“Five points of Swag”


Back-In-The-Day a movie came along titled (Five Fingers of Death) with the theme evolving from the aspect of a technique within the Martial Arts arena. Everyone walked around with a sort of bravado but… Those who rose to the skill-levels defining their mastery of skill-sets were welcomed into the world where they’d have a chance to acquire the understanding of… The Five Fingers of Death.

If, you ever encountered one of those knowing this and challenged ’em, even your Angels dispersed, leaving you to defend for yourself.

Some of The Boyz celebrating like men do invited me to partake. Not unfamiliar with partyin’ I accepted and one closest to me began to hug me referring to me like this; “This is my nigga'”.

Cultural differences, always there yet when you know “what you’re working with, where you arise from” seldom will you sweat the small things. Enjoying the toast made in my honor I stand, present my glass and add to the festivities. “Have you heard the phrase Sand Nigger or Rag Head”. As if I had flipped a hidden switch everything slowed and a quick suspension of time occurred, all things rotated from there in this hallucinogenic way. My Boye sorta clicked his head in a robotic fashion, faced me and said, “No no man, don’t use those words, do you know what that means to my kind?”.

Much is lost in translation especially when cultures entwine.

With every Gen. things seem to change but the reality is, they simply morph. Occasionally there’s a “Zip Damn Fool” who is so outta The Loop the understanding regarding standards in relations to identifyin’/recognizin’/qualifyin’ what is, didn’t seem to ever resonate within them so. They condescend to levels where you wanna just slap ’em.

I was approached and told that I still walked with vestiges of… “Vestiges of what, he couldn’t even spell the word”. What he was implying was based on our initial encounter when he and his woman who… Upon meeting me through hers became very socially animated (straight flirtatious), and. He garnered from that that I showed an interest in her. Basically he assumed when the real was, I do me and not some puppetry because of someone manipulating me. After hearing this barrage of simpleton accusation I decided to open up the educational session.

First a vestige is an imprint of what is no longer. Secondly he had no idea that which had passed was over in the sense that “I’ve moved up and out of that phase of my life”. But, the eyes remained with vengeance so to soothe the savage I offered him something by saying. “What is can only be when you wanna continue down that path. Whatever your woman was, hopefully and if I did have eyes on her she’s grown into a much more lovely being, so… What she is is all that I knew she’d become but for you, miss me with your ancient azz s**t.”

There was no need to demean because when you know you know, still for the benefit of explanation I give you the truth about this encounter. He knew even back then he wasn’t on my level but what he refused to accept is that he remained in a state of forged propaganda. Unlike being consumed in saying something about vestiges this character was just that. Something created by the forever spreading of lies, deceit developing a platform of consistent B.S.. AKA; Forged propaganda.

Recently another published papers identifying the one trait all financially successful FOLK have in common. This is the ability to remain Sucka’ free by avoiding toxic FOLK, negativity and anybody hell-bent of creating madness. This male who stepped to me was just that. Stooping to the degree of attempting to refer to me as “Still Playin’ I see”.

In reflection on that perception he was right. What he missed when we first met was this, I didn’t not say I didn’t know how to Play, I said to him and his; You wouldn’t even recognize a Player if they Played on you and took yours before your very eyes!

When you remain in a state of being “Stuck on Stupid” approach while speaking at others in a condescending way. Talk about things and those who you shouldn’t even be tryin’ to represent; a la yours who isn’t present. You have effectively lowered yourself into something similar to (The Twilight Zone). You’ve give up all influence because… You’ve never been in a capacity to understand while accepting yourself which is why. Seeking others to relive something which has long since passed is your only way of…

Nothing is meaningless. The Five Points Of Swag are here before your very eyes also. Absorb what you can and understand the process while reflecting on Vitamin C in relations to our human bodies. Sustaining substances are needed yet because of how quickly Western Society has morphed FOLK think they are above the obvious. I use ‘ta see and move in for the conquest with a stealthiness that was seldom caught. What I’ve learned about life since is that if it is meant to be, it will be. All engagements between two FOLK is usually consenting and more so when they are in sync despite of what those on the outside can’t seem to get their heads into.

Psssss; If yours is out there like that, possibly. No, more so probably they are because of something you lack. As for the presence felt as the One you’ve accused with false allegations continues without hesitation, know this. There’s a nobility seen when One arrives knowing their place and position within this Game known as life. This is why at the end of the day, they avoid the spotlight but consciously accept the accolades bestowed as a result of their success.


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