“Gay Or Just Lame”

ichas8440_Graphics_Gayorjustlame_2013First words; What’s a dog without a master?  My response would have been, still a dog.  Next words in his continuum of thought, “A mongrel“.  Based on the cadence of his speech, it was obvious this was something he had extended much thought to and…  Found pride in arriving at.  Therefore, my reply to the second part of his delivery came quicker.  “And nightmares are triggered by the bad things you’ve seen”.  Because he didn’t slow his roll, I knew he wasn’t about to stop just because I exercised my right to reply.  Naw, he…  Had already launched himself on another expedition, not recognizin’ I wasn’t even one to wanna go fishing.  Push is what he  did, said he didn’t wanna go to war with me.  This created laughter deep within.  Primarily because I found it funny how some think they are capable of entering such an engagement when…  They aren’t even equipped emotionally to contemplate The Art of War.

Whenever a threat has been established, distance should be maintained.  The blimp on my radar, signified enemy.  This one, now circled my seat.  Mode of approach, if…  If decision was based on physicality, threat.  To those outside looking in, “Time to begin evasive moves”.  Me…  Not so reactive.  Swagger is more than projected image, at least.  From my school of thought.  So, I sit, confidence supreme.  Besides, why waste energy just because.  Like life as in a relationship, pose and think.  Let others assume what they will.  You know who is attempting this invasion.  They were recognized way before they assumed their physical presence would be detected.  My sights, set on one corrupted in thoughts.  Body language, ah ha.  Now appears to be deflating.  I speak again, he elected to…  Take the vacant seat.  Not to close, but far enough away.  Motive.  He wanted to consider his thoughts as he chose his words more carefully before speaking again.  He did speak, and…  It was time.  I…  Understood his posture and positioning.  He knew I knew it wasn’t about me striking out.  Forget what he said, he was  processing what he’d step too.  Speech…  Returned.

Drama of the day; Wifey.  Not sure if she was Bi or…  Had been introduced by another just like she.  Yes, seems she’d been spending way too much time with, BFFF, (Best Female Friend Forever).  Calmness seemed to blanket itself over us like a welcoming canopy.  My conversation on the cell, over.  Cluckhead now had my full attention.  But he wasn’t ready for what I had to say.  Six words, “Baby had always been that way“.  Eight syllables, creating a phrase that sunk him like a stranded ship.  Was I moved?  Did I back off, stare, convey an emotion suggestion I cared? No, compassion I possess, show…  Only during selective moments and towards those who deserve it.

Recall 101.  His first words, “What’s a dog without a master“.  His own response, “A Mongrel“.  And I’m ‘pose to care.

FOLK settle in, while assuming much.  Step to the stage and confront.  Not ever slowing down to think if there is one who’s already been around.  His words responded to by me, if allowed, would have been met with the definitive word “Pedigree“.  But…  His mind was made up and what degree to which I thought, hadn’t even been a factor in arriving at this summation.  We continued.

Second words, guarded.  Silently hoping I would oblige and let him establish a more mellow tone to our dialogue.  Or so he thought.  Those words.  “Can I be married to a gay Bitch?”  My thoughts proceed my words and enough was way too much.  My words.  “Yes. to provide you with a concise answer.  And…  Get with this, gay from your perspective didn’t imply anything.  “You”, signified same-sex orientation by way of the use of the word, married, if.  If and when I associated the mindset you come with.  Your use of the suffix  “Bitch”, goes only to define attitude, as in personal traits.  “Partna’ it was you who accepted her hand to be an item.  Got knee-deep into your sexual persuasions of which.  You knew were outside the typical box of which most select from.  Even though you made yourself believe those life-styles choices were personal expressions the two of you wanted to explore.  Pushed it didn’t ‘ya.  Well get this, Bananas aren’t the only edible somethin’ somethin’ concealed by the peel.  When you “peel anything back, in this case Wifey.  Don’t try to retract when the revelation is beyond your anticipation.

Cluckhead, gone.  Departed from my spot.  Facially, total confusion reigned.  Frustration, deep within.  Walked slowly, head cast down.  Evidence of full upset mode.  What..?  Not at me, with himself.  Mainly because he thought he knew somebody else.  When you introduce anything into your world, it’s best to…  Well, that’s why there’s a difference between being ready and prepared, of which.  Someone once said to me they’d have to research the words because to them, it meant the same.

