“Baby Fat”

ICHAS8440.Graphics.BabyFat.2018 (1)Blip Blam”.  The extension, “Thank U Mam”.  Code for “Im ‘ah hit that and BF U even know, Im gone”. Origin, “Hood, Ghetto” you call it, nothing is going to stall it.  The term, its application can be viewed along quaint cobblestoned Streets, Avenues.  Accenting any urban environment and yes.  You too can now consider yourself bi-lingual because you know another language.

I’ve even witnessed the behavior identified through this term expressed along the expansive corrals dotting the hills.  Secluded valleys making up the upscale area of Calabasas.

The relevance; “Mine” just dropped some weight on me. Seems she’s recognizing the Ferrari’s which previously sped pass as we strolled along with the Drivers only slowing to navigate through the roads’ curves.  Now…  Many of ‘em brake hard, then downshift just to do a quick peek.  “The Peek”…  Oh, to confirm she isn’t a mirage.

Why?  Because of the reduction in pounds she once carried but now she’s starting to show.  Yes, attitudes indicative of what has spawned this Universal demand for outstanding Specs. on physical beauty, a la Euro-centric standards.

Am I feelin’ this?  Better to ask am I concerned and my answer will be…

Regardless of my personal Vibe and the general consensus inclusive of hers tryin’ to make me believe I’m ‘ah bit behind the times, of which again; I really can give a ‘uck. With me there are Constants.  When I hear “It isn’t like how it was when you grew up” I wanna “Tag & Bag” based on the rhetorical but everything which comes affords something which to learn.  My reply; “I’ve never left the Arena in a conscious sense therefore, time to be “Laced”.

Laced, another term you really must get up on and there is a simplicity.  Check the Source Code.  Laced means to tighten, sooooo.  Right, she immediately senses the importance of knowin’ what goes around will eventually come around, hence.  What I did when comin’ up will in many ways be the same for the YoungStar rising today. Especially when the Trigger, those elements converging setting things off happens to be biological.

Life in the Relationship Scenario begins from the point of Sight.  Other Senses, secondary. Advancing the fantasies forever expanding within developing minds.  These conceptualization always act upon the magnificent realities that you the individual, regardless of who said or did what, will.  Superimpose onto the other’s shaky realities.

Reality as we all know are based on perceptions and with most, that’s all they have.  An indication of what can be with the balance coming after they’ve found out how it actually is.  This is to say, Mine will not wake in a foreign locale, panties somewhere in a room she vaguely remembers.  Minus whoever she thought had accompanied her there under the guise of all things consensual.

Going back to how One sees another they usually don’t know anything other than what they’ve acquired from that initial physical impression.  This is why you’ve gotta know why you feel all tingly when you do set eyes on someone.  I made mention of this all being biological and that’s where and how the attraction starts and where many go wrong is thinking it isn’t so. Always convincing themselves as being superior, and.  They push.  Going beyond such basic thoughts concluding these feeling will somehow evaporate.  My thing…  Break down the connecting factors so that she will know the full rotation of the Causes creating the debilitating Affects.

Affects and Effects are completely two different manifestations.  In the sense I’m conveying the focal point is Emotions.  Miss what has activated yours and you will enter the World were “Blip Blam Thank U Mam” will run rampant.  Oooh and don’t think you’re so “woke” you will see the signs before they are revealed.  I’ve said once which means I’ve said it many times, “you won’t see until you want to see”.  Therefore, even when you are in your professional element as another marks you to be “slayed” you had better recognize they have no true intention of harming you.  It’s just a case of them serving themselves and you being selected as the main intimate course.  No harm, No foul, because.  Recall, you are really sharp.  Saying, “I don’t feel any intimidation so they can’t possibly want to hurt me”.

Hurt like Pain is relative.  Nobody intends to bring pain providing.  You participate and follow the course.  The hurt comes after you get involved then wanna scream, “Hey, I didn’t know you meant that”.  This is why its best to know the thought processing patterns leading to the meaning of the Vocab that has seemingly seeped into you.

Lambos, ‘Raris, all gone and we’ve taken up position at one of those Sidewalk Cafe’s. Here I even see another “She”, who’s shielded herself back in the shadows cuttin’ up Mine like a prime cut. I can’t…  No I won’t get in my feelin’s even though I know to infiltrate another’s mind you first have to confuse’ em as to who they are.  Which is to say; Same sex can be fabulous friends and despite many pushin’ it to those zones defining Love Twins…

Hooold up”

Imagine the mental reconfig. taking place within the neural structure.  Oh, the Medical community is now sayin’ you can be born with a preference towards same Sex.  Tell me something I didn’t know.  This doesn’t change what has internationally been set forth within those posturing as Mammalians.

Didn’t think I’d go there…

Ok, you see I did so let’s really open this up.  He/She, Fake Azz Wanna Be’s, from the emotional to the physical can intimately satisfy.  The psychological extraction is the cost which must be considered.  No matter what Tribe you step from, Historically this imprint has not been accepted totally.  Acknowledge is not acceptance.  And yes, the choice will be theirs.  Still and all, choices are said to be on the individual but.  Real Talk… Influences are no longer equal. Everybody is locked into, Control.

ICHAS8440.Graphics.BabyFat.2018 (2)

Psssss; And now comes the noise.  Am I worried!  Do you think I’ve posed this as a question.  Again, pay attention the the context before you tell me about the intent of my content.  Much like I’m bringin’ up Mine, I thought I would “Breathe” on you too.


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