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#MeToo/A Totally Different Perspective

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships on February 9, 2018 by ichas8440

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Yes, the title says it all, or… So you’d think.

This position was psychological from the very inception but if there’s going to be any hijacking, those seeking attention are gonna find a way to get “that” attention. The solidarity this unification was ‘pose to have galvanized has morphed.  Females are now, aligning themselves against Males in an attempt to seize some power.

Much to others dismay the ripple effect has been all polarizing in a dis-associative sense but.  I will not succumb to the DRAMA circulating and because of this allow me as I speak to the essence brought forth by; “I Queen”.

So much chit-chat and because of it much has been left outta “The Loop” on this seemingly invisible quest to be recognized.  In full acceptance of what “I Queen” pronounces, please allow me.

I Queen simply means “She who knows her worth” and.  There is an extensive undercurrent which comes with One who’s confident, capable and “woke” when she of such nature brings “The Heat”.

Back In The Day” and preceding the phenom created by #MeToo I spoke on “Work Place Romances” while pointing out some particulars that were.  From my point of perception beyond what most wanted to hear.  Same can be said with regard to the division #MeToo has spawned when considering He/She.  So much so that right now the word is that the majority of CEO’s, Executives etc etc.  Out there in the world don’t feel any comfort when having to assess and work in close quarter where a female is involved.

Real Talk, if this is the case the subject matter needs to be highlighted and defined. There’s a huge difference between a Man and a Male.  Man will not fear nor loath any woman as this is One who comes baring much with an enormous upside.  Males on the other hand knows fear is forthcoming simply because deep in the recessives of their mind they’ve already contemplated how to; “Make that move”.  And yes, there’s a reason for this shallowness in thoughts and actions.

It’s not that She has been reduced to an “Object Of Carnal Desire” but He was not ever “That One” nor of “The Ones” to rise to the levels where Man actually reigns.  Man is way more than somebody who can reproduce on a biological level and man is also the product of everything touching his life.  In order to understand and maintain such an ascension He has to have explored while experiencing much.  After and immediate after submersion He has to take those encounters and “Pulled The Layers Back” in the presence of another…  Man, who.  Will assist while directing said man on the positive positions for his continuing pro-active journey.  This is; Man.

The mere thought of “Slay and Lay” when He/She come together for whatever purpose is primal therefore publicly denounced from any sorta conscious connection but still this is not something to flick away, discount as not being of any consequence.  She…  Also being a product of the same environment thinks and feels the same thing but when She is attempting to engage.  Stake her claim in this here life, She is desperately tryin’ to make things right and…  There’s a time and place for everything but when she is seeking inclusion to secure footing in support of her overall foundation why should She have to be subjected to such. B.S.

I’ll tell you why.  Because those who Slay/Lay where broke long before they encountered Her.  What She is experiencing is the residuals of a Weak Azz male and herein lays the switch so from this point out, He/She has gotta be wiser.  Cease and Desist with the verbal accord ushering in that fake azz phrase, “Before we start let’s agree to disagree while maintaining our position that there will be disagreements”.  What was isn’t gonna change overnight and what is.  Pretty-much will continue being as is even when the dynamic is seemingly altering.  Until it is, forcing something only proves that little has been learned.

Let me tell you something; 1, where women go males and money soon follow.  This is not to say He is targeting in an attempt to buy her.  This is just a common denominator when realistically factoring in life as it blossoms.  2, with this being the case She needs to recognize while understanding how much He is truly reliant upon…  Her!

As for the third and supporting part of this equation don’t.  Let me say again, don’t sleep on this. 3…  Men with a real sense of Power will not pounce upon She who brings Him joy.  He will educate and stand back and enjoy her ascension and if not for the mere position of personal participation then because of this.

When One is oppressed but has sat around the table and inhaled Power, sampled the many treasures Power bring and.  Now recognizes Power along with having a true understanding of same.  She isn’t compromising with you on a dam thang’.  She will take!

Psssss; Gleam what’ cha may.  I am not One who is above the objectifying cause most have done it.  I am about risin’ to the occasion while learning from the mistakes made.