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“Vonni’s Swag”

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Warning, Warning.  This is not SyFy.  Images from “Isaac Asimovs’, I Robot” may come to mind but…  The content of “Vonni’s Swag” is definitely real.  Proceed at your own desire to acquire psychological stimuli guaranteed to propel your thoughts.  You’ve been warned.

Vonni came hard.  Screamin’, hands wavin’ in the air, approachin’ like she just didn’t care.  Knowing it was imperative that I maintain my sanity, I found myself silently reciting a personal mantra that went like so..  “Not today, no no, no no, not today“.  Closing one eye, peeking out the other, I tried to decrease the intensity of the moment.  No effect on…  Vonni’s swag.  She was on one and like a Pit Bull latches on to a swinging rope, so had she to me.  Way beyond a typical display brought about as a woman experiencing the range of emotions stimulated by regular monthly bio-breakdowns.  But, as a Pit Bull is one of the most mis-understood, loveable, dedicated, a joy to be around K-9’s, I could see the beauty in…  Vonni’s swag.

5 feet two, eyes of blue, a body that wouldn’t quit, she could be intoxicating to anyone who wasn’t one such as I, but.  I had to resist the temptation.  “Fight, I must fight“, still the attraction to engage on this level, if only for the immediate stimuli was callin’.  The reason for her fury came in the way of “Yours Truly”.  My life of which she swore was a life she detested with full immunity and…  Under the worst of circumstances, wouldn’t ever succumb too.  Punctuating these stated fact she added, “You can believe that!”.

Vonni, a past fixture at every holiday function where not only she was invited, her significant other was welcomed un-conditionally.  With the passage of each holiday I felt they were moving from the Associates section, elevating themselves to the Friends Of Distinction category, but.  Intuition won’t be trumped and I should have known better.

Vonni, running off at the mouth, spittin’ venom such as like this.  “Who do you think you are with your Wife acting as if she is this Queen, eating, drinking while flaunting herself around, asking everyone if they were enjoying themselves“.  Vonni, could have stopped when she uttered the word enjoying cause when I heard this, I drifted.  Back, just a few days back, reflecting on images compliments of Wifey herself.  But, Pit Bull mode 101, Vonni kept it going.  “And that other one, who’s she, your second.  Her too, checking the oven as if making sure the Lamb doesn’t burn.  Looking up with that pot holder in her hand, asking if I need my drink refreshed.  Susie Homemaker; not.  Come to think about it, the bitch can’t even cook.  I was good the minute I was born, if she was a man she’d know it.  And don’t let me forget those others ‘itches running around in those silly outfits, acting like its their house and you are some…  King!

Then, as if a Modified Player during an advanced game of bait and switch, she…  Switched.  Vonni moved the statements into the questioning category.  Her inquiries, why would a man who…  That’s when she waved her hand along her body in an inclusive move, defining the more hidden assets while finishing her words.  “Why would a man who had full access to me, run and drug another women so he could sex her down?”  Vonni, was in a cauldron yet, managed to speak with subtle authority.  Swag, in full effect.  Her life, under assault in a manner very few would even wanna contemplate.  A worthy opponent, now I knew I had to come as correct or don’t come at all.  Modified Play where the move even when countered will impact everything that follows.  Sometimes adversely, and; I moved.

From a Judicial point based on a Prosecutor’s position, the question wouldn’t even receive the slightest bit of consideration.  Primarily because, that’s an area they are trained not to think towards or in.  The point would be irrelevant.  When a suspect who has become the alleged defendant has all this lodged against ’em.  Sufficient evidence in abundance, admissible DNA because someone refused to dive hooded.  Not only leaving a bio-profile behind, creating a psychological one defining a person who can’t have the minimal amount of common sense, rendering them non-credible for the defense or prosecution.  It’s what is known as a no-brainer.  “We of the prosecution are going to hang you but first.  We will expose you in open court followed by doing what has been described by law and send you off to languish in a prison way out in the boonies.  A lock-up not of your choice.  Confined in a place where we don’t have to think or see you for what will be as long as your naturally born life.”  But, there’s another side to this.

