On One…

Ichas8440.graphics.OnOne-IIn the mist of crisis, approaching; chaos. A challenge came.  Strike that, a confrontation as I was accused of thinking I knew way more than the next person.  Un-fluttered by this intrusion I listened as a story unfolded about how the Ex. ruled this Dreamers dream.  Deep in his dream, living large conquering his world then.  Unannounced, not remotely associated with this part of the script she’d appear.  Sex down the Dreamer even if sex wasn’t in the equation, then.  Still conscious of being in “dream state” she’d slip outta the bed almost as if a vapor.  He’d see her, standing by the open window dialing 911 and watch as he’d be arrested for some trumped-up charged she’d concocted.  Once said this Dreamer visibly shaken, stepped back, tears running hard as he asked, “What can I do, she’s got her hooks in me”.

I should have told him to take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning, but.  I asked how often do these types of conditions occur during his dream state.  Quickly he said, every time something is going right she shows up and reminds me how wrong my impressions of what I thought I was gonna be, are.  With that expressed there was no further need for eval..  The Dreamer had given up his dignity and she accepted it with honor.  Many times a substitution is made and what comes in to provide a moment for relief isn’t always…  Re-livable. Ex’s have a way of sub-consciously slipin’ in where One thinks they should have the win.  This happens because way too much power has been assigned to the dynamics of the pleasure principle One assumed the Ex. brought to the table.

Remedy; Don’t talk about vanquishing the world in which you once lived and died by the Ex.’s’ presence within your life; do it.  And while you do don’t even assume you can visit the possibilities of a bi-dimensional reality in the hopes of re-mapping your actual reality, cause.  It ain’t happening.

Speaking of dual realities and the psycho-emotional impacts they hold all living beings to, get with this concept.  We hear about the conceptual possibilities of another world existing right next to our actual physical world, ‘cept.  We just can’t see or directly connect with these worlds.  Well, some can and those who have agree on this reality.  If you’re gettin’ your butt kicked in one dimension, best believe it’s happening across the galaxy because.  Change isn’t gonna come until you realistically decide that you’ve had enough and break the so-called “chain”.

How can he get all this when in the mist of crisis?”

Whoever said I was the One in the mist of crisis!

Descending the mountains, returning from my sabbatical and into the madness known as society I knew I had to pay the Mafioso Boss a visit.  Oh yes, remember?  All I deliver is connected, plus  when One can be located knowin’ the GPS was shut down way way back and no other living Soul was made privy to my whereabouts nothing in my world is no longer sacred.  Not even “My Blanket”.

Tony found, the meet and greet commenced.  Topic of convo, same as before.  ‘Cept, Wifey had advanced in age and; interest.  We made quick time of our time and arrived at the points in which brought us to this second coming.  Oh yes, despite being in his home initially, awaiting his Wifey to partake in lunch with Yours Truly, and…  Extending frivolous explanations as to why I was there, only to be given a pass guaranteeing the continuation of my physical life…  Not much had verbally been exchanged.  Tony knew of me but had no further understanding of Wifey’s motivations bringing Yours Truly into his world.

Today, Wifey was still the woman residing on the arm, living inside the home of a true live Mafioso, she was forever on the prowl.  Object of desire now.  She flipped completely, no longer was she seeking the touch of a man, she wanted woman.  Tony talked, and I imagined what becomes when One has; everything.  History came to mind.  Various past cultures and with these visions came; Clarity.  I explained to the guy who could have snatched my breath away years ago, “Chalk It Up To The Game”.  He pondered this revelation for a moment, smiled and said. “O blod de O blod da, sounds like some Beatles tune. Mulies have all these clever sayings, some make sense. You, not a Mullie but still, clever. On this Game thing, you’re right. Don’t hate the game, hate the player, hunnn!”  He found solace and…  I did too.  I wasn’t sought to be told in some cryptic way I could be reached no matter where I was, but.

Liked minded people attract.  Tony had always wanted to know why the Wifey would risk all she had acquired, all they had built/established for a “quicky” with me, yet.  Business trumped all and he let the beat go on without pausing to listen to what I’ve learned to be the rhythm within life.  Back at that time I didn’t really listen either and could care less what her motivations where but. As said previously, like-minded people attract, this is an extension of those days and attractions.  We were three people going through our defined cycles.  As for now, this new interest in same sex, whoa. Could explain but… I’ll leave it to resourceful minds and; history.

2 am on the streets again.  Beverly Hills, window shopping.  Car pulls up, voices ring out, “You’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself”.  European Americans fantasizing.  To a degree they were right, I didn’t fit the racial profile of One assumed to make up the commercial or residents comprising Beverly Hills, but.

Leaving one street winding onto another, I continued my looking.  Many of the shops changed names.  As for those who understood their place, they remained the same.  Full circle, Wilshire Boulevard and there was the car that held the passengers who…  I guess had thought they were giving me advice.  BHPD had ‘em all stretched out on the sidewalk, face down, hands locked behind their heads, fingers laced.  I saw them all, heads cocked, necks rotating, all to get a look at me.  I kept doin’ what I did and in that split second, I believe it donned on ‘em all.  “Beverly Hills, like any place else, it’s all about the attitude. Present yourself knowing you belong and you will… Belong.”

What…”  Okay, for those who ain’t knowin’ and couldn’t even break outta a wet paper back, I’ll dial it down for you.  Art doesn’t imitate life, life reflects The Arts created by man and kind in the never-ending story to leave a legacy known as…  Life.  What you did yesterday may not be explainable today or even later in the days, what’s important is.

Psssss; Much Luv to all of you who have the insight to follow what I present.  It’s you all who provide the motivation required so that I can think, grow and become spiritually richer.  Many have ”Been There” but we will not know who’s actually ‘Done That” unless.  We have “Exchange Cards”.  Tony is a Mafioso.  What he’s not is a three-headed monster who’s heads are being pulled in various directions because of one brain trying to control it all.  That’s media hype.  The Boyz extending advice in Beverly Hills…  Well hopefully they had the money to bail out of jail because they had no intentions of heeding their own advice.  Emulation, assimilation can be a Bitch.  The Dreamer and his, they have a long way to go before they arrive.  Why?  Because way too many think they know something and when you stop, look and listen, it’s soon apparent.  They like many have sight, but lack; insight.


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