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Jungle Luv

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ICHAS8440.GRAPHICS.JL.2014Warning, Warning…
Nothing is theoretical up in here.  African American women don’t have a monopoly in seeking change to who & what they are in an appearance sense.  Asian women are doin’ it to death too.  Wonder how they feel with processing back into their community from afar and their passport possesses a Pic of a totally different looking being.  Warning, Warning, won’t make up this stuff.  Don’t have to.  Its… Reality.

Accompanying “mine” to the mall, I found an empty bench where I’d sit as she shopped.  Minding “my own”, absorbed in the sights & sounds of those passing, cataloging attitudes in action, the serenity I liked.  Not to last long, invasion occurred almost simultaneously.  Ménage ‘a trios…  Yes, been there but these came as five inclusive of the triple BBBW, (Beautiful Big Black Woman).

Plenty of other benches available, but…  Oh no, they gathered right next to me.  Still in full “me mode”, a clam concealing a storm their first words erupted. “We’ve had our eyes on you.”  Mentally considering the source, my thoughts meshed immediately.  They were looking for entertainment.  Little did they know a premier presentation was just about to start.  Popcorn?  Yes, along with an arousing, titillating mental interpretation in the way of Adult Cinema.  The beverage of choice coming in the way of a fully “laced” Coke.  Yes, things do go better with Coke and mine, it sizzled.

Beautiful Divas, pitchforks in hand, collectively stuck me.  “You’ve got a beautiful child how, do you think she feels when you come here with “that other looking woman” holding your hand”.  Here we were, lights has just dimmed and they assumed a starring role, and I…  Had no hesitation. The scene, I knew.  Comfortably I slid into the role and just before expressing my verbal articulations, considered.  If not but a minute, the thought was there. Should I steal the scene now or…  Retake my power later?  My decision was to wait.  My strengths, solid, this wouldn’t be a prob.  Casualty I replied, “I know she feels good because, I’m good”.  Their facial expressions changed from those of confidence to…  Looks filled with anger.  Madness in mind would be a better description because what I came with, the revision hadn’t been updated within their scripts.

Comfortable with my adlib, waiting for the next delivery, remarkably something had been simply exposed.  Scrambling amongst themselves, wondering how they could have…  Chosen someone they assumed to be a “bit-Player” only to not have been apprised of a re-write, let alone, an entire script change.  Still, they saw themselves as capable.  Focused regained but…  The rabble-rousing was evident.  “Tell me, why don’t Black Men get at “us” the same way they get at these other women? Ya know what I’m sayin’ Brother? ”

Deja vu again, yet when last being in the dimension re-direct at will was easy.  The option allowed for the avoidance of things too…  Sensitive.  Those psychological conveyances hinting at things which could be if only I would be; ignorant to continue the chase down that proverbial rabbit hole.  Not happening, not this time.  Conflict, always the case in coherent dream states, ‘cept.  I was now, wide awake and what came next outta my head, spun theirs.  “Maybe if y’all slow your roll in straightening your hair, changing the way y’ all speak, then maybe your own men will recognize.  Probably stay instead of stray.  Genuine is what keep a male entwined.”

Oh, in their minds they were saying, “No he ‘didn’t, oh no he didn’t”.  But, I did.  I went there and their lips tightened.  Eyes, if they could cut I would’ve been sliced and diced.  One, slugging on a super-sized cup of Sweet Tea, wiped the side of her mouth as the straw slipped out.  Now chewing on a piece of ice she said, “Hey, haven’t you heard, when in Rome do like the Romans do”.  Hearing this I could only imagine silently, “here we go, a history lesson from those who don’t know a ‘thang about what their talkin’ about”.  Still, I had no intentions of flinching.  They brought it and I… Could handle the debauchery they had in mind and that’s when I knew the lights were now truly on me.  Recognizing my “mark” the stance was taken and I delivered my part.

Rome, an Empire consisting of various cultures with each representin’.  Representin’ who and what they had risen from based on enlightening identity.  Identity coming from those handing it down who…  Had came before.  Elders who let it be known that when not born blond don’t be blond.  Eyes brown, sometimes hazel, occasionally green, dependent on the chromosome mix and match.  When it’s like that, deal with it.  Color transformation sought because of advanced technology only applies to those who didn’t know or wanna be who…  They are.  Rome, Romans, didn’t waste time with underclass.  Romans were all about class distinctions.  Who and what Class R U?”

