Matilda, after she said what she came to say started a mental process within my mind. Images I’ve seen many ‘ah times. Just not of the enormous white rabbit by the same name know to hop around and happy to just be around.  Nor did I catch a glimpse in any of the recesses of my mind of the Australian counterpart using the same name whose from Down Under.  The Kangaroo usually seen with her mate Jackie Leggs as they position themselves while intimidating all the other local residents.

My Matilda was more so related to Jane from the Doe lineage.  A product of her cultural.

Cultural in this sense defines a group of FOLK and their distinctions, arising from particular beliefs which morph, forming traditions sustained, based on realities manifested from collective habits.

Matilda.  Because of the complementary gender association through name could be your Mother.  Also reflective of the sister when conscious of the implied female of the species. My Matilda…  Resilient, resourceful and due to the conflicting situation, leaning towards vengeance.

Trigger, let her tell it, activated all because of her her choice of mate as in; man.

Hers, Bernard.  Elongated for Bernie.  But not the “Bernie Mack-Man” I’ve grown to recognize and honor.  This one put the “B” in Beast.  Don’t be alarmed or surprised wondering how anyone can align themselves with another carrying such a dubious distinction.  Bernie has it his way in every way each and every day.  Won’t stop, can’t stop and isn’t too concerned about who drops due to his engaging flops.  Still one would think he’ll slow his roll before Matilda moves any closer to the edge.  Personally I know change is on the horizon for those known as Bernie.  At least, not ‘til they realizes it’s not all about what’s in their head.

Matilda expressed to me a certain “need to feed” when it came to sex and his infallible, indomitable focus.  One so demanding consumption of his mental was all but a given.  I had a prob. with this verbal projections because the visual I created from such an imaginative articulation was in no way foolproof.  Bernard, yes Bernie was a product of his nature.  No different than a Stud when viewing any string of Mares prancing around in his field of view.

Hearing such an analogy arouses contempt and to that I say.  Don’t like being associated with animals, get use to it.  We’re forms in one way or another of the mammalian linage with no separation when it comes to matters influences through biology.

Sex, the thought leading to the act cannot is not regulated by the psychology of those in participation nor is miraculously toned down by any emotional continuity.  The term “Just say no” where

“Huu-Maans” are concerned if and when speaking about sex is, B.S..  Another truth is when the source of stimuli is identified, understood, and masturbation occurs regardless of the method and means of the delivery, “No” will not be recognized or adhered with.

Females have been granted a false sense of power with this all commanding word.  Most of ‘em know this instinctively but despite of their intellect at what point within the rotation do they decided to utter this word?  Seldom before the first glass of alcohol and then it’s a little late.

“Al-Co-Al-Cohol”, the legalized suppressor.  Used so they say to enhance the acceptance of the festive activities but you know.  Inhibitor like you don’t wanna believe and “She” still takes this course.

It’s not just the mental scenery galloping throughout their minds, overlapping, blending, creating psychological images conducive while seeking the extended version of the evolutionary process.  Fact is, this is the cultural.

Not into alcoholic libations you say, then let the music continue to play.

Music can calm the savage in any Beast.  Music, depending on the melody and accompanying rhythm section puts resistance on mute too.  The highs and lows makin’ moves on the senses, intonations engaging on a cerebral level activating switches which many would rather not have on display publicly.  Still, when this takes place within the lanes of intimacy…

Sex, it’s not intimacy.  In fact, it’s primal.”

Semantics, if introduces and focused on, everything becomes what ‘cha want it to be and yet and still.  Regardless of how it’s flipped, nothing is gonna alter the interchangeable intangibles and.  Here is where command is established because it is I “The 22nd G” who pushes the package even before it’s opened.  Lifting it, taking full possession of it as I shake and turn it.  Receiving all the indicators giving me further insights to know more than you so I can say with authority.   When and where sex becomes the primary Driver, all things are tangible.  Its all in knowing the full applications.

He/She each know what they believe their aware of but few recognize the automatic mode their entire being operated from and within when living this life.  Some say they are way too mature to get caught-up and maturation is the key.  Okay, riddle yourself this then genius.  How come so many highly educated, economically established, “religiously” structured and usually with FAM..  Pillars of various communities making them total reps. a la John and Jane Q. Citizen but have difficulty when pushed by this one biological functionality known to trigger the desire to engage sexually?

Stud and Mares

Just an analogy and exact for this push towards understanding and gettin’ you head around how to recognize your system before it is activated.

The system, your system, its all dialed in. Synced to a degree that isn’t readily accepted. Mental, physical, bio-social.  All stemming from the physiological and not ever removed and predicated on automatic. FOLK just won’t stop tampering so in time, things stop clicking on a positively positional degree.

Bernie, based on how introduced probably married. Maybe the union is open by designed meaning He/She can do whatever they wanna do outside the house when it comes to sexualization.  Is this painting a picture allowing for a more precise point of perception?  Shouldn’t, the unification between two leading to matrimony has a component few will admit of it’s existence.  Marriages are legal systems with the application being designed to quantify ownership by means of possession.  Don’t agree? Be charged or associated with One facing allegations of any criminal nature and watch how quickly you are reduced to a possession with…  A legal definition immediately introduced by the prosecution qualifying you in a co-conspiratorial way.

Marriage is nothing more than another system.  Propelled by man-made perimeters making restraints artificial. Open, closed, doesn’t matter as the label doesn’t determine or establish any greater exclusivity eliminating problems.

Not married.  Single or merely out and about livin’ your life.  You are subjected to the same laws governing sex and.  This is not limited to those following any sense of promiscuity.  Place oneself in that churning, burning situation and even if you deny it, you too will feel the heat.  Those stimuli activating various forms of physical arousal all can be traced back to a highly advances biology.

Where is the key? I want the key to unlock this door because…”

The “because” before the pause.  All for the affect so as to press the mind.  Making “you” yourself connect the dots.  You/I everybody has been there yet collective there’s a refusal to break from cultural norms..  Tradition is the Beast here and it is in view of what has become traditionally acceptable that FOLK need to see the historical significance with regard to what no longer applies.

Stud, Stallion.  Mare, Philly.  Reliant on simplicity.  That’s what they do.  See, feel, do.  Procreation at it’s finest and…  Very “Re-Cre-Ation-Able” at all times but for them they are functioning within their laws of nature.

Man/Woman laws, restrictive, relative and really outdated but.  Mandated because these are what have been rushed in place to maintain the fabric of any social construct.

Matilda, Bernard, yeah.  Eventually the two got with me and it was a threesome. Matilda was blasted because of her position to look the other way when Bernard decided to act on the fact that it was his world and he was damn sure gonna live it no matter who disapproved.  Bernard, he listened.  At least when it came to the light that he needed to live that world and.  Being the so called Leader of his pack demand the best also outta whomever he decided to unitize with while developing their world, with…  ‘Ah ‘lil something extra.  Voice the fact that whatever one was feelin’ the other more than likely had the same inclinations even if they performed differently.

Psssss; Neglect is a Mutha.  Allow it to creep into existence and the cost will be unbearable.  Face fears, understand phobias and handle it.  Speak on what you want, how you want it and when by chance it won’t be, maybe…  You might wanna let it be because somewhere along the journey a light will shine in your world too.  Those illuminations will confirm that there is life outside of yours.  You in your thrust spreading hell, won’t be welcomed.


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