Wifey, Mistress, Hubby; Gig. The Winner Is…


He and She who came, saw while remaining true to what they do.  Character, a distinction which comes out under the most stressful of times is what makes the winner shine.  Wifey may have been on deck 1st but.  Many times over time she is the one who side-steps who and what she’s about.  Misplaced interpretations regarding what it was really all from the beginning become superior to the realities of what the relationship was founded on in the first place.  Like those nights lounging in the bedroom with the His & Hers bathroom right across the room yet…  She refuses to get up out of the bed, walk quickly into the ‘lil girls rooms and let that funky gas out while turning on the filtration system to suck the smell right outta the room.  No, she feels comfortable and fumigates on site.  Character flaw..?  I don’t think so, but.  I’ll get to the reasons on that later.

Up comes Mistress.  Sexy, sassy, willing to play on the level she’s been capable of holdin’ down from day one.  Is she one to settling?  Falling into the category of those who see themselves as less than?  Settling for what!  Less than who!  She is because the other one who was…  Decided to be the one without the commonsense to accept while knowing some things, especially scents are better inhaled solo.  Misogynist?  Only to those who seek to be politically correct and where does politics belong where unity is defined that leads to the bedroom.  But…  Hold up, just because Mistress is willing to do what the other has refused to do, doesn’t equate in a win.  There’s much much more.  Shall we, continue.

Hubby, initially somewhat aloof when money came up was just caught up in the chase.  Once the conquest of She had been, realized, enjoyed and sustained.  Money Mindedness resurfaced.   Don’t think that money isn’t a big part of the unification between the two.  Hubby, Wifey, will not ever be without this common denominator.  It’s often said that money isn’t necessary.  “Money, Paper, Chedda, Chips, Dead Presidents“.  A relationship between two ain’t goin’ anywhere without it.  No house acquired, personalized by the two morphing into a home will stand or become a reality without the financial capitalization defined as money.  The Bentley will remain nothing but a dream without…  Cash Reserves.  But, this is not the issue with Hubby at this juncture.  From day one money was a necessity where he was concerned.  Sometimes men play that role and say they’re beyond the superficial materialism but.  This is Drama.  A ploy to pacify and emotionally seduce while captivating She who…  In time is gonna be. The trophy He’s privately envisioned as the woman of his dreams.  But…  There’s more to this individual too.

Gig, for those outta the loop “Gigolo“.  The one who’s cultivated an avocation that visually sets him apart from all the rest.  Why?  Because of knowing he’s not psychologically ready for Hubbyism and like all dedicated ones, accepted his abilities to develop those innate skills fully aware that it will ultimately prepare him for better days once.  “This day” becomes the day to…  Abort mission, switch gears while injecting into something more…  To his level of pre-projected sophistication.  Hummm, missed the avocation thing did ya?  Gig is nothing more than a hobby but.  Way beyond a mere past time.  A hobby requires an insight just so you can see what really can be once you…  Engage.

Now, with all this known and the piece in position, the side-show isn’t even in the field of view.  Side Show, the dimension reserved for spectators and those desiring to be a carnival act.  When engaged for romantic inclusion, hoping to maintain some semblance of longevity the B.S. must be checked at the door.  Don’t believe it?  Recall Wifey who thought her stuff didn’t stank?  Wifey who felt because she already gave at the office.  Put-out in the lounge as she sipped wine with that beautiful white linen tablecloth covering what was goin’ on underneath.  Wifey who grew too old and began to always recite something such as, “I don’t do that anymore so why don’t “you” grow up and leave the ‘lil boy games behind“.  Yes, Wifey who once motivated Hubby to be all he could be but forgot he was still one who required…  Female persuasion, that sensitive touch.

Nor can we forget the Mistress who may have been the type who held vengeance in her heart.  Moved to sabotage Wifey who she believed would eventually be displaced once Hubby got his head deeper into who and what her true capabilities could be once…  Once he forgot his first Head and continued to think with…  Head Two.

Hubby, making money, staying away for months at a time.  Then when the opp. presented itself he still won’t go home.  Mistress, first to be blamed for his indiscretions and she is the focus for him not returning, but.  Hubby became bored, true to his character, wanting another…  Venture.  Set sights on one more “youthful”.  Oh yeah, looks are huge where He and She are concerned and…  That ‘ol stand by about “things get better with time“.  Only applies to things that have a certain chemical response when left to their own mixing.  Hubby, Wifey, Mistress half the time don’t even consider what preventive maintenance is or.  Reserve it for the Chess Set they dust off just to flaunt when others show up.  And bringing up the rear is “Yours Truly” Gig.  Dressed to impress, speaks maybe one language but expresses with fluidity with a sprinkle of humor all pointing to…  “Oh yes, this Cat embraces his life”.  But this alone doesn’t define  him as the winner.

