This ‘Ol Man & D.V. aka Domestic Violence Knight he wasn’t but. His name was Lance.  “YoungStar” coming hard hot and ready.  Couldn’t tell him nothing because.  He was of the Gen. who knew everything.  Introduce “Cale” short for Caledonia.  Sophisticated, therefore experienced.  Record indicated she had five successful “kills” and had never applied for Sniper School.  A body that wouldn’t quit and a vocab. that made men somehow submit.  Oh, me…  This was why Lance wanted to know why I wasn’t moved by her very presence.

Those “Kills” mentioned, Ex. Spouses, Ex. Lovers, Ex “some bodies” who came into her life, assumed she was right, engaged, over time morphed.  Presented something she didn’t agree with placing her in a negative mode of contemplation, and.  None of which ever attained the elemental qualifications for submission to prosecute so.  She walked.  Yes, Cale was on the opposite end of the spectrum defining Domestic Violence or.  As I say, “D.V.”.

Most won’t even consider the number of females who are “The Perpetrators”.  Bring it up and you’ve just placed an unwanted spotlight on the 800 pounds of madness occupying the recessive minds of the masses.  No one, not one wants to recognize, talk or even consider this stat.  Cale went un-opposed in society because she had beauty, seemed very civil, all the stock she needed to keep applying her trade.  It was obvious why when He or She set eyes on Cale the attraction was…  Captivating, most definitely.  From where I’ve decided to observe which is from the perspective of, “This ’Ol Man”.  The One who hasn’t forgotten the lessons learned with the recital of Nursery Rhymes from Back-In-The-Day. Clever phrases, sometimes riddles in time but.  Knowledge still ringing true today.  “Nic Nac Paddy Whack” for those who remember, and.  I kept rollin’ on as it says in one of the verses of This ‘Ol Man.

Life, it’s about livin’, learnin’, and not makin’ the same mistakes over and over again.  Once Upon A Time it may have been the culture to “whoop ‘dat ass” but.  Progress on an intellectual tip is now, Trump.  Before things even unfold, most today have an idea about what’s going on or at the very least, the probabilities of what may happen.  And yes, some are so caught-up in the illusions of life they won’t even think about the frailties existing within another.  Especially if the other is an object of desire.

Because of the media’s present focus on D.V. as it develops within the Sports Industry everyone is engaged in private dialogue pertaining to the same.  Is this going to change anything?  Nope.  More will take advantage of the Hotline Call Centers and some will evaluate their present situation and rush to the Shelters, but.  Overall change…  Individuals aren’t having it because way too much fun is goin’ on, therefore.  Society isn’t too concerned either.  Too many cultures mixing and matching personal attitudes that don’t mesh.  Culture beliefs are structured and founded on traditional values.  What’s going on right about now is that values, morals are used as stop-gap measures.  Things incorporated only if and when what has been engaged in turns sour.  There’s so many different views and explanations pertaining to what is D.V., that it’s beyond one stop shopping for resolve.  Politicians create legislation only when its financially feasible and or public demand threatens their very political office.  Activists only want change that reflects their positions.  And as the world turns, it is pondered and always secretly; “How many agencies involved actually provide preventive care once the judicial and structural intervention programs regarding separation of  Vics and or Perps occurs”.  Real talk, a resounding small percentage.

Yes, life goes on.  It’s a personal endeavor if an Aftercare Support Group is sought of which…  Those actually identify keep preaching the status quo known as “Keep Hatin” to all those who cross over their sanctified threshold.

When I was really Roguish I’d relish the encounter with anyone who was a proponent for the victims of D.V..  Why?  Because they wanted just what they said they didn’t want.  They wanted inclusion into what they assumed was the exciting life, ‘til.  They didn’t even open their eyes until they were deep into a relationship built on illusions.  Oh yes, paint a picture, allow it to be viewed and many will line up to buy.  Metaphor?  So what, it’s real.  If I had “ducats”, (money) for those who spent time with me on an intimate level and once they found out I had no sustainable interest in them, I’d be close to a wealthier existence.  Only after this reality was pushed by me, did I become the…  800 LB’s of madness.  Prior to that, I was… Said to be different.  Despite  having shared my most deepest, darkest nightmares to them they still loudly voiced.  “We’re gonna make this our personal journey and I’m gonna see you through this “journey” with me right here on your side.”  Already in their eyes I had risen above the sickness that once engulfed me with no further thought given to what I said.

Oh yes I did…  I was “that G”.  As long as I continued to be the object of carnal delights, appearing as I arrived in the attire screamin’ success.  Smiling at the opportune times completing the photo-opps and under cover selfies confirming the closeness “we” sustained…  It was all good.  I had reformed and they stood in testament to this.

Bad me? Bad you for believing your life is so much different than those who take the position professing to know what others need to know in order to eliminate what is bad for them.  Jews date African Americans until it’s time to “go back”.  Back into their sanctified lives where D.V. is said to seldom occur.  The transgressor who…  Crossed the line and now tell all about involvement in D.V. land and now.  Gloriously profess to have found the topic something they know personally.  They are back, wanting, begging for re-acceptance into that which they truly are.  And I’m the Bad One…

Mexicans dislike El Salvadorians who can’t stand the Belizeans and none will admit they mingle and don’t give a damn if they aren’t single.  But when the relationship is no longer in Vogue, they blast to the world, “I’ve been the silent victim of D.V. will everybody listen while I rescue myself on the way to more financial success”. Mixing and matching.  Escaping with the knowledge of one culture, blending into that of another and foolishly thinking it’s gonna be different because.  Because you think life is so much different on the other side.