Got enough money…  Those of the prosecution will, look the other way while your Defense Attorney or…  If you’re truly “Monied-Up” your Dream Team of Attorneys will come up with an unheard of, eventually totally acceptable legal strategy.  What you ask could possibly be a defense in this situation?  “The Affluenza Defense” now defined as one having it way too good when growing up and their adult team of Handlers(parental unit along with other hanger-ons) figured money…  Think a Stripper (Pole Dancer) under the influence of a client making it rain.  Would be the choice of medicinal therapy whenever the actions of the “Monied-up One” appeared in public as a result of acting out against predefined rules and regulations governing society.  Making any criminal allegation, no matter how much evidence pointing to an appearance of questionable guilt, justifiable.  As for the medical position assigned to one accused of such criminal behavior, again, explainable depending on the social/economic background one steps from.  None of which would settle the nerves such as a Vonni.   Some FOLK align themselves to others and understand what it means to be in a close relationship.  Vonni was such a person.  “In It To Win It”, committed, standing at all cost.  Not just there for the benefits of livin’ large while having all the material trappings that are tagged with success.  She was there, regardless, fully aware her man had been caught with his…  So to speak, with his pants down.  Yet, no matter what her anticipations were, she intended to discover the why.  Why would this AH dip so low?  Considering her mental state, what I knew to be Truth wouldn’t only be shocking, it was powerful enough to collapse her entire out look of what a male was.  Quick answer?  The Truth!

Man is still, animal.  Despite of their gentrification, regardless of their social economic public persona, they will always seek the easiest and quickest way of least resistance.  Once the stimuli experienced through sex has surged through the body the desire to return to such a level can become completely captivating.  Nothing supplements or will replace the need, in a sense to…  Feed.  When one has been catapulted back into this mindset, what they may be perceived as, is; no more.  That is, until the sexual thrust pounding deep within has been quenched collectively.  Meaning, biologically, psychologically, emotionally and…  Chemically.  Yes a balance within must be achieved for the mode to diminished .  What about the image of such?  Image is a visual projection of what is.  Not a statement confirming what is to come based on who’s coming is.  Vonni’s man did what he did because…  My Crystal Ball…  Being polished right about now, but I can say this.  Under such circumstances forget the prescreening steps said to identify these less than desirable traits.  Antiquated at best and, shouldn’t receive consideration because of the motivations within the mindsets of those administrating such test in the first place.  Background Checks follow a precise algorithm based on what is consider logic.  The fallacy when using such qualifying procedures come into play because this sexual behavior isn’t logical or deviant, it is…  Because the arrival to conditions positive towards acquiring the goal sought are immediate.   Background Checks are just that, compilations of traits/behaviors that will be modified based on the a-scribers of supports design.   Now factor in the real such as Vonni’s case.  Pre-screening steps to eliminate certain types really don’t identify despite being believed to, signify while blaring out.  “These are the tendencies, here is is the predisposition.  Proceed at your own risk.”  Right.  I hear, read and become aware of this mass trickeration meant to manipulate minds and I think back to prisons where the prisoners are in charge.  There will be no real incarceration goin’ on under said circumstances with confirmation coming in the way of…  (See Club Fed U.S.A.)  You can say same when seeking psychological resolve in wanting to know how to cull the sexual deviation from man and kind.  It ain’t happening because…

I once knew a crew of females who deployed their ranks, purposely attracting and trapping males who.  Went for the big booty and intoxicating looks.  All visual mind you and once the male was in the cross-hairs, the trigger was pulled.  Taken down authenticated and off to the liar or, in some cases the hotel.    Drugged and sexually manipulated.  Nothing sensual about it, their attitudes were exactly like their male counterparts.  Sensuality was not in the script.  They raped ’til it stank.  These females fed off this endeavor.  I didn’t condone their behaviors but, I understood why the introduction of drugs.  Debilitates to a degree of 99%, eliminating the physical resistance.  Suppresses the psychological inhibitions killing off any sense of moral interpretations.  Is it the habits of a sick mind?  Psychotic, neurotic manifestations of what’s really goin’ on in the mind?  Not a doctor.

Chemicals introduced to the body will create a set of patterns conducive to a certain behavior.  The Admin. of the drug be them friend or foe are up on this.  Date rape drugs aren’t anything new nor is the type of person deciding to add them to their arsenal some foreign conceptual fantasy.  Vonni’s other half could have been classified as an over sexed type and no matter what she served him personally, wouldn’t satisfy his hidden desires.  Should she have considered a 12 step program for diversion?  No, especially if it is one of those where you can go home, walk outta the gate as you please.  Free to leave in search of a private spot to contemplating your misfortune?  Why?  Simply put, when any group, organization’s power-base is driven while remaining connected to the bottom line, (financial profit) it will be easily manipulated if and when the bottom line begins to decrease.  Again, you have to understand the Powers That Be.  In America everything that will produce a financial profit eventually moves into a regulated category mandated by the same forces, seen/hidden that wants the same money source.

