Player, G has a PhD in this ology…

Player, G's Got A PhD In Playolgy_2013_edited-1

Eyes rolled.  Noses with super inflated nostrils sucking up all the air.  Evidence of a fully engaged psychological episode moving way off into the zone of discontent.  G…  Watched and images of a rabid dog came immediately to mind.  And, He sat there, comfortable as he flavored his coffee, swished the spoon around with a grace unseen under such circumstances.  Composure when confronted with such a stressful situation conveys a powerful vibe to those intent on sending negative vibes.  Especially those Haters.

Hatred is nothing and everyone is born with something.  Hating is learned, acquired by those who hang out and around with…  Haters.”

When asked “R U Ah Player“, by one of those silly enough to abandoning their own comfort such as sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying the sights and sounds paraded right before their eyes…  Was all G needed to see and re-acquire the attitude for such an occasion, and so.  He smiles and responds with a non-audible reply.  It was his demeanor, the visual looks projected which said “he” was the one who belongs and they.  Were the ones lost.

Doctors become Medicine men and women because they have a passion backed with a focused ability allowing them to rise to the occasion once and when their professional adaptation has been complete.  Can a Doctor be a Player?  Yes, especially by present day definitions.  Just as an Athlete assumes the position when an inquiry is made as to.  “R U a professional athlete?”  He or she who is, knowing what they do will reply by defining exactly what it is they do, because.  What one, who achieves the consciousness to humbly inhale the rarefied air reserved for those who…  Have…  re-ascended know one thing.  The level in which they circulate professionally and personally is based on one difference.  They refuse to allow society to demonize who they are by what they do.

A Player is anyone who approaches what they do with a passion seldom understood by most.  To Play is to understand with a precise exactness that of which you do well in and excel in, with a proficiency others mainly only dream about.  A Player confined or limited by the pursuit of stupid stuff.  The re-qualification of the meaning of the word making those who are demonic has only added another layer of ignorance to the social consciousness of the public at large.  When those not knowing, hear it as its now being put down, they say, “This is not what we see or say is a Player, you’ve got us twisted“.  Hummm, these replies re nothing more than deflections.  A way to maintain their sanity when what should really be considered is.  Asking why you are even using the terminology employing the word “twisted”.  Most don’t even know where the colloquialism derived from.

The word “twisted” is extracted from the vernacular of those in The Loop.  Those considered of a sub-culture of which, most who are active within all contemporary cultures look to in order to pretend as if they know what’s goin’ on.  Call this a Rights of Passage by the un-initiated and yes, I know the collective definition of Player is way different than what it is, because.  Few know what a Player is with even less understand what is required to be one.

Player, Playa, all the same and everyone has picked up the mantel that has labeled one as anyone who has no respect for women and discards ’em like you would a used napkin.  Hummm, in the more upscale eateries a napkin is usually a fine piece of linen.  Sometimes a 800 thread count swatch of colored cotton in a broad plaid color formation.  “Whoa, I wasn’t even thinkin’ like that, and this is your analogy?”.  Again, many are with those who’ve accepted the labels spread by those who…  Hate.

Unannounced but recognized immediately a lady appears.  Like someone has flipped a switch preventing those who wanna look from looking, they force themselves to not stare, but.  Not a one misses her as she sashays effortlessly between the tables and sits her delicious self right next to G.  Male patrons are now drooling, fumbling with the conversation they had gladly and previously enjoyed with the ones’ their with.  Some are even acting like dogs, sniffing the air in hopes of getting a stronger indication of her scent.  Some would have paid just to get a whiff of her panties.  Her counterparts, a mix.  Some gave her props by  visually acknowledging all she represented.  Even speaking up on her choice of clothing.  But none were the slightest bit aware that she had recently withdrawn from the life reserved for those demonized based on public perception of…  Who women like she, represented.  Was the confusion based on mis-interpretation or was she just…   Assimilating?

Vanessa and G drank, laughed, buttered their bread, looking and doing what everyone else did when dining.  V, as referred to by G said any woman who’s watched those shows about “Cat Houses” aka “Legalized Ho Houses” or any other T. V. Reality Show where the man or woman is powerful,  Getting paid to manage another, demanding while steppin’ all over those whom they manage are actually supportive of the Pimp type.  Why?  Because the characteristics of a Pimp are within the same leadership dynamic of those large and in full charge in most legalized orders.  R these pillars in society, Titans of industry, Media and or whatever ,”Players”?

G is someone few know little about.  Personally, professionally or publicly.  People hate because this is a collective position based on fearful FOLK who’ve been imprinted mentally.  Like lambs who are nothing more than sheep, following within a flock lead by a Herder who is steep in…  Hatin’.   “This is not me.”  So you say.  Check out the sites where He or She seek a relationship with another.  The number one statement in support of what I’m saying goes like this.  “If you’re a Player, please don’t contact me“.  Oh, so ‘ya know, general consensus that say who and what FOLK are.  Will be, wanna be, are reflective of those who are attracted to such social outlets.

If a Player is one who chases the opposite sex and in some cases, the same sex, the majority of the professionals on deck.  No matter their walk within society are…  A Player.  That is, based on the defining characteristic/traits within leaders, commanders, CEO’s, Motivational Bamboozlers and or otherwise.

William “Bill” Clinton has one of the smartest women of modern society on his side.  There’s vicious rumors Baracca and Michelle Obama are experiencing similar issues like what Hillary went through when those same scandalous words gained momentum through media blast about their “extra curriculum sexual activities” .  Player you say?  You ain’t even knowin’.  Players are in every bedroom community, standing on the Pulpit, sucking out the fat in the capacity of your Surgeon.  Presiding over civil and criminal proceedings from the position of Your Honor.  And the list continues.

G, consummated individual, smooth, aloof.  Not really concerned or pre-occupied in what most think of him, unless.  This one is of the mindset to…  Stalk.  G…  Attracted to women because of the biological, psychological and emotional under-current stuff that’s going on when he sees or considers one who is worthy of his attention. Passion is a driving force he understands.  The women he’s enjoyed within his intimate circle would go beyond laying with him, they’d die for him.  Was it a manipulation thing?  Did G have some seventh or eighth sense giving him an ability to brainwash on sight?  Was G practicing in the ‘Hood along with others who came from the same environment, studying about this Dynamic Ancient Art under the forever present watching eyes of those who’ve…  Monitored and maintained this social construct leading to racial profiling and isolation of those within, and.  Some how, still managed to come outta the same “Rag-Tagged” community, go forth, profile and defile any and every female who came into his sights, without.  Those same watchful eyes of those scared types who defined the label of who he was in the first place?  Whoa, G, those like him, must be some tremendously crafty ones.

Knowledge will go beyond setting anyone on the journey to freedom, but.  Way too many rather stick themselves on stupid and remain spectators.  When anyone is made to wear a jacket that doesn’t fit and…  The jacket really doesn’t belong to them but they gladly put it on is.  A Zip Damn Fool.

Dignity is something which few have.  Dignity like respect is a characteristic worn like a well designed piece of clothing.  When it fits everyone can tell and knows…  This is you.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Still, its amusing to G, V as in Vanessa how so many say, publicly what they don’t want.  Then, turn down the lights, be able to vamoose to a city where you’re not known and…  The Player appears.

Psssss:  G has a ‘lil She.  She will know the difference of what is as opposed to what is demanded to be.  Players, she won’t fear ’em.  She won’t run from them or anyone as she knows, already what triggers and creates the victim syndrome” .  She will be because…  She is growing to understand the full compliments of her DNA.  24 and 24, which will become dominate and bust through the door!  Ya Feel it don’t cha…


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