“Mama Mia; Advise and Consent”


Friday night specials usually connote something left over, the dish served to me came in the form of; “Mia“. She is everything qualifying as special and even “lukewarm”, once the flavor settle deep within, you know the spice is exactly what was sought.

During a move to rectify some issues preventing us from enjoying the remainder of the evening and after she commented on an approach made. A comment that if she’d of been Italian would have been filed under “Folk Wisdom“, those words from days past accepted as gospel yet… My Mia as I represent a Culture which everyone seeks to duplicate but refuses to pay tribute to as far as the real source-code. Therefore, whenever we speak, our words are said to be anecdotal at best. Basically diluting the blend, reducing who and what is to something which can be missed.

Okay, side-set Mia and you can watch yourself regulated to the position of spectator because…

Let’s not go there because that leads to a place mentally confrontational effectively missing the importance of the correction Mia introduce during an attempt in “have it our way”.

While speaking to another she noticed an elevation within the tone of my voice along with a change in the cadence of my presentation. Not interrupting she waited ’til I was finished and with a marked sense of grace simple said, “You get further with kindness“. Yes, nobody wishes to be “checked” but. I am somebody and what she said vibrated in my mind.

Speech usually follows thought but many times, really way too many times FOLK speak to impress not only themselves but those surrounding. But… What happens when you follow the (anecdotal) stuff and think before you speak.

Recently a retired Exotic Dancer “Amber Rose” while appearing on a Relationship show moderated by an R&B singer/actor Tyresse along with another reality TV person Rev. Run made a similar correction based on something germane to her life. Seems when she’s “Out an About” others feel they can invade her space, rush up and touch. Tyresse alluded to the fact that it’s because of the energy she creates as a result of how she dresses. Amber spoke on what “No” means extending it to simple respect of another’s position and place in society.

This is what really made me take notice of the exchange. Some idiot reached out with a comment about Amber being someone that allows for such behavior.

Whoa, behavior, isn’t that characteristic of what ‘cha define in speech and mannerism because of who initially orientates while rising in this life! Don’t ponder as to what should be the response rather, check the punctuation or… Contemplate the tone of the articulation during delivery.

How someone dresses has nothin’ to do with how they are received. Despite of what One may or may not have participated in during a previous life. Amber stated this isn’t confined to either of the sexes cause females touch just as aggressively as the males. When she expressed this I felt the intensity of where she’s been.

He, She are born male or female. It’s an ascension to become a man or woman. The Lady, The Smooth Operator as in Gentleman only manifest based on adhering to those anecdotal vibes expressed from those who came before.

I can take this to another level such as Mia and I did during deeper dialogue on the realities of how we as a species engage one another but… 5th Phase Game, few are ready for. Oh, then why the offer of explanation in the first place? Because, to leave it here allowing anyone of you to continue in this life and not knowin’ what you should; will be… A dis-service to us as a people,and. Reach out, touch mine then you gonna see. You will be met with a verbal precursor psychologically devastating your mind immediately following with the reception of official papers demanding your physical presence for litigation commanding your anticipated earned income and… For what? Those from the School of Thought giving some Folk Wisdom ain’t about to hear or see Amber, Tyresse and Rev. Run but. In the recesses of your comfortable four cornered room, where many remain hidden a personal “Wrap Party” will commence. You’ll read or get into the audio of which I provide. It will be there where you’ll discover. “Maybe if I pay attention, understand “Kindness goes way further when making a move to have it your way” then maybe. I’d also know that even when another wears those extreme clothing doesn’t necessitate a loss of my basic recognition of one fact of life. Consent only extends when the right is given.


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