“Stars and Stripes, Upside Down”


The HashTag Associations, personal names along with alleged events are.  Presently peculating as Content within most Social Media Sites.  Identified here and injected in order to arrive at a point.  This position, purely personal much like any Op-Ed article but what you find here comes with a Twist.  They breathe Fire.

Oooh, and by the way, don’t get scorched if and when you feel the burn.  Besides, when you stand close to anything such as the things The 22nd G brings, you’ll have a tendency to feel the intensity of…  The Heat.  ‘Specially when you lock it down and reflect on what’s really going on inside your head.

Les Moonves, soon to be Ex CEO of the CBS Network.  Julie Chen, wife of same and.   With here own opinionated Show featured on CBS and or affiliate Station.  Bill and Hillary who’s names are forever linked with Monica Lewinsky.  These two being always representative of the Clan known as Clinton.  Keeping it movin’, Bill Cosby aka “The Jello Pudding Man” with his significant other Camille Cosby.  Let’s not forget Gloria Rachel Allred and the list goes on.  Sorta’ like a Beat. Once you sync with the Rhythm you begin to acquire a finer sense of what’s the driving Components.

#MeToo, #TimesUp, #Enough, Hashtag this, Hashtag that.  What distinguishes Truth from a fantasy Fairy Tale Ride?  The answer is; Those who were “On Deck” at the time for whatever event was in development.  This is said simple to move those who are on the outside feigning like a rabid animal and doing so just to be allowed in, that.  Because one group manages to put a spin on something that spin doesn’t necessity the validity of anything.

Truth, especially in America is relative to the…  First, Income status which is aligned and rather closely to the second aspect of this analogy, which.  Is always visibly linked manifesting as Ethnicity.

Everybody who calls themselves Americans seem to have forgotten what makes up the core foundation of this Nationality.  It isn’t Jews.  It’s not Armenians nor Spanish or Brits. The connection binding all its FOLK is a strong desire to have things “Their” way and “The Hell to the No” with collective presentations seemingly suggesting otherwise.

Fact; if it was otherwise as so many grab the banner which has been etched with “We are all One”, then. We as a Nation wouldn’t be so quick to, weaponize.  Stabbing one another in the back then declaring, “What about me”.  “What about my Rights”.

Real Talk. Those Inalienable Rights and this is stated loosely because Inalienable means absolute and no Rights extended within any Country are; absolute.  As life, they always find a way therefore they are always in flux.  Fluid.

Straight-up and with no Chaser this is to convey that what many attempt to stand for and align themselves with are based on personal convictions which. Support an individual position. A placement that is always affixed to; “What’s in it for me”.

Harsh realities, obviously but.  Truth hurts.

An American Film series titled The Predator is in it’s forth, fifth or whatever episodic spot and.  A scene has been cut.  Edited out because an Actress (Olivia Munn) allegedly discovering one of her peers, an actor (Shane Black) happens to be a Registered Sex Offender.

How long does anybody have to deal with a punitively damaging position before they receive absolution?”

This isn’t about pointing a finger to bring ridicule to anyone nor is this about choosing sides.  This is about the pettiness exhibited on a daily basis in the name of a Nationality.

Political?  Far from it.  Realist if categories are gonna be assigned.

Take each of the Nationalities mentioned, add yours if omitted and one thing becomes prevalent.  Despite of where anybody comes from, they bring, Luggage.  Baggage in the way of culturally related standards, values that may or may not have been once upon a time relevant.  ‘Cept, something is forgotten.  America and how it all began.  It wasn’t Founded, it was taken.  Confiscated from a FOLK already there.

Somebody said The Native Americans also had problems and weren’t any different.  They added that these FOLK fought and “confiscated” things from their neighbors and… This “Exchange of Cards” had to be interupted.

Yes everybody is partial to their beliefs, but.  You don’t strike and attack a neighbor.  This is why sworn enemies can co-exist.  To live an let live you don’t rush to take from those closest to you.  You “hop over” so to speak and “take” from another further away.  This allows for a cohesive degree of co-existing.  All living beings except us practice this and it’s based on the desire to survive.

Survival. Maybe this is why America isn’t projected to survive.  They feed upon themselves and everyone knows the conclusion within such a World.  Much like The Predator film mentioned.  Eventually you’ve devoured all competition and set out for Planets far far away.  Conquering as you go.  What happens as a result of this type of move is what’s taking place in America right now.

Lines have been drawn in the sand.  Every other Cultural is, in appearance, willing to fight for their Piece of The Rock.

Somebody was once confined to what was and still is, “The New Rock”.  The Old Rock was Alcatraz.  A Federal Prison sitting out in The Bay in what has become one of the most expensive regions in not only America, but, the world.  The New Rock housed FOLK from all walks of life.  They too fought on the daily for supreme dominance.  No-One-Body aka faction could win.  The best hope, a type of co-existence with the governing body.  Those who assumed Regulatory Rights and this means The Feds would only succeed in managing the facility.

Management.  Much like Administration.  Both Disciplines must follow a simple Rule of Order.  That Order, miraculously somehow has been preordained.  Assigned by The Highest Power.  Deny the existence of such, eventually you will realize.  Your position was in Check from Day One.

Don’t believe this.  Research any Historical Account.  Go deep in the lower layers defining what is and remains Traditional.  Mind you, you may require some understanding of Psychological Archaeology but, the dip is exceedingly worth the exploration.  What will be discovered; Nothin’ changes merely Rearranges.  Figure out how to live and let live.  Elitism won’t increase a position of status it only gives accessibility in relations to the acquisition of material possessions.

How. How is this possible?”

Remember, this is what we do. At least, here within this Venue, hence.  This is an understanding from our evolution.

Peace and we’re out.





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