“Pimpin’ ain’t easy”


Loungin’ in the same Hilton Hotel located in the city of Woodland Hills, yes, the same spot President Barack Obama touched down in when seeking political party contributions during his West Coast swing, I noticed a dynamic in play. A High-Powered Heavy Hitter along with his equally Heavy Hittin’ female P.A. worked a potential client who… When the primary male CEO excused himself from the table leaned over and whispered into the females’ ear ah “lil somethin’ somethin” and then handed her an envelope.

Upon the return of the CEO who seemed to be wrapping up the meeting bid farewell to the client who happily accepted his dismissal. Once outta sight the female P.A. took out the envelope and proceeded to flip through wrapped stacks of “Dead Presidents” then, quickly slid the envelope over to the High Powered-Heavy Hitter.

“You extracted all this from witnessing a scene such as what you’ve just described?”

“Peep Game”, a phrase stated prior to extending knowledge on something many have the wrong perception on.

When Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped into the powerful position of First Lady and President of The United States their bank account was no where near where it is today. They went from a net worth of less than a mill-ticket (one million dollars) to becoming a part of the upper echelon financial elite. Same can be identified and applied when contemplating the rise of Michelle and Barack Obama when considering ducats, (monies made) prior to and during their stay in The White House.

Is there something wrong with this picture? Only to those who haven’t a clue as to how to advance a position utilizing the knowledge base afford One.

The High-Powered Heavy Hitter noticed my casual interest in his activities and when the opportunity came up, He/I Exchanged Cards; (spoke on something advancing both). While standing at the sink in the Mens-Room he looked over to me and said “Pimpin’ ain’t easy you know what I’m sayin'”.

I got the drift of his intent and responded “Peep Game, next time do a wire transfer to an off-shore account cause the method you chose to collect is outdated for one and was recorded by those 24/7 running recorders over-head. You know the drill baaaby”.

On another occasion the script happened to be flipped. The lead was a woman who sent out a Tag Team consisting of a man and woman who… Once made their mark and delivered their presentation came away with the monies sought. Walked back to the female Jefe and handed over the money like two small children seeking approval from a parent. She also smiled when realizing I had been watchin’ her and the entire demonstration unfold.

I possess a Passport to travel. Unlike the traditionally known Passports issued by governments so that their citizens can move about un-interrupted mine comes in the way of my Significant Other. She’s bought into my program and recognizes the simplicity of the dynamic durin’ daily rotation. Over the many years of our unification others have purposely slipped and said “He’s using her to his own advantage”.

I’m not the only one who hears this, she also is fully conscious of such verbally abusive expressed sentiments. Do we trip, become all caught-up in our emotions and seek vengeance against such Shape Shifters?

Pimpin’ truly isn’t easy and to Peep Game One has to keep their eyes on the prize. Nah-Sayers are today’s Haters. When the phrase is said “Game don’t change merely re-arranged” it’s best to recognize. In life there comes a point in which one the other or both realized in order to ascend to heights only dreamed of before everybody has to be on the same page. Allowing simple thoughts which are redundant and no longer applicable is basically an acceptance of the trickeration spread by those who don’t want you to rise in the first place.

This thing about separation of the cultures based on classes because of a designation of elitism is Pixie-Dust. Something sprinkled in your face as a method for the introduction of mass hallucination. All those mentioned came from the bottoms, (lower levels of social classes). This can also be applied to the 13 FAMs. who effectively rule the whole world. Everybody wants to be papered up, (have money). It’s not the money which is evil but the character within the person (s) who eventually possess the paper and finds themselves in a position to wield their negative nature against the masses. Same as when being accused of engaging in anything nefarious. The methodology used to rise to your identified occasion is only wicked when you, one or all don’t have the mental capabilities to stand for what you believe in and fall to the simplicity of ignorance.

Psssss; Many have stepped to me and confidently said, “Man can I samples some of that”. Alluding to a private rendezvous with my significant other under seductive conditions actin’ as if I am really that Guy. I could become Stuck On Stupid play with my own psyche’ while sayin’ “they do this because we are representative of two different cultures and that is considered the mindset when opposites such as She/I combine”, but. I’m not about to deny my intellect. What I do is let it be know that they couldn’t handle her even if I gave ’em a page outta our play book. You see when Game Tight there has been an Exchange Of Cards way before we took to the stage. Oh yes, Pimpin’ can be easy when you know the true application and all the connotations of the words themselves.


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