Coded; Red


So much Intel on pretty much the same thing makes me wonder what all this means.  Life from where I sit is in constant rotation and it’s during this circular motion as you dial it down, reflect and really understand the biological process taking place when blinking ones eyes has on one’s thoughts; then you know.  Know that most of what is out there publicly is Drama driven.  Just another’s fiction motivated by a desire to be noticed. Here, you won’t get served like that.  Your preference “Shaken/Stirred” won’t change what you’ll be offered.  The mix is based on a combination of constants.  Everything blends with no dilution.

2016 and most begin the year exactly like previous years.  Resolutions, personal commitments to achieve greatness of which…  Seldom materialize.  My year included the sighting of “The Stealth Bomber” appearing outta no where and as it weaved silently back and forth but still continuing its forward pulsating thrust.  Breathing, knowing what it was, alone yet commanding its place in time.  The moment was monumental almost made me tear-up.  The sky providing a beautifully clear blue backdrop with everybody looking up collectively thinking the image, its very presence so magnificently destructive.  Sorta’ like something Alien but our Alien and it was that moment I understood National Pride.

Today, society is in a panic mode with no real sense of relaxation, yet. While spectating during the One-Hundredth Twenty-Seventy Annual Pasadena Rose Parade I saw and felt a remarkable coming together of a fearful FOLK.  But…  Consciously I had to fight to keep out the encroaching negative thoughts which were still apart of my psyche’.

Yes, the world-wide Terrorism threats had everybody by the throat. Smashing any concept of public unity and…  I was guilty of drifting along the lines like everyone else.  Those thoughts of what if.  I went beyond the mere imagination and actually visualized the possibility of terrorist sitting within any of the surrounding high-rises just waiting for the moment to commit…  Chaos, but…  The Bird. Our Bird, and it was definitely one of prey.  If they were there they saw what had just taken place in the skies over America and they knew also. “Start this and I become Italian Swiss because this cultural just became galvanized”.  Oh yes, the tech. required to design and develop The Stealth Bomber.  A jet that flies without being heard, appears under the fully active cloaking modes giving a display to all terrorist, “Start somethin’ cause if you think this demo has been amazing wait ‘til we expose our capabilities provin’ we can also look through walls” and… That’s when I said. Regardless, all these FOLK gathered, celebrating this New Years, ain’t gonna do nothin’ but run if anything jumps.  Scatter like mice to get away from the stalking domestic cat who’s skillfully sprung a trap they all walked into, and…

I live in a multi-dimension mode 24/7.  This gives me images providing real-time data to factor in when considering what my personal options can be.  Life, revolves for me with a top, side, below to revealing even my life components via dual dimensional realities present at the same time.

Psychologically Man, Kind, placed under enough stress will either flee or fight.  The determination of choice, always based on all those who came before!  Me/Mine understand and accept DNA imprints.  This imprint defines that what you can do has been done and when attempting to unlock as understanding achieves clarity on who and what you are is; pre-code.  Inscribed to make you, The Preserver of Your Species!

Mine watched, clapped as Our Bird appeared and made a dramatic pass. They, the rest, looked skyward at The Magnificent Flying Machine and I… Continued leaning against the street pole knowin’ that if chaos came, I’d be there for them.  No thoughts of running, abandoning my responsibility. Fear, quite possibly etched somewhere deep in my DNA too but.  Run, abandon mine; no!

The options to protect/serve, is in everyone but.  Because of pre-coding most shut down when it comes to needing while believing in another. With me, I must stand no matter the level of threat or presence of peace. Patriotic?  Think “Echelon”.  Relationships are about sharing based on explored and un-explored commonalities.  You, yours having history. Time has been shared therefore you know the others “hesitations”.  So what, it’s not like you are above reproach despite of acting like you are. Threat levels rise each and everyday.  It’s easy to say it will pass but…  The quality of your character in retreat won’t unless you stand for what you’ve enjoined and established.  Character, your character becomes self-motivating when you know that yours means as much to you as you mean to yourself!

Something else, the positive communications increases the release of certain chemical components once this “proactive stance” is witnessed and…  Yes, the reciprocation escalates in terms you couldn’t anticipate after the fact.

Confidence is felt as much as it’s seen.  With the New Year stop concerning your self with if you have any sense of presence and follow the Nike mode; “Just Do It”.  In presenting what I do I just do.  Despite of who’s out there, what has come before, none matters.  Here, this is me and as everyone who follows has concluded.  No matter what the occasion is.  Regardless of what’s goin’ down I see the connections.  I feel what is emitted through the eyes of those with and for me.  Life is and has always been about The UCC.  “Universal Cord of Connectivity”.  Everything living is connected.  Rise with the vibe.  See The Stealth Bomber and know one thing.  Who ever made such a jet just gave me the option to exercise my A Game when it comes to keeping a certain smoothness to my personal activities.

Psssss; Yes I enjoyed all the images compliments of all the various fascinating females parading around.  Those made-up for the Parade and those making up the audience attending the Parade.  Their “significant others” knew better to even think of drifting into my imagination considering a pre-empting of my stares. Besides, I wasn’t the threat. I am and that is also an imprinted aspect of my DNA.

Late but Happy New Year


One Response to “Coded; Red”

  1. Jamall Morales Says:

    That was a great experience! Everything happens for a reason.

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