Happy Birthday

ichas8440_HappyBirthday_Trying to decide, trying to decide.  What to get, what to get.  It’s her birthday.  Back-In-The-Day verbal referencing word, “Happy Birthday Baby“.  Media shout-outs compliments of KJLH FM 102.3.  Hearing your name, on your B. Day while cruising down the Hollywood freeway, was always; humbling.  Exiting on Gower, destination, “Roscoe’s C&W” then bam…  Stevie Wonder singing his rendition “Happy Birthday” on the airways.

Fast Forward, 50cent, “Go Shorty, It’s your Birthday” via ‘Da Club song, and…  She’s still enjoying the fact she’s still relevant.  And…  That’s it, relevancy.  What to get is…  No longer a factor.  The cake, her favorite, “Lemon”.  Then again, if I’d of presented her with a chocolate one she’d of dealt with that.  Or.  Where edibles were concerned, it wasn’t an issue.  She loved to eat making any flavor good.

She was born in the best birthday suit imaginable and through the years, accented it like most only dreamed of.  Oh, not by draping herself in the latest fashions.  Just…  Well getting out the shower, she remained…  Birthday perfect.  Birthday’s, everyone wants to get it just right.  Sometimes, I’m included in this category, but.  What is a birthday?

She had been wanting beef.  Kobe, Select, Prime, wasn’t an issue as long as I prepared it.  When I inquired what meal she’d want on this, “Birthday”, she came back with, “Taco Tuesday”.  Which…  In itself let me know; women.  Don’t even attempt to begin to wonder what drives or interest them.  Today, it’s a beautiful outfit.  Tomorrow, she doesn’t even intend to get dressed, and.  She’s still, cool, providing, you accept her as she is.

Don’t know when “you and yours” celebrate the official B.Day’s, still.  I want you all to.  Close your eyes, settle back and image for a moment.  Early evening as you walk up to an open meadow surrounded by a canopied of trees.  Marine layer sorta’ settling in, creating a dreamlike appeal.  Tables, situated under white canvassed tents, arrangements for two.  Candles resting on top of white linen tablecloth, flickering as they reflect the light.  “Bubbly” twinkling in the light while oxygenating in the crystal goblet.  And…  Off in the distance, a singular tent of the same style, with a single layered cake, elevate so all can see, resting on a table.  The sound of a Birthday Song morphing over the hills, settling on the scene making the occasion that much more memorable.  Hummm, sound beautiful, ‘cept…

It’s her birthday and my invitation to y’ all…  Not inclusive of a “Back Stage Pass” ,so.  Be pleased with the narrative while knowing, its…  It’ her birthday, we gonna party like it’s her birthday.  Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday.

Psssss; The meanings or reasons why, some days are more important than others, is…  Traditional at best.  Each day of life should be a celebration of life.  Historically this is…  How it should be.  Thank you all for sharing this…  Birthday with; Wifey.  Together in the marital mode for over a quarter of a century.  Together as He and She for way longer, and still.  Relevant.  Don’t cha just luv it when a plan comes together.  Even with all the hater’s hoping your dream fails.


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