Persecution from a Judicial level you say?  Merely functionary.  Those who are “Papered Up“, having practices these mad methods for eons, knowing the score way before they even anticipate a move. When caught, when they become the culprit of such a sickening accusation, their mindset will always be.  “Immune to what is applied to the masses, besides.  Types such as Vonni’s significant other are there just for such a situation.  Parade him or her in the media.  Make them the Despicable Ones.  As for me, peer protected straight-out.”

Peer protected, what is this?  I said, many aren’t even aware of what’s been goin on even thought it’s right in their faces.  Carried out, participated in by those same powers you don’t wanna see.  The position for these has always been, “Until I’m found guilty I’m innocent, release me“.  They are released.  Set free on their own recon and continue to recon.  Identifying other Vics (victims), preying on their mis-conceptions compliments of imprints previously superimposed by those same FOLK who are given the power and positions of communal authority.  For another time, get the Vic behind closed doors, cycle continues.  Reenactment begins again.

This world I knew.  Vonni was good, baited me and switched like a serious Player.  Made the move that others wouldn’t have been able to adjust to because of the unexpected.   What she missed was my personal cloaking ability and luv for the X-Factor.  As for her significant other, his dilemma which would, in time, engulf her.  No worries.  She was strong in her sense of self.  That Swag, aka Cool, all up in her.  Still, she was resigned to finding solace.  ‘Ol Boye (Hubby), really beyond her reach.  A condition she’d have to accept.  Predator in disguise.  Living the life, waving to the neighbors as he pulled out and onto the streets of their neighborhood.  Always feeling and looking good to the world.  What Vonni hadn’t factored into the equation was…  These forms of deviations exercised through sexual conquest are done under the supportive eyes of those who run society, exactly as I’ve stated.

Much of this will be perceived as un-ethical and cannot be true.  Thoughts not wished to be thought, personal bonds existing within a life most don’t wanna have any clue of.  These bonds I speak on are, because everyone in this loop anticipates a benefit from the psycho/emotional life cycle they’ve move into.  Some say a non-traditional life cycle if it does exist, yet.  A life cycle historical in every sense.  Why?  Because historical is onto the cultural which is sometimes not in the eyes of those who wanna remain in the traditional fold.  Previously I mentioned a Pit Bull.  From a historical sense they are breed to stand on those factors personifying their basic nature, but.  Depending on their traditional exposure they can and will become…  All they can be minus the viciousness traditionally know to possess.  Vonni, discovered something and came at me from a Pit Bull’s point of perception.  Only because she hadn’t ever being giving a real blue print designed for her own individuality.  She was now with another, one who had issues resulting in monumental consequences placing both of ’em at a perilous crossroads.  Married but couldn’t find a way to garner the the public acceptance of her significant other because.  Probably because of traditional standards he was now being subjected too.  She was ‘pose to have know better in her quest to be with another.  Impossible.  How?  Not ever show the way to truly see what is before you.  Vonni, had swag as stated, she also refused to…  Move outta a traditional mode of thought.

Very few receive the benefits of knowing how to engage another on an intimate basis let alone deal with the negative repercussions that come with some relationships.  In my life I’ve met way too many FOLK who are in a miserable relationship or have had way too many engagements with others resulting in horrific regrets.  Why?  Cause, they wasn’t knowin’ from The Gate.  Had never been given the skill-sets to engage on the level they soon found themselves within, and…  Because they had no desire towards understanding those driving emotions pushing them in the first place.   Vonni, came to me seeking answers but.  Conclusions aren’t always objective.  First you have to subjective yourself in order to arrive at that, conclusion.  She like many others failed when refusing to initially think, “What about me“.  Maybe not within the same lifestyle perimeters but.  Whenever something happens, is witnessed and cannot be defined with a quickness based on standards germane to the social environment, the fall back will always be, must be unethical.  This is not to say all things are justified, it is to say, justification is onto those who are in the rotation period.

Vonni, could be perceived as super ‘itch caught-up in her own misery.  Vonni, indicative of a much larger percentage of society not restrictive to male or female.  Vonni, Vernon, interchangeable as they are merely names.  This condition is not discriminatory based on sex.  When the heart is broken, discovery of the lie, “who ya gonna call”?  Most proceed to their primary care doctor; Big mistake.  This professional  isn’t capable of doing anything for you and…  Even the Heart Surgeon you have on speed dial can’t assist.  The fact is, heart, broken, lies, spread.  Belief in honesty, shattered.  Not a case of a damaged value or arteries.  In cases of the heart pay close attention to the manifested malfunction before you just run and tell it.  Broken heart, call one who specializes in; Affairs Of The Heart.