Panning wide, I was now in the Director’s chair and noticed one who got it.  She moved with the quickness.  Retrieved a tissue, dab the side of her cheek catching the tears before they rolled.  In her eyes anyone watching, feeling the intensity of the development knew she knew; Truth Had Been Told.  But, there’s always someone who’s slick and pushes.  This…  Group of 5 had just such a one.  She, coiled like a serpent saying. “But my brother we do this because. Isn’t this what you Brothers like? Blond, flowing silky smooth hair. Huge ringlets, exotic colored eyes, ya know, for that European look?”

Reptilian, playing with her false ass ringlets.  Slowly blinking my way like one wanting to hypnotize.  She came to a gun fight, “packin’”, just not quite calibrated right.  The wrappin’ of her fingers around her hair; a move to defuse.  But…  I wasn’t dialin’ down anything.  Intense, that’s how they came to me.  Now, a demure attitude, hopin’ I’d deflect too.  Not happening.

Personality; they had. But to attempt to ease the pressure they started. Nice try because this new approach, coy so that the assault could continue once they re-adjusted based on my adjustments. Proof they had an inclination of what a Positive Mental Attitude could produce, ‘cept. I had enough of dealin’ with FOLK and their F***ing ignorance of self and kind.

The “B word”, it was right there.  Hovering, knowing it’s intro was about to be announced.  Allowing for the complete destruction of all those in need of an attitude adjustment, but.  How the word would be used despite the insinuating injection during use would have only been lost where they were concerned.  At the slightest suggestion of such a word, assumptions would be made and like BBW, promptly they’d of “gone white”.

Cut, definition of “Gone White”.  (Assumed the position, transformed before One’s eyes, into Sapphire Mode).  “WTF” is Sapphire Mode.”  Oh, my mistake, so much morphing going on here it’s not a wonder how roles have been confused.  Sapphire Mode; recall BBW, now.  See them slighted publicly, simmering silently and then…  They return to their intellectual roots.  A move consisting of physical/emotional content all working towards, regaining any lost advantage.  A position visually projecting One about to lose their mind up in…  Whatever place they’ve found themselves associated with.  Neck rolls in a very sexy way.  Eyes flare, pupils expand and contract without the eyes lids ever even collapsing.  That ‘lil pouty look, they wear it well, and when they’ve got ‘cha to relax your mode believing you have been misogynist, and…

There’s one culture within this vast Western Society who’ve came way before the establishing of an enslaved empirical development but.  This highly visible culture has been devastated to the point of havin’ lost any desire to be…  Who they truly are.  Maybe these disguised BBW (Beautiful Black Women) felt it was their place to, hide who they truly were?

Nah, not it.  The brainwashing had been exact.  Divide and conquer.  Make one hate themselves and in return they’ll turn on everybody else.  Especially those who…  Come from the same beginnings as them.

I’ve been approached, asked way too many times why I’ve gone “swirl”.  Swirl; been there before the term started trending.  Still, won’t qualify the B.S..  What I provide is a glimpse into what hasn’t been considered which is to say.  Seek those who were there with me.  Break out of your small mindedness, inquire from any of ‘em if I denounced who and what I was.  Collective voices will be;  “Romantically I was with him, intimately, ‘til the wheels fell off and even then we kept goin, and he still didn’t change who or what he’ was about & just so you know, he doesn’t do Bugga Bears ”.  The creative liberties on their signing off statement, yes, that last part; luv it.  Defines to all those who attempt to hijack another’s life, invade cautiously.  Without a complete package, you will not be spared.

Recently I had the opp. to listen to “Connie Rice, Attorney”.  She expounded with some serious knowledge regarding Western Society.  Delivered an eloquent statement to which I accepted and internalized as something onto “Me & Mine”.  Those words.  (3 Gens. of males have been systematically removed through legal measures from their homes and communities Warehoused deep in the prison systems of America.)  Her point was to illustrate how a Nation had been decimated in the way of FAM..  A Nation made up of numerous other nationalities who…  Where somehow, someway left alone.  Allowed to continue and thrive.  Listening I didn’t have to imagine nor consider where she was comin’ from.  African Americans were so F***ing messed up in the head.  Remove the males from the females and you have no chance of maintaining any sense or possibility of normalcy.  Knowing this I will not even listen to African American Women who tells me they treat African American males the way they do as a way of protecting them from themselves.  Shielding them from what is comin’.

