ICHAS8440.Graphics.BreastMan.IVWhy shouldn’t I be, upon introduction to life they were the source of my nourishment.  When I wanted to snuggle, feel the warmth the comfort had no compare.  Now, today I hear about all those united in matrimony or just “coupled-up” but steadily complaining about a sexless situation.  Recently a call came in from one who had another whom she wanted me to speak with about…  Just say the young-adult had an issue with her significant other and the issue was actually not an issue at all.  Seems she had discovered a ‘lil cheating goin’ on without the discretion of those in play doin’ it at least behind her back.  After hearing about this alleged infidelity along with witnessing her attempts to dramatize the presentation with a snob here and there I simple asked “What’s your age”.

Being 18 and a few beyond doesn’t give anyone the right to claim infidelity in regards to relating to another because in all reality at this point in life, based on the hurried Westernized Socialization sweeping the world…  It’s not about settling in while committing to one.

I realize this will be disputed and some will take their convictions to the grave, to which…  I’m perfectly acceptable with because the false rationale those beliefs had been based on from The Gate only would have made them really un-accepting when engaged in any future life participation after finding out what I’ve known all alone.  Reality in transition can be a Mutha’.

Adultery, Infidelity, Sexless Relationships, where is this all comin’ from?  The Contemporary Scientific Researchers data suggest the causes have a direct link with the many stressors created by such a quickly advancing society.  Work related, mis-conceptions of a preconceived lifestyle related, religious conflicts related, psychological disconnect related, emotionally based mood swing related.  Some truth there but…

During an attendance of a professional B. Ball game I happened to have some choice seats and this gave me a perfect view of the activity taking place on the court.  Directly in front of me unfolded a situation I happened to foresee the outcome and shook my head knowin’ what was about to happen.  Seated directly next to me was a couple and the man who had also observed the action happening in real time asked me how did I know what was gonna take place.  Without taking my eyes off the game I shared knowledge with him.  Likin’ what I said, we became fast friends while enjoying the game at which time he invited me to party with them afterwards.

At the club with all the festivities taking place I was able to still see how he “bounced” the breast of his significant other right in full view of all who sat within his party.  Despite the flickering lights I had a good position and as I sat back in my seat, stared and drifted with my thoughts at the up and down delights.   One of his people nudged me and once he got my attention said, “Buddy, whoa whoa whoa, don’t ‘cha think you should tone it down and set your eyes on something other than the big man’s womans’ Tits”.  Not moved by this attempt at intruding on my thoughts I kept my eyes on The Twins and replied, “No”.  The guy heard me out and sat back, took account of what I had and himself, turned back to me and smiled.  Yes, basically this could have been interpreted as me sayin’ “F**k you and let me feed you some fish” but this wasn’t a case of a testosterone rush and no I hadn’t overpower him with the scent of my pheromones. This was a pure understand of Game recognizin’ Game.

In society way too many move forward without any understanding of the culture they come from or are circulating within.  Women take to the dance floor, stroke their bodies move provocatively all for the enticement but will swear it’s a personal expression.  Do they anticipate a re-direct from anyone within a direct line of sight to divert just because of their psychological re-direct?  If so those who believe and stand on this conclusion you’re just like the young woman who ran in frustration when her significant other got busy with her best friend under the same roof they resided under despite her present occupation in the same interlude or…  Explorational time slot.

Personal behavior morphs through a combination inclusive of; Ethics, Morals, Principles of survival, etc etc etc.  What isn’t factored in is what makes ups these Virtues of life and regardless of what compliments how we become who and what we are in relations to how we do it…  All ethics, morals, principles, virtues come from what is assumed acceptable at the time of the cultures’ development.  Bouncin’ The Twins in full view so others can see isn’t about showing you’ve got it like that.  The demonstration is to define that “he is” The Man and if she intends to continue being 1st on “His” Deck this is how it’s done.  As for the women who dance to excite, they are also a product of their environment.  Are they in lust?  Can’t say, what I will say is their actions will definitely instigate some attention and maybe the likes they don’t and won’t be ready for. Still, I doubt any of this has been considered or factored in.

Many things in life are difficult to prepare for.  Lovin’ another and expecting the same intensity in return is one of those things.  Infidelity is a reality of life mainly because even if you’re hard wired for a monogamous situation that is a personal choice.  Your conditions towards acceptance may or may not be based on the same criteria as the mate of choice making for a hard road to continue down once the passion has passed.  Can it be discussed, elaborated on and resolved to re-create the magic?  With the frailties creating the mindsets of societies, supported with the contaminated gene pools making up the highly reactive groups I’d say yeah, there’s a good chance of getting’ it right.  Providing an objective review takes shape.  Much like sexless relationships, withholding something that’s in itself is basic to the union.  How is that for discombobulation.  Again you’ve gotta look at how He/She came about their knowledge, how the understanding of self and kind is related to them the person.

This stuff isn’t simple but it isn’t difficult to put your head around either.  On the first go round with my significant other I know I was feeding on jealousy.  Young, probably just as dumb, just like the YoungStar previously mentioned.  I parade around, knowin’ I was the special someone but in time, we also went through that curve and drifted apart.  Now, right now, not back then; with another I know some things and…

Years down the line I come in contact with a blast from my past and am asked why “did” I let her sleep with my friend.  (Strong implications on that word “did”).  Because I had “turned the corner without fallin’ out the vehicle delivering me to further destination” I believed…  Like most that grow she had too so I said, “I didn’t let you do anything, recall your sexual tension whenever he, my friend was in our mist”.  She hadn’t grown so I had to elaborate and did.  “Your desires to get busy where on full display expressed all over your face, if I’d of been the beast you made me out to be I’d of whooped that azz on the spot. But…  I didn’t worry about you being who and what you were and didn’t trip the small stuff. What, did you expect me to be “that guy” beg for re-consideration.  Pleeeaaase…  You’d of found a way to make it happen anyway.  But a las that was then this is now.  Oh for an appetizer tell me something; was it good to you!”

We are who and what we have become.  The beauty is found in recognizing you cannot change or make others rise to your level of consideration even when you play along with their pent up desires.

Psssss; This brings me to drift into the area of “Role Play” but…  That requires more time of which…  Mine has come to an end.


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  1. Smart info. Makes my brain work. I love it.

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