Tess, a World Class “M.F”

ichas8440_Graphics_Tess_2013Chronologically?  Thought you’d like to know.  Under thirty.  Social sophistication?  Off the charts.  Hair, eye color, weight?  Enough of the “HPW” (height proportionate to weight) thing.  Even if what Tess brings is all extraordinary proportionate, I’ll never say.  Besides, some of you are gonna profile despite of what I say.  Why not just do what ‘cha do, insert yourself into the storyline because.  Like I said, that’s what many of you do anyway.  Live vicariously, ya know.

Married, and has been for a moment.  Hubby Arnold, aka “Arn” seem to have mutually agreed on.  Well, maybe not so mutual, more like Tess.  She isn’t who or what you’d imagine her being.  The “M.F.” and what it means.  Far from typical,  the initials beginning with “M“, forget what you assume.  No, it doesn’t mean that.  In her case, “M” not indicative of Mother, try Man.  The “F“, like a winning hand in a game of cards, let it be.  Exactly what you thought.  Compounding the two, you have Tess.  Not that she’s remaining exclusive to Arn, in fact, this is why we are dining at one of the better Airport Terminal eateries.  She’s decided to come outta the closet with all this and wants my input.  By those passing, their attempt at locking that eye contact with her.  At least the males, her “Hunting Grounds” is proving to be creatively resourceful.  The locale alone eliminates the ‘ol standardized competition, and.  Those chosen.  The one’s she’s given a second looksy to, “luvin’ it”.  Completely unexpected from my vantage point.

 The dialogue she’s established, the passion she brings, I’m feeling it all.  Rejuvenation of one’s life can always be found in areas others fear to tread.  Tess, much like me, innovated.  She knew, that is, after a moment, the marriage can be typical.  Symbolic with nothing more in substance.  Hubby, said all the right things, did some of the better things “best”, but.  The real soon rose to the top.  He descend into the traditional mode most males and females assume when they’ve dove into waters way too deep for their comfort.  Tess, rather than exit the stage, employed other options.  She probably always knew she’d break out those alternative knowing the high probability of the possibility of being having to deal with fakery in her marriage.  Oh, she made mention that she could have easily exited way before unveiling these options, ‘cept.  Divorce wasn’t an option she’d welcome.  Not that the economically re-assuring life she established with Hubby wouldn’t be sustained by means of a divorce settlement.  Tess just wasn’t traditional in any sense.

Continuing the absorption of her words, I thought about those Kardashian’s.  “Pop K” allegedly a principal Player in the industry of the Hidden Ones, engaged in the cloak and dagger life of pharmaceuticals making their beginning wealth, traditional is source for.  Those types he was and associated with.  Daughters or, one in particular, “Kimmi” got paid by performing in front of a camera in positions far from being PG in  ratings.  Visually contemplating her image, moved me to consider “NeNe“, star of House Wives Of the ATL.  Stripper, possibly Pole Dancer from way back.  Now appearing on everybody’s Who Who’s list.  And…  That’s when it donned on me.  Another time all together.

Women of today, their perceptions, have been fashioned based on thoughts from a whole different place.  Tess, prime example.  When asked about the possibilities of contracting an STD, she had a spin much like the rest of her Gen.  “If they look kinda’ funny, then smell worst,  I’m not even thinking rain check.  I’m running to the nearest exit.”  Good strategy on the initial assessment as it relates immediately to hygiene’s, but.  The tactics, somewhat primitive.  I…  Know this stance to be as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette, then.  Discovering once you’ve got the gun in your hands, up to your skull, its’ not holding one but 3 rounds.  But, you’re out there, your image is on the line.  You can’t break-wide because you don’t wanna be seen as weak, a sucka.  So, you keep playing The Game.  Not even aware that in time, you’ll be claimed by that same Game.  But…  Tess was Tess and for that alone, she had my audience.  I liked the way she articulated.  Revealing movements with the hands.  Added to her whole presentation.  She deserved my interest and got it as she define her place on the line.

Eventually she got around to wanting to know, how I felt about all this.  My feelings, I didn’t have to even think about.  They weren’t ever a part of any presentation.  Not giving an answer but remaining pat, like the participant in the Card Game previously mentioned, she got my thoughts on her questions. However, this didn’t slow her roll, she came with another view pertaining to  her present day lifestyle.  This transition came by way of the introduction of the same FOLK I had previously been thinking about.  How she got into my mind, read my thoughts I do know ’cause I “DO” read minds.  Her follow-up was based on these thoughts of mine being common knowledge.

