“Memories from Mars”


Long time no see”, and. The Boyz came through.  Occasion; they heard I’d let myself go, activating The Grim Reaper’s appearance and with it, the Vibe was I had contemplated letting him in.

We had history therefore, wasn’t anything short of dialogue being accepted. Seated almost as if part of an inquisition they sat. I came with the regular approach and they saw no amusement. Since our last convo time had definitely passed but. As with most who refuse to “Sweat the small stuff”, from appearance; age hadn’t been nothin’ but a number. Spontaneity within us was intuitive and where One was quick with the wit, the other’s response time wasn’t about to be lacking. The smoothness in communications had always been like a toy in our mind and we played with it showing a sense of precision. In my mind which I’m certain had been in theirs was why did if have to be an illness to bring us back.

No matter, here we were and like Boyz do, we took to the Boulevards.

Left here, another there and like Jello our residential sights merged into a blend, jellin’ with the commercial zones. A couple more block down and I had counted 2. Pool Halls that is and in reading the Neon Signs, a different Branding had emerged. “Billards Centers”. Regardless of what was the operative words, way back I’d acquired skills that made most avoid my table of choice, when. Noticed in a Pool Hall. Fact was Wifey made sure she’d gifted me with my own personal Table. Her reasoning were based on something about The Beast risin’ up in me whenever I got deep into my psyche’ while playing the game.

My ‘Hood

So it went without challenge as I selected which spot we’d “post-up” in. I opted for the location with fewest if anybody inside. The décor, upscale and The Boyz’ like myself knew this was owned and operated by The Cartel.

Cartel. Indicative of…

Don’t even shy away from your first speculation. This was just that and like most businesses beginning in America, they stood on origins founded through illicit backings. The Feds, know doubt knew this too. Regardless of how inconspicuous anybody stepped into these environments, you’d be… Suspect.

So what…

Y‘all prefer the “Spiciness” that comes with anything giving the appearance of being out on the edge, even if you won’t admit it. Something else. This is why women gravitate to those who are willing to “Blend in” shall I say. Even when “He” may be outta his element. Goes beyond the mere projection of courage. Fact is, these are defining moments of confidence, which. Will Covet the Kind.

The Spot we entered was obviously in full Compliance despite The Feds. who had hoped they’d discover some little informalities giving them a reason to shut down revenue streams. As for us, we weren’t fooled by the illusions in application. To the General Public, The Mask was working and this ability of paying attention to the smallest details are what creates the attraction. More so the reason to enter. A subtle touch to some, for me. An immediate sense of comfort. I’m sure many have experienced those feelings of discomfort when being outta your element, frequenting spots you know are way out of your conscious zone.

8 Ball, side-swiped off the left bank… Corner pocket, Game.”

Our pleasures enjoyed, and. Not once during the visit were we interrupted. Re-directed by the sexy waitress cruising around, offering beverages. Visual distraction. On display so that something else can take place. Get caught-up and you will be sure to miss those… Ancillary returns.

Good moments, fine conversations and we continued.

Hitting up the Club scene and one thing was noticeably evident. Little hadn’t changed. Oh, strike that. In appearance the Gear worn revealed much more and the purpose was beyond providing stimuli, but. We were ‘Ol School. What could we know.

Back at the Hacienda, shoes off, relaxin’, we continued to speak about maintaining a balance in this here life. This lead to them tellin’ me why… They had to come see me for themselves.

See what I asked”.

Recently communique’s have come in from a number of males who. Wanna give me attitude. Seems these males write from disposable addresses and to be anonymous is, one thing. Yet, by the nature and tone of expressions conveyed I’d say these persons are, Cowards. Much like the attire worn by those we’d seen out Clubbing. Straight “Knock Offs”. My Responders wouldn’t know anything genuine if they’d been given it by the original Creator. Fact was, collectively. They were tryin’ to tell me my voice was only speaking to the women, while… Forgetting men.

Being who I am I couldn’t, wouldn’t go any further without… At least, contemplating this; Thing they said. And, my conclusion was. Nobody has been missed. They, those like ‘em were. Functioning like usual. From a point of misconception about what another thinks and is doing that keeps the sexes divided.

Why, I ask; Tell someone something of which you the Teller has limited knowledge of, and. Your possessed understanding is marginal at best?

So. I’ve decided to take this to Mars. Martians whom probably live on Mars would have no interest in believing anything erupting outta the mouth of a, Non Martian.

Oh, prob. in keepin’ up with this Mars inclusion? Beyond the Scope?

Alright, try this. Astrologically speaking anyone born under the sign known as Aires are deeply influenced by This said to be; Red Planet. Ok, this is also conceptually too far out there for some to make a comparison with therefore let’s go with this.

Planetary influences have impacts on a genetic level that many don’t have any awareness of, and. Ima take this in a totally different direction of which many will be spooked based on previous orientations, soot. Please try to stay with me for clarity after the fact? Also, don’t misconstrue any of this as we now… Shift and jump to HyperSpace.

I could careless if The Feds are watching the Pool Hall owned by the Cartel mentioned. I understand the objectives of both so knowin’ this I know they know I’m not a Player advancing their equation. Much like the Suck-Azz Cowards gettin’ at me tellin’ me all I do is speak on the enhancement of Females.

Where Women go, males and money soon follow. Males in this sense are under-developed Wanna Bees seeking to Play but seriously haven’t fully recognized the essences of The Game. They show-up, Testosterone’s activating a hidden agenda and… End up forcin’ stuff because they haven’t gained influence over their Emotional Palette.

Now that I’ve enlightened you, advance this reality and understand what Women’s motivation are. Then, settle down and re-align yours. Ok… Immerse yourself.

Psssss; Immerse has a synonym, (penetrate). Don’t exchange my meaning by injecting other words and get what I’m sayin’ twisted. In the context I’m speaking these words are antonyms. The first means same or similar with the second being opposite. With some, there’s a ‘hole ‘nother division of words called homonyms. A Class for Linguist especially who focus on English. These words can change everything when used haphazardly. They sound and sometimes spell the same but the meanings are completely different. Much like life. When you don’t know the course, stop trying to alter the destination. Again… Settle in, sit back and enjoy the ride. And… While doin’ so leave me the ‘uck alone.


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