Jumping from sub-sets within the topic of discussion, landing on aspects of D.V. that haven’t given you any satisfaction as to how to deal with D.V..  “The nerve of me.”  Yes the nerve, and this is by design.  You just don’t wanna expand your mind, marinate on what is already “In the pot” so to speak.  Right, with all the “secret” discussions held behind closed doors where those collective voices won’t say what it is, how in the hell is anyone ‘pose to get passed the conversation and move deep into applicable solutions to prevent some of this violence?  Right, the results of subtle inferences to the symptoms while avoiding the causes of this societal malady is what keeps the convo going and no real changes to the problems existing.

Lance didn’t say but alluded to the possibility of fear being all up in me as the reasons for my refusal to engage with what Cale put out there.  This was erroneous not erogenous and that’s what I’m about.  Seeing what is, refusing to color coordinate for the benefit of inclusion and accepting what colors are added personally by the One presenting the option.  Something else, Lance was looking for a “nut” in the present day vernacular where as he… Had no understanding of what type of packaging made up the likes of Cale.  Was she a bad person?  No.  Was she dangerous?  When options are exhausted with regard to understanding One’s confusion when dealing with another who isn’t “cooperating” in the way “One” demands, and.  That person resorts to violence, what’s more dangerous than that?  Cale was of the D.V. to which nobody wants to acknowledge and. D.V. is within every culture known to man and kind.

D.V. as stated doesn’t discriminate. Class, ethnicity, Race, economics, all is welcomed.  Nothing prevents it from rearing its head, yet society doesn’t even recognize those such as Cale and ultimately extends the Cales’ of the world a pass.  This mentality in protection towards the female doesn’t help the society at large.  Am I being discriminatory by how I’ve stepped into this global discussion on D.V.?  Hummm, let me think.  My answer, wait on it!

The “nut” Lance was seeking and I referred to, relates to orgasm.  That level of danger isn’t where I wanna end up at the conclusion of any carnal experience.  Cale is calculating, voluptuous, erotically intoxicating, cunning like nobody could or would anticipate.  Few wanna see this because, very few intend to perform an examination on the various levels which D.V. reveals itself.  Cunningess is a methodology of any predators position.  Lance is “young” but that doesn’t necessitate he has to conclude the “dumb” part of this tired ass expression.  Cale knew damn well what her end game was to be because she’d executed it at least 5 times successfully before, and…  “Quiet as kept” she had probably committed more.  What she hadn’t acquired were the personal skill-sets and observational abilities to develop another way to address her violent out-burst.

There’s Camps set-up, designed and only capable of articulating to one or the other aspects of D.V..  Proponents are good and everybody should decide which side they’re gonna be on.  Still, to actually understand, identify the possibly solutions towards addressing this matter, be it to those who are The Vic.  To those who are The Perp..  To those whose real interest is only to generate income while keeping the separation cycle intake need to say what it is and stop assuming theirs is the only way.  It like religious types saying “If you’re not Christian you can forget about going to heaven”.  Or those who say, “You’re an infidel if you don’t practice and support Islam”.

Cale was in serious distress. Conflicted beyond simple reasoning.  Unless you’re void of empathy you cannot living within a functioning social order, kill and keep killing while acting like it doesn’t impact you.  Same is said for those such as Lance.  A YoungStar who is lead by “His Second Head” to which, if he doesn’t stand and deal with this Marauder of masculinity, he will…  Eventually fall to the intrusion despite of the momentarily pleasures explored.

Who has all the answers? Get real, definitely not I.  I will only address that which I know.  Still the Avenues are out there.  Seek based on what ‘cha wanna know and you shall find.  Look, based on what others have told you you may need to know and you will find also.  The difference will be in attainment, application and understanding of the overall effect on man and kind.  Today everybody is seeking a leader when few of those leading possessing leadership skills.  To lead you’ve gotta be willing to follow.  I could have taken what Lance presented, allowed my Second Head to take command and follow like being on the hunt just as he was.  But, I’d be like everybody else, not willing to stand and be accounted for.  I will not ever have a “Dog in the fight”. However, I will look at the dogs fighting and see what they do. If that’s what the dog does and it doesn’t infringe on me. Well, don’t take this outta context but, I’m cool with the dog being a dog.  I won’t support the dogs fighting but I understand the reasons for the fight and also know why there’s so many in participation.  Making up the viewing audience, occasionally saying something they assume is relevant.  Same with being able to see what a YoungStar is dealing with and not worried if the YoungStar likes me after what I have to say is said, of which…  Is very relevant.

‘Ol Man, Sophisticated Lady as the phrase to replace Mature Woman because.  That’s what’s politically correct right about now, but.  Doesn’t change what or whom the conversation has used as the focal points.  No reference to the individuals as much as the cultures.  That’s what creates what is!  D.V. isn’t a subject to be considered lightly.  The far-reaching effects are devastating beyond the wildest imaginations.  Chivalry isn’t dead. Just wait ‘til you find yourself on the opposite end of a dangerous situation and you can’t get outta if.  Watch then how quickly you seek the help of… Anyone who even appears with the remotest possibility of offering; assistance.  My assistance to Lance, that to Cale, and yes, I did eventually engage and those suggestions where just that. Suggestions. There’s multiply sides to every situation.  When addressing one, know that what is brought to you is based on.  The One stepping into your mist decides to open up about.  They have an agenda. Clear to them and vague to you, that is. Until they provide the color components and you take it from there.

Psssss; What for!  Despite those “for” the other side who line up “against” will forcefully usher in more Drama and the point…  Can become diluted.  Nothin’ about what I do will be subjected to the “Watered Down” version.  Life, again is about livin’.  I’m busy doin’ just as much because eventually I’m gonna “ascend” again, and all this will be serialized, pre-quelled by the next crew who discovers what has already been served while swearing they’ve found something new.


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