The winner knows that roles comes in various fashions and forms.  Sometimes the one played has nothing to do with the reflection in the mirror, until.  ‘Til you blink once, then twice and catch a real glimpse of what’s reflective within the eye of the beholder.  In case you don’t know the beholder, it’s you.  You see yourself each and everyday.  Most of the time you don’t even have to be looking in the mirror.  FOLK have this instinctive, uncanny ability of knowing who and what they’re about.  What prevents the acceptance is.  Exactly, adhering to the politics that seeps into places it shouldn’t be.

The winner…  Is the one who profiles.  Forget what is being said about such a position because without knowing something about the traits and ways of the one you wanna be with, you won’t even recognize ’em when they are standing right next to you.  Profiling becomes an issue when it is done with negative, discriminatory ideologies already in the forefront of your mind and the profile is just a mechanism utilized to identify He or She whom you wanna mess with in a hideous way in the first place.

The winner is the one, like I said, of character.  Character is the positive parts of your pro-active personality.  Character is personified by doing for without being asked to do.  Character is taking your funky butt out of the sensory preceptors of the one you’re with, and expelling that gas in a place “you” don’t even wanna be in.  Character is being aware that you may be playing the role of “Gig” but.  She who you’ve set sights on is venerable for what every reason and.  You won’t push the A Game when behind closed doors.  Not because she can’t handle it but because…  This is the part of The Game where you know if she acts up, moves to manipulate in any sense, you’ll become invisible quicker than she can blink her eyes.  Character is knowing that she may become outta shape to the point of you not knowing who she is but…  You packed on the pound too once the score became lop-sided.  Character is checking the modesty at the door, while making spontaneity a total accessible part of the forever changing package.  Cuckold anyone?  Whoa, I didn’t say humiliation should be ushered in on any level.

Maturation is a Mutha’.  Way too many feel they’ve lost something when they have to grow up.  I’m grown and I’m still…  Able to laugh with and at myself.  Maybe and this is a big if.  Possibly I grew up late, so…  Be creative and see this as a later bloomer.  Doesn’t mean you have to switch from havin’ fun to being no fun.

“Back ‘Dat Thing Up For Santa”, a phrase heard uttered by my ‘Lil One and it made me laugh.  Something she locked on while watching un-supervised media depictions.  There she was, enjoying life and something appeared she had no knowledge of, but.  She’d definitely knew of Santa.  “Mister Clause” far from a mystery.  How she processed this image after hearing the verbal association was…  I…  Moved in with the quickness and gave her my view of the phrase, without any attempt to hide the true meaning or otherwise.  Yes, a little one who, like you will one day rise in a world populated by allegedly functional adults.

This doesn’t sound age appropriate.

Exactly why Wifey won’t ever “Back Dat Thing Up For Santa” or Hubby ever ascend to the minds set of know the possibilities of enjoying the fact Wifey can.  Most victims are made because of failure in preparation for tomorrow.  This topic I’m speaking on, all ancillary with full motivational content applied.   But, once mentally explored, most turn and run from the implied realities.  Does this position help or change what the outcome will be?  No.  Using the situation with my ‘Lil One “Truth Must Be Told“.  Without such a stance being accepted by me, refusing to take full advantage of the opportunity when presented, much will always be left to interpretation.  The Kaleidoscopic view of Wifey, Mistress, Hubby, Gig isn’t complex at all.  Various organizations from Pew to Rand, inclusive of all the mass media outlets have shared Intel on this, but.  For fear of disrupting the flow of the masses the real is seldom defined.  I…  Prefer to snatch the covers off so you know that primal nature is still there.  Just slightly beneath the first layer of skin.  Oh yes, we are basically still animal.  Engaging in same types of behavior as lesser living beings.  Man, Women, still male female, not exclusive.  Within the living menagerie making up life, inclusive of ours, some have better adapted in dealing with multiple persons within their…  Up close and personal life.  I’ve…  Been on both sides of the viewing glass.  I’ve.  Participated in such a life and managed to rise within it.  My motivations, partly by choice with the other side being by…  Like those who “Play In The Fields Of GameLords”…

Don’t even think I’m going to descend into the depths of self despair and say I’ve engaged by default.  Satisfaction wasn’t even a stumbling block in my intimate foundations.  The phrase “been on both sides of the viewing glass” implies.  I’ve had a view of both worlds based on each worlds standards.  What I discovered, doesn’t matter the perception, the view, relative.  Those coming from the side I inherently represented were no different in expression their opinions than those on the other side.  These 4 sub-sets are because of class distinctions based on the social order they arise from within.  All are labels used to describe and define He or She’s station in life onto that social order.  Everyone has been pre-defined based on assumptions by those on the other side, glancing in.  Yes, because it’s a world seldom viewed or really broken down.  Why?  Because, it’s life and no one knows how to maintain face when exposed for being such an active participant at this level of life.  Especially when seen as the destructor of life sought.

