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“Battle Tac”

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships on October 14, 2013 by ichas8440

ImageI…  Haven’t discovered anything.  What I’ve done is identified what works within the union between He and She and delivered the best for both.  When conceptualized from a visual point its alluring.  Contemplating how it would be from an audible level ignites the senses creating a deeper stimuli of understanding of what and how it can be.  Hummm, I’m feelin’ this already.

Men and Women, despite where their at, all-day in each and every way, seem to be at one another.  Bring it from the spectators point where opinions come in all forms regardless of any actual involvement.  Come from the position of a fully active participant which differs greatly from the former point of observations, it’s still a case of six of this half-a-doz of that.  The Game, it doesn’t change.  Today the opposite sex steps from the mind-set which has created total consumption in the belief neither need one another.  Maybe, possibly, this is a result of some master plan concocted by those who have an agenda.  Ulterior and always wrapped in some other form.  Let me begin with the Transvestite.  They’ve got the look by mastering the projection of the character through dress, and…  Enough said from this point.  Then there’s the transsexual who took the change a ‘lil further going for the surgical change.  Dip deep into the same sex genre if that’s your preference and.  You’ll experience the same reality.  All engage, leaping from a foundational approach built from an individual point of perception regarding the level of personal satisfaction.  Those who win.  Those who smile before and after the fact are; Battle ready and prepared.

Battle you say?”  Oh yes, when coming into this world you were covered compliments of Moms.  Instinctively she knew you’d be dropped into an environment hell-bent on destroying you and.  As a result provided you with miraculous enzymes.  Those that would allow you to engage for at least the first six.  Powers encoded within your DNA.  Those you had no idea of or any ability to direct or influencing.  “The Coat Of Armor”, allowing you to prosper while surviving and rising within the life you didn’t ask for but were born into.  In the relationship category that protection comes in the way of, “Battle Tac” of which many question because of the initial point of reference.  “Tac”, see it as nothing more than a prefix to the word tactic as in military lexicon which most do and.  You will see it comes back to Tac as in nourishment carried when going into any foreign land.  Same as stepping into life.

Battle Tac, is understanding the needs wants and desires of the person you’ve stepped to way before the physical meet happens.  It’s an intuitive association with your own pre-defined beliefs.  Battle Tac, is recognizing the motivations for engagement prior to beginning “The Dance Of Deception”.  What is this Dance?  It’s what everybody does when first appearing on deck where your display will be, judged, assessed and hopefully qualified so you may move into the next position.  Battle Tac, it’s taking all this knowledge of self and kind and applying it to your ultimate win win scenario that…  But, get this.  All Battle Tac isn’t limited to “you”.  It’s also in the object of your hearts desire.  Yeah, they want, you want, each of you; need.  One fact that’s usually forgotten is neither is ‘bout to put out if their needs appear to be flitting within the mind of the other.  Everybody anticipates the receipt of provisions.  Protection and being Served, not exclusive to Female, a must on both side and don’t even get it twisted.  The strongest, in time get tired of sleeping with both eyes open, they want to relax, kick-back and enjoy the one their with, but.  Won’t be achieved without first confirming the one you’ve chosen is The One who can command.  Challenge occasionally, compliment without hesitation when deserving and all for the benefit of.  Both parties involved.

Flip the script, I am now you and you are considering me.  Back to you as you contemplate the tone of what has been said.  You immediately moved to assume “I don’t like the tone, sounds as if He and She are at war.”  Not so, the operative term “6 of this Half a Dozen of that”, doesn’t suggest.  The term means all things where division trumps, has always been based on semantics.  This is not war, it’s about choosing the very best one and…  Like the nursery rhyme defines “Out Goes You”, that is.  If you  aren’t ready to stand up and be about what you wanna say you’re about!

Internalize, another way to grasp where I’m going with this is through this analogy, “Keep Your Head In The Game”.  Whenever One become fronted by anything remotely foreign an exist becomes the most pronounced method of separation.  Why?  Assumptions of which, are uncalled for.  Naturally fear will rise but.  If you inhale then exhale, know who you are and what you’re about, things will not be perceived as foreign and the opp. will become more vividly announced.  Test.  Push it and see if you are really of the best.  This is to say, don’t trip when adversary comes your way, especially when you couldn’t have avoided it anyway.  It is here where the analogy about taking a lemon, add a ‘lil sugar and enjoying a glass of personally made lemonade comes into play.  Internalize the whole thing.  Redefine your part and stop becoming, “Twisted In The Game”.  Most who fall had a responsibility in the process from the beginning and it can be traced back to their lack of…  Internalization.  Hummm, maybe this is why most cannot get outta their own way and keep repeating those failures.  Take what is dished out, step back, accept and own it.  Go into the self, break it down, find out why and what for as far as the existence of what it is.  It is from this awareness you can start designing ways and means so that the same negative set of circumstances becomes fuel for the positive results you’ve secretly desired.  “Hold up, What is this?”  Something done and not always realized.  It comes under the principles of “Behavior Modifications”.  I’m always modifying something, maybe you should too.  Now, right about this time I’m gonna modify my presentation and break for a few.  While continuing, if you get a sense passion has been dialed down, intensity slowed in what is served, don’t trip.  It is the stepping off and enjoying a moment of solitude while these ocean waves crash along the shores that give me that…  Well, internalize.  Then you’ll understand.

Back, and, refreshed.  A simple technique based on modification of my behavior.  Accepting what is by means of the tranquility of the setting sun as it compliments the oceans movement creating a stunning cosmic occurrence.  Something that happens daily but.  A sighting most miss because of their failure to…  Internalize.  Life, refueling stations are everywhere.  Most just won’t take what is given, allow the creative process to take hold while revealing in all the arrays of possibilities which to draw strength from.  Internalize.  See what may be restricting between you and yours.  Maybe, just maybe you’ll find another way to…  Rise to the occasion.

Psssss;  While standing on the sea-shore I heard a thundering sound.  As I glanced to my right, there, imprinted in the sand was a huge impression.  If I hadn’t seen Godzilla I’d of not known what to associate the print to.  Then, I looked around to see who else witnessed what I had felt and seen.  Hummm, I was alone in my zone.  Few could achieve the level of reckoning and that’s when I knew.  Knew this was the definitive sample of…  Battle Tac.  Yes, it’s okay to laugh.