I am Man


What…”  Yes.  I rose in a time when a Code was maintained.  Passed down, understood and relative to life.  Call it knowledge handed over from One to another.  Conveying standards supporting why there must be a reliance of life, while identifying those Ways leading to Means in which to live by.  Knowing from where we came from enhances who we are so, we would stand on those beliefs.

I am Man infers a Body like me who knows what it means to express the words, “Ride or Die”. We…  Are those who won’t sling a phrase just for the effect.  He/I/We, stand tall regardless of what comes tumblin’ down.  Our bond had no affiliation with “Broke Back Mountains”.  The association has and will always be about guaranteeing life.  “We” are that fabric everybody speaks so highly about being from, and.  Maintain a full awareness of The Cloth we’ve come from.

Nothin’ Mitigates

Bad Boyz, Good Guys…  Man.  Who we are is as much aligned with what we did and You/Them/They would not, could not step to us under the guise of friend as deception was spread in an undercurrent, which is to say.  If…  By any chance any of us happened to go M.I.A. whomever remained On Deck immediately set aside all, taking up The Mission to.  Find, secure and return the status of what is, because.  That’s what “It” was.

Some Special Forces stuff?”.  See it like this, we put the Special in the 1 Force which was; See One Reach One Because…  We were That One!” 

Speaking of I am Man

Don’t know if it was early morning of late at night, still.  When a Comrade heard a commotion erupting in another part of his.  Well it came from downstairs and despite of not jumping up to investigate, this was still his spot.  The Adobe he created.  Comforts were his to enjoy and for the pleasures of all who crossed his threshold.  As for the sounds, they were familiar but not because of familiarity.  No, recognition was based on past encounters therefore.  Sleep did not return quickly.  Instead, with silence/stealth, comfortable in The Darkness he just laid.  Vigilantly while listening.  Discovery came as he found out “His” had took it upon himself to “Place Hands” on his Significant Other.  Aware of this “climate” there would be damage but the most inflicting would go way beyond anything physical residual.  Intervention had to be immediate.

Why the “Beat Down?

The Son conveyed eloquently;  This ‘itch took it on herself to sleep with somebody else so I’m teaching her a lesson”.

I am This Man, aware that all things require a Trigger knew the ignition point and it wasn’t about her sleeping with anybody.  This rage, the depth of the anger came from a place said to be void of emotions despite being driven by those hidden, conflicting emotions.

Oh.  Prior to and even during this attack he could not help but hear his sons’ rhetoric between each and every “sock” to the body which went like this.  “Just so yo ass knows, me and my Boyz been bumpin’ and humpin’ on each other and to tell ‘ya the truth.  It’s way better than pushin’ up on U so don’t feel like you got away with a damn thang’”.

Translation; Same sex s**t, and now; I will Push It Forward.

I am Man, foraging bonds that advance life.  Me/Mine, had been no different and this opened the door to yet another situation. A particular rotation spawned by Porn.  The Son, still young and way underage had, with the use of technology discovered a way to satisfy his exploration into the world of Carnal Knowledge.  Expansive?  Beyond belief and all because Societies technology allows for accesses the likes we couldn’t have possibly prepared for, but.

This, YoungStars’ choice of film was Booty Bustin’, Gang Bangin’ wild Azz fornication.  Initially with the opposite sex with an added twist.  An End Game being, straight-up “Sword Play” with the exposed Swingin’ Penis and many times multiples who had jointly put down the female who laid.  Exhausted among them.

Deviant Deviancy

For the second time on this here Planet and in my sphere another Can of “Whoop Azz” had to be opened.  Because of the age of the intended Receiver, the process had to be psychological.

I am This Man re-told his introduction to Carnal Delights and how it came in the way of Printed Publications.  The Twist.  As I, just as with him, we had no compulsion in same sex anything.  This advanced the Son’s anger and he took offense while exploding.  His monologue was about comin’ up in a totally different Era.

Trizzle Trazzle

Nothin’ has changed and this had to be expressed to the conflicted One.  All great Nations, their citizens lapse into a type of wonder-lust once the conquest ends.  It is like being sucked in by a thick Fog.  The feeling is suffocating.  All sense of self, gone.  Horizon impressions, bleak.  That internal flame,  The Fire fueling personal desires leading to an innate need to seek and find. Embracing a quest for life; gone.  What seems to remain is.  Playing with all things that look like you. Life, expunged.

Separate scenarios, going beyond the four lives they would have initially appeared to touch.  Its a Game of numbers and the equation isn’t infinite.  Everything is finite because.  All things based on Mathematics have a beginning and an end.  Western Society Luvs to confuse matters employing various words.  Semantics, an allowance to Justify.  This only creates another problem.  Life is in RealTime and much of what is done doesn’t need any explanation when you simply see it for what it is.

Recall, Recall; The Media and their Agenda.  Advanced in a subliminal way to the degree whereas indoctrination of ‘Lil Ones via their diet of Cartoon.  Or…  As they say today, Anima. Sexually graphic story lines with visual inclusions.  Constantly making sure to verbally state, “We are all included”.

Bull. Bulls**t.

And this is exactly what it is.  Psychological manipulation in a move to control The Masses. Redirect from what is to what they want ‘cha to perceive as…  An evolution of humanity.

Psssss; New words seem to be added to the dictionaries with a blinding pace.  Because a word has been created to define something doesn’t make it right nor accepting.  What this is is mental methodology to spread something in a contagious way and Truth Be Told, nothing is nor has become any more acceptable.  More the reason why I began by lettin’ y’all know I. Those like me, will not be emasculated.

Whoa, I went Latin so now you wanna follow by saying this word, emasculated means castrate. As in cutting off Balls.  Again, trying to change the contextual format when you know I’m using this word means an attempt to take away someone’s strength.

Now you wanna flip and continue of the Humanity side of it?  I’m good with that too because what I’m sayin’ is all about compassion, empathy.  That good stuff of which.  Nothing has to do with sexual passion onto another just because…  Because it feels good.

Feel good when your Azz is being beaten down.  Talk that feel good once you’ve made a move building your World only to be crushed by those who…  Omitted the Fact that in Western Society they will not ever move away from applying Punitive Damages onto those who make-up The Masses.  Hummm, did not anticipate this did you.  Now, you find yourself contemplating the relevance of your actions in relations to the perceptions.  Okay, so look at who’s running this and factor in the reality that their standards will not ever reflect you.

Man, I am; and will remain… Active.


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