Real Talk, they have no idea who and what is comin’ because when all they wanna do is, act like.  Dress like and be like those who have raped and captivated you and yours, who the F**K are you to say what will be.  When compromise is made for the sake of personal sanction, you’d better re-consider who is gonna get “sanctioned”.  Eliminated from their entire existence because.  Men are the symbolic vanguards of every society.  Yes, women are tactical, cunning resourceful.  Sometimes more decisive than men, but.  Knowing your historical/traditional points of origin, then and only then will One to the “sum” realize what’s really goin’ on.

A las, my moment on stage was over.  My ‘lil One was returning.  She strolled and those along the windows seals, matching her step for step, adjusted theirs.  I watched, knowing these YoungStars, acting like they were window shopping had an agenda also.  When mine spoke, saying “Daddy”, one of her followers was…  Attempting to be conscious.  Noticed his opening and slid up to me offering words that he thought would be of encouragement .  “Man, you’ve gotta hella daughter, may I kick it with her for a minute, Sir?”  Motioning for him to do just that he gladly took a seat but couldn’t stop talking to me. “Pops she got that exotic thing goin’ on, like… She’s different. Way way different.”  My thoughts, “yeah, and I just fell off a banana boat. Please YoungStar miss me with the psychological head trip you wanna take me on”.

Alright, I was cool with his ‘lil deceptive attempt to get me to think he wasn’t lookin’ at her booty?  What…  Did you think, for one minute, I thought he was complimenting me on how she represented because he saw One different than the other.

Psssss; Society, “ours” is evolving and hasn’t slowed from day one.  The thing is, recognize.  YoungStar on the male side was doin’ just what he’s been witnessing since his inception.  Much like the supposedly Adult females who…  Took up along side of me comin’ to the strongest with the weakest, expecting to survive.  Hyper-Sexualized FOLK don’t have to be, nor would my ‘Lil One be.  What will be is a continuation of what was, providin’.  A stage is no longer sought for the mere entertainment of other’s pleasures.  Hummm, time to wake up.


Marcus Aurelius or… ‘Lil Marcus; Play YoungStar, Play.

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Why teach a child such stuff?  Why not?  Disloyalty, ignorance and arrogance is what eventually becomes the foundation to those who haven’t been extended certain disciplines.

Tact and Diplomacy, qualifying mental acquisitions needed when rising to the occasion in pursuit of another for a real live relationship.  Skills avoided when considering how and when The Next Gen. will engage, stepping to accept their place within this…  Genus.  “Hummm, What does this mean?”  Something most avoid while letting their lives be hijacked because anything to do with the development of One’s sexuality in orientation is, taboo.  ‘Lil Marcus, years below the other ‘Lil Tit whom he sat eyes on; oh yes.  Barely past five and he realized the benefits of a relationship aligned with a Cougar, yet.  This One shared my Bloodline and because of this he’d have to step his Game like tenfold, or.  Deal with persuasions which wouldn’t be so easily shaken even if he knew the shake.

Imagine a future where One could increase the possibilities and probabilities of personal successes.  Oops, my mistake.  You are in the real world where your future will primarily be; disappointment after disappointment with the operative belief becoming; “It is what it is”.

“She’s gonna be my girlfriend, she just doesn’t know it.”

Powerful words from One so young, impressionable, and…  In line to be a successor to tomorrow.

Marcus Aurelius, “M.A.”.  Roman Emperor, 160 to 180.  Short reign but.  Precise, dramatic to the degree of impacting.  Therefore impressions, lasting.  His rise to being Emperor had much to do about Bloodlines, but DNA didn’t guarantee the opp in rising to the occasion.  What separated him from others was his intellect.  This is also what secured undeniable loyalty from his military Generals.  Specifically “Maximus Decimus Meridius”.  FOLK of today have no sense of commitment.  Loyalty is seen as.  A thing of the past.  See One who displays the potential of being one, and. All that’s recognized is their possibilities of excelling in conventional money making endeavors.  Life; what is life worth living when life is so…  Convoluting; (tightly twisted).