Now, ya got all that.  Good.  Take it and run.  Go out and about spread your knowledge of self and kind while reapin’ what you really wanna propagate.

Hold it, I left you hangin’ on the full explanation and clarification of Wifey?  Not so.  I just left the conclusion alone for a bit.  Giving you time to breath while inhaling what’ already been served.  Now, Wifey. She is because she was.  Was and remains the best one for the position you sought to fill.  Wifey personifies what He has come to know as those complimenting aspects needed for two to rise.  The Wifey who commits the mortal sin and passes gas is one who assumes.  Takes way too much for granted and…  Well, as you now know, will not be of winning material.  Wifey of this nature becomes the Cougar y’ all have heard so much about.  She is of the variety who creates the “Boy Toy” whom some anticipated inclusion within the original four.  Not so, this variation of She and He is but a reality of a sub-standard nature manifested based on careless intentions.

The winner is and will always be…  The one who avoids the mundane and keeps it sane by remaining true to The Game.  Winners know who they are and why they will be.  Dedication, patience, all those good qualities which real staying power is built upon.  Where I come from, we drink water too.  But, water isn’t just for drinking.  Water when watched follows an exact path.  Whatever is foreign to the flow usually follows without interpretation.  No self-awareness.  Self awareness gives one an inner-ability to know that when you follow the stream, you’re bound to be taken to points you have no knowledge of.


Yeah, drifted off and weren’t anticipating I’d know you were swimming in my lake so to speak.  Analogies, metaphors, they are merely as a way of bridging a gap.  Don’t worry, I won’t let ‘cha drown.  Oh, such a sexist opinion.  Sexist, like I’ve said before, that’s your vocab, not mine.  Sexism derives from a narrow point of view.  Men, may be from Mars while Women are said to come from Venus but that doesn’t imply He or She can’t do this thing right.  Yeah, I am Man, my understanding begins from a male perspective.  and.  Never you mind, everybody has a motivation based on predefined priorities.  When one won’t let go, absorb what’s right before ’em, they miss the very existence of life unfolding.  This only adds to a mis-aligned perception.  Hummm.

The realities we live in today, calls for a stronger sense of sensitivity.  Life  isn’t just a melting pot where all sorts of stuff  has been added to the mix.  The new term, “Swirl”.  Meaning, a mix of cultural, a meshing of DNA, the ability to engage in another type of “Hip Pool” while enjoying what ‘cha just melded with.  I’ve been in the Swirl from day one and I…  Will say with authority, it’s not even about the swirl.  Just as Wife, Mistress, Husband, Gig isn’t a collection of people who can’t get no satisfaction.

Real Talk, open your eyes.  Public opinion is way over rated.   Oh, its been in play so long it’s become the go to position when wanted to qualify most things, publicly.  Is your intimate affairs based on publicity?  Stop allowing for the intimidation by means of collective discord.  Every lifestyle isn’t meant for all lives.  This is why you have diversification.  Freedom of choices.  Diversification has little to do with diversity training in hopes of showing people how to live together as much as it has to do with social uniformity.  We.  Global social sects are divided based on class.  Class predicated on who has as opposed to who is without or seriously trying to have. Public opinion is a source of most of the mis-education.  I’ve said it once, I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, all of this false understanding of how to get along, how He and She should be communicating is all by design.  Deflections, they’re meant to point you in another direction so the prize can be had by the one who’s kept their field of view exact and clear.  Saying one is monogamous by nature is a fallacy.  To say it is wrong to seek another out to advance one’s self in a structural way is also a continuous parlor trick.  Why?  To keep The Game to all lesser standard in regard to membership.  Yes, I’ve been there.  I’ve done all of this and I can speak about it.

Okay, so who is the winner…”

Wife, Mistress, Hubby, Gig., The one who understands their character.  Incorporates the innate skills while they perfect and manage their internal energy source and rises during the occasion. 

Psssss; You were assuming I’d say something different! 


Happy Happy Holiday


2 Responses to “Wifey, Mistress, Hubby; Gig. The Winner Is…”

  1. Didn’t read it all but think I get what you’re driving at.. A cognitive organization that includes the emotions attached and not just the ‘object’ itself. Those who have gotten a grip on how they prioritize and triage the stimuli engaging them with each moment will come to a more acute and focused coherence about themselves and their role in any particular moment than those who are un-centered functionaries, unorganized or disorganized except for others agendas.. Twitter.com/JacobinTrotsky

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