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ICHAS8440.GraphicsDuring those journeys, specifically mine; I’ve encountered a lot.  Sophisticated Hos, Academic Hos, Corporate Hos.  Regardless of their position in life every last one of ’em shared many more of the same characteristics few would admit to…  Street Hos, the despised ones, seem to be universally hated on but they shouldn’t concern themselves.  What they do, how they promote, lacking the suavity other A Game level Hos have; nothing has or will slow their demand.

Something else, and yes I will confirm this; every Ho.  No matter the projected image, social status, once they find whatever elusive pinnacle defining their assumed success; all Hos discriminate.  Housewife Ho, Office Ho, Condo-complex Ho, they quietly hate on one-another.  Especially the one’s commanding the spotlight.  Now that you’ve been made privy to such an evolutionary reality, here’s a question.  When on The Hunter or just in fully blown Stalkers Mode do you, (not accusing anyone of Ho inclinations) but do you negotiate?  Or…  Are you one who forever compromises in order to reach what is already a dual serving conclusion?

Regardless of what you think is going in, no matter what brought you to such a situation think for a minute about all the posturing everybody does when Playin’ The Game.  Do some astral-projecting while hovering over past episode of your life and watch yourself.  Bet ‘cha see a lot of signifyin’, positioning in the attempt to separate yourself and you’ll laugh at the identified semantics along with the denial of the truth about you.

“Commentator or Activist?”

Let’s do “Activation” for a million like the contestants do when appearing in a Game Show because discrimination like Hoism when is in rotation is exactly that; a frenzy like event recognizable when witnessing sharks feed.  What’s trending publicly becomes relevant despite it being relative to who’s involved and who is gonna be impacted at the end of the day. Something else, make a sex tape, leak its existence, create a quasi Brand and…  Ho better be ready cause stardom is coming to call.  And now “Real Ho” minus the celeb label is suddenly elevated rising become the Ho of the day, even though in everybody’s mind.  Ho is still linked with worthless, conniving but.  They “blow up” which won’t be stopped and everyone starts to discriminate again and…  The crowd, still hatin’ privately asking why and… What makes the difference?

Again I’ll take Hos for whatever I can gamble with cause I’m still in the Game Show state of mind, so my answer will be; Once The Brand is established, inclusion becomes a moot point because the dynamic hasn’t changed regarding what is and…  Everybody else knows they aren’t too far removed from the same category and aren’t about to tempt any sort of personal exposure through further attempts towards collective analization.  Like the quote says, “Go along so you won’t be outted alone” and the beat, the Hoisness don’t stop.  The allure creating a mystique causing a majority to forgo what was while focusing on what is; now this is the remarkability of Ho known as “The Brand”.  Side-set it if you will for just a moment, flip the script, inject yourself into play.  You know you’d change places with Ho in a heartbeat if could be and…

Wanna Play on this level of participation?  Wanna know how to arrive on such a scene knowin’ where you’ve been but still maintain the type of mental mastery to look beyond the haters? Then, recognize the sophistication incorporated by Ho eliminating the slut from the Hoish perceptive types while maintaining a sense of ritualistic dignity.

Are men Hos?  Oh yeah but they’re sorta in the development mode so not a man, just male.  They are deceitful where as She is delicate while remaining devious in a feminine way. Semantics?  No both sexes can be dangerous ‘cept one is deadly.  The difference is identified by Intent.  The motivation for being who they are is what I’m talking about.  Some Hos are just nasty.  These are those who’ll spit in your face, stare out in space as you stare directly back at them.  And as soon as you are about to go verbally ballistic on them they…  Look at ‘cha with a quizzical expression while saying, “Did you feel a rain drop”.  Weak yes, but it worked on you and works time and time again.  After you’ve been “rocked to sleep”, made to believe they’re all into you, still active as Ho to a deep, non-penetratable level, they continue being themselves and spit on you again.

As for the other one, they actually are trying, desperately to just exchange the cards dealt them and once the Ho in ’em gets them in the door they sought entry too from Day One, they are the one who flip a switch so to speak.  Gravitating to what has previously been defined as the best images from that world and…  Re-work it, claiming it as theirs.

“In a different place now”, previously not one to follow the herds’ mentality with regards to Branding, then…  Reflected on the trending phenom on Tats.  Someone once up under me was adamant in having my name tattooed on her; the area of the body isn’t important.  How and why I understood her rational opened my mind to a different realm of consciousness. Today, The Brand is doable.  That is for those who didn’t understand their value to themselves or.  Who they attached themselves to in the first place.

Independence comes with a cost.  Much like being a Ho then denying the by-product of the lifestyle that is inherent with it.  The Brand is a marketing tool used to crave out the niche so that the flow of money will be sustained through support of the same.  Whoa…  Doesn’t every Ho know this already?  If not known then…  You had no independence from The Gate nor could you’ve been that successful as a…

Apex means at the top.  Alpha also means first.  Through what I’ve associated myself with, how I rose through the lifestyle.  Absorbed the name calling, dealt with the fake-personas of all types.  Only to remain true to my DNA, I’m cool with being called “Hoish”.  Yes, takes one with like skill to recognize; skill-sets of a Ho in personification.

Psssss; Roam wide, soar even higher and while climbing to heights others can’t even imagine, know this.  The Brand is manufactured.  He/She who’s committed to self will always inspire the kind.  Even without the said to be mandatory Brand.  Hos… Already know this. Ho out!