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“State of Dissonance”

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships on September 1, 2017 by ichas8440


Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

The rhythm, in some defined by the Bass cords.

Feel the Bass line then you’ll recognize the melody.

Feel the flow, the dissonance abandons and all becomes harmonious.

Much like life.  Even though everybody appears to be on a different page, when the pages are placed in their exact order the book can be formed.

Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

Psychological Dissonance, always apparent but doesn’t have to be.  He/She, madly wanna be with one another but simultaneously holdin’ onto thoughts leading to beliefs which morph into ideas establishing values that are contradictory to their projected.

Projected what!

Me/Mine and this included every last one of ‘em entered the Intimate Apparel Shops, casually checking out what is available.  I, yes I pick up some complimenting sets, matching in color and material.  They, comfortably accept them while disappearing between the embroidery wall-papered partitions and moments later call out.  I glance down the same halls separating she from I and watch.  She is making last minute adjustments while contemplating.  Through the reflection in the full length mirror and no matter which of them they may be, they turn and in my eyes I’ve learned something about them/us which has allows for the elimination of the conflicting dust.  The sight is so commanding ‘til I realize there’s no need to become a participant.  Like those breakin’ to get to the local or nationalizing Strip Clubs.  Droppin’ big bucks just to say they are…

How, how is this possible?

Spontaneity.  Recall the feelin’s from days past when you got into something, couldn’t explain the reasons why but just went with the vibe.  That’s being in the moment. Flowing, glowing and knowing all that matters is the heighten comfort you/they have established and are now, exploring together.

The probability of doin’ this increase tremendously when you know the historical and respect what has become the traditional but then.  Realize something is holding you back.  Prevention has become your norm and in this momentarily point of clarity blow up what is antiquated and stand back.  Watch the fall out while for once being able to truly identify and visualize the creation of something much more; Transcending.  It’s called “You”.

This is manipulative.”

Much like the many things all Social Beings do and have no concept as to why other than it’s been this way as long as they/anyone can remember.  So let’s go back.  Way back.  To the beginning of this piece where you see a Five Hundred Dollar Bill PhotoShopped.  Two things are happening here with the 1st being or.  Having the ability to graphically change things with immediate results.  The other, seeing a $500 Dolla Bill even if the depiction of the persons featured face has been changed, you recognize the similarity of the currency to other paper money.  Now be truthful, who has not only seen but possessed an actual Five Hundred Dollar Bill of U.S. origin?

I have.

This is to say what One knows others may not even have considered nor thought in that direction.  Mainly because most are extensions of system designed to keep those spontaneous sparks from every igniting.  So now that ‘ya know let this lead you to my ultimate.

Settle in, an occasional grin.  All because my show is sponsored and presented with the two of us in mind.  Compliments extended, compliments taken.  Everything rotates effortlessly and all because, “This is how we do it”.  Hesitations based on deep seeded emotional reservations doesn’t even come into the equation.  Again, we are the Stars in this show.  Plus, in our minds we are…

I/She, always in possession of those “F U Points” so no matter what others assume, presume of those who’ve re-defined themselves.  Established themselves with a Presence impacting to most yet inconceivable to many making up the masses as they watch/stare in a type of conscious bias.  We…  Keep it movin’ and know that together we’ve forged an alliance.  We get it, got it and…

Psssss; Shows start, usually shortly after we exit the vehicle with those beautifully colored coordinated bags in hand with names etched on such as, Agent Provocateur, Trashies, Victoria Secrets.  (On that last one only when they have something really nice attracting us).  But either way, come.  Appear one and all.  The Akita’s, Dobies who always troll in pairs going by the names of Rosca & Bosca.  They’ve been locked safely in their dog runs, sooooo.  Slip inside the perimeter of our property.  Peer into the Bay windows and if you can illuminate your sight just to the degree of making out the images, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the most dynamic stage presentation of a Lingerie Show you will…  Well, I can’t charge anything for it because.  Mine are like the Five Hundred Dollar Bill, something of beauty few have ever seen despite of knowing of its existence.