“Villain/Vixen; Your Call”


Villain comes from the old Anglo-Saxon-French lexicon as it descends from the Latin word “Villanus”.  Code, as in all things passed down and means (farmhand). Conveniently used to describe anyone of lesser statue so that all will know, this lot will psychologically remain bound to the soil.  Forced to put in hard labor and no matter what they achieve, they still won’t be admitted.  Code once again and this psychological meaning has major impact that few don’’t ever associate with the overall Status Quo. “Abuse, misuse accordingly. Physically, mentally, emotionally, they have no rights”.

Vixen basically refers to a female Fox. Attitude when in action, (Sly-Slick & Wicked). Qualifiers defined by parts of speech that are definitely seen within the walking talking women of our species.  Sexual in every sense and don’t think Man or Kind aren’t luvin’ this sexy association when silently thinking about…

Taking these two, associating them with the concepts germane to what qualifies the causes and effects ushering in Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, anything considered Sexually Deviant and you begin to understand why all things Western Society are so ‘ucked up.  The whole Anglo-Saxon-French-Latin again, has much to do with where all these concepts comes from.

Examine any historical docs. and look close.  Soon you’ll see the rise and fall of past Empires along with an obvious Source Code.  Evidence of a true societal continuum despite the recognizable display of occasional consciousness here and there.  Social Orders that at times worked but with the end-Game being the same. Darkness seeped in with chaos running supreme.

Maybe this was because although participation was there nobody ever actually wanted to partake in what had been scripted in the first place.  Yet, FOLK being of the sheep-mentality kept to their penchant for shepherding even though they sensed a collective discord coming.

America is the greatest “Gumbo” in the recorded history of any point in time, and now… FOLK are trippin’ off of who they have become yet no one is willing to connect this with the reality of where the American came from.

Alternative lifestyles, Gender specified Rights and all this.  Where is the justification.  Show the physiological connectivity and not just through a written or verbally articulated script.

None of this is surprising and that’s because…  Western Society is based on semantics. Substance is a non-entity.  Political correctness is “Trump” as everything spawns from some grammatical foundation.

WTF is this about?”

I luv you all…  Humans, magnificent as they are, never cease to amaze with the inquisitive minds which is why y’all should have “Pumped your brakes” long ago.  Slowed your collective rolls and reach back. Back to the beginning of your conception and there you’d of realize.  “The 22nd G, True To ‘Da Game like he is, so this has to be about something sex related.  Without exception.  The Dots will be connected and “Truth Be Told” that’s where it all began anyway.”

Today, find yourself out and about, strollin’ along any corridor, you being “He” who happens to encounter “She” and gets close enough not only to inhale the aroma of her scent but.  Sooooo close ‘til you cannot resist a quick rub against her curvvy thigh with all that “swag” know one thing.  You’ve gone beyond the possibility of being in The Twilight Zone and dipped deep into the probability as you’ve obviously missed the opening of the bi-dimensional universe and…  Welcomed yourself into “The World of The Bill’s”.

He/She, whatever anybody wants to perceive themselves to be, they’ve all seemed to have forgotten they are products of; “Primal Sexual Predilections of Man and Kind”. Like Back In The Day when one group felt themselves attracted to those of another, but because of certain laws.  Yes, laws that when and if crossed ushered in serious allegations because of.  Class Distinction.

Never of any mind” the laws, Class Distinctions when up in smoke and the more desirable and devious options exercised. Looks were exchanged.  Thoughts, stimulating as they could be, conveyed, and.  In all of this something was either missed or purposely avoided.  That being those cruel realities of intent. Seldom were they ever accurately deciphered.  The fuel driving their desire resulted in complete satisfaction and…  Immediately after despite of any violence occurring during the romp, a return to the group of origin.  Ah, a sense of normalcy quickly settled back into being.

Again, B.S. in its most personified of form.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Improper Sexual Attention is all based on an apprehensiveness.  Code as always for those who refuse to see.  Fears, latent phobias which weren’t correctly addressed from the beginning now apparent still won’t command attention, so.  Century upon centuries of barriers which had been erected to keep out demons are of no consequence.  Resurrection of the beast would not be denied.  Laws with scripted instruction, meaningless.  The door which was believed to have been shut a long time ago.  Locked in the recesses of the mind opened.  Primal instincts dictated once again.

And everybody retreats, not wanting to look in the direction of another yet.

They all wanna know; “Why Why Why”.

Psssss; Western Society is all about punishment and this is because assets, natural commodities, basically wealth, is finite. Inclusive of this you can include the scent of a woman, the masculinity of a man.  Commodities in their own natural right and possessing a value equivalence to a sorta’ dividend.  Power, position doesn’t place anyone in a more amenable mindset saying, “I won’t sexually abuse, dictate, compromise another”.  Carnal desires continue to be the major desire but ‘cha know… Maybe when everyone stops and considers how far we aren’t away from our primal instincts, possibly then society will find a method and means in which to say, “What was can no longer be. What is, will be at least to the point that we truly want to see it being.  Until that level of understanding is reach as to who we are to be, no one will actually ever be free from…”  This even extends to the Rich, Famous and all those who hide behind their own guilt ridden consciousness saying, “This doesn’t apply to me”.


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