Heat, bring it and despite the substance brushed up against the composition; will change.  Turned it up, further the discovery. Toxins began to snap, crackle and pop as they go up in smoke.  What’s left is a liquefied jewel.

Same process takes place metaphorically when I hear FOLK run off at the mouth, screamin’ about what must be but when they are placed back onto the stage of which they loudly demand change, unlike the other process I used for my intro.  Even when all settles down and Relaxed-Mode is the move as you…  Readjust. Inhale deeply, listening to your heart beat. Thinking about what should now be in essence, a purity. Clarity still hasn’t returned.

Noise, can’t help but hear it. Clear out all your receptors and based on what has been said, a power-based must have supposedly been destroyed, but…  For me, like a climax considered but just before the real set in and you know at that instance, it’s not even worth it, then.  I yawn.

Colonist”, (Brought back into being thanks to the mystical Country and the inhabitants of Wakanda), and they look at me as these words erupt from their lips, “Such arrogance”.

Arrogance; Ok, like the Contestant on a a Game Show I’ll take it for 5 large, define it’s meaning and privately know I’ve smashed all those who incidentally are…  Standing opposed.

A word which means an offending display of superiority the likes of which nobody else matters.  Now I can really do like the magnificent musician Louis aka Satchmo said, “Think to Myself”, “You don’t even know me.”

Good God Good God.  Good God.

And I…  Continue to pull back the layers.  Something when done with a delicacy reveals things of a historic proportion cause when this happens you’d better have, and understand the full impact of “F-U Points”.  Yes because the devastation of the fallout will separate Loved Ones.

Our beliefs, who we are in relations to what we stand for are all associated but through representation can be as conflicting as figuring out what is meant when you hear, “I got love for you but I don’t like you”.  To hear this and think about it even for a moment you immediate go into justification and say, “Ok, I’m loved but you don’t like me, ok I understand”.  But, this acceptance hasn’t and won’t make you feel any better in the place you are.

Mira”, yes.  Mines speaks Spanish and when I’m not paying attention and just don’t seem to be gettin’ it she comes with this word.  It means look. So now, you look at what I’m sayin’ but visualize it.

When anyone comes and says they love you but don’t like you it is a statement tellin’ you a process has began.  As said, before the Fire you will witness a Spark.  This indicates the Heat is ‘bout to come.  Either recognize, get with the program or it’s on you when you miss the combustion.

Right about now there’s a power-play taking place amongst the opposite sexes.  Pushback because some have felt that they’ve been treated unfavorably. Sexualized, Marginalized and tossed about like a Pushme Tu Tu.  This “PB” lit in The Entertainment Industry, everybody’s measuring stick and boiled over during the recent Oscars.  Visuals in the way of “accentuating what is sex”, all on display by the feminine persuasion.  I watch just as the connected World did.  Mine sat right with me and although she saw and felt the vibe she didn’t skip a beat.  She hasn’t nor will she ascribe to the loss of anything because.  She made it known from the beginning.  “You got money, I got money.  What’s you’re is mine and what’s mine will…”   She paused on that but.  The intensity of where she was comin’ from, I felt.

Life, it is much like a box of Chocolates.  Pick correctly and the explosion of satisfying flavors will take you to a place you’ve only thought could be possible in a dream.

Dreams.  Hummm.  Mine are manifestation of what tomorrow will be about.  Maybe that why I’ve always known the process of subjugation has no place where equality is sought.

Fire, an altering element.  Purges all the impurities and what will remain is solid Gold.

Psssss; At the end of the day, there’s no Strangers In My House.  F-U Points are equally distributed.  Compromise is to concede and give something up.  Collaboration is to know what ‘cha went in it for from The Gate while understanding those perimeters.  To dress appropriately is also knowin’ the difference as in exposing too much as opposed to appearing in something suggesting a hint of provocation.  You see, despite of what One says, who One projects to being.  Well, the Ingreds. going in determine how the end presentation will stand up.  Now don’t Get it Twisted, I like you prefer the Tease, still.  The flip side is knowin’ how to Please.  “Oooh, watch it watch it.  When you bent over you was ‘bout to bust a seam and if you do that and I happen to get caught lookin’. You might find a reason to ostracize!”


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