Vonni, sexually repressed, now add personally and professionally isolated.  These conditions onto anyone’s life can be traced to self impositions.  Vics are identified way before the individual knows themselves to be of this nature.  Personification of the traits of the Vic are on full exposure no matter the circumstances and can be traced back to…  Regardless, I ain’t even repeating it.  When fears and phobias prevent anyone from looking at themselves when fronted with adverse conditions.  Situations they find themselves smack dab in the middle of, its…

The cat strolls in, glances around, sniffing the air with a marked sense of self.  To watch the cat many conclude either cat is arrogant, cat is stubborn while perceiving others as beneath cat and cat doesn’t want anything to do with anybody invading their space.  Then…  There’s another way to see cat.  Maybe, this cat just isn’t into any of what’s going on.  Sorta like the script everyone is reciting today;  “He or She Just Isn’t That Into You”

The Real; The Cat is being a Cat.

Psssss; Glimpses, that’s all you get of my life.  Presented to establish where I’ve been so you may know I don’t speak from a point of; assumptions.  My insights on He and She are based on various forms of qualifying standards, none of which are gleamed, swiped from the pillars supporting others life known as B.S..  Oh, have I experienced loss?  No doubt, if it isn’t for a loss you’ll not know how priceless anything can be.  Vonni, will keep that swag.  She’ll be okay.  Eventually she stripped off the shackles.  Reached up, took out the Contact Lens, revealing some really sexy brown eyes.


“Gospel Of Prosperity; G’s Verse”

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He approached from my blind side, but.  When out and about I seldom sit with my back exposed.  Shoulders squared, abs, definitely strengthened based on his chest defining the shirt he wore, indicating to anyone looking this was an example of a Demi-type-god.  Barbara & Ann (the 9mm twins) shelved a long time ago but…  This is a situation I’d been built for.  Now, standing at the corner of my table he spoke.  “You are one bourgeois ass Mutha’, but you wasn’t ever one to lie“.  Tone and temperament set, he asked if it was okay to sit down, I waved my hand, welcoming him.

In between bites of this and samples of that, we “exchanged cards” (discussed things in an pro-active way) and I soon realized, he, Wifey had decided to seek consultation on their relationship issues compliments of the ‘Ol religious leader.  Hummm, I didn’t really wonder where they had disappeared too, but…  Now I knew.  Much subtracted from their insurance policy along with an extra-ordinary co-payment in the way of cash going directly into Preacher man’s pocket, caused an immediate reassessment of who  and how they identified those who could assist.  My ex-client, aborted mission, taking Wifey, leaving me, raced to another and soon realized.  Those who speak reverently and with a religious foundation aren’t what they seem.  Preacher man, spoke well, I was told he motivated like no one ever did and…  Eventually took full advantage of the “fruits born onto Wifey“.  Yeap, he hit it even with my ex-client right in the next room.

My thoughts after hear this.  “All around the world same song“.  The difference in any song is…  What bass line is driving the melody.  Not a metaphor nor a slick cliché’, a reality that always requires personal review.  The components making up a successful anything don’t change.  They are constant.  Maybe my ex-clients where hypnotized by Preacher man’s visually impacting aura.

Today, the religious leaders are skilled in rhetoric.  Numbers have dropped and they’ve been unwrapped.  Revealing a programming un-recognized before by the masses.  They have an ability to inspire.  Motivate and…  Psychologically hallucinate.  What isn’t asked of ’em is…  Is this inspiration based on spiritual guidance or.  Words erupting because they have a hidden agenda influenced by basic human compulsion?  Pressure in the sense commanding them to serve the same master by the name of Greed!

My ex-client who previously couldn’t get with the way I spoke to and looked at his significant other when they arrived for consultation.  I told him if he couldn’t control his jealousy around me, he didn’t stand a chance with those others he’d encounter because…  They had definite intentions of gettin’ between him and his…  As a matter of fact, ex-client once told me I was a charlatan.  To this attempt at insult I mentioned to him that if we’d of met Back-In-The-Day…  Well, just be thankful he met me today because then, he wouldn’t even see me comin’.  Wifey would have been served on a Golden tray and his conversation to me would have been a complementing appetizer of things to come.

My words, the vernacular, colloquium, sounds slick to those who ain’t knowin’.  Many hear and assume a lesser class.  Truth Be Told, no words will ever convey the sincerity or intensity of the truth of what is said.  It’s not what’s said as much as its content and theme, making up the context of; how and what is conveyed.   Women love words because the sounds connects to a place very few can touch deep within their total composition.  Still and all, once the connection has been made, they…  Females, know if those words are real or…  Said just to get them to spread and stray.

