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“Mary Christmas”

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Ichas8440 et al does know there’s numerous Mary Christmas out there and by no means is our “Mary Felicia Christmas” associated with or defines in any characteristic categorical fashion with; Those Mary Christmas. We are secure with saying our Mary Felicia Christmas is… The real Mary Christmas portrayed in this Mary Christmas. We are ICHAS8440 and we authorize this Mary Christmas.

Looking downward I could see reflections of everything above.  Visions with dramatic clarity shooting all through my mind, making it difficult to accept based on the surface floor being constructed of wood.  Yet, I know I see what is happening before me and…  As if unfolding in a super-slow-mo type mode with an underflow consistent with a dream sequence; everything superimposed on a foundation placing me in a sorta “suspended anticipation”.  She…  Yes, with me, female always the interest.  Sashes one way while glancing in another, never missing a beat, then.  In complementing style all the men to paused, stare in disbelief.  I…  Didn’t, but everything within my visual purview suddenly took on the qualities placing me in the middle of this hypnotic affair and I embraced it.  “She” seemed to have appeared outta nowhere, appearing smack dab in the center of everything while commanding focused attention.  As she moved, no, she strolled and strutted with every tempting part of her anatomy goin’ up while nothin’ showin’ the slightest sign of jigglin’.  Walking as if on water with every step, and…  Not a step ever touching the surface floor.

Still adrift, wondering silently how I arrived at this point in life and so…  Held up my Yac and Coke, carefully examining the glass and all its’ contents.  Again, there she was.  Shimmering brilliantly in the amber liquid while doin’ an image transfer from ice cube to ice cube.  Thoughts shifted, watching, considering the possibility of having been drugged and who could it be? The jazzy waitress with the big butt who…  Also advanced this entire experience just by the mere way in which she spoke.  Melodic, a rhythm all to herself.  Raspy, that’s it and I…  Liked it.  Her voice, the raspy tone and how she placed ‘ah ‘lil wispy inflection on each word.  Words pre-dipped in sexiness.  But then on second examination, it couldn’t have been her.  I had been…

Really caught-up now I realized this is all speculation, and…  Extend my hand maintaining a balled fist, fingers folded over my palm.  Advancing thought, consciously I release, fingers pointing outward, a personal flight path takes shape, and I blow.  From my advantage point I see the particles as they elevate.  Rising, gently tumbling over one another creating a rotating vortex.  The gold dust sparkles brilliantly, falling like snowflakes drizzle down.  She continues with her dance to delight, eyes focused yet…  Her head moves almost robotically.  Scanning and…  I watch.  She transforms before everybody’s eyes, morphing, taking on another aura.  Color, blue but far from sky blue and not a dismal dark blue, typical she wasn’t.  Her body becomes translucence.  Transcending into a midnight blue hue, and I think.  Moon-glow.  Lunar like light which dances only with objects capable of animated interaction with such a seductive source.  Body becomes ablaze, she glanced over and…

Felicia, at least to the general public.  Me…  The perception was closer to the reality and I alone called her “Fel”.  Yes because I had taken her there.  Still there, recalling the moment when two entwined becoming the one and just about to cross over into a pure conscious abyss.  Yeah, the point where both are wide awake but out there, on a mission.  Consummation charges the union, sounds of joy breaking the silence.  Letting Heavenly Bodies know how good it is, and.  She…  Didn’t scream or even yell, emoted would be the best way to describe her verbal articulations.  “Oooo Fella’, take me, take me there”.  I did, she went but all I focused on was, Fella’.  Felicia had definitely “fell”, deeper and deeper into what we had created.  And I…  Being “that One” lapped the experience up because…  I was The One.

Stressors familiar with Holiday didn’t come that day. Anxieties nowhere in my field of view.  My life, re-captured then, bumped by somebody also caught up in the inspiration, yet.  Jealousy didn’t become a part of my thoughts but for him, they were evident.  Quickly recognizing the evil encroaching with his presence I mentally dismissed the intrusion.  The true understand of empathy coming forth, “Kluckhead” keep it movin’.  Displaced enlightenment; leave it to those who wish to remain in such a wasteful activity.

Images evaporated and those men came off of pause.  So did the women.  Music continued to play with the melody somewhat different, and then.  I felt that presence again.  Fingertips softly upon my right shoulder, she spoke.  I was hooked, she knew it as much as I because I responded to the side the voice came from while she appeared on the other.  Looking up and over my eyelashes she looked down.  In my eyes I’m sure she recognized I liked the joke.  Smiling with one another she spoke first.  “I knew I remember your face.”  Now I was the one who quickly relinquished the pause button, slipping easily into play mode.  “Yes, and I see you still make others pause.

We sat, eyes still locked on each other, reflections of introspective thoughts dancing in our minds.  Chit-chatted came easily, oblivious to the stares of those caught-up in what was transpiring between us.  Catching up on time passed we brought each other up to speed.  Laughed and talked about those who couldn’t dance and smiled because they tried anyway.  “Exchanging Cards”, that’s what it all boiled down to be, confirming who and what we were while giving real cred. to all we had become.  Years had passed and our lives hadn’t crossed since, but…  Neither of us kept score.  I always had the ability to go stealth while remaining invisible; we both knew it and didn’t dwell on the reasons why the prolonged separation happened.  Actually none of it mattered right about then.  Misery as we all know, loves company and Holiday seems to be wrapped in it.

The waitress appeared, this time it happened to be a he.  Oh yeah and he couldn’t resist with the verbal presentation expressing his desired.  “If yous a biscuit I’d lay you out on a plate and sop ya up with molasses, darlin’ you look that good.”  Based on the last part I wasn’t about smash his dream and for the second time, let another Kluckhead go with a pass.  She did too saying, “Hold up Big Boye, don’t cha see I’m with my man”.  He was in the spirit and politely took our request for refills on our beverages of choice and became invisible himself.

Intoxed” on the emotional high I said to myself, things do go better with Coke and awaited my second glass of Cap Back.  Kluckhead number two returned with just that and we gave ourselves a toast.  Star gazing, lost in transition she and I contemplated what was, what could be and how we might let it come again.  Ahhh yes, this was easily becoming a very very Happy Holiday.

Psssss; Swap out the traditional Merry and slid in the softer version such as Mary if you be “He”.  Flip the sex and “what the heck”, Malik will do in this set.  6 of this half a doz. of that, it’s all good.  The Game, it doesn’t change, merely re-arranges.  Don’t let what is traditional or historical chart One’s course.  When the Ports ‘O Call becomes a factor during the journey, once the destination has been arrived at, it will. Definitely be; like we knew it to be; “All good”.

Happy Holiday