Who’s Who

I am Chas, so; ICHAS.  As for the numerical combination of 8440, call it a longitudinal latitude thing.  The “GP” address where I first encountered the full effects with regard to the impacts of hypocrisy.  Now, many years later I think I know.  That is, today, I possess enough Intel on the causes and effects of certain types of “interferences” that relate to people and their plights.  Now, I can speak wisely on these; Point of Ponder.

My primary base of knowledge is within communications between the sexes.

“Is this a gossip blog full of that juicy stuff?”

Try sexy with a smooth dose of mental stimuli.  These would be the complimenting ingredients.

Coming out I will touch on the theme of “D.V.” and no this isn’t one of those alphabetical catch phrases derived from an Internet sex crew.  No GFF, BFF, MILF or LOL or…  Well you feel my vibe.  D.V. is merely an acronym for Domestic Violence so absorb it like you would while watching the stand-in for a Hollywood Star.  The phrase just allows you to tune in with ease, feel me!

And no, I won’t stop or “slow my roll” at this intersection.  I will “breathe” on all things germane to “Man&Wooman“, along with all types of “wanna be’s” presented in the mix.  “Oh no, that word above.  Right in the previous line, it’s not a typo so “pump your brakes“.

You will discover the identity of “The Stranger Next To You“, and scare yourself the next time you catch a glimpse of that person lookin’ back at ‘cha as you observe “the self” within the mirror.

“Whoa, scary stuff.” Sometimes it may touch you, but…  Don’t trip the small stuff.  It is here that you can read as you wonder and enjoy from a perception of;  “We are of a society that hides from the truth”.  It will be here that you discover some truths about D.V. get up on common triggers, while identifying solutions to this pollution as it relates to so many of us.  Yes, I’m gonna touch “He & She”;  Believe that!

My format will be similar to a good short.  I will give you current and contemporary situations pulled from daily occurrences that most will identify with.  I will keep it entertaining and definitely creatively relevant.  Oh, but you can’t stop me from delivering this via metaphors.  I like the style and that’s where we can define the “dash or dose” as being a ‘lil sexy.  Mainly because this is where the “mystery within the mix” will make the whole thing rise.  You’ll think you know the conclusion but…  The conclusion may not ever be as you want it to be.  Sooooo, you’ve gotta pay attention and stop seeking attention just like when you go after any one or thing that you feel you need for completion.  Feel me!


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