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The concept that we, “FOLK” as a species were somehow not alone never occurred to me. U, I, everybody comes from two bodies with each contributing individually on a biological level with the ultimate results being; U and I.

Those within the science community are “floating” the possibility that the probability of the existence of man to the kind are doing so in an assimilation. When actually contemplated this is a reality of our original orientation as human beings. Still, few want to accept the fact.

Fact, a word used to describe something tangible. Proven so therefore not to be challenged. This is not to be considered as a veiled question so if secondary value is placed make it a phrase of a rhetorical sense, expressed to promote thought.

The story of The Supreme Being existing somewhere above, lets say in the Heavens decided to create a species. A variety designed in His or Her image so a large degree of intelligence would be imprinted. Psychological that is, making them superior to a certain degree over all other beings. The species would live on a planet to be known as Earth, then… The Almighty Supreme Being with unknown insight on all things would convey. No, this is He or She who can dispatch an Optimum Prime so. Nothing is conveyed and if we as the species in topic are to recall, any entity with such power would, command. Yes, this makes for a more powerful narrative and the command would have been. “This is my creation. Y’ all may do a looksy, flyby in your celestial custom coaches but. Hand-off”.

Knowing this story as I do and I’m sure others recall similar versions this. Without question is the foundation of an assimilation in its purest form.

This story gives credence to the actuality of Spirituality in a divine form to which. Many don’t wanna ascribe to, probably because after the age of 5 it becomes counter to other doctrines. Ideologies in circulation simply because in being a “kept species” certain choices for colony continuity were left to, us. Yes, intellect requires freedom of selection or the conclusion will be direct results completely per-ordained. Is this becoming too disruptive to the psyche if so, return to your origin for enlightenment. Clarity can always be found when the source is never discounted.

Now for the origins of all FOLK to manifest physically, vibe off of this.

There was One who saw the other. Yes yes, in the first tellin’ of the story it was said that “He” was on deck and desired a companion. Sleep was induced and during the nap “She” was created available once woke. Together in the same atmospheric space emotional inspiration pushed a desire and somewhere physical engagement happened. A chemical connection was made based on the sensory preceptors being fully sparked. The nexus had been established, and. U, I or in this case those two stepping before us created the “We”.

As what happens during procreation the population propagated far and wide. That is physical, mental, emotional and in another aspect felt and manifested in ways to date unexplainable. I and U know this to be defined as The God Particle. for those not willing to say it, the essence of all, hence The Spirit. Tangible yet also not containable through any mere mortals methodology. Knowing this and considering why if this is true, why haven’t we as a species seen any evidence of other superior beings?

This is a “Q” with the “A” being.

Superior in any sense means beyond what is known as acceptable or regular to what is known.

Ok, the stimuli is in full effect so take the original orientation extended to U, I from He/She who extended life, sprinkle in the so-called intelligence we are ‘pose to possess and then reflect on what U, I were told about how all this began. When the story of The Supreme Being was shared, variations came to be because that’s what FOLK do. The choice factor” is so powerful. So pronounced and in full display based on cultural differences a “spin” has to be placed on everything. Call it an innate desire. View this as a stamp to claimed and own. Real Talk, this is nothin more than a quirk based on some latent sense for separatism, yet. The story, regardless the territorial origins retains a continuity with aspects which won’t be altered.

In the beginning all those living entities with eyes on us, watching from up above. Curiosity raging throughout their systems had to. “Reach-out and touch”. Don’t believe this? Simply consider what U, I and or any living species does when seeing something. When allowed to observed but are told “Don;t even touch”. Heavenly Beings are no different. This aspect of the story is why there is much evidence in a physical sense of contact but. Mass availability of proof. FOLK can’t handle the truth. As for proof of some form or another of Celestial Beings contributing to our collective advancements, if true. Despite of going against the ultimate command it would only support our life, this world being an assimilation.

Psssss: As time progresses U, I, those like us have evolve. Sides were set in stone. Divisions like way back then and as are now, clearly marked, making the original orientation embedded within all tampered with. So, take this knowledge, factor in those with the tangled sense requiring immediate domination of others. The quest to purged the original story from consciousness has been forced. With this revelation being brought forth once again it is okay to return to the Source Code and like any blend, proof will be rediscovered in the base ingreds confirming. The more things change the reality is they’ve simple been rearranged.

Perception is the identification, interpretation, organization of sensory information. This leads to an understanding of the environment U, I, we exist within. It’s a mental process that has two platforms with one being a lower level understanding but this feeds the higher level. This is where the complexities come into play.

Reality is said to be the state of things as they actually exist with a kicker. Reality is inclusive of all things that are and have been despite of those things in observance being comprehensible.

Perspective is merely the graphical visual images of thoughts. How anyone interprets them will be based on their original orientation but the reality begins to twist with the infusion of those who wish to alter the perception consistence with life itself.

Assimilation yes.

Who’s, now that’s where the adventure will require a return to forever. Spirituality is, forever.