Mandingo, Now…


“Thoughts FOLK think about yet…  Refuse admittance to the frontal consciousness, but.   If, you are conscious do this.  Marinate (consider while expanding) on this so obvious of lifestyles winding it’s way through all Social Networks.  It’s presences, seen but…  Mysteriously capable of remaining cloaked.”

“Haters”, at it again.  Reaching out to impress upon me how un-professional I am in referring to my clients as “Cluckheads“.  Should I, back-up?  Slow down?  Consider for a while the implications of such inquiries?  Not today, not ever.  When this is brought to me I see the mind-set as one of returning to the Ex’s under the guise of extending an apology, saying, “I need closure”.  With anyone who is actually aware of where they’ve been and who the experience was enjoyed with, when this situation returns to the mind…  It’s not about closing anything.  You think, she has thought.  seeing one another, engaging in conversation will only bring more dialogue.  Good, bad, indifferent and otherwise.  No.  Closure was initiated by the one who, closed to end the relationship in the first place.  The end, be it ever pitiful will not now deliver anything so amazing that a new beginning miraculously breaks through the emotional horizon.

When you dwell on something that has expired, those brighter horizons imagined, forget about ’em.  He or She who…  Accepts their part in the play they previously performed in are few and far between.  Cluckheads as referring to those who’ve stepped to me for clarity, are prime examples of this mindset.  Actually, Cluckhead is anyone who is running around after themselves and, damning any and everybody else for their faults. My, Cluckheads…  A fine group of individuals.  They, see the loop and.  Reflect personally.  Knowing a loop is circular, which means, everything in revolutions is…  Seldom evolving.  Which is why, those who vibe with me, have no regret about being outside the loop either.  Their need to deal with me has been, all by choice.  They’ve sought me out because to counsel with me is…  To know you’ve come to one who won’t play…  The “Yes-Man” role.

Mandingo Now.  Hummm, let me count the ways.  The lifestyle as it relates to He an She won’t ever be, what it once was.  Back-In-The-Day, the word defined an intimidating but respected culture arising outta Africa.  Warriors.  Never, representatives of Hunters Gathers.  During Western Society mass rush to colonize the world, slavery found these people perfect for…  Breeders based on their physical capabilities as their strength related to manual labor.  Masta’, during the middle of any night would.  Snatch these “males”, locked ’em up in the barn using iron shackles to bound them.  Then, in his most devious of designs, picked out the sexiest of slave girls and…  Put ’em together.  Just like he would a prized Stud or Bull.  Observation of the ritual, touched Masta’ in ways he couldn’t comprehend.  He…  Want to be.  Mandingo.  But.  His projected motivation was to increased his real property.  Still, something was peeled back.  He…  Want that!

Keep it moving, the by-products of any secreted hidden thing is.  A repressed curiosity displayed by the ones who were sequestered in the first place, and this lead to the female of the plantation owner.  She wasn’t blind to what was goin’ on in her barn and.  Nothing was gonna keep her from stealing a looksy as she conceal herself from behind the curtain.  Like Masta’, she was place in a trance by what she witnessed.  Lust ran deep.  As mentioned, She nor He were capable of resistant.  FOLK are always attracted to breeding anything.  Something about the act is…  Primal.  Captivating.

Masta’, feeling the pull of his how libido, kept the Mandingo Breeder away for his women and to keep this masquerade active, told her they were dangerous, only meant to…  Breed.  “Stay away.  Stay far away my young voluptuous, assumedly, impressionable naive “Wifey.”  Never did he anticipate the psychological evolution of the mentality of his woman’s mind-set in this hide and supposedly don’t seek situation.  Discounting his “Woman’s” nosiness, he continued to remain caught up in exploration of the sexual availabilities of the cross-set of the Mandingo.  That cross-set complimenting objective of his desire?  The female slave!  And…  Masta’s “Woman” watched it all.  What Masta’ referred to as something dangerous, evil.  Despicable, and… Actually “Indescribably” good enough for him, opened a vortex.  One creating a morphing window accented with a kaleidoscope view for the expansion of…  Lustful consideration, which.  As all know, ushers in the fact that “what’s good for the Gander has to definitely be good for the Goose“.  Modern times, like past days, same ‘ol feelings are still in play.

Recently another rising Hollywood Star “Kerry Washington”, spoke up regarding the type of correspondence received as a result of a role she plays.   This serial phenom known as “Scandal” is sorta’ kinda based on the life and times of real world Washington Fixer Judy Smith. In the fan based communiqués to Kerry she’s realized White women describing a deep seeded desire, if possible, to exchange lives with this powerful Black woman who…  Besides other things, struts with a tremendous savvy commanding attention in a sexual way, from the many men she encounters no matter where her professions takes her.  Getting the show on the air is about the only thing phenomenal from my perspective.  The desire to be someone else; ‘Ol School with new adaptations.

As with White Women, White males are appearing in greater numbers not to wanna remain in their skin.  “Dream on”, morphing into someone else won’t change the “tools” born with, which again.  Brings this back to the beginning.  It’s just a fantasy.  White males seeking out the sexual powers of Black males for the purpose of exploring how their forefathers felt when they had slaves to do their bidding and or…  Entertainment; Please…  Black males signing up for this role because, as the vibe reports.  “They need the money.”  More fantastical B.S.

