Available on any corner and…  You can grab a cup with curb-side quickness by pulling into the dark recesses off the main boulevards along any urban environment.  The drink of choice has its origins high in the mountains where the bean is grown.  Picked at a stage which guarantees to…  Once processed correctly a deep dark liquid to die for, but.  Before you panic and go into overdrive based on something I said about dying lets. 1st discuss the additives that make this hellicious drink scrumpdillidlumptuous.  Cacao baby, oh yes.  You see blend the two and you’ve got it.  Both substances come from a bean with each following an exact processing procedure making them surge with a substance that stimulates and get this; this is only the beginning.

As the drink expands across the land it morphs with a sub-lacing of various ingredientssuch as, Caramel, Vanilla Bean and preferable coming with what is known as a trace element they say is mimicking Captn’ Black Rum. Now don’t quote on this but if I had to speak about this mysterious trace element I believe my conclusion would be.  Nothing traceable it is what it is; liquor.  But…  Let’s get back to the development.

Once blended a few drops of Pure-D-Crème are dramatically dropped into the froth and.  Whipped again for the double-dutch-touch everybody seems to be likin’ these days and it doesn’t stop there.  For your palates pleasure five heaping tablespoons of Raw Cane Sugar goes in for the sweetness, with…  One more whip for that everlasting-out-da-door impact.

Now that you’ve got your drink for the day and proceed to wherever you were headed, feeling like the Kings and Queens of yesteryears who also partook, and.  I must say with delight as they ingestion similar blends deriving from beans, they too began to exhibit characteristics defining the; MocaLacaDocious Mash.  Un Hummm, all those attending to such leaders weren’t about to tell the magnificent Ones they were…

Once-Upon-A-Time or.  For those who wanna refer to themselves as ultra-smooth to anything other than what was descriptively used to define One’s demeanor Back-In-The-Day, I present this.  What goes in eventually finds its way back to the surface and… MocaLacaDocious only mask the madness which simmers just below One’s skin when; In pursuit of bigger and better things.  Oh I’m guilty of being locked down by “TenseTime” too.  What is this TenseTime?  It’s a psychological condition brought about because of the processing of so much Drama over the course of a short time ‘til.  Sensory overload becomes way too intense based on a false belief that the condition produces an edge when dealing with everyday life.  Edge on what or to what I have no idea because when functioning from a position of ultimate tension those neurons firing in the vast mental core are blasting at a rate exceeding creative quantification ‘til you can’t identify let alone…  Choose which explosive pack is carrying what you need to insert into play eliminating whatever it is that has caused the impasse preventing your life’s forward thrust from continuing in the first place and.  You only made it worst with the…

Recently I received emails from those wanting to provide me with an easy access into their Fairy Tales.  More like “Tales from another’s hood” based on how each email seemed to have a distinct omission.  Any time anyone comes charging in sprouting nastiness while perverting what another has said then.  Doesn’t give their name; you know they’re smelling their own funk and are trying to get you to inhale it too.

In dippin’ deeper into their mess I found myself about to slip.  It was “them” who brought the hell to my door and I really thought I was gonna let the demonic part of me loose because as I thought, “They couldn’t bring this to me expectin’ to survive; I slay Dragons and they were breathin’ all over me”.  Then it donned on me, MocaLacaDocious was in full effect.  It had gotten so deep into my psyche, splitting my thought processing mechanism and screaming at me with; “You’re invincible and you know you’re not gonna let anyone come at you like this so go forth and destroy”.  Oh yes, feeling Kingly in my private domain probably much like the Ones’ who crafted the emails I was reading and that’s when I…  Took the preverbal blink and said, “Not me”.  I wasn’t going to “Bow Down” to the temptations of my world which I knew had just been bombarded by a Simpleton demanding to be let in.  MocaLacaDocious mixed with TenseTime makes you wanna slap your momma but.  You really don’t wanna go there so you inhale again, shake it off and realized one thing. “You’re above this and what’s needed to rise above can be doable when you have the skills.”