Similar doesn’t mean same.  Alike neither.  Just because two people have an attraction doesn’t mean they click.  Being around one who is gay.  Concluding statement following like.  “I can do this.  With condition one being, only if married and find out after the fact…”  Leading to the conjuring up of another follow-up such as, “I ain’t having it”, is much like…  Having no money and standing on the fact that you are broke but not poor.  Which means and doesn’t imply, there is a difference to why one engages.  What one is willing to do to remain in said state and…

Marriage can be between same sex, but…  Based on traditional orientation concerning unions between two, same sex, living as one coming from two who were and still are, sexually different ones.  As in Man and woman, it has way too many confusing subsets to even be worth it.

Real Talk, recent situation Paula Dean.  Premier Chef with world-wide following.  Came to light she used the dreaded “N” word when speaking to her friends and those within her chosen circle.  Once the fact spiraled viral, society wasn’t havin’ it.  The Network she worked for, produced millions for, dropped her even though she was still hot.  Society, those holding the remotes zooming into this Networks shows, demanded more.  “Blood, there must be Blood from Paula because…”  Because of what?  Because some hypocrite convinced y’all that FOLK don’t use the “N” word.  Because the Southern States of Western Society has long been removed from the Slavery dynasties which made this United States great?  When the source is removed it doesn’t change the residue.

The relevance of what Paula Deen is experiencing and same-sex-relationships is the same as introducing one to sexual explorations only to discover, “you” ain’t really built for this expedition yourself.  Most of what FOLK have been orientated to is based on…  Double standards not even seen or considered by the one absorbing the orientation.  Why?  Because.  Most don’t even wanna know who or why the “curtain” is in place, separating/cloaking the presenter of all these glorious orientations.

Using my primary relationship as a basis for proof, and…  With over 3 decades in this same rotation I’m conscious to the point of understanding why I’ve been recognized as The Specialist in this genre. My relationship came about as a result of a set of dual standards complimenting one another.  Not dueling ideologies trying to mesh because it’s the thing to do based on an attempt to change some arcane standards lived by for way too long. In a relationship, logic, rational aren’t factors in which to define how it is based, or.  What are the pillars for successful development.  Sexual orientation isn’t a basis for any…  long-term relationship.  “And, you know this why?”  Because…  And it has nothing to do with what somebody else told me.  I know because this is how it is.  Can I be around someone whose gay?


If Boss was gay would you continue to work or.  Pack your shit and bounce?  Leave because you object to his or her’s sexual preferences?  Don’t answer cause most will lie.  You, them, those.  Ain’t leavin’ shit.  Most would grin and bare it.  Put in 40, wait on that check or direct deposit.  Leave?  Not even if they fired you and called in the guards to escort you off the premises.  FOLK are defined by their jobs, plain and simple.  Much like he who stormed into my presence, tryin’ to be mad at me, when…  The reality was, he was mad at the choices he made.  The woman he…  Peeled back.  Revealing another dimension, exposing sights and sounds he’d never been able to…  Re-create no matter the fire he once…  Set ablaze.  Exposing what…  It could be.  With him, it was all about what it was.  And what was, began in his mind.

Confrontational?  Realist, and…  I’m all over the charts with my analogies presented. Prior to setting any stage, know what the script calls for.  Then, realize the demand will definitely be…  Demanding.  Why?  Because, stage connotes more than one.  Multiples’, attitudes, persuasions of which will come in the many.  All because no one is…  One dimensional.  Yes, like lying about quitting if finding out Boss is gay.  Wifey, GF, BFFF, they come as, but.  What they bring isn’t always; as.

Some seek to add another dimension to their otherwise, boring lifestyle.  Role play is fine, but.  Who is the better Actor/Actress when playing these roles?  The one who nails the part because they’ve studied the part, or.  The one whose immersed themselves into the part because they embody the part?  When true to self and kind, role play will reveal so much more about one’s actual personality ’til.  Those sexual introductions considered, may…  Just may be quickly abandoned.

Wifey, his wife wasn’t anyway different from the female she was the moment they set eyes on each other.  What was different was…

Psssss;  Western Society is a puzzle at best.  Every puzzles’ pieces fit, you just have to identify, understand the region in which the fit was meant to take place.  Most lives, those leading them, remain…  trapped in the closet.  Hidden.  Ignorance is there, don’t ever think it’s not.  Ignorance and prejudices are like those similarities mentioned.  Won’t and don’t define themselves ’til…  You push it. When you push, know you gotta be ready for the pull.  Two aspects of a condition that cannot reveal themselves until one or the other does.  Some things are non-factors.  I…  Come with the X Factor.  X Factor, what’ cha don’t even see, but…  It’s comin’.  Hummm, Breastman, what does this mean and why are Breastmen seemingly so successful when this is a basis for review of the smoothness seen within their relationship?  Next time, next time.  Right now, I’m thinkin’ about a glass of milk.


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