Mandingo Now, much like any targeted marketed product, “Photo Shopped”.  Remove any graphical content not wanted, replace with White woman, “She”…  Isn’t a deflection at all but main attraction.  There to feed the alleged Mandingo and, he doesn’t even see it.  All taking place on a subliminal level.  Stimulating the desire, begging for more, playing to the audience.  He, assuming she is his because of the primal screams, and…  It’s a product provided for a particular lifestyle.  And, it hasn’t changed what it is.  Whatever the motivation for engaging in Mandingo Now, it is what it is.  Sex with no Hoody.  (See Trojans Condoms)

Now I present the ultimate “Sleep Walker“.  The African American woman who’s stuck on the obsession about a white woman taking their men.  The present day sexual partner staring Mandingo Now.  Real Talk, no matter what the opposition may be, it ain’t stopping the show.  The position defining the argument isn’t sustainable.  Their stated case has all the descriptive narratives of a feminist movement.  African American women aren’t anyway in this category.  Feminism is about class distinctions spawning from elitist attitudes.  Sista’s should be who they are.  Women who’ve, despite all the Drama they’ve had to deal with regarding the division of their families.  Stealing of their men by whatever trickeration necessary, have…  still done rather well.  Even though women are on the lower end of the collective income earning platform, y’all have been allowed to make so much more than any of your counterparts.  Plus, this is all by design when you factor in who sets this bar.  Whose created this suggestion of prosperity.  Besides, last time I checked national consensus, Interracial relationships are advancing on all geo-plains.  Which is to say, doesn’t matter the location of life, breeding.  Even when the motivation isn’t procreation, remains an act crossing racial lines with no signs of slowing.  But…

Something is reaching out to me.  Has been and continues to…  Call.  And no, I don’t run from my obligations, in fact, I’ve decided to…  Well, I’ve already have responded by, Un-cloaking  “Meister Frankenstein”, the Doctor, which is how I’ve uncovered all this and more.  After countless interviews with many unsuspecting participants.  Yes, I know how to get into most things.  Mandingo Now, has, in effect, increased along with a new Gens. mantra of One World Group.  This in itself negates the White males position about allowing his woman the opp. to experience her deepest sexual pleasures, because.  When you factor in the interracial component, she’s out there hunting regardless of his position and or feelings.  Oh yeah, and check this.  When the deed is done along with all things in defense of the position being proven false, the fall back excuse becomes.  “We, the two of us are merely experiencing a level of life so we can better understand the depravation of one sect of society.  Plus, their is a financial incentive for those who play safe with us in this lifestyle.”  This, stated position of Whites is B.S. just as the opposition to the lifestyle shown by Black women is.

Another un-discovered but now discovered gem.  Mandingo Now aren’t the educated, advanced Degreed, multi-linguistic, capable of ordering the wine to compliment the main course.  Think toys such as those made by the fabled Mattel corporation.  As for being far from thuggish, but.  A thug between the sheets.  Hummm, sounds like Hip Hop Artist and any other Hollywood creation.  Oh…  Not clear on this?  Hollywood creates parts to push a position so they don’t want anyone who is actually like the part but.  Fully capable of re-enacting the role defined for them.  Hummm, I guess this is ‘pose to make Mandingo Now suitable to the consciousness.  Why sooth the mind in the first place when it is obvious that Mandingo lifestyle, is all about sex.

And now…  Back to the money by means of the other mentally massaging incentive.  Money paid or allegedly extended in the way of a membership to this exclusive club is…  Just a psychological pacification giving something an acceptable basis for public gentrification.  But ‘cha know, that Hubby, wanting the Wifey to enjoy her greatest hidden pleasures is an amazing statement when you factor it in.  Whose desire is this really?  When, Meister Frankenstein aka (Yours Truly) and not in cloaked, researched the BSM (Bondage Sadomasochistic) lifestyle I heard much of the same weak ass explanation for immersion in such affairs.  All makes me recall Caligula.

Real Talk and straight-up, just as those said to be “Cluckheads” want it.  Wifey, Freakoziod extraordinaire but…  That’s okay, it’s a personal thing.  Hubby, no matter how he defines it, has always wanted to “Be Like Mike“, ‘cept.  Some things require a certain biological skill-set extended at birth.  Bring in the perspective of Tantric sex, dipping into another more cerebral approach to the connection.  Not so fast.  More manufactured Drama.  Tantric is a preclusion when you can’t just get busy engagin’ in the physical act.  Because Tantric has become another present day rage, I must revisit the Caligula aspect because.  Illusions have rising again, so let’s revisit Caligula.  He was never actually King, nor Emperor or even His Highness.  He made himself all that.  Which is to say, a predefined world for a predefined life according to the one living the life.  Same as within Mandingo Now.  call it what it is.  Sex.  Hubby, Wifey, African American female, Mandingo, all Sleep Walking.  They attempt to explain something based on a position when…  They are oblivious to all things going on.  When walking in your sleep there is no consciousness.  This lack of defined recall makes their case flawed.  Call it what it is.  Sex on demand, like present day movies.  You get what ‘cha order.

Psssss; Those who assume I’m playing the Devils Advocate, knocking what others luv to engage in.  ‘Uck all of you.  There’s a saying when someone is in need.  “I can give you fish and you will eat today.  I will show you how to fish and.   You will eat each and every day thereafter.”  Now that ‘cha know, take what I’ve said, either eat or…  Do what ‘cha do, possibly acquire an STD in the process and…  Like I said, your choice.


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