“R U married? Husband or S.O. as in Significant Other.” Questions presented and if hesitant in responding the probability of working on The Crew I’ve assembled would have been reduced, status reflecting slim to none. 

For 2 decades our services were to address the personalities traits restricting or straight-out denying the rise of He and She who said they wanted to maintain a commitment to. He or She previously chosen as; The One.

Many of men and women whose S.O. sat with me during such an interview I found out after the fact took offense to my line of questioning and seldom did it. No, that’s not quite correct. Not every was I going to slow my course of direction because; I knew my intent.

They, if chosen by me would be spoken to and with in ways that would cause not only them but others to, feel “The Heat”. From my mind to theirs the “Fire”, that emotionally qualifying psychological speech would touch everyone of their erogenous zones and… The intensity was so exacting they’d wonder if at sometime in another realm had I entered into their dreams.

Today, society rumbles as the echoes of various accusations designed to symbolically etched in the consciousness of those impacted, creating a division between Men & Women. Those Vibes, all based on the sexual predilections involving both sexes. Despite the evaporation of years since, therefore seemingly as if dropping straight from the sky, personal assertions have been voiced. But, what is isn’t the reality. Who and to what extent a man or woman will go in order to make that money has always been known to one and the other. The question isn’t “Can you handle it” but that question needs to be. When your identified wants don’t materialize according to your plan you are already knownin’ you will shift any sense of personal responsibility and this position will be with the quickness.

Those who’ve stepped forward with me in a joint effort to assist others in accepting the Vices they’ve hidden from their Significant Others and also from themselves always understood my questions. Oh the impression of confusion/conflict always was there but. What the way was because they weren’t sure about how my commitment would be to them after they exposed their true feelings.

Emotional Fear

As I’ve said many times before is like pressure pushin’ against the interior lining of a hot water pipe. When you don’t know the substance meant to contain you’ll never know the dual realities. Actually the dueling realities.

Sexual anything is predicated on the initial orientation along with personal Imprints.

My initial approach when interviewing is always direct because I’ve learned to observe closely. This develops senses on levels most won’t even consider. My reasoning is because I have to remain, “Game Tight”. Needs, Wants, Desires, they are a constant causing the Human Psyche to evolve in ways not always conducive towards success. Modes of Operating in a seductive ways that I’ve become acutely aware of. Flickering eye lashes aren’t only connected to surging Bio Sensory Preceptors they also are indicators identifying what stimulates on even deeper within

How and why I know this;

Paying attention to those who came before me. Inability to recognize who really knows as opposed to who’s marketing Bullshit is Key. More so because there is a “YoungStar” coming up behind me. Female to be exact. Based on the situation being that of opposite sexes I know why Fathers are fearful of what’s waiting out there for their daughters, except; Mine’s not so much.

Very soon she, without a doubt is going to encounter those with serious degenerating attitudes. Her survival will be because of what I’m damn sure gonna educate her on. Not to scare her nor in a move to show her how marginalized her worth is within the eyes of some. But because when I sit across from any of those she brings my way, expressing to me in one of those ways impossible to repel as she states “Dad I’m so into him”. I… Can only remain still, listening intently as I absorb her Vibe. Once she’s done and sits patiently while she beams with pride, I’ll. Pull whomever aside and say.

“You realized she’s not going to settle for any artificial interpretations embellishing your love for her. And as for puttin’ hands on her. Reign it in Partna’, because you’ll have no idea what you’ve unleashed.”

While mental contemplation begins to percolate, processing what has just been delivered I won’t stop. What will follow will be a defining point. Words meant to separate whomever from any desire to spread the Bullshit.

“When U decide to impress upon her some morbid latent desires you wish to explore/experience. Even to the point of seeking another’s who’s field you feel compelled to play in, U really need to step off at that point. Fall Back and adapting the mentality of a Pirate.”

As their eyes enlarge expressing a huge lack towards connecting the dots then I will bring it to a conclusion. Bust that ridiculous Ego with a close they won’t even see comin’.

Pirates, gotta respect ‘em. They sought safe Harbors and always far far away from where their Significant Other remained. And in those foreign shores they would run astray. Pursue as if tomorrow wasn’t coming. Dippin’, Dabbin’, even Drooling on and in whatever they’ve identified as being; That One.”

Yes, after hearing such a story they usually begin to turn their own lights on. Realizing even if they could afford the expense of such a life, any possibility of exposure to their chosen S.O. back home who… Won’t recover from such a betrayal nor. Would they just settle in and condone the behavior all the while, running to tell it to…

Daddy, not the sugar kind.

Many are fathers yet they won’t ever be a Daddy or should they act all gracious and accept the Title ‘til acknowledgment of one fact occurs. The fact of who comes up under another is reliant upon that One. Not just for meals, clothing and some graphic depictions about how it might feel but. You, Daddy will be there if and when any mis-steps have or are about to be made.

Psssss; Mine. Won’t come and tell me about intimidation or retell that sorry azz story about “I thought they… Daddy how can they do me like that”. Nope. She/I, her Moms, we come from a long line of those who gladly “Exchange Cards”. Walk and Talk while sharing what we know because the next Gens. has to rise above any negative implicative activities regardless of how impressionable. Yes, Bullshit still retains its basic characteristics. It stanks. It sticks and when it touches you, best believe you will absorb the funk.


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