin’ up what I knew I “came-saw & conquered on!

Billy, Billy Billy. Yes, “I Bad AZZ” and now… I King. Moms knew that was part of my DNA way before I even knew. Today I have no time to hate. Demonize those who… Laid with me. If I was asked how I felt about any of ’em now they wouldn’t believe what I was sayin’ about them.

Rest brings about a point allowing the reflection to be exact. Gone are the dis-connects. Vanquished are the words said meant to F**K with one another’s head. Oh, don’t even get it twisted and assume this is a return to speculation about a reunion. Hell no, what was, is. What images remains are meant to maintain a sanity required for the preservation of self. As for the Kind; deal with it. Mother’s Day is about the blessings bestowed onto One by another. That other is unique, much like the relationships that when over and done with appears so fleeting, but… The reality is, those relationships when played in a rerun mode allows for a glimpse of how you’ve come to be, who and what they always knew you could be.

To the Women of this world; One Luv, Much Love. And… I’m still me which is why I can honor you.

Psssss; As for those not mentioned by government name, get in line. Mary wasn’t the first but she was the one featured in this here piece and don’t even think I’ve forgotten about any one of you. ‘Member, you all are part of this entire rotation known as life.