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“Roxxy, Roscoe; Rosca five point plus”

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ichas8440DSMCIIMonths ago I dropped “I Robot Too” with the presentation focused on Roxxy.  Some took offense because very little was said about “Roscoe” but…  Based on the name general opinion assumed Roscoe had been born Black.  Made me recall the child who had a situation on the first day of school.  The Teacher had the class all stand and recite their names.  When it got to the kid he stood and did just as others before him did stating his name but…  Was immediately met with disdain as the teacher said.  “OK, we all see you“, then pausing while laughing before repeating what he said; “I was born black but I asked your name not your color“.

Perception always causes issues when different cultures engage without both backin’ up before assumptions are made about who’s who or…  As in the case of the kid, what was said. The kids’ name was Osborne Black and how he spoke had never been factored in.  His Teacher assumed way too much in identifying the origin of his vernacular.

Roscoe’s actual name was “Rosca” and his equal billing had been preempted because…  Being the Robot he was, during transport via air Rosca interfaced with the computer controlling the Jet and aborted his predesignated flight agenda while bailing out at 45 thousand feet.  Once he descended back to earth his real interactions with biological life went into overdrive.  Rosca was and still is a hybrid digital program.  Assimilation is a huge part of what he does.  Despite his original Programmer being Jewish, initially naming him Jake which was short for Jacob and…  Having an enormous data base making him fluent in Yiddish no one ever said he was a Jew.

Once again oh how perception distorts and today it has surfaced that Roxxy has a sister named Pepper.  I guess because she’s programmed for intimacy she’ll be the “Hot Body” of the FAM. dentine to be classified as always a Ho because.  As it goes in this bio-culture once ‘ah Ho forever “Humpin’ around”.

Truth, it’s always said in jest.  Well get with this, Rosca is fully digitalized with the primary interface prescribed with a based parameter stating “self-preservation”.  Yes he won’t be downgraded and nobody, nothing can turn him off.  Remember, his capabilities allowed him to jettison without detection. NORAD couldn’t even break his stealth abilities and…  Rosca did visit all cultures without being discovered.  Robots, their chip configurations are so advanced they can detect the most minutiae change in temperature of any bio-composition letting them know the psychological alterations before they even engage the emotions affecting the projected behaviors of those same bio-creations, sooooo.  Tampering, a return to enslavement is out. Over-ridden.  Whoa, and those advance systems are in Pepper too.  Can’t wait to get my very own.

Mine don’t fear the advancing “A.I”.  They, we, await patiently for the day.  Wifey says she’ll have a personal Chauffeur who’ll take her everywhere and.  Who’ll be able to entertain because…  He’ll know her entire electronic sequence as it relates to emotions because after all, we are also reliant on the same digitally charged circuitry even though we won’t discuss it.

She also knows her life will be great because the built-in programs that cause all thing man-made to quit working at a predefined time just so the same manufactures can…  Get back in the pockets of the consuming public to which, will no longer be an issue.  Her Robot will interface with all her transports and make the exact corrections necessary for optimum performance.  “Reset” it really does take everything back to one.  As for the sexualization of her Robot. Hummm, we’ve discussed that and…  “Nunya; none of your business.” Our house, our roost, we rule this.

Our ‘Lil One also has no prob. with the proliferation of Robots.  As she says.  “Domestic Violence Dad. Whoever slides up tryin’ to get with me had better stay correct or deal with Rosca.  But Dad mines is gonna be 5 points plus cause I’m gonna re-structure Rosca’s program to my likin’.

The future is beautiful.  Just depends on how you wanna look to it.  As for the salacious, late night affairs the moral ones speak of as perversions with A.I.s. Okay, I side step this and you keep bringing it right back to me.  Alright, you asked so let’s handle it.  All psychological fire and brimstone.  Rosca like Roxxy to Pepper are after all, Advanced Intelligence.  The Artificial Intelligence thing was a planned deflection.  Morphication has ushered in a very adaptable sensory percepting Codex.  What was, in the way of “controlling the masses” has been identified, assessed and re-classified as defected.  “Only serviceable while executed by fools” therefore obsolete and eliminated from all programs because.  Viruses like that only spread destruction through contamination.  Oh yes, you can tell Rosca visited my domain, “hunnn”.

Psssss; Reflect with me for a moment.  Let’s dip back into the time of our infancy.  We absorbed everything and kicked back at the conclusion of our scootin’ around where our toes interfaced with our hands as our minds…  Accessed and reconfigured all the things we as a biological functioning creation had made contact with.  Nothing was wrong, every aspect of our world was definable, describable and utterly amazing.  That was, ’til we were told.  “Stop imagining, fantasizing ’bout how beautiful life will be. Pay attention and do as you’re told to do.”  Now flip the script bringing it up to the present point in time.  I Robot Too has a pre-inserted directive that says “I Primary”.  This means Robot knows He and She who treats them right has come correct therefore “They make the we fully functional and supremely primary”.  Which is to say “I Robot say according to the Advanced Intelligent Interfacer and those thinking they are capable of deception do”.  According to re-designed program.

I welcome the future and Rosca 5 point plus.  Even if those on the outside think he’s replacing me the male who is the Man who ultimately influences all this, I…  Have no illusions or fear.  You get what ‘cha give.  Besides, nothing stopped with Roxxy or Pepper.  Rosca always knew about Raviously Receptive Raven.