Tact and Diplomacy is part of a skill-set.  Deploy it and even TenseTime becomes manageable.  Diss it and toss the concepts and…  You might encounter something that will do way more than just go “bump in the night”.  When meeting/greeting another, be it via The Net or during some actual FaceTime, at some point extend a name.  Government name or otherwise isn’t important the 1st name will do.  This simple communication tactic allows for a personal point of reference while defining One’s importance to self and kind.  When any naming of self is omitted all One has done is set the tone and by this I want you all to think cloaking.  Hiding yourself in a way so as the other doesn’t see the dagger you’re about to stab ‘em in the back with.  Oh, I get it; the name was withheld because everybody is quick to Google, discovering those devious things “you” once participated in.  So what, life is what it is.  Someone once told me that too.  I wanted to rearrange his skull because of the insult but.  As time passed Wifey… Not mine, his stepped to me and told it.  He was beyond whatever I even thought I could possibly participate in.  Just That he hid it well.  Oh yes, FOLK luv to point out others and when caught-up in TenseTime “Damage Control” finds you an easy Mark.

ICHAS8440 isn’t about being safe.  Want safe go find a Bank and lock yourself inside.  Like the false sense technology gives FOLK today with regard to remaining anonymous while trolling The Net, same applies.  Especially when someone writes to another telling them, “I thought we had something special but after reading what you’ve made public about us, I mean how could you”.  How could I what…  “Troll” made an indication she was the woman I spoke of in a piece published in 2014 titled “Mary Christmas”.  Was she?  Yeah as far as seeking inclusion.  Much like the many who swear the Fox series “Empire” have somehow captured “their” inner selves through the character of the same series by the name “Cookie”.

My Mary who is actually Felicia like Cookie is a “Bad Bitch”.  Somebody with way more awareness of what’s in rotation during the daily Grind making up their life!  She would be the first to know the omission of Ones name doesn’t guarantee a damn thing.  If anything the failure to do so only confirms that you are pretty much already delusional functioning from a position fueled by TenseTime.  Which…  Is why my reply appears here and not in someone’s Inbox.

Where I come from the culture is usually shown from a depressed mode point of view, and…  Although there are those coming with allegations of New Black, don’t get Twisted.  They are those who have assimilated and refer to themselves as capable of building bridges which is why they are financial prosperous.  Actually there is no such a condition in any people.  Hide from where you’ve come from, act like it didn’t exist and in time you will find yourself in the right time to consider everything that has impacted you while confusion swirls in your mind.

Real Talk, they are truly on TenseTime, just…  Clever in disguising what is goin’ on deep within their mind.  Me, despite of whatever anyone thinks, assumes or decided to push to the forefront, I refuse to be corralled, even when I’m on a MocaLacaDocious rush.

To the level I know Communications between He and She I really haven’t spoken on much.  Why?  Cause most aren’t ready for it.  When flowing with what actually drives the emotions creating the platform in which the dynamics between two unfolds, the positive intensity becomes so fluid ‘til.  Those un-prepared to accept what’s before them see the reality of what’s transpiring and, blink.  Once the eyes re-open they are immediately returned to the false conceptions preventing them in the first place to even experiencing such a situation and. The focused thought becomes, “I’m being manipulated”.  Why?  Because of that old standby TenseTime.  Tension; think lack of clarity. TenseTime; a failure to accept you’ve been elected making “you” believe you aren’t deserving of such a passion and deflection is the only operative course.  Once again the why; because of the pre-disposition of those who’ve actually instilled these beliefs into you without you…  Being aware of the manipulative control of which “you” wanna attempt to transfer to somebody like…  Not me, I’m not about to get into your Fairy Tale and with this MocaLacaDocious putting a polish on me…  Please.

“Whoa, this is way over my head but ‘ya know, really, you are full of yourself.”

That’s all good so let me have that and.  I’m ah make it even better.  For your mental absorption I have something for you.

Top level stupid stuff FOLK do when steppin’ to another.

I….. Think they’re prepared.

Psssss; Big difference between being prepared and ready.

II…. Think they’ve got the “It” factor.

Psssss; Oh yes, “It” actually exist.

III… Think money is a motivator.

Psssss; Not to myself & “U”. Money is a huge motivational
tool with different applications depending on the mind-set of who is identified. You’ve
gotta understand the blend like; MocaLacaDocious.

What I come with is simple insight regarding Communications Between He and She.  The collective content; now this is what makes it intense creating what I’ve known as the “Hypnotic Factor”.  Once One locks down the allure of this component you finally realize, “This is the blend I needed” and.  You feed.  Making your thoughts/visions supreme, owning your life and stop settling for sloppy seconds.  Even when…  Under the direct influence of MocaLacaDocious.


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