The beauty of the vast possibilities of One’s development puts a smile on the faces of “those who know”.  I knew and recognized ‘Lil Marcus the moment he stepped through my doors.  His arrival with his older sister happened from the point of a stowaway but.  If their “Play Date” between his sister and my ‘Lil One was his only means of passage, so be it.  ‘Lil Boy with ‘Lil Girls, wasn’t gonna slow him.  His confidence wasn’t stifled.  Presence, he had it.  Respect?  Oh yes, not a stupid Azz kid faking like he was welcomed while treading on another’s world.  Those irrational imprints from a parental unit, not there, and I couldn’t help but “share the luv”.  The losses of One’s potential begins and end with the refusal to recognize even during childhood, what may become.  More reason to begin real education in, “How To Approach/Attract Another”.

In the mirror was where it all began.  He could barely see his reflection cause he wasn’t tall enough, but.  He had the sense to figure out how to step back and onto the rim of the bath tub, effectively adding immediate inches.  Watching me stand, shift my weight, changing my position and examine me, he followed suit.  Not clowning but actually trying to understand what was goin’ on.  The importance of posture as it relates to simple body language was explained.  Did he understand?  Articulation is best served to the specs. of the One requesting.  “Dialing Down” so the real absorption would swell within his consciousness was no prob..  The point was well taken, he saw himself like never before and grasped how others would review him.  Isolating, categorizing, placing him where they assumed he needed to be, and.  Based on their false assumption because of what they felt he’d implied.  Now that he knew the importance of visual references and how those images established credence, he rose to another level.  ‘Lil Marcus begin to conceptualized.  Reflected on how he looked, sounded when engaging others.  He smiled at the new knowledge and patted himself on the back.  “Sounds like somebody assuming much?”

Assumptions…  Your world, not mine, and the reasons why society is so messed up.  FOLK fail to prepare for the most basic social interactions defining life.  The initial Dance between He and She always…  Designated for second level exposure which is why “The Next Gen.” is forever late and “Ah Dolla Short”, (Not being prepared for what’s comin’).

Life, there are those who rise and those who…  Always wanna be starting something.  Physical abuse?  They are adding chapters with their exploration in dishing out carnage.  Verbally boisterous, forever willing to bring the negative to someone?  All day in every way and the reasons can be traced back to nobody ever clarified to them why their emotions are in conflict when dealing with another.  Huffing, puffing, aligned with behavior of Wild Things?  Hummm, just say something they don’t wanna hear.  Personal property is targeted and destroyed with no desire for acceptance of accountability.  With them it’s; “What’s that”.  Can’t have it their way, “Whoop Dat Azz”.

Aggression becomes more demonstrative when knowledge is lacking.  I understand the importance of creating the platform in how to conform when confronted with the realities of personal denial. Want it “Your” way?  Understand the dynamics of showing it “The Best Way”.  Aggression is best regulated to combative modes.  Assertion, Ahhh.  This is what it should be about.

How FOLK are, what they become has much to do with, who saw their innate potential and step to them uncompromising.  Providing willing, what is deemed needed to rise to whatever occasion comes their way.  Boyz, someday rising within the ranks of males.  The social construct they find themselves a part of; hypnotizing.  What’s worse than a young male who has no sense of who he is let alone what he can become when…  Under a spell built on hypnotics.  My words, “A male who’s stepped into adulthood not knowin’ a thing about his emotional being”.

He, She, quickly slapped down when they don’t have the where-with-all when feelings flush through their system at the sight of the opposite sex whose.  Caused those same emotions to surge from The Gate.  ‘Lil Marcus came from someone and that somebody, rather play Video Games than recognize the responsibility of bringing another into this world.

Each weekend when ‘Lil Marcus showed up, we sat down and “Broke Bread” (Breakfast).  Didn’t matter if he ate before he left home, he had entered my world and in that world food is a common denominator.  Edibles shared creates an environment conducive to pro-active thoughts.  What he wanted, I fixed.  When One has a say in what they choose, it’s all better.  I sat the table while he explored the frig, made the choice of what…  He’d be drinking to compliment his meal.  Alcohol?  Not even in the equation.  Table etiquette?  There and on full display with his personal participation a must.  After eating, more casual dialogue.  Before he’d be excused a stop in the bathroom.  Didn’t want him putting his “Peach Marmalade” hands all over my beautiful walls.

