“Wasn’t Me… Jeremy Meeks Saga, Defined”

ichas8440.graphics.WasntMe-JeremyMeeks.2014When my Cell rang, the screen displaying digits un-recognized, I ignored it. When walking through the Forest and another sound could be heard walking, diagonally aligned to me, I noted it but…

When someone approached from my blindside only to suddenly stop, roughly 15 feet from the point of intersecting me, I remembered what an associated shared with me about gun ownership when assigned to a red zone. “I’d rather be with it than without it, strange things can happen out here”. Confidentially, he who approached let it be known he was stepping to me as a friend not a foe. After hearing the request causing him to wanna seek my counsel, which had to do about placing a bet with the Nevada Casino’s against the positive outcome of the recent viral video star “Jeremy Meeks” being allowed to get his life together. It didn’t take me any time to come with an answer. “Bet on Black”.

Media Hype; Jeremy Meeks convicted felon, major shot caller for the infamous Northside Gangster Crips allegedly controlling all the criminal activities in Stockton cali, whose bail was increased from 800k to a Mil because of… Because of the same arresting compilation of Law Enforcement Officers getting at the D.A. to cease the day and capitalize on the national criminal notoriety they created! Is this fair? I will not comment because unlike those who only see Jeremy as a “Sexy Mugger”, paraded over social media, I know the score and it ain’t over.

Back Story, Jeremy Meeks is a product of his environment. Moms, “Katherine Angier”, his Wifey really aren’t feeling the way social media is portraying “theirs”. Can’t say I blame them. Like the stalker who knew enough to come clean, reveal himself way before he gain permanent memory status, woke up. Full authentication of who he was struck home. Innate inspiration began to ring loudly within his mind and at that point he knew. He became acutely aware of what he sought and what he definitely found.

Right about now this young man, his FAM are caught up in a world wind of publicity. The tear drop tatted on Jeremy’s face, symbolic that he sent someone to memory lane, “took another life, okay, killed somebody alright”. Again, think environment.

National Media is saying this young man is so pretty he could be somebody’s model. It’s said he has Swag. I say, more Back Story; Jeremy wasn’t born yesterday, so his looks had always been there. Swag is looking the part, talking the talk while actually being what you represent. Do you or does anyone know who and what this person wants to represent?

I was located during my sabbatical because… I wasn’t hiding. He who came to me was based on another time in my life when a Mafioso’s Wifey, playing at being a “B.W.” (Basic Woman) found herself attracted to Yours Truly. I being me, refused to see that she hadn’t seen me only acted on what she assumed she saw in me. In time, invited me over to her home where… The Crew along with Boss watched me from the third floor.  Oh yes, their home was that big and I was foolish enough to deliver myself into the Lion’s Den. My point… Boss liked that I didn’t flinch and continued to deal with him not based on who he was representing but. As another man. Sometimes he who swags, really has swagger, then there’s those times it’s just a glimpse of something other than what it is.

Do you know real Gangsters? I do. Real life is full of Gangster types with most fakin’ while doing a great impersonation of something they’re not. Again, it’s the media who creates these; images. Just as Social Media has incorporated the word swag to supplement what is cool. I guess it’s a numbers game just as the bet that I had been consulted about is based on percentages. Well get with this.

I’m still on my sabbatical; “Won’t stop, Can’t stop, Don’t drop”. Which is to say, no algorithm designed and applied to say Who’s Who is gonna give you a guarantee as to Who is. Anyone can look the part, walk the role and play it to the pole. That won’t signify they are qualified to be what you may think you or they see. Projections are always images based on who got it out there first. Those who seek “Swagger” first must accept who and what they are in relations to what they can bring. Play Gangster and you might get got. Oh, me… Luck, that’s what I’ve been blessed with. Much of what I’m hopin’ happens to Jeremy Meeks. Right now he’s at a crossroads. Despite of what the media has portrayed him to be, legally, you nor has anyone seen what can be. And… Let’s not discount he has a son, a FAM and… Possibly a long future. Providin’, those seeking attention, pay attention and understand how universal consciousness can play a part in guaranteeing life. Maybe many should step back, get the ‘uck outta his life and let him figure this all out. Sorta’ like when engaged in any… Relationship. I’m sure Wifey would agree.

Psssss; Hummm, yes, this has much to do about you, you and you. Titled “Wasn’t Me” with the situation of Jeremy Meeks providing the fodder like fuel to a fire because many times what you wanna see, isn’t. What is, was, but. After being something for such a long time, only to realize, this can’t continue to being me, an exit strategy is need, sought and ,implemented so you can get back to; YOU. By the way, the looks displayed in Jeremy Meek’s face are those which conveys, “I don’t wanna be here and you’ve got me when you know it wasn’t me”. Same as sexy eyes projected as opposed to deadly eyes during the initial stages of the realization you are… There.


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