ichas8440.Graphics.He.2015“Who was he?” It didn’t matter. He saw, “cam”, conquered. “What happened? What we had, just sorta evaporated over night.” No, you looked right, he glanced left; unexplored attractions went off like stimuli spawned from a Star bursting display of fireworks. You knew they were knockin’. You pushed the pace refusing to see what it was, denied the realities. Got nasty said he was crude, rude, un-deserving. Not worthy of you. Explanations came, but. You dismissed them and him. Said his Game was lame. It’s called life. He represented one sex, and that’s all you saw as you stepped on his deck. Like him, you “cam” cause at the time that’s all that mattered. Chemistry, remember? It was all up in the air. Scents mixed, matched, initially neither feels despair. Everybody’s wrapped up. It felt good and then… Again, life happens.

It all starts with the “P”. Bet ‘cha neva’ heard of the Play “Was The P & It Went All Up In Me”. Well, marinate on the one you have heard of, “The Vagina Monologues”. Female’s grand expose’ clarifying it all! Theatrical presentations, each way over the top and no great mystery here as nothin’ new is dropped. One thing though I must point out is both are solo focused manifest based on individual social orientations from which all life springs. Down play it, say it isn’t so, but. Reflect and you finally see; it’s all there.

Let’s not “push the envelope” as way to many like to say. Here, we are “Divers”, and we go deep. Rich FOLK, those on the stair-steps of poverty, it doesn’t matter the Class or projected station of life. “The P” drives all aspects inclusive of those pretending to be living the non-descript life. As for those engaged in the corporate world pretending that all this is below them; don’t believe the hype. Back in time it was the Partnership, guaranteeing the corner office with the double-paned windows providing a fabulous view. Advance that, bring it up to speed, the corner office has been reduced to a large cubical accented by floor to ceiling window but… The Game, hasn’t changed. During hours, after hours, “The Hunt” is still in full effect.  Married, Single, Divorced, all are a part of the sexual course. Know the motivations of “He” recognize it in “She”, the manipulation, mastery of the digitalized keys becomes second to none. Life, it continues.

There was a time He, She, could be identified, recognized way before either of the two met. With the dominance of the real driving force fueling everything, “same sex” is in contention even out on open deck. Life, seems to have been reduced to whatever is in effect. Real Talk… It was even that way “Way Back When”. The difference was, until the chemicals took affect “He, She”, stayed within the decorum they learned to perfect.

Everybody should “break wide” and contemplate the demise of all great civilizations. This stroll through your mind will surprise by what you’ll find. The Garden Of Eden wasn’t a myth, everything sought within life is provided. The key during the discovery is to know all aspects of life demands maintenance. When the “Secret Garden” is entered and He and She “lock” in rotation, don’t think either of you limit the view to a singular glimpse.  Recognize the side streets, glance down the dimly lit alleys. You’ll also hear your name called but… It won’t be your name that’s seeking a referral. Nope; your body. Didn’t expect such a betrayal, but… It’s not. Think life.

Life, much like a One Act Play, you’ve just gotta understand the biology of it. Much like a stem cell that feeds the re-creations of additional cells. When one living cell is weakened, functional ability about to expired, a spark has already been sent. Signal received way before any dysfunctional event occurs and… Another is already there, prepared to keep the regenerative life sustaining process going. ‘Cept, the more it has to regenerate the more likely something can take hold, poisoning the beauty of what is. Just as life in rotation was when… You saw, “you cam” and the conquest was exact. ‘Cept… Over the course of time, you placate yourself and boredom set in. Laziness was in command. Deviant exploration shined brightest providing a more, stimulating attraction, and… Life happens.

Stupid stuff, happens all day. It’s taking place all around and FOLK fail to prepare so they react. Tic Toc, Tic Toc, the sound of the life clock. Everybody hears it but ain’t nobody tryin’ to hear it. Everyone is tellin’ the other one to, “Jump”. “Make a move”, let’s make this happen, and then. Way way down the way everybody stops. Inhales and recognize; it wasn’t “He”, it wasn’t “She”. It was “Me”. Caught up in the moment and didn’t wanna see “We” all can get pulled into the; Event. Sliding, eventually fall off the cliff and in the descent trick ourselves into believing we can change the equation and… Take control of the fall, turning it into an incredible dive. Contorting the body and now… Have created this beautiful three and a half Gainer ending with what is defined as an Olympic Style Swan Dive. Then, a stand is taken, invisible applauds are heard along with a raising of scores scripted with perfect tens, only. You’ve been fooled. It was all a part of the One Act Play.

Live long enough and One will get older, eventually while living so long you will be old and. What was lost or assumed lost will be chalked up as another frivolous moment F**k off because One allowed someone on the outside bangin’ to be let in… In. But… Remember the rally cry “do something”. Realize what is, was, and… Know it is so. Accept the familiarity of life in rotation. Stop thinking it’s different with you. Make the appropriate adjustment to…

Psssss; Adjustments. I like attitude adjustments. Make you wanna slap yourself and toss a kiss to the sky because you’ve finally discovered it ain’t that serious. Okay, on your mark, get set… Now you know. Welcome to two thousand and fifteen.

Pssssssssss; Focus Team , after allegedly tellin’ me they dove deep into this and decided I was saying it’s all about sex. Then… 3 within the team asked for me to. “Please take off your SunShades, the sun isn’t out, we’re inside and… Your eyes are sexy.” Hummm, no need to qualify their point cause think they even knew it was now… Mute.


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