Beginning with Kim who she classified as a “Ho“, and one managing to be accepted globally.  Of which…  She was right, except for one simple fact excluded.  Most of the “Ho’s” Tess identified with were on the other end of the income spectrum.  Not her economic sphere, making the association not so clear or equal.  Watching Tess, knowing Arn, I knew neither of ’em was on the up-and-coming, soon to be published “Newbies Millionaires Club” list annually provided by Forbes Mag.  Sooooo, I presented something she hadn’t thought about.  “Tess, say the two of us, hit the blocks hard and fast.  Make all the spots, VIP lounges, watching those watch us, wondering to themselves who can we be.  Guzzling High-End Top Shelf intoxicating beverages.  Rush from these spots and ascend into building headed way up to the penthouse suites.  Bent over the railing from secluded balconies.  You and me, watching the other gettin’ busy.  Not once, but as many times as we wanna engage because there’s a line of suitors.   Then…  As quickly as it started it’s over.  We…  Stumble out of the elevator, into the lobby, acting even more of a fool as we disappear into the awaiting limo.  Go home, sleep, wake, freshen up and…  Return to the scene of our…  Are you with me Tess!

Real Talk, and because I’ve been there, by this point we’d both suffer memory lapse.  Having no recall of whatever has been said or engaged in of which.  We should recall…  My point?  Tess got it, but.  Unlike Back-In-The-Day, where the real was respected, she adopted a different reality.  Believing a woman of today could get sloppy drunk, sleep with 12 plus men, take it home, clean up only to be welcomed back into society just like the man can.  A La any of the other Reality TV stars do.  Tess, believing her own hype.

Still, amazed at the mental processing going on deep within her psyche’, I considered the real source of this audacity.  Tess believed that the systems of survival had changed that drastically.  And…  Seeing the B.S. fueling her thoughts, knowing she truly felt she could be as trashy as “man” and still have that public swag when she stepped out.  Hummm, I wouldn’t be the one.  The One to burst the bubble she circulated within.

Prior to the collapse of any society all sorts of things rise to the surface.  It just that if what Tess was doing had of been an option one of mine had considered, mine, wouldn’t have chosen like Tess.  It wasn’t happening.  When one acquires a discipline, supported with a structured lineage proven by time-tested events, it doesn’t matter how contemptuous life becomes.  History, your personal history is your true foundation.  Tradition may no longer apply, at least not in the sense as before, but.  That knowledge pool remains…  And…  Its full.  You slip, fall into the cracks along the road you’ve decided to traverse.  So what!  Get up, shake the dust off and…  Apply the phrase of your Gen known as “Keep it movin’“.  Basically don’t get trapped by The Game.  Flip the script, recognize The Game, tweak it and make it yours.  Hummm.

Tess.  Did she really have Game?   From my Vantage Point, the heritage wasn’t as strong as she made herself believe.  Again, so what, that’s a secondary issue.  There is a thing called consequences of intent and when those intentions have been manifested in a physical sense, you can’t anticipate the fall out.  Think “Collateral Damage”, which is to say, ‘uck what Tess was doing to get back at what Arn hadn’t kept his promise to do.  Also, she had no influence over those she’d encountered and previously played with.  Yes, there will be another time and another place when she re-encounters those “Playmates” of the past, and.  With their corrupt minds.  The, “Simpletons”, will view and realize Tess was about more than they originally recognized.  The Game will morph before her eyes.  Exposing the deviousness of what it truly is.  Blackmail.  The type and depth of which she hadn’t even knew could or would exist.  Rises, and…  Yes, then what Tess?

Tess and those with thoughts such as her’s aren’t built for the phrase, “Chalk It Up To The Game“.  Tess, you who’ve superimposed yourself into the role of a Tess are not “JaHeim”.  The philosophy JaHeim took this phrase from is beyond your field of view.  What, you’ve got history.  DNA supports you are built like this!  Hold up, let’s bring “Oprah” into this, if just for the position of proving a point..  She, told the world she’d descended from Queens.  Only to find out, her blood was of the common lineage.  On national T.V. she was visually crushed.  Hummm.  Maybe, just may be what Tess has decided to live, is…  Common.

Psssss; Tess, not “Ho-ish“, just tired of how she’s handled at home.  And if she was, so what, Hubby slept on what he had which was a woman with a healthy appetite when it came to carnal affairs and development of what she bought into.  As for the word in use for the situation at home, e.g. “handled”.  Small minds, Rinky Dinky thoughts.  My vibe, get over yourself.  Everyone in every relationship is handled.  If the words’ application is too harsh, then.  My subject matter, the content, class of presentation is also…  Outside your perception of understanding.  As previously stated, “profile“.  Study your own profile and you’ll soon realize, it’s not as abstract as you think when you are…  Profiling.


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