Mista Dub R; A Piece Of Work.

ichas8440_Graphics_MistaDubR_2014-IIHumidity, high. Misters were misting and many around me were wet.  It was good I started shaving me head way back when.  Wifey, not so fortunate.  One tantalizing visual benefit was the moisture absorbed by her blouse. With the wind picking up so did her nipples and a few of the others patronizing the sidewalk café began to glance her way.  Mainly in passing but the traffic was beginning to thicken.  Twirling a Raw Sugar stick deep down inside my glass of Iced Tea, occasionally I locked eyes with others sitting across from us.  One was a ‘lil too demonstrative in a physically active sense and that was my que to pack it in and vamoose.

Casually strolling down the street I couldn’t help but noticed a Double R making a sudden u-turn.  Color; RootBeer Brown with accenting leather interior.  Yep, I saw all this and more when he slowed along the side of the curb, lowered his window and asked the most ridiculous question.  “Say, can you tell me which way to the beach I seem to be way outta my way”.  Wearing a Captains’ hat gave him some cred but…  He wasn’t looking for his alleged slip along a costal shore no where in the vicinity where he made the intentional u-turn.  Bored, I approached and said, “When I grow up I wanna be just like U”.  Chucky Cheese another over-the-top character created by someone’s imagination had nothing on his smile as the man lit-up and in his mind, just knew he had a “Certified Mark” on deck.  Eyes locked on Wifey standing in front of a display window with her back to us, he continued to talk at me.  I didn’t trip.  Finally he extended his name of which…  Won’t rank enough to list here.

Some time later our car was parked behind his Rolls Royce.  On a sloping driveway, tucked away along a secluded hillside home with a panoramic view of the cityscape below and the sea to the south.  Inside his exquisite compound we sipped on some delicious cocktails as the night got later.  Probably, don’t know but when the lights caught my eye as they played with the waves within his swimming pool, Wifey stood and walked over, placing her toes in the water.  He suggested she take a dip.  I encouraged and…  She slipped out of her outfit and into the water but…  Walked away from us over to the shallow end.  He salivated and watched like a soaring Hawk surveys his domain.

Time passed and Wifey’s head was tilted back and her mind had to have been somewhere but there.  This was the signal he’d been anticipating and accelerated his conversation movin’ steadily towards a more seductive tone.  ‘Cept, by the sweat beads on his neck he had way more sinister ideas.  I musta not been saying what he wanted and he morphed.  “Man check this out, here you are, with your woman, together in a strangers home, she’s in the my pool, not aware or too concerned with where she’s at or what’s going on.  You all must be goin’ through a rough patch.”  It was the last phrase of his monologue that I paid attention too.  That was an indication of someone born and raised in the southern part of The U.S. or at the least, a product with lineage connecting him to such. No matter, I switched gears with a simplicity he hadn’t seen comin’.

Let me bring you all up to speed on this scenario.  Wifey strolling along in a wet, visually intoxicating, no need for interpretation blouse.  Hungryman, prowling, driving in his impressive car along a major Boulevard; you now understand based on the instant replay so let’s move to the prequel.

Car of choice, Rolls Royce.  Significant of opulence, financial status confirmed.  Not so quickly.  Where I come from image is everything and I know that to attract you’ve gotta stimulate.  The vehicle may have been leased.  Oh, the home in the hills, what about that?  Trappings of success too, possible to rent anything when you live in the urban jungle.  So, list one for me and none for you.  Let the re-education of you continue.

In this man’s mind we were vagrants.  Un-supportive of the types who resided in the area he’d ran…  Better yet, made a u-turn to invade our lives.  Wifey was exposing a ‘lil too much in the way of a risin’ nipple and…  Assumptions are a Mutha’.

The prequel…  You still waiting on it.  Okay, the first run is over and this man was pressing for me to deliver Wifey to him so he could “sop her up like a biscuit being dipped in sweet honey”.  Oh, I’m not from down South but I hadn’t given anybody the idea I have no knowledge of their ways and customs, so…  Yes, I can talk just like ‘em.

Pushing and pushing he turned his wrist making sure I got a clear look at his “timepiece”. Poppin’ the collar on his bathrobe standing in as a lounging jacket he exposed his many ropes and chains. Of which, I didn’t know if they were 24k Gold, Platinum or just a lot of junk such as Bling with a precious metal overlay for the full effect. What I did know is…

Wifey exited the pool, complete in her refreshing both emotionally and psychologically.  I asked for a towel and he jumped up, ran to retrieve one.  Upon returning I accepted the towel, took it over to Wifey, patted her dry and wrapped it around her body.  “Foolio”, yes he rates a name in the prequel, he stood and pointed the way leading back inside his house.  Right a house because I didn’t get any vibe as this being a home.  We had been welcomed but that was all based on an ulterior motivation so the coldness was evident.  I just didn’t tell him.

Games, FOLK play them all day long.  Moreso when the finances are in place to attract those who aren’t knowing even if they think they belong and have arrived also. Foolio could have entered the human trafficking trade probably with most he’d encounter even if all he showed was rented material, because.  FOLK are gullible.

FOLK are in the mindset of what I know as “The Group Dynamic”. This is a concept utilized and spread that captivates those of the follower’s mentality.  Very few are mentally adapt to see the Drama comin’ and even less can mount a position once the B.S. arrives.  Oh, you are the type who wouldn’t have placed yourself in such a situation?  Right, do you understand the energy required to maintain a totally safe posture for every circumstance coming at you on a 24 hour rotation!  Not a question.  Punanna was all that was on Foolio’s mind.  Viagra, any one of the pharmaceutical compounds available today could have been in his system for what he thought was gonna take place, but.

Okay, so you think I was wrong for even engaging him.  Leading him on.  So what.  Did you ever hear me say or agree that I was needing anything from him!  I merely answered a question from a possibly weary driver in a lovely Rolls Royce Motorcar.

Psssss; I told you I get bored sometimes and when the hunter thinks they see someone who can be captured by The Game, they…  They are the ones who had better start “praying”.

Psssss, Psssss; to those sick minded one’s who have concluded I did let him enjoy the sweet juices of Wifey.  Don’t ever let me find you on a lonely station in your mind and you run into me.  I’ve been know to take ‘ah many to the stage and still, not let’ em perform.  Which is to say, you can be prepared for the battle but.  I come to wage war.

Psssss, Psssss, Psssss; and for those who hid behind their screens, curtains, saying “How dare you, you self centered, womanizing asshole, your mother shouldn’t have ever gave birth to you”, I have something for you too.  On second consideration, you don’t even rate a consideration.  I say, you do!  Which is why this is my life and I’m not tryin’ to enter yours.


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