Inside the bathroom was were the role play kicked up to another level.  He inquired about shaving but, not the time for that.  Getting to the point of holdin’ my ‘lil One’s hands wasn’t even going to be discussed.  Inside the quiet zone which all bathrooms provide, we talked about the impacts and affects during communicating his thoughts to another.  Thrive?  He did because the entertainment component was there.  Deep into my delivery?  Yes, “Boyz” like adults have short attention spans.  Intensity too high, you’ve lost ‘em.  To gain appreciation for anything, One must be met on the level providing exact comprehension.

Sounds as if you’re creating a Player?”  Most don’t even know who or what a Player represents.  What is seen on the screen, coded into the personality projection of characters making up Movie Stars, Video Gamers, are.  Glimpses of traits so foolish they’d never be matched or blended in real life situations.  To Play is to understand the cost when wanted to be “Boss”.  Much like Game.  Game is simple, direct, spontaneous.  Phraseology (Art In Usage Of Words) has an exact rhythm.  Executed by those who have taken their innate skills and allowed for them to be combined with those acquired.  Words, the sound of a voice, connects in ways thought to be mystical, but.  Because something doesn’t have an immediate understanding based on visually doesn’t mean it it’s not a part of the mix.  Think “blend”, a process occurring when the parts augmented are true to the…  Identified and intended results.  “Oh, this shit is morphing, you’re going to try to confuse with the academic explanation?”  Which is why, “Game, it’s meant to be sold not told”.  Anything free is, a tease incorporated for you the attraction.  Value in free stuff is many times lessen, which is why actual Game in rotation is seldom understood.  Most don’t have a clue of what smoothness is despite always slipping out of the things and situations personally sought.

Smooth, when it’s seen, on display in any public arena, immediately everybody moves to assume they recognize it and…  Rush to tell it.  Shout it out so everyone knows this is behavior not to be appreciated.  Hummm, another qualifying reason why within most circles everyone is chasin’ someone with little to no long-range success.

Listening to a Christian talk show I discovered they, like the Jews.  Like those practicing Islam are all wanting a relationship with a significant other.  Usual preference being opposite in sex.  Each of these sects had participated in various Cyberspace Dating Sites to no avail.  Now, like anyone at a loss, they returned to what they knew.  The prob. is all the singles in attendance at their defined orders, there for the activity known as “Date Days” and…  These participants became acutely aware that He, She, standing next the them were…  Of Alternative Life Styles.  Is this the way society has evolved?  I will only say, when you haven’t been introduced to commonalities creating the worlds of He & She, your understanding of self and kind is…  Limited.  Focus will always be narrow when mis-education is first and foremost.  “Sounds homophobic to me?”

Raise your voice to a woman and.  Be accused of being misogynistic.  Speak from the voice of a Feminist and you are labeled as the female who hates males.  Western Society especially is so ‘ucked it’s not a wonder to me why China doesn’t want the full intro of Western lifestyles to be exposed to their citizens in mass.  Truth Be Told, Western Society isn’t the first empire to be perceived as; Deviant in nature.  This projection of self is a natural progression of all great nations.  Once you have so much and little sense of any possibility of further development, you begin to depart from what’s essential and move to an explorative nature functioning on the Desire Principle.  Needs are no longer of conscious consideration because the mind has become way too toxic to aspire to anything more.  “Homophobic?”  Far removed from worrying about others and their conclusions of sexual orientation.

Lil Marcus was at mine who…  Had already saw him comin’.  She pulled me to the side to enlighten me.  “Dad he’s too young and little for me, I’m like this much taller than he is.” Minds, mental awareness, races ahead even when others don’t see and cannot observe the process in evolutionary mode.  Even if this kid didn’t get the opp. to razzle dazzle mine, he’d at least have a foundation to build on no matter where he found himself during; Latter years.  Doctors believe they see another doctor in their off-spring.  Engineers are guilt of the same process.  Lawyers won’t admit it yet they assume they’ve given birth to the next world-class legal mind.  Everybody is quick to re-produce but nar one is willing to examine while defining what’s required to; solidify the union when it involves others within the species from Day One.  Humanity or… The continuation of another “Pin Head” who will maintain the status quo of Hell Raisin’?

Psssss; Gymnast, Entertainers, Pastors to the President, all look at themselves via the mirror.  To see the refection of Oneself during the interplay with Oneself results in amazing observations when…  Anyway, Player you say.  When I was Playing none saw me comin’.  To Play once again is. Like Butta Baby.  Smooth and much more satisfying when you know how to spread.