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“Channeling This; Oooh Yeah”

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships with tags on August 29, 2014 by ichas8440 no longer smooth?  Predictability replaced with, stagnation because the answers to any question posed, resulting in the same dry ass respond.  The Magician without the magic; hold on it’s gonna get crazier.

He, She, doesn’t matter. When those traditional calls are no longer returned during the time they previously were. If the arrival time for returning to the spot, doesn’t have the importance once defined by promptness, it’s time. Time for the juiciness to be fully squeezed out even when you don’t think any remains.

When you think they are tellin’ the truth as you hear, “I’ve moved in but it’s just temp. ‘til I can get my own place”. Temporary is all-inclusive under these terms, and yes; toothbrush still in the cabinet but the moved out a long time ago.  If it’s the Boss or anyone met while in the capacity known as “work related”, best believe the signs have been received, read and acted upon by them way before the move-in date was exchanged.  Some say these types of relationship don’t last because they are based on factors arising from a depressed state.  Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on the insight and assertiveness of the one who has offered the…  Bed.

Pistola in hand, safety off.  Tears rollin’ because you really don’t wanna take the only life you know and have no real understanding of what lies beyond.  Nervously fumbling with the gun, you see a light.  Hoping for mercy.  Frantically searching within this imaginary glimmer for a sighting of your significant other.  There, a visual has been made, you see them running towards you, smiling, happy to be where they are.  You think “Those were the times”, then.  You feel the dog rubbing against your leg as you look down, confirming the physical contact and.  Reality has returned.

Emotional despondency, personal misery, subtle expressions of depression will create havoc within Ones life.  Where another is identified as the cause, over-stimulation of the psyche’ happens and the trip will be way beyond your wildest dreams.  The temp housing becomes tangible images of how you use to have it.  Late night, any night a delight, the cuddling when watching T.V., feeding one another popcorn not wanting to be the one to consume the last kernel so you share.  The twosome in the shower dates washing each others back, morphing into mad passionate aquatic Sex-Capades.  But now…  You’ve been replaced and the laughter, those words which use to make their way deep down into your body, confirming you’ve got it following with.   “I’ve never felt like this before and I’ll never ever never leave you”, are now expressed to.  Not you at least not at this time, and you wanna snap.  Writing was on the wall long before legible by “you” and.

In today’s times there’s always a prescription purchasable to disguise any type of emotional pain.  The prob. is, the source of the pain will not diminish as it has only been masked.  Seek help from those within your immediate circle proves fruitless as well because.  Everybody sees you as the winner and no one wants to be associated with depression because.  They assume it will infect them. To a large degree the possibility of absorbing many of the traits defining this mental state are, actually very contagious.  Only because, like you they are probably just as fragile, but pride prevents any possibility of admitting guilt.  So, you, them, avoid the real while they tell you it’s okay and; “Rise above it I know you can“.  But, in your particular scenario you have licensed personnel who are experts in this and.  Schedule an appointment for the next fix.  You go, they see you.  Listen to you and…  You begin to notice the same blank facial expressions you…  Had when this whole thing began and this is confirmation they are adrift in their own thoughts based on you taking them there.  Not always the case but… It happens more than any professional will cope too.

Self medication isn’t always an option but. You live with yourself each and every day. You can become aware of the Triggers pushing you closer to that edge so.  Can’t escape the skin you’re already in so meditate.  Search your soul, exploring what really makes you need, want and desire.  Do you have a predisposition to any chemical substances.  When the answer is yes, even if it is to just make it through the professional day, don’t.  I repeat do not move in that direction.  You do and you’ll become as predictable as your significant other who is now.  In the arms of another, drifting, hoping this time it will be better than before but.  Based on the driving motivations making all this possible in the first place, secretly you know like they do, it’s not probably.  Once the novelty has worn off, the affair will turn in to what it is.  Another discovery as in fling that has grown beyond its borders.  Still, there’s light at the end of the tunnel you’ve let blind you because.  You are conscious of what’s really goin’ on.

Before all comes tumblin’ down, prepare a plan.  Manage that time and stop letting it handle you.  Accept life can sometime resemble war so.  Know that you are now behind, enemy lines and nothin’ is sacred.  This includes your significant other who you once thought was “Sent From Above”.  Everything should be viewed as below you now.  Gather yourself, step over it.  Vanquish those morbid thoughts causing you to wanna vomit because.  You can’t fathom the thought, let alone the graphic images of “yours truly” grasping for air as a result of being in the throes of another as they create, total ecstasy even though they’re still using the Com-Links to connect with you.  Lying to you and…

Harmony, works both ways, now you’ve gotta establish another rhythm if you intend to create a more compliment sound.

This is not easy but it is.  Like breathing, once you’ve master the ability you never see it as a task.   Repeat the motions and movements guaranteeing your life.  Step up and in while getting it right. Those Wordsmiths who come up with the clever saying, they still hold true. “Shit happens” is a truism. Yours stunk.  Theirs too.  You just didn’t wanna admit it during the time when you were wrapped up.  Wining and dining.  Again, monogamy is a choice.  Exclusivity doesn’t mean what it once did.  Wanna play in that arena, get with The Game.

The question was posed, “I don’t want a divorce”.  Hearing it, I watched as the body language indicated something unsaid.  Seeking what I already knew, I asked.  No, smilin’ like a wick Pirate I said, “you don’t wanna share that money”.  Confirmation came quick, the response was, “You’re right”.  Knowing this, goin’ into The Game and love is in the air, come up for some.  Step back and casually state “The Terms Of Services”.  Oh, logic isn’t a part of the plan when engaging?  What’s more logical than something that’s gonna impact you for the rest of your life.  Even when you don’t wanna admit it.

Psssss; To those wallowin’ in pain and misery about what got away.  Find personal solace by recalling who was there.  You!  Arranging the initial song, now.  Do another masterpiece.  This one, probably in C-major.  Oh yes, another major production staring…  You.