Compress the lips while reaching down deep so the reverberation of the voice will hum as the word rolls off the tongue that lays on the bottom of your mouth but…  Giggles ever so slightly when it rises and tucks back into the throat then suddenly unfolds forward allowing the “L’s” to slip out of the now circular shaped lips erupting as “Biiilll” is pronounced.

Acupuncturist, Restaurateur serving it up in the world-class city (The Bay) no less!  Quasi associate who intended to become “friend” once he concluded worthiness.  A Chinese Nationalist who had skills in the massage area I could only identify as extraordinary because he was…  That talented.

It started as a casual thing, tight legs, sore shoulders causing thighs to cramp and all, you know.  Then Biiilll offered to intercede and I accepted.  After the nightly cleansing of the Bod, towel wrapped securely so not to expose too much too quickly, she slipped slowly into position.  Biiilll, gently settled alongside and began with her feet.  I noticed her ears sorta twitch and when her eyebrows did a ‘lil dippy thing I knew…  Biiilll was way beyond a mere mortal masseuse.  He had her hummin’ and swerving ’til I consider, (if only for a moment) should I be next, but.  Biiilll, in his world, suggestion I lay down next to her and “silently” await my turn.

This simply relaxing activity was to be but a brief interlude, then…  “Morphification” had other ideas and the semi carnal delights took us into weeks.  11:47 p.m. each and every night he appeared, more excited than the previous nights.  I…  Watched from the advantages of my easy chair, Biiilll…  When manipulating the inner thighs moved closer and closer to the still hooded Golden Tush, but…  Didn’t invade, rush in or otherwise.  When he stood up it was obvious based on a visual perspective, arousal had occurred.

Many would assume much from the defined activities inclusive of Biiilll, her and Yours Truly.  What you all will be missing is one fact.  I don’t miss a ‘thang.  In life we aren’t prepared in a formal sense with regard to the chemical compulsions that will ultimately propel us into activities we aren’t ready for or capable of managing.  Biiilll, being professionally skilled knew this.  What he failed to factor in was…

Biiilll and I engaged, “Kickin’ Knowledge” constantly.  He’d put a card out there and I’d examine it, pick it up and drop another just as potent as his.  These talks revolved around the whys and what fors regarding the motivations of man and kind.  He shared with me the reasons behind why he even engaged me to the point he had.  It had all been based on a culture thing.  In his country FOLK, their education is defined by the manner in which they speak.  Good ‘cept for one thing; speech isn’t just the usage of words it is the forethought applied to the depth of how those words will communicate and translate thoughts, intention to others.

Biiilll and I shared a bowl of Egg Flower Soup.  I knew of his culinary skills way before I sat down in his restaurant.  Pre Palate awareness wasn’t about to keep me from enjoying the food of his nation, just as his hidden lust wasn’t about to cause me to wanna allow him to “dive” deep once he defused the inhibitions of the one I allowed him to…  Massage.  I share this because there are so many deviant things goin’ on in this world and if you don’t know yourself, you haven’t a chance when engaged by someone who is certified, knows exactly how to unlock your doors in a manner of speaking.  Biiilll, Sly, Slick & Wicked.  Licensed to practice by those who really don’t have a clue of what he’s actually practicing.  There are a lot of Biiilll out there, but…  I luv my Biiilll because…  Don’t trip, keep livin’, givin’, sharin’ and carin’ and you’ll eventually be able to tell friend from foe.

Psssss; Short piece and fully loaded.  I suggest you don’t try this immediately or alone as the result may not deliver the novice to a place easily able to come back from.  Biiilll, I’ve wanted to…  “Kill Biiilll” once I became aware of his full capabilities once on complete display but then.  I settled in and… Watched, absorbed like you wouldn’t understand.  But…  Possibly you do.


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