I do what I do based on being…  Built for this.  When asked “Is this a calling“, I can attest to the affirmative because.  I understand what is being asked of me and the importance of delivering on the level required.  A calling means you have the ability, potential and innate skills to do what you’re doing and.  None of those qualifications were realized because of the financial possibilities and considerations alone.  I feel for those “Bamboozled” by those more knowledgeable with visual swag.  What’s missed is the criminally and crafty component.  Oh, don’t get it twisted, I was once crafty, but…  Criminally inspired?  Ummmm, didn’t arousal me.

The Preacher man exposed to me by my ex-client, I’d seen ’em many times before.  They can be identified by obvious micro-expressions.  One is their visual make-up.  I refer to this as “sheep’s clothing”.  They come dressed just as those they are ‘pose to attend.  This is a stealth move based on deceit.  Something else, the touchy feely contact dynamic.  Eyes that lock on certain appendages of the anatomy followed by a strategically placed hand stroking or remaining on your significant others thigh a ‘lil too long.  A definite indication this is a “Full Frontal HoodWinkin’ Affair”.  If my ex-client would have factored in some of this, he wouldn’t be tellin’ me about any of that; Drama.  He abandoning me and what I put his way and all because he assumed I was…  Not really something needing a re-explanation, when you judge the judgment spawns from your beliefs of another which are seldom based on facts.

The desire to “Swim In Another’s Pleasure Pool” may be on the radar in the eyes of the beholder, but.  Those who are truly beholding know some waters aren’t meant for everybody.  Since the analogy is the element of water, to qualify the interest of another’s “tepidness, cool or lukewarm to their hotness” simply step back and off.  Observe from afar and take a stroll through your on mind exploring and experiencing creating your thoughts.  Associate those concepts with the thoughts that move the collective desires of others.  Then, take it a step further.  Now you’ve got a real reference base to identify the real from the…  Charlatans.

Gospel of Prosperity seem to be the goin’ conversation spread by many of the cloth, but.  This is nothing new, it has always been this way.  Not a single church is built without finances.  It’s called the business of living.  Those alive get caught up in the business because they are blinded by the human aspect of all of this.  Won’t suggest Preacher man do it like I, but…  With prosperity comes a greater sense of responsibility, just as this understanding of the responsibility onto those making up the flock has to be considered also.  FOLK spoken of by those with religious imprints are referred to as “sheep”.  Sheep are lead, eventually to a slaughter, but.  It’s not ever viewed from this perspective collectively.  From my point of interpretation, I…  Don’t care, I…  See life for what it is.  If you are saintly then accept the physical separation defining who and what you represent.  Don’t fall to petty feelings and get caught only to say, “Forgive me, I’m only human“.

I shared with my ex-client that we live and hopefully learn as we make our walk through this life.  I, really didn’t wanna hear about what Wifey was up to behind closed doors with…  Preacher man.  What I imparted to him was simple.  If…  If he wanted Wifey and felt she was worth it, put in work and understand that what she fell to was based on what she forgot to stand up for.  Preacher man wasn’t stronger than her, he was.  One who catered to her deepest desires.  Desires are on the same level as wants. Deal with the needs, which stand a part, residing on a platform, making up the pillars surrounding the foundation encasing the necessities completing your life.

Whoosh, smooth words again, just as my ex-client confirmed.  But…  Not as cool nor havin’ the swagger of the memories shared, making up the life known as.  Staring; “The Two Making Up The We“.  People trip, make moves, hoping they will turn a corner and poof.  Get it right just because.  Ain’t nothin’ for the because, it’s all about a cause.  Cause as in source, reason, origin.

Psssss; Flip the script, replace one sex with the other and; same song.  I know female Pastors/Ministers, who’ve separated same sex members of their congregation who came seeking assistance only…  To get hit from the blind side where the Preacher Woman took way too much liberty in the way of sexual privileges, gratifications with the one female wanting help.  The sex of the person doesn’t change the intentions of the individual.  Oh yes, I am “Game Tight” and I ain’t scared to admit it.  Step to me, I will remain…  Smooth G.  The difference is, ask and know that you will received.  Come to me and know you’d better be ready for what you seek in the way of; knowledge.  I may look, but…  You ain’t even knowin’ my motivation.  What you need to know is…  I really do this and I’ve been there.  All the rest is based on accessing memory.  Something you won’t be apart of.  Right, memory, already downloaded.  No need for a physical refresher course.