Taking Wives… Liaisons


Who R U and What R U 2 them? Wifey, Hubby, ’til death do you all part. Fam. once synonymous with same household and bio/parents firmly on deck is; no more. Times have changed. Society ever so instantaneous, functioning from a social construct demanding the relationship maintain full sonic productivity; meaning, “I want mine now and make it very visible”. Makes many wanna holla but.

The internal dialogue must be; return to the lead off questions.

Often it’s said “certain” cultures are quicker than others to “get busy” on the first date and I can easily put this off on misogynistic and feminine ideologies, but. No one group/nationality has a lock on such a mentality. Personally, comin’ up with ready access to all sorts of Americans imaginable, privy to the Russian communities. Steep while remaining deep up in the Asians culture. Neighbors to authentic South of the Border Spanish descending types, and the list continues. All this “Soul Food” mixing makes me know better but like the baby who seeks to sip on the nourishment dispensed by “The Twins”; “As long as what I’m doin’ isn’t interrupted it’s all good”.

During my days of understanding the moves/motivations regarding the sexes whenever they came together had very little to do with what “hood” one came from. Psychological/emotional stimuli plays a huge part in breaking down social barriers but when it comes to “havin’ it your way” social orientation, status; trumps. Importance starts at “What can you do for me”.

Money moves” and don’t think it doesn’t. Regardless of how deep One feels their love runs within the recesses of the significant others’ mind/body seldom will this prevent the immense physiological directives when presented with the options of… “Do this with me and I’ll open doors you’ve only dreamed of”. Most of the time those hallways you’ve dreamed of, wanting to believe existed are…  Slammed shut after the fact and when access is allowed, He/She who snapped up the “bait” better prepare to concede much much more to even come up as an associate.

Motivating factor driving He/She who initiated all this was not ever about “you”. The lust is all self induced which is probably how it began with “you you and you” also.

It was a time when my thing was “love ’em and leave ’em” and deviation wasn’t even optional. “She” could push in ways opposed to mine but… Under such circumstances who’s been targeted isn’t even capable of seeing the “Triple Threat” comin’ at ’em. The “push” as they advance it simply morphs into a pull with the one pushing believing they’ve convinced the other that their way is the only way when the reality is. “You” your ways were never the equation.

Harsh? Yes, but with some being “qualify to totally satisfy” layers can quickly be stripped away. Revealing, at least to me the human side of…

Weak”? Not me, becoming who I was meant to be and. Get this, if I hadn’t accepted how it was gonna be for my life I’d not be delivering it like I am now, sooooo, sense the blessings.

This revelation can consign many to stand fast on the position of “Not me and definitely not mine” which I’ll go with. Still, taking this stance confirms one of closed mind therefore you won’t accept the points already made. “It was and never will be about you.” To get with anything one has to suspend the contorted values pronouncing them. Not sayin’ follow blindly but for an objective view you’ve gotta push pause on your subjective mindset. The switch allows other perspectives to began to beam.

Contemplating this line of “intimate involvement” you must look past the self, embrace while accepting what your significant others’ “Needs/Wants/Desires” truly are. Factually consider when or if they’ve been met by you. Believing none of this matters, assume you both know the score which amounts to “this is our lives” and… Welcome to the true definition of assume.

I‘ve been in close close intimate settings with Rich, Famous, False Prophets aka Politicians & Clergy. Wanna Be’s and those so notorious you don’t wanna be; that close for fear this just might be the moment a “Hitter”. Yes, the one circulating amongst all of you so intense they move comfortably about knowin’ all calls, at that exact point in time begin and end with them, therefore…

Unimportant; because it is this person (s) who has been dispatched to turn out some unfortunate ones’ lights with all those seemingly unaware receiving no safe passage.

One thing is forever common amongst all previously mentioned, they thrive on identifying the said to be emotional bond between those arriving as He/She. Unbeknown to the “seemingly” content couple, The Game is just about to begin.

It is a soothing mental state sought by those who have been told “yes” since forever by others maintaining such close proximity they know it will always be their way. Can this reality be countered? Definitely, providing… One knows themselves and hasn’t forced their core beliefs onto their choice of companions. Yes, that is what allows the option to be exercised when another moves to “have yours” and yes I’ve done it time and time again just as those spoken on. Race, ethnicity doesn’t matter nor does it take precedence if this is another’s first time out.

Taking Wives much like “Dangerous Liaisons”, today known as “Risque Liaisons” provides the greatest psychological thrill known to Man and Kind because of the conquest of another who swears by their commitment to somebody else. It’s about control that some call influence. The dynamics don’t change. Don’t believe? Wrap your mind around this.

Professional relationship, “Boss” talks a good Game about inclusion. Makes you feel a part of “The Platform” and… Request your presence at… A party, corporate presentation and you, claim you don’t have enough notice therefore your significant other won’t allow it. Reality check; “Boss” is not concern with what another outside His/Her loop cares about. What happens next will pushes home the lack of care and you’ll know this if only you pay attention as they weave yet another reason for your compliance.

How quickly the composed continuity of professionalism suddenly lapses in the mind of “Boss”. And… There’s yet another aspect of this situation.

He/She immediately reflects on the importance of their job. Concessions come quick. A-Game mode goes into full effect with duties/responsibilities a la “Boss” becoming yours. Un hunnn, and after the party, presentation whatever the rue was, a drink is in order where. “I just want you to know you can always cum on me”. BS served raw and “yours” laps it up like a ‘lil pup.

The Game, hasn’t/won’t, be confined to the corridors traversed by Wealthy, Rich, Famous and allegedly notorious Drug Dealers. Remember; I was there and “L Sevens” aren’t exempt. I was deep in the mix and mixin’ it up like you’ve always wanted too.

Psssss; I don’t breathe on anyone about the frailties of one without assigning them to the other so Ladies you all ain’t the only ones moved by the madness making up this life. As for those who say “This is some shallow s**t and doesn’t apply to them”, get with this. When yours decides to “take a dip” and it’s not with a significant other or is with the same sex while you keep saying to yourself “I must be trippin’” remember. “This is some shallow s**t” as you said so confidently before. Oh yes, something else, those symbols between the (s and t) signify 88. Eighty-eight is the move you don’t know a damn thing about. First it’s above your pay-grade and secondly you removed yourself from the equation from The Gate sooooo. Right, like you always say